Once Upon a Time Recap – Hook’s Family Reunion: Season 6 Episode 6 “Dark Waters”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Hook's Family Reunion: Season 6 Episode 6 "Dark Waters"

Tonight on ABC their popular fantasy drama Once Upon A Time returns for an all-new Sunday, October 30, 2016, episode and we have your Once Upon A Time recap below. On tonight’s OUAT season 6 episode 6 Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is held captive on Captain Nemo’s (Faran Tahir) submarine.

Did you watch last week’s episode where in a flashback to Agrabah, Princess Jasmine (Karen David) recruited Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) to help her recover a secret weapon capable of breaking Jafar’s (Oded Fehr) hold on the Sultan and saving the city from ruin? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Once Upon a Time recap, right here of it!

On tonight’s Once Upon A Time season 6 episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Emma tries to convince Aladdin to work with Jasmine to help Agrabah, while Regina teams up with Snow and David to free Archie from Zelena. The Evil Queen sows suspicion between Henry and Hook, even as Mr. Gold reminds her of his most important lesson. Meanwhile, in the past, Hook finds himself kidnapped by the mysterious Captain Nemo and held captive inside his legendary submarine.”

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#OnceUponATime starts back in the time of the dark curse on Hook’s ship and he’s a pirate. He yells at the pirates about being slow. One man speaks up and says they’re tired. Hook addresses the stowaway who says he’s no one. He asks Hook if revenge against the Dark One is worth all this trouble.

A norwal is spotted and the execution is delayed. Hook calls them to battle stations. The stowaway says it’s not a norwal and shoves Hook into the water then jumps in behind them saying he’s saving his life. Now, Hook broods and leaves the shed after looking at something hidden away.

Regina goes to see Zelena and says she knows the Evil Queen is there. She tells her to come out and talk. EQ appears. Zelena also comes out to chat. Z asks why she’s there and then reminds her the EQ is her sister too. Regina distracts them while Snow and David search the house. They find the doc and free him.

Cricket on the loose

The cricket flies away but then the baby gets fussy. Outside, Zelena hears the baby. She goes in and David says they just came for Archie. EQ comes inside and threatens them. Regina gets in her way. Snow says nothing will tear their family apart.

EQ says she’s just started. Regina poofs them all away after saying bring it. Jasmine and Aladdin sit talking at Granny’s. Jasmine says Agrabah still needs his help and he reminds her he’s not the savior anymore. He says he’s not the guy she needs and walks out.

Hook finds Emma and Henry in the kitchen. Emma gets a text from Jasmine about Aladdin running off. Hook says he’ll find him but Emma goes instead. Hook offers to make Henry some mackeral and grapefruit. Henry goes to take out the trash.

Liar liar Hook on fire

The EQ is there and asks Henry about Hook. EQ says she’s there to look out for her son and asks if his new father is bothering him. EQ says she knows how hard it is when someone new joins the family. Henry says Hook is different and wouldn’t hurt them.

EQ opens the shed and knocks over a toolbox. Henry goes to see what she knocked over. Henry finds the savior cutting scissors that Hook hid. EQ asks what will Henry do about it then she leaves him with the evidence of Hook’s lie.

Aladdin breaks into a car and steals a wallet but then Emma is there. He says it’s his car and she snatches the wallet from him. Emma tells him to come take a ride. Hook comes looking for Henry and sees the shed door is open and Henry is gone.

Finding Nemo

Hook sees the scissors are gone and curses. In the past, Hook wakes on a submarine. He fights off sailors and then sees he’s underwater. It’s the Nautilus and Captain Nemo! Nemo tells him he’s under the sea. Nemo was the stowaway on his ship.

Nemo says the ship is a second chance. Hook wants to leave. Nemo says his harpoon is enchanted to find wayward souls with hearts seeking revenge like him. Nemo says family is what’s missing in his life. Hook glares and says no one will replace what the Dark One took.

Nemo says he lost his family too and says they were murdered while he was away and he spent years hunting those responsible. Hook says he doesn’t need a family. Nemo says he has a mission for him. Nemo says when he’s done, he’ll see he belongs there.

Hook and Henry trapped

Hook finds Henry at the dock going to get rid of the shears. Hook says he kept them to protect Emma. Henry won’t listen and Hook grabs him as the Nautilus comes out of the water. He tells Henry to run but it’s too late. Nemo’s men are there.

Henry and Hook are taken on board. Hook tells him it’s the Nautilus. At the ER, Snow meets David. He found a refugee injured in the woods. David goes back to the cop shop and Snow stays behind to be with the guy. She spots Belle in the waiting room.

Belle says she’s there for an ultrasound. Belle talks about Rumple and her future with the baby. Henry asks why they grabbed them and Hook says he has a history with the captain. Hook says he needed the shears to save her.

Hook on the hook

Henry says being the savior is who Emma is. Hook says he wasn’t trying to take that. Henry says he’s not part of the family. Hook says they’ve gotten out of tougher scrapes and Henry is a jerk to him. Back in the past, Hook and Nemo are in diving suits and come up in a cave.

They tell Hook to stay close as they creep along. One of the men tells Hook that he grew up rough after his family was killed and seeking revenge. He says Nemo saved him. Hook says vengeance isn’t so easy to give up. Nemo points out what they’re looking for – a treasure chest.

Nemo says it’s more than gold and jewels. A tentacle grabs Hook and he screams Kraken. It’s strangling him. Nemo and his men come to help. Nemo harpoons it and it slithers back into the water. Nemo says they saved him because he’s part of this family.

Gold and EQ face off

Gold comes to see EQ at Zelena’s. She says she’s busy breaking up the Charming family. Gold asks if she remembers her old lessons. He says she forgot an important one – never take what’s mine. He tells her she took the shears and he can smell her magic on it.

She asks why he wants them. He says they don’t work just on the savior and calls them the shears of destiny. EQ says he wants to use them on Belle and the baby. EQ says those shears are long gone. Gold warns her not to cross him. EQ says she’s doing fine without him. Gold says we’ll see.

Emma drives Aladdin near the town line. She shows him the welcome sign to the town. He sees a crack in the sign. She says she hit the sign after Henry tried to convince her she was the savior. Aladdin asks if she really ran. Emma says she almost ran yesterday when he gave her the shears.

Savior talk

She says she was worried about her family watching her die and knew the shears couldn’t be near her. Emma says just come back and make up for your mistakes. Aladdin says he doesn’t know where to start and Emma says start by finding out what happened.

On the Nautilus, Hook tells Henry he killed his father. Hook says when he did it, he destroyed his life and says his father had another son. Hook says his name was Liam, named for his older brother. Hook says he killed his dad and left an innocent boy an orphan.

Back in time, the chest is on board the Nautilus and Nemo opens it. Hook looks inside and sees a key. Hook calls him mad. Nemo says they have no place to call home and the key will open the gateway to Mysterious Island where they can all start over.

Invitations and expectations

He tells Hook this is his chance for a new life. Hook says he can’t stop chasing the Crocodile now. Nemo says it’s a place where you will never lose anyone again. Nemo invites him to join them and see it himself. Nemo tells him about the first mate named Liam.

Hook is horrified. Henry asks if he’s trying to make up for that with him. Henry says he already failed with him too. Henry says maybe he can do something about this. He pulls out the shears and says they never search kids. They are out of the room and he suits Henry up in a dive outfit.

Hook says he can’t get out since there’s only one helmet. Hook tells him to go and says he has to get back to Emma. He puts the helmet on Henry and starts the air flow then shoves him in the water. Liam is there and confronts Hook. He calls him brother and pulls out a knife. Liam says he’s been waiting a long time for this.

Brother issues

In the past, Hook puts on a suit and gets ready to leave the Nautilus. He says he has to go before Liam figures out it’s him. Liam is there and Nemo tells him he can’t quench the fire inside him by killing Hook. Nemo says he regretted his revenge and killing those that hurt his family.

Nemo tells Liam they are close to finding a home. Liam says he can’t resist and lunges at Hook but Nemo gets in the way and dies instead. Liam promises Hook will pay. Hook says he hopes Liam finds better and dives into the water to get away from him.

Liam says they could have had a chance at life and says Hyde took Nemo and says Mysterious Island is the land of unfinished stories. Hook refuses to fight his brother and Liam punches him and goes to kill him. Henry came back and tells him to stop. Hook knocks his brother out.

Stepdaddy issues

Henry asks if he’s okay. Henry says if he left, Hook would be dead. Hook asks why he came back. Henry says he can’t ruin their family but tells Hook not to push it when he asks if he considers him family. Henry says he knows he loves Emma. Hook says he won’t use the shears.

Hook promises to find a way to save Emma. He locks the shears into the treasure chest and they send it to the bottom of the sea. Aladdin goes to find Jasmine and says sorry. Jasmine says they can’t go back to Agrabah and says the city is gone.

Snow is still at the hospital and tells Belle the stranger should come out of surgery okay. Belle says her ultrasound went well and they gave her two copies of the pics. Snow asks if she’ll give one to Gold. Belle says they’re broken and she doesn’t know if it can be fixed.

Pirate’s duty

Belle says their son in her dream hated Gold. Belle says maybe things will turn out differently for them. Liam wakes in the hospital with Hook beside his bed. He says he has a nasty bump on his head. Hook says he has something to live for now.

Liam asks if it’s Henry. Liam says if he killed him in front of Henry, he’d love another boy with a heart full of hate. He says he wishes Nemo could see them at peace. Another bed is wheeled into the room – Nemo is the guy found in the woods. Liam and Nemo grasp hands.

Emma and Henry are waiting for Hook and he says Liam is okay. Emma asks why his kid brother has a submarine. She asks why there were at the docks. Hook says he’ll explain and Henry takes off. Hook says it’s all his fault and Henry was helping him right a wrong.

Shear luck

Hook admits he kept the shears. He says he kept them in case it could save her even if she hated him. Hook says Henry made him see the light and they’re at the bottom of the ocean now. Emma says she wanted to do the same thing. He hugs her.

Gold is in his shop when EQ arrives. She’s annoyed at how Hook and Henry worked things out. EQ says she came to make amends with him. She says she forgot a lesson he taught her – know what you want and go after it. She steps closer and kisses him.

Belle approaches the shop and slips an envelope under the door. Gold pulls back from EQ and asks if she wants him. EQ says no, but she needs his help. Gold asks why he’d help. EQ offers him the shears and says some underwater creatures owe her a favor. Gold asks what she needs. EQ says Snow White’s heart.