Once Upon a Time Recap 3/20/16: Season 5 Episode 14 “Devil’s Due”

Once Upon a Time Recap 3/20/16: Season 5 Episode 14 "Devil’s Due"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 20, season 5 episode 14 called,“Devil’s Due” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, news of Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) captivity reaches his friends, who must confront a beast guarding the prison, and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) thinks an old pal of hers can help them in this endeavor. Meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Forest, a young Snow White learns about heroics.

On the last episode, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Robin, Henry and Gold arrived in the Underworld, on a mission to rescue Hook, only to discover that their search was more difficult than they had anticipated. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Hook won’t cooperate with Hades, who wants him to select three friends to remain in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Gold has a change of heart about helping Emma; and in a fairy-tale flashback, Rumple and Milah make a shady deal to save Baelfire.”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 14 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime starts with a battered Hook talking to Hades who says choose three friends to stay in the underworld. Killian says no and throws the chisel away. Hades says that’s disappointing. He threatens to throw Hook into the river of lost souls.

Gold comes looking for his dad and sees a note at the shop. It says the shop is his and to use the pan flute to contact him if he wants to be family again. Gold locks the door and pours an eyeball from a vial into his hand. Then he makes a potion and tosses in the eye.

He grabs up a crystal ball and holds it over the bubbling cauldron. He tells it to show him who he seeks and we see Belle back in Storybrooke. She’s with one of the dwarves at Granny’s earing dinner. His hands shudder and he drops the crystal ball. He’s upset.

Robin tells them the hell dog did some major damage upstairs. Gold shows up and mocks their dumb plan. He says Hades will kill them all. He says the others should clean up while he and Emma go in after Hook. Emma asks why he helps.

He says he wants to get home to his wife. He says they need a helpful dead person to loan them their aura. He says he’s got someone in mind. We see back in the Enchanted Forest, Gold talking to his wife Mila and Neal is there with them.

His wife mocks his fear and his wounded leg. She’s awful to him and we see Neal toying with a snake in the woods nearby. He cries out and they run for Bae. Mila kills the snake and they see Neal was bitten. Now, we see Gold starting at Mila in the underworld.

She’s a crossing guard. He calls her dearie and says he’s just visiting. She asks how he found her and he says she’s in the middle of Main Street. He says it’s ironic she gets to watch children there. He says he has the opportunity to come with him to save the man she once loved – Killian.

He tells her Hades is torturing him and she says she has to watch the kids. Gold reminds him those kids are dead. He asks can she stand to help him to save the man she once loved. Hook is in a boat on the river and then he’s hoisted above it by a chain.

Hades walks below him and lectures him on his disobedience. He says he and his friends brought hope to the underworld and that’s contraband there. He says he wants the hope to be gone out of Hook’s eyes. He lowers him towards the river water.

Hades says he’s going to hurt him then hurt his friends too. He says no one will be left to save him. His head bursts into blue flame as he makes the threats. Emma meets Gold and Mila and he introduces Mila as his ex-wife and Hook’s ex and Bae’s mom.

Gold explains that Emma and Bae had an affair and a child. Mila asks if she’s been with her son and her former lover and Emma just says “huh” as her jaw hang opens. Gold says let’s go before it gets more awkward.

Regina finds Cruella at the diner and asks about the graveyard. Cruella says just use your magic to find someone but then realizes Regina can’t use it there and says it can be tricky. She says they should sit and talk.

Emma is stunned to find that the gates to hell are in the new house that Hook bought for her. They head to the basement door. She’s disturbed by the cobweb covered baby crib and mobile there. The three join hands and enter the gate to the underworld.

They head downstairs and come out in a cavern. Gold says they’re one step closer to hell. The door shuts behind them. Back in the EF, Mila and Gold bring the snake to a healer and he says the child will die tomorrow unless they’ll use magic. Gold agrees.

The man wants 100 gold to work the cure. Mila is determined and says they’ll just take the cure from the man. She says kill the healer first. Now, Gold tells Mila she can go now since they’re past the barrier. Emma tells Mila that she had a vison of Bae on the way down.

She says that he told her he moved on and was happy. Mila thanks her and Emma says she hears water. Mila says the river of lost souls is nearby and they can take it to where Killian is being held. Mila says she wants to come along and Emma agrees to let her keep helping. Gold is not happy.

Regina asks does a headstone mean that person is in “Underbrook” and Cruella says it means they went through there. She says they may be there or not. She says if it’s upright, they’re still there. If it’s tipped, they have moved to a better place.

She says a cracked headstone is bad – Cruella says that means they’re gone to a worse place. Emma looks down into the water of lost souls. They stop at a dock and Gold says he won’t leave the boat since it’s too valuable.

He says get the pirate and come back. Mila says they can’t trust Rumple and she’ll stay back and shout at Emma if he tries to steal the boat. Gold warns Emma not to use magic or Hades will notice it. Back in the EF, Mila bought a knife and tells Rumple to kill the healer and save their son.

She tells him to be brave for once. She kisses him. That inspires him to take the dagger and go. Mila is bumped by a man who spills her mug of ale then gets handsy. Killian takes the guy out instantly and sits beside her with a fresh drink. Mila thanks him.

He tells her his name is Captain Killian Jones and kisses her hand. She asks if he’s a pirate. He smiles and she says she’s never seen the ocean beyond their port. She asks if it’s wonderful. He tells her of cities that smell of spices where women are carried on jeweled chairs.

He asks if she’d like to see that. Mila says she would but has responsibilities there and an ailing child and a husband. Killian charms her and says if things change, he’s in the port often. She says it won’t but thanks him anyway. He walks away. They both seem sad about it.

Emma runs for Killian and sees the narrow passage to get to him that goes over the river. She runs and almost falls. He lowers some more and she makes it there in time to pull him free from dropping into the water.

She unchains him and sees his battered face. He says he told her to let him go and says no one should be there. She says she doesn’t listen and he calls her impossible. She hugs him tight.

Mila asks Gold about his new marriage and he asks about her unfinished business. She says it’s not Killian but Baelfire. She says she should have been there for him and not punished him because she hated his father. She says she was selfish.

Mila says she thought if she could do something generous, maybe she could finish what she needs to. She says she wants to move on and see him tell him she’s sorry for what she did. Gold tells her that Bae will forgive him and says he betrayed him too.

He says Bae forgave him as an adult and Mila says she wants to see him again. Gold says she will and says tell him he loves him when she does. Back in the EF, Rumple creeps into the healer’s hut to take the cure. The man says he can kill him with a spell.

He goes to stab him then stops. Rumple can’t and then tears up. The guy says of course you can’t. He asks how much his son means to him and Rumple says everything. He hands him the cure and Rumple says he has no gold.

The man offers him a deal that has a terrible price but not in gold. Rumple says he will trade anything to save his son. Now, Mila looks at the lost souls and Gold says they should be back by now. Hades conjures himself up and Gold pulls his dark dagger.

Hades says he wants to talk about a deal, not fight. Gold can’t resist. In the cemetery, Regina meets Snow and they go looking for Daniel’s tombstone. Regina is scared to look, but according to Cruella’s explanation of the tipped tombstone, he’s moved on.

Regina says she’s so glad he’s somewhere better but sorry she didn’t get to see him again. She kneels and says he was her first love and will always live in her heart. Gold sits with Hades who offers him a drink. He says he knew they were there and tells Gold he’s a fan.

He says he’s the darkest of the dark. He says Gold has sent so many dead people his way and says Regina does okay but she’s gotten lazy lately. He says he needs Gold back up there doing his thing and his friends stuck there since they pissed him off.

He tells Gold to sink the boat but Gold says he needs it to get home. Hades says he can wave his hand and send him back home. Gold says Mila will tell everyone he saw him. Hades threatens to kill them all if he doesn’t sink the boat and says Gold can think of something.

Back in the EF, Rumple comes in with the potion and Mila gives it to Baelfire. He drinks it down. Mila asks if they need to hide the body and he says he didn’t have to kill him. He says he didn’t want Bae to grow up with a murderer for a father.

He says he had to sign away his second born child. Gold says they don’t have a child and just won’t have one so they never have to worry about it. Mila is angry and says he sold their future. Bae wakes and calls to his father.

She says she can’t believe he signed away their future and says she’s going to the tavern. Now, Gold comes back to Mila, burns the boat and as she calls out to Emma, he throws Mila into the river of lost souls after telling her he’s finally become the man she wanted him to be.

He’s sad for a moment but then screams out Hades’ name and tells Emma and Hook that Hades blew his magic back at him and destroyed Mila. Killian is stunned to hear her name and Emma says she helped them get to him.

Hook says Hades has much to answer for and Gold says he does. Regina and Snow hear a horse whinnying and wonder why. Then Regina sees a horse lying on its side. Regina says it’s hurt and can’t stand. She heals it with her magic and it gets to its feet.

The horse looks at her and trots away. Snow says she used her magic and she’s surprised. Regina conjures a ball of flame in her hand and says she’s back. The others meet Emma and Gold at the house and are stunned to see Killian all battered and beaten.

Hook is angry at Gold and says he took his sacrifice and used it to regain his power. Gold says acknowledged. Hook says they’re even for now. Gold says he just wants to get home. Robin says he’s sorry they lost Mila and Gold says she made him who he is.

Regina says her magic is working and says let’s do the heart split so they’re ready to go when they find a way. Killian is clueless. Regina goes to take Emma’s heart but she’s repelled from her chest. They wonder what’s happening.

They go to the headstones. Killian says he refused to pick. Looks like Hades did – it’s Regina, Emma and Snow. Gold says they managed to find a whole new way to fail and says he’s going to his shop. Back in the EF, we see Gold as the Dark One in the healer’s hut.

He says he remembers Rumple. He says the healer took advantage of him in his hour of need and says he doesn’t like carrying debt. The healer says the contract is binding and says he owes him. Gold says he can’t owe a debt to a dead man and rips out his heart.

He says he loves loopholes and crushes his heart. The healer falls down dead. Gold comes back to see Hades and says he destroyed the boat, sent me home. Hades thanks him and says he bets he liked it. Hades says things have changed.

Gold says a gentleman keeps his deal. Hades says he’ll send him home but not today. He says he tried to hide something from him. He shows him the crystal ball and says let’s look at Belle. He says he dropped it and couldn’t figure out why he was so affected by an image of his wife.

Hades says he was trying to figure out where his son went – he asked the crystal ball to show him his child and says this is his next child – Belle is pregnant and Hades whispers she doesn’t know it yet. Then he conjures up the healer and says do you remember him?

He says it seems smart but death doesn’t nullify a contract down here. Hades conjures up the contract. He says the healer just signed it over to him. Hades says let’s be clear – I can cash in that debt anytime and take your baby. He says all magic comes with a price.

Hades says – you work for me – and I need you to do something only you can do. His head lights up in evil blue flame.