Once Upon a Time Recap – Savior No More: Season 6 Episode 5 “Street Rats”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Savior No More: Season 6 Episode 5 "Street Rats"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, October 23, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 5 Jasmine (Karen David) and Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) go to the Cave of Wonders, where Aladdin’s fate is revealed.

Did you watch last week’s episode where the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) and Hyde (Sam Witwer) continued on their quest to steal Dr. Jekyll’s serum? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “In a flashback to Agrabah, Princess Jasmine (Karen David) recruits Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) to help her recover a secret weapon capable of breaking Jafar’s (Oded Fehr) hold on the Sultan and saving the city from ruin. Their quest takes them to the Cave of Wonders where Aladdin’s fate is revealed. In Storybrooke, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) tricks Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and the Charmings (Josh Dallas) and forces Emma (Jennifer Morrison} to reveal her secret in an effort to divide the family.”

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#OnceUponATime starts in Agrabah years ago. Jafar (hottie Oded Fehr!) is lecturing commoners on thieves. He turns some peasants to rats while Aladdin uses the distraction to steal. Jasmine is in disguise and says she wants to hire him. He asks why the princess is in the market.

Jasmine complains about Jafar and says he’s destroying the city. She asks him to help her take down Jafar. Aladdin says he just turned people into rats. Jasmine says Agrabah needs his help. She blackmails him by hiding a royal jewel on her and she says she needs him to steal the Diamond in the Rough.

A red bird listens to them. Now, Emma and her therapist are in the woods following a red bird she says will take them to the oracle. They find a dead body and notice someone running nearby. Emma grabs her – it’s Jasmine! The opening credit show an hourglass in the sequence.

A whole new world

Shireen aka Jasmine is being held at the police station. Emma and David ask her who she is and why she’s there. Shireen says she can’t tell them and says Hyde could use it against her. They tell her he’s dead. Shireen tells them she’s Princess Jasmine and killed no one.

Emma believes her. They ask who killed the girl. Jasmine says the girl was helping her find Aladdin. Emma says she saw the movie and Jasmine doesn’t get it. Jasmine tells them that Aladdin was the savior. Emma and David gasp at her words.

Archie comes back to his office and finds the Evil Queen there. EQ asks about Emma and he refuses. EQ says Hyde told her that the oracle gave Emma a vision of her future. The dead girl Emma found was the oracle and EQ admits to killing her.

Zelena gets the cricket

EQ threatens Archie if he doesn’t cooperate. She turns herself into him and says she’ll ask Emma without his help. Zelena finds Archie tied up at her house and complains about EQ leaving him there. Archie tries to talk sense to Z who says she doesn’t need another baby to watch.

EQ in Archie’s skin approaches Emma to talk about the vision. Emma says things have changed and says another savior is alive. EQ asks who and Emma says Aladdin is alive so maybe all saviors don’t die. She drives off talking about telling her family.

In the past, we see Jasmine and Aladdin heading for the Cave of Wonders. He wants to keep some loot and she tells him no way. Aladdin says the suffering in the world is not all Jafar’s fault. He says she’s clueless due to living in the castle. He says life has been bad a long time.

Cave of Wonders beckons

Aladdin and Jasmine find the cave and approach it. It looks more like a temple of doom. He stands before the doors and says open sesame. It actually works and they are stunned. Emma comes home to find the gang bummed out. A locator spell won’t work because Aladdin stole everything.

EQ/Archie followed Emma home and tells them Emma has a secret. Hook wants to hear it. Emma tells them about the visions and says she dies. She says Hyde told her all saviors die. She says she was hoping Aladdin might help her avoid her fate. EQ found out what she needs to know and leaves.

Regina asks Emma why she’s not there at the scene. Emma says a hooded figure kills her and they wonder if she’s the hooded person or is dead already. Emma says she doesn’t know what this means. Regina says meet her at the vault in an hour and she’ll find Aladdin.

Wonder in the cave

There are treasures galore in the cave and a sword with a crystal item on it they assume is the Diamond in the Rough. It’s balanced and Aladdin picks up a necklace of a gold monkey to swap out for it. This looks very Indiana Jones.

He swaps them and the jewel turns to dust in Aladdin’s hand. The cave shake and quakes and Aladdin raises his hand to stop the ceiling from falling on them and magic comes out of his hand. Aladdin asks if she knew this. Jasmine says he’s the diamond in the rough.

Jasmine says he will save Agrabah and can defeat Jafar. Henry talks to Jasmine who says being a savior is a death sentence and she put him on that path. Henry says he put his mom on her path. Henry says Hyde could be wrong. They hope so.

Wicked sisters

Emma and Snow talk and her mom says she should have told the truth. Emma says she was scared. Emma worries Hook won’t forgive her. David gets a call from Leroy who says Archie missed his appointment. They realize the EQ has Archie.

Zelena has Archie bouncing the baby when EQ turns up. She thanks Zelena for watching Archie and says she knows what Zelena needs. EQ threatens Archie and says if the baby dies, he dies. She tells Z to put up a barrier spell and come with her.

The sisters go get their nails done and they talk about Gold’s sexy new haircut. Zelena says she tried to get with him once when she was wicked. EQ asks what’s holding her back now. She reminds Zelena that she’s there for her and chooses her just as she is – wicked.

Sisterly bonding

Zelena worries her daughter won’t like that. EQ says she spent years lying to Henry out of fear of rejection. She says their problem was because she lied to him about who she was. She tells Zelena she is strong and powerful and should embrace herself.

She says that way her daughter will embrace her and might also turn out wonderfully wicked. Emma meets Regina at her vault and she’s brewing a potion. Regina is making a special locator spell to trace similar magic – savior magic. She tells Emma to drink it.

Back in the cave, Aladdin is upset that Jasmine tricked him. Jasmine hands him the scarab and says it’s a hero’s symbol. She says she believes in him. Jafar appears in a poof of magic and asks how it feels to be the savior. Aladdin says he’s excited to defeat him.

An offer he can’t refuse

Jafar uses his oracle bird to show him a vision of his future – to die as an oracle. Jafar tells Aladdin he can alter his destiny. He shows him magic scissors to cut his destiny ties to being a savior and says he can live a long happy life and have all the treasures in the cave.

Jafar says Prince Aladdin sounds better than dead savior. Jasmine runs to the throne room and her dad shows her a toy castle he’s playing with. She says a great battle is coming and Jafar tore their kingdom apart. Jafar is there and accuses her of treason.

Jafar slings her across the room and admits to controlling her father. Jafar says her savior took the money and ran. He magics her into an hourglass of swirling sand to die. Aladdin comes in on a flying carpet and breaks her out. He also breaks the magic on the sultan.

Savior til the end

Jafar curses him and threatens him. Jafar says today was no victory and puffs away in magic. Jasmine says she thought he gave up on her. Aladdin says he almost did. They start to kiss when her father interrupts and asks who this is and why he was playing with a toy.

Jasmine tells Aladdin he earned the jewel and says she believes in him. Emma follows the tug of the spell and the others are with her. Emma looks around and points them into a crypt under the cemetery. They look around. They look at skeletal remains lying about.

Jasmine finds one with the jewel she gave Aladdin. She says he’s there and dead. Regina comforts her. Emma is horrified. She thinks this means she has to die too. She asks them to leave her alone for a moment. The others head outside.

Henry blames himself

Emma has another case of tremors and Henry comes back in and says it’s his fault. He says he brought her there and made her come to Storybrooke. Emma says he helped her. She says he gave her a family and made her a mom. Emma says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Henry says it’s not fair and Emma says story endings usually suck. She says let’s enjoy the journey. They hug. They hear a noise. It’s Aladdin. He’s alive and says the trembling is no fun at all. Back in Agrabah, Jasmine tells Aladdin her father is back to being himself and offered him a reward.

Aladdin declines. She asks what he wants instead. He says being the savior is enough. He goes to kiss her and she stops him. They have a sweet moment and she says he’ll beat Jafar and then should come find her. He says he’ll see her and walks away looking sad.

Aladdin wimped out

A satchel magically appears on him and inside are the magic shears that Jafar offered before. There’s a note that says he can use them when the savior’s burden becomes too much. He tells Emma he used them and Agrabah fell. He says he fled to the EF and was pulled into the curse.

He’s been in Storybrooke living as a thief all this time. He says he heard her and Henry talking and had to share the shears with her. Henry says he should go to Jasmine and he says he can’t let her down. Emma says she’s a street rat too but people cared about her.

Aladdin says their story never began. Henry encourages him. Jasmine sits by the lake with the jewel when he shows up. She hugs him with a smile. She says he has to help her and says Agrabah is in danger and they need the savior. He says he has something to tell her.

Babysitter from hell

Archie waits with Robin when the EQ and Zelena come back. They tell him they had a spa day. Archie asks if they’re going to kill him. Z says that’s too evil. She turns him into a cricket instead. Emma shows Regina and the others the shears. They had no luck looking for Archie.

Emma says she won’t use the shears. She says she’s ready to pay the price for being the savior. David says they can protect her and this town. Emma says she’s sorry for lying to Hook and offers him the shears. She says she doesn’t want them used against her and can trust him.

Emma waits for Hook at the docks later. He’s in a small boat and tells her he hid the shears far under the sea and says no one can find them there. He says he needs to check on his ship and will see her at home with takeout. He didn’t get rid of the shears – we see them in his hand.