Once Upon a Time Recap – Saving Cinderella Again: Season 6 Episode 3 “The Other Shoe”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Saving Cinderella Again: Season 6 Episode 3 "The Other Shoe"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, October 9, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 3 in a flashback, Cinderella (Jessy Schram) attends a life-changing ball.

Did you watch last week’s OUAM when a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories, who has a past with the Evil Queen, (Lana Parrilla) arrived in Storybrooke, David (Josh Dallas) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) worked together with Regina to neutralize the threat? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again. When Ashley (Cinderella) searches for her step-family, intent on settling their unfinished business, Emma, Hook and Henry scramble to help her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde for information about how to defeat the Evil Queen and Snow helps Dr. Jekyll find a suitable laboratory for his work. David makes a deal with Gold and delivers a message to Belle in exchange for new information about his father.”

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#OnceUponATime starts with the gang talking about the Evil Queen. Regina has a lasagna for Hyde and hopes it’ll get him to talk. They go inside and find him already dining finely thanks to the EQ. Regina asks what she wanted and Hyde said information.

Hyde says he’s full so her lasagna won’t do her any good. He opens up a humidor and pulls out a nice cigar and says it’s hard for Regina to stay one step ahead of herself. Henry comes to see Hook and Emma at Granny’s and says he’s logging the newcomers.

Ashley is there with her daughter Alexander. She says Thomas is getting them takeout. Ashley offers to help with the newcomers and offers free babysitting. She asks to see the list so she’ll know who has kids. Henry asks Emma to come help greet a newcomer.

Hook charms a child

Ashley hands Hook her daughter while she looks through the book. He’s nervous but then plays along. Emma is charmed by him playing with the child. Ashley tells Hook she wouldn’t have anything if not for Emma and asks him about his future with Emma.

He says they’re taking things slow and he’s still crashing on the pirate ship with a pregnant woman. Ashley says anyone can have a happy ending if she can. Flash back to Ashley’s past as Ella and her wicked stepmother working her like a servant.

Ella is knocked out of the way as a royal servant drops off a ball invitation. One of the sisters calls the servant filthy and snatches it. Their mother says it’s their chance to dig their claws into the prince. Ella asks if she can go to the ball and says she has a dress.

Fashion fiasco

She pulls it out and says it was her mother’s. Her step mother says it’s wretched and they throw it into the fire. Ella pulls the burned dress out and they call her Cinderella because she’s covered in cinders from the fire. The three wicked women laugh at her.

Ella cries into the remains of the charred dress. A little mouse comes up to her – Gus – and knocks a key onto the floor. Ella says she heard a key like this has magic that can take you to another world so you can escape your troubles. Ella says too bad magic isn’t real and puts it away.

Emma interrupts Archie’s session with Leroy. Archie says he can talk to her now but Leroy reminds him he paid for an hour and has work issues to discuss. Leroy makes a snarky remark to Emma then goes. Emma says she was jealous of Ashley’s happy family.

Emma gets therapy

Emma says she’ll never get a happy ending like that because she’s going to die and her magic is failing. Archie says that doesn’t mean she should stop trying. He says he could be hit by a bus and Emma says she’s struggling to keep this from her family.

She says Hook deserves a future and she can’t give it to him. She says she fought for everyone’s happy ending and she doesn’t get one. Archie encourages her. Thomas runs up and says Ashley is gone and left a note. It says Clarinda, her evil stepsister, is in town.

Thomas says Ashley took his hunting rifle and is worried he’ll kill her evil step-sibling. Emma says she can find Ashley and conjures up a shoe and says to find Cinderella, that’s how you do it.

Rumple gets Cinderella to the ball

Dr Jekyll is trying to help Regina and the gang figure out how the Evil Queen survived but he’s struggling since he doesn’t have his full lab. Snow encourages Regina to think like the EQ to figure out her next step. Regina says she’ll use the cracks in the family.

Regina runs off to see Zelena. Snow tells David their life is defeat and repeat. Snow says she misses being a teacher and David kisses her. Snow says she thinks she knows how to help Jekyll. Hook and Henry are practicing sword fighting and Emma likes what she sees.

Henry wants to go help hunt Ashley – she shows him the shoe and says this will take them to her. She tosses it and the three of them follow the shoe. In the past, we see Cinderella with Gus who’s now a man, at the ball. Rumple was her fairy “godmother.”

Snow and Cinderella at the ball

Snow and Ashley talk at the ball. Snow points out a guy looking at her. Snow says that’s the prince. The prince approaches Ashley and he admires her glass slippers then asks her to dance. Her wicked stepmother makes a snotty remark when she sees Ashley at the ball.

She calls her dress garish and says the prince mocked her by dancing with her. She says everyone gets the joke but her. Ashley runs out and loses a slipper in her rush. David comes to see Gold at his shop. He asks about the coin and says it was his father’s.

David asks if his father’s death was really an accident and says make me a deal. Gold says the coin was his for a time and opens up a drawer and pulls out a note card. David says name your price. Gold says desperation brings a higher price and asks how badly he wants it.

Cinderella’s back story

Gus points out the key to Ashley again and she thinks about why her mother had it. Ashley goes to a cabinet and unlocks it with the key. There’s a portal there. Her step-sister comes in and says she can’t leave. She says the prince loves Ashley and says he’s looking for her.

Ashley says she’s making fun of her but her step-sister says she’s marrying Jacob, his footman. She says her mother would never let her marry him so she puts on an act and behaves unkindly to him. She tells Ella she’s sorry for everything and says they are both her mom’s prisoner.

Her step-sister says she’s escaping to meet Jacob and they’re going to run away and start a farm together. Ashley says her mother will hunt her down and shows her the key. Now, Ashley has the gun out when Emma, Hook and Henry approach her.

Z vs Regina

Ashley says she’s trying to help Clarinda. Ashley says she was the wicked sister, not Clarinda. Emma says she can fix it and she’ll help. Ashley says she has to do this and Emma can’t do it this time. Ashley asks if she knows what it’s like that all your happiness is a lie.

Emma says yes and her hand goes to twitching. Hook says use your magic to stop her and Emma says she can’t. Hook hugs her. Regina goes to see Z and notices the rattle and says the EQ was there. Zelena admits it. Regina says give back the rattle.

Zelena says stop judging me and Regina says she’s trying to save her. Z says Regina is the one that needs saving.

Evil Queen is a real mother

The EQ approaches Henry, Hook and Emma. The EQ reminds Henry she’s his mother too and raised him. Emma says she’s just the worst part of Regina and the EQ says she’s just the honest part and says Regina didn’t have the strength to let her story run its course.

Emma asks what she wants with the newcomers and the EQ says she’ll see and calls Emma pointless. She says being the savior means you have to keep saving people and once Emma is off the chessboard, all the happy endings turn to dust. The EQ poofs them away in purple magic.

They land in a road and Emma says she took them off the chessboard. They are in the middle of nowhere.

A message from Gold

David finds Belle reading on the pirate ship. He says he has something for her from Gold. It’s a cassette tape. He says he has no idea what it says, he’s just the messenger. She asks what he needed from Gold and he says info about his father’s death.

She takes it and says he can tell Gold she took it. They talk about fathers. David says his was drunk and sad. He says it was worse when his dad was around. Belle says fathers and sons need each other no matter how bad things are.

Emma sits thinking and says if she takes away Ashley’s happy ending, will others crumble. Hook and Henry encourage her to use her bounty hunting skills to find the person she’s looking for. Henry flips through his book and looks up Clarinda’s happy ending.

Wicked stepmother – wicked ways

In the past, the stepmother comes looking for Ella and says Clarinda ran off. Her stepmother mocks her for thinking that the prince wants her – she says she looks like a trash bin. The stepmother takes the other glass slipper from her and says it’s her proof.

She asks where’s Clarinda and Ella tells her but her stepmother breaks the shoe anyway. Ashley finds Clarinda in a barn and runs to check on her. She sees her sister is wounded. Ashley says she’ll fix their story. The injury is a fake.

The evil stepmother is there and takes aim at Ashley with the shotgun. She tells Ashley it’s too late to fix things. In the past, we see the prince and Snow at Ashley’s door. Snow tracked her there. Ashley is locked away upstairs. Gus runs up to them.

Snow and the prince

Ashley sweeps up the remnants of the glass slipper. Ashley says she didn’t mean to mislead him and says the slipper is broken and says she knows he wants someone else since she’s no one. The prince asks her name and she says Ella. He drops to one knee and proposes.

Ashley says yes. He puts a ring on her grubby finger. They kiss. Snow watches and smiles. Ashley says she has something to fix before they can go to the palace. Clarinda is with Jacob and she tells him about the key to the land of untold stories.

Then her mother is there and strikes down Jacob. Ashley runs up to stop her stepmother. Clarinda calls her a brat and says she can’t believe she told. Ashley says she’s engaged to the prince and can help. Clarinda is upset. The stepmother rages.

Emma summons her magic

She grabs up the key and uses it to open a door and tells Clarinda she’s coming with her. She drags her through the door and says the footman can find someone at her own level. Now, Clarinda has the gun on Ashley. Ashley says Jacob is in Storybrooke.

She says this is his farm. The stepmother comes back dragging Jacob. The stepmother says the EQ helped her find the missing pieces of her betrayal. The stepmother tales aim at Clarinda and Jacob and then Ashley. Her stepmother says she’ll shoot her then drops it.

She stabs Ashley who collapses. Clarinda is horrified. Emma, Hook and Henry show up. Emma tries to use her magic to heal her but her hand is shaking. Henry encourages her. Emma tries again and finally magic comes. Emma focuses and heals her.

Happy ending redeemed

Snow and Regina bring Jekyll to a garage – it belongs to Whale who tells them to steer clear of the fridge since it’s not food. He introduces himself to Jekyll as Frankenstein and Snow says this sounds like the world’s best science faculty.

Snow says this will get the town back to normal. The evil stepmother is now using her stabbing stick to pick up trash as a convict. Emma asks Hook to move in with her. She says everything is uncertain but you have to hope a bus doesn’t run you down.

She says she can make room for his black leather among her red leather. They kiss. David sits thinking late at night. Snow asks what’s up. He says the coin was found in the wreckage of the cart. David says his dad had been stabbed, he didn’t die in the accident.

Let it go…

David worries the killer could still be on the loose. Snow says he needs to let go of the idea of vengeance. She says they have their children to think about and he can’t go chasing revenge from an old crime. He says he’s going to burn the info so he doesn’t think about it.

He holds it to a candle but then stops and blows out the candle instead. Belle sits on the ship and finally plays the cassette. Gold says it’s a poem for their child. He stands outside the pirate ship in the dark. Hyde listens to a record while the EQ paces complaining about the savior.

She tells him his pathetic half is working on a way to destroy her. Hyde says he can’t do much from inside this cell. The EQ puffs away his cuffs then opens the door. They walk out and she takes his arm. They march out with evil smiles on their faces,