Once Upon a Time Recap 10/2/16: Season 6 Episode 2 “A Bitter Draught”

Once Upon a Time Recap 10/2/16: Season 6 Episode 2 "A Bitter Draught"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, October 2, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 2, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) tries to persuade Zelena (Rebecca Mader) to align with her; and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) shares her frightening premonition with Archie. (Raphael Sbarge)

Did you watch last week’s OUAM finale where our heroes set out to stop Hyde, (Sam Witwer) Emma (Jennifer Morrison) develops a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke becomes a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “When a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories, who has a past with the Evil Queen, (Lana Parrilla) arrives in Storybrooke, David (Josh Dallas) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) work together with Regina to neutralize the threat. Belle (Emilie de Ravin) seeks Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) help finding a safe place to hide away from her husband, Mr. Gold. (Robert Carlyle) The Evil Queen continues to try to win Zelena  (Rebecca Mader) over to her side”

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#OnceUponATime starts with the evil queen and Zelena walking in the woods towards Regina’s vault. Because it was sealed with blood magic, they get in easily. Z asks why she needs all the magic and she says she’s out of the magic that the dragon gave her and needs more.

The evil queen and Zelena chat and she says she’s going to teach Regina a lesson. The evil queen says that her sister will learn to appreciate her by the time she’s done. She puffs away and leaves Zelena wondering what she’s going to do next.

Regina and Henry are at Granny’s and Regina says she has to show people she’s just as strong without her bad side. Henry says she’s a hero now. They head inside. David has room keys and clothes for the newcomers to Storybrooke.

Regina greets the refugees

Hook tells Regina they’re getting restless. Regina welcomes them as Mayor then says she knows they fled from what’s in the book and knows they’re scared. Regina says she’s just like them and is also getting a fresh start and doesn’t know what the future has in store.

Regina says they have nothing to be afraid of and can face what comes next together. They applaud her. Belle comes into the shop and Emma and the others are stunned that she’s awake. Belle says she needs a place to stay since she and Gold are on the outs.

Emma tells Hook she has a therapy session with Archie. She leaves and Hook takes Belle to find a new place for her to live. Henry greets a new guy who says he’s not in the book and isn’t important enough to have his own tale. He’s gone but leaves an envelope behind with a wax seal.

The Count of Monte Cristo comes to town

We see a flashback to a ball hosted by the Count of Monte Cristo. It’s the guy Henry saw. The Count toasts a baron at the party and he realizes it’s Edmond Dantes. Edmond tells him he escaped the dungeon and rebuilt his fortune and is now the Count. He pulls a sword on the Baron.

He demands to know who helped him ruin his life. When the baron doesn’t answer, he runs him through with his sword. The startled guests run out. The evil queen is there and says she’s a fan of his work. She asks if he really spent a decade planning his revenge.

She says how long will it take you to find the next victim of your revenge. She offers him a scroll of names of every person who wronged him and his fiancée. Edmond asks what she wants and she says help getting revenge of her own.

Snow and David under attack (again)

Now, Henry takes the envelope addressed to Snow and David to them and says the guy left it and then vanished. David opens it and says the Count of Monte Cristo has a reputation. Regina comes out and says the guy wants revenge against them and will kill them.

Regina stuns them further when she says she hired him to do the job. Emma tells Archie about the tremors in her hand and the visions that come with them. She tells him she’s on Main Street and is battling with a sword against someone strong that she can’t see.

Emma says she almost wins then her hand starts shaking and her opponent kills her. Archie says talking about it might mean it haunts her less. She asks if she should tell her family and he asks why she hasn’t. Emma says they would try and protect her.

Savior complex

Emma says she’s the Savior. Archie says she can take a day off and take some help. Emma says she wants Archie to tell her how to win the fight. Emma is impatient and gets up to leave. She walks out. David and Snow check out the belongings of Edmond and they see scary things.

Regina says she’ll go clean up the mess and call him off since she hired the guy. Snow says she doesn’t think he’s that dangerous. Snow says it took him two curses and a long time to find them. Flashback to David and Snow in the Enchanted Forest at a village Regina burned.

They find a man coughing and alive – it’s Edmond. He lies and says he stayed to fight the fire that Regina set. Charlotte comes over to help – she’s Snow’s handmaiden and a nurse. Charlotte treats his burn while he stares at her eyes and is entranced.

Stuck in the city

Snow offers to take him to their castle and gives him a job as the wine steward. Now, Regina goes to meet Edmond and tells him their deal is off. He pulls his sword. Edmond says this changes nothing but Regina says he doesn’t need revenge to move on with his life.

Edmond says she can’t stop him or take him off the past. He throws his sword at her and she tops it with magic and then he’s gone – he disappeared like before. Emma gets a call from Regina and tells her parents that the guy won’t back down.

Emma is ready to drive them out of town but they hit a magic barrier at the town line like it’s a wall of bricks. Emma says it looks like the Count won’t let them run away from their problems.

Belle on a boat

Hook offers to let Belle stay on the Jolly Rodger and says he has a lot to atone for and says he tried to kill her before and she says he’s not so bad anymore. Hook says he still needs to work to become a man he can be proud of. Belle says she accepts and talks about forgiveness.

She says she has to do what’s best for her son. Regina shows up to meet Snow, David and Emma. She recognizes the spell and says stuff from her vault had to be used to set this spell. She tells them she set the spell with blood magic and summons Zelena.

Regina says she knows she opened the vault but Zelena says it wasn’t her and is tired of being questioned. She poofs away. Regina says the Count isn’t their only problem. Flashback to Regina sword fighting with a soldier to hone her skills. Edmond is there.

Bloody revenge

Regina asks him to give her a lesson but he says he can’t be late for his first meal serving Snow and David. She tells him good job and hands him some poison and says it’s a slow and painful death. Edmond asks what they did to deserve what she wants for them.

Regina says what they did doesn’t matter and says only one thing should be on his mind and holds up the list. He grabs up the poison, glares and walks out. Rumple shows up then and asks Regina why someone else is doing her dirty work.

Regina tells him she knows he put a protection spell on them so she can’t personally hurt them. He reminds her that he gave her the dark curse to take them somewhere so they can be hurt. She tells him she put a protection spell on the Count so Rumple can’t hurt him. He poofs away.

Meanwhile back in Storybrooke

Now, Gold enters his shop and sees a cabinet is open. He checks it out and then the evil queen is there and says she knows he’s happy that she’s back. He asks where it is and she hands back what she took. Gold says she can’t steal from him – it’s a small coin.

He tells her if she wants it back, she needs to promise to leave Belle and his unborn son out of her plan. She says she won’t hurt them then gets close and flirts. Gold asks why she thinks he’d have any interest. The evil queen says to let her know when he’s tired of waiting on the book worm.

She says then the real fun can begin. Back in the day, we see Edmond dump the poison into a wine jug before he’s going to serve Snow and David. They ask for one more glass for Charlotte who is joining them. Edmond pours wine into their glasses but then stops when he comes to Charlotte.

Poison in the potion

Edmond stares into her eyes again. He pours the glass and then walks away. They clink glasses and then he stops them. He says they need a better wine to fit the occasion and grabs up their glasses. Now, Henry and Regina talk about the people from the new land.

They find a body and Regina says he was poisoned from the bottle she gave him. The evil queen is there and asks Regina if she missed her. She tells Henry “Mommy’s back!” Regina says she killed her and the evil queen says it’s not so easy. She says Regina threw her away.

Regina tries to pull up magic to fight her and it flares out. When she touched the poisoned girl, it dampened her magic. The evil queen reveals that she has Edmond’s heart and says Edmond is just carrying out Regina’s orders to kill Snow and David all those years ago then she poofs away.

Duel at the docks

Snow and David find Edmond at the docks. They are stunned to see him and David says it’s a misunderstanding. Edmond says they have no idea how much that’s true. David faces off with Edmond and they tell him that Regina has changed and doesn’t want this.

He says they’re wrong and then says the queen has his heart. They fight him and ask who he means. They’re stunned to learn she’s alive and the battle between David and Edmond continue. David says they’ll find a way to stop her.

Edmond cuts a rope and knocks down Snow and David. He says this is not the ending he wanted for any of them. In the past, we see Edmond looking at the poison and then Rumple is there and asks if he’s having second thoughts.

Rumple makes a deal with the Count

He asks why he didn’t poison them. Edmond says Charlotte reminds him of his fiancée. Rumple teases him and Edmond says Charlotte didn’t deserve to die and Rumple asks if he’ll try again. Edmond says Snow and Charming don’t deserve to die either.

Rumple says he needs Snow and Charming alive and procreating for his plan to work and says he has to make sure that Edmond won’t try and kill them ever again. He magics in a body and Charlotte is there and poisoned. Edmond asks for the antidote and Rumple says there’s no cure.

Rumple says it can be stopped and offers him the key to the land where all stories stop. Rumple tells him that if Charlotte ever leaves this new land, the poison will start to work again. Edmond agrees. Rumple opens the door and there’s a portal there. Edmond takes Charlotte and goes.

Regina fights to save them

Now, Edmond tells them all he wanted was a fresh start. Before he can finish off Snow and David, Regina is there and fights him. She tells him to fight it but he says he can’t. They sword fight and cross swords. Regina says he doesn’t have to end like this.

Regina says she was too late to help Charlotte and says she can save him even if she couldn’t save Charlotte. He knocks her down and she tries to use magic against her. Regina tells Henry to call Emma but he says the queen is blocking his cell phone.

Regina begs him to stop and he says it’s the only way. Edmond turns his back on Regina to stab Snow and David and Regina throws the sword and it runs him through. She cries and says she’s sorry but Henry says she did what she had to do. Snow and David come to.

Evil queen monologue

Regina says she had no choice. The evil queen is there and says she didn’t have to kill him and isn’t a hero. Regina runs over to her and threatens to rip her heart out. The evil queen tells Regina the darkness is always inside her and it will grow.

Snow tells her not to listen. Snow tells the evil queen they’ll defeat her again. She tells Regina that she will destroy everyone’s happy ending. Snow says she can’t divide the family. The evil queen says there are others that don’t’ want their stories told.

The evil queen says they’re going to tear themselves apart. She laughs wickedly then poofs away. Later, Snow and David tell an upset Regina that it’s not her fault. Emma tells her not to doubt herself. Snow says she faced the evil queen before and can’t run away.

David has doubts

Snow says think like the evil queen and asks what she means by a story someone doesn’t want told. Emma’s hand shakes and she thinks about the sword fight to come. Henry tells Hook and David that sequels are always more involved.

Henry says they need to find out why all those people ran from their stories. David finds an envelope with the coin in it that Regina wanted back when she was evil. He walks out and tells the others he needed some air. The evil queen is there and asks if he likes his gift.

She tells him we all have untold stories waiting to play out. David says this story has already played out. He says his father used to carry that coin and then says he died in a cart accident. The EQ says she has a question for him then asks if he’s sure it was an accident. She poofs away.

Emma gets emergency therapy

Zelena hears her daughter crying and goes to check on her. The evil queen is there rocking the baby and has given her a rattle she says came from their mother. She tells Zelena it’s a gift then thanks her for not telling Regina about the vault visit or that she was in town.

The EQ says she appreciates her keeping her secrets. Z says she’s just like Regina for testing her. The EQ says she’s the sister that Zelena wants and is just like her. She says Regina is the lesser of two evils. She laughs and pours them a drink.

Emma comes to see Archie and says she needs to tell her family but can’t yet. Archie says he heard the evil queen is back and Emma says she’s worried who might be in the hood and who might kill her. Emma says the one person not with her family in the vision was Regina.

Archie asks if she means the queen or Regina and Emma says she doesn’t know.