Once Upon a Time Recap -Hades Loves Zelena – Secret Crush: Season 5 Episode 15 “The Brothers Jones”

Once Upon a Time Recap -Hades Loves Zelena - Secret Crush: Season 5 Episode 15 "The Brothers Jones"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 27, season 5 episode 15 called, “The Brothers Jones” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, finally reunited, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) must find a way to defeat Hades so that they can return to Storybrooke with Snow, (Ginnifer Goodwin) David, (Josh Dallas) Regina, (Lana Parrilla) Robin, (Sean Maguire) Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) and Gold. (Robert Carlyle)

On the last episode, Hook won’t cooperate with Hades, who wanted him to select three friends to remain in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Gold had a change of heart about helping Emma; and in a fairy-tale flashback, Rumple and Milah made a shady deal to save Baelfire. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “finally reunited, Hook and Emma must find a way to defeat Hades so that they can return to Storybrooke with Snow, David, Regina, Robin, Henry and Gold. A surprise visit from Hook’s departed brother Liam just might provide the lead they were looking for – others who have tried to overthrow Hades spoke of a book that contained the key to his downfall.

Tired of watching from the sidelines, Henry secretly takes matters into his own hands while the others search for the book. Meanwhile, Hades redoubles his efforts to trap the heroes in the Underworld by playing them against one another. In flashbacks, the bond between the two young Jones brothers is tested and strengthened on a merchant ship heading into a dangerous storm.”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 15 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime starts with Cruella speeding down the streets of the Underworld and Henry asks her to slow down. She says she loves how naughty he’s being. He asks what he’s looking for. She says a sign and signal and says he’s connected to the quill as the author.

He sees something glowing in the woods. Cruella complains about being in nature. Henry hunts around and the Sorcerer’s apprentice is there. He says he’s there to prevent Henry from resurrecting Cruella. He says he’s there to stop him from making a mistake.

Henry says he wants the pen to help those he loves, not Cruella. The Apprentice says he should only record the stories, not change them. Henry says he wants to be a hero. The Apprentice tells him he can find the quill in the Sorcerer’s mansion and says the sheriff has the key.

The Apprentice says he can’t move on until Henry makes the right choice. He disappears. Emma sits Killian down to check on his wounds and he says Hades knocked the handsome out of him. She says no one is that powerful and she heals him.

She goes to kiss him but he turns away. He says a lot has happened between them. He says he relished being dark again and was weak. She says he wasn’t in the end. Killian says he doesn’t measure up to her but she says she came to save him – he says he’s not sure he deserves it.

There’s a knock at the door and it’s Killian’s big brother Liam standing there. We see a flashback to Liam and Killian working on a ship together as lowly indentured servants. Liam says they’ll be free tomorrow even though their father sold them if they sign on for the Royal Navy.

The captain of the ship mocks them and he says sober Jones can go collect his money but the drunk one – Killian – must stay as collateral. Liam lives but promises to come back. Killian asks why Liam is there and he says he doesn’t know. Killian says Liam has done nothing bad and died nobly.

Killian says they need to defeat Hades once and for all. Liam says that’s a dangerous game. He says others have tried to overthrow Hades and spoke of a book that could defeat him. Emma says she thinks it’s a story book. Killian agrees.

Killian says if there’s a story about Hades, they can learn about him and defeat him. Mary looks in the box where she found the other book, but it’s not there. They keep searching. Liam finds Emma to ask for a chat. He says she’s not good enough for his brother.

He says it’s her fault that Killian is down there. He says Killian has been fighting darkness his whole life and she denied him a hero’s death. Emma calls him self-righteous. Liam says if Killian defeats Hades, he’ll have a chance to move on. He tells Emma to let Killian move on when that happens.

Henry shows up and they tell him they’re searching for the book. Henry says he ran into the Apprentice and told him it might be at the Sorcerer’s mansion but it’s locked with magic and the sheriff has the key. The sheriff is David’s evil twin. Mary says she kissed him and it was a mistake.

David is annoyed. We see Liam show up with the papers of service to free him and Killian. The captain reveals that Killian gambled the money he needed to pay the rest of his debt. Liam curses the captain who tells him to leave his brother behind.

Killian says he will never be the brother that Liam deserves. Liam tears up the papers and says he won’t leave his brother. Now, Hades comes to see Liam at the bar he runs. Hades conjures up some Scotch and offers some to Liam.

Hades says he knows that Liam is trying to stage a mutiny and says he didn’t care about the book except for a few pages about him. He tells Liam to destroy the pages about him and Liam tells him no. He says do it yourself but Hades says he can’t because of the light magic at the mansion.

Hades threatens to tell Killian why Liam is trapped down there and that upsets him. At the sheriff’s office, David says his evil twin must be out on patrol. They look for the key and Snow finds one that looks the one the Sorcerer said. Cruella comes in calling for James.

Snow hides and David pretends to be his evil brother. Cruella says mommy needs to unwind. She kisses him hard and pops a bottle of champagne. She asks if he wants to try her first or the champagne. She pops the cork and pours them some bubbly.

Emma and Regina wait at Granny’s and Emma is tense. She asks Regina what she thinks of Liam and says he thinks she’s not good enough for Hook and wants her to let Hook move on. She says Hook thinks the same thing and she says Killian hasn’t forgive himself – she says been there, done that.

Henry shows up with the key. Liam, Regina, Emma and Killian go to the mansion. Liam says he’ll try the door since he’s been dead the longest so it’s least likely to hurt him.

In the past, we see Killian and Liam on the ship caught in a mighty storm. Killian says he’s sorry they’re still there and says it’s his fault. They tell Captain Silver he’s aiming into the storm and he says let the officers worry about navigation. They wonder why he’s heading into a hurricane.

Liam says he’s going after the cursed stone – the eye of the storm – it’s a sapphire he’s searching for to give to the king. The captain threatens to string them up for mutiny and Liam pulls a sword and they threaten the captain who they think is trying to kill them all.

They take over the ship in triumph. Liam says he’ll plot a course out of this while Killian ties up the officers. Now, inside the mansion, the quarter delves into the dusty place looking around. Emma wants Henry to stay safe and be the lookout and his other mother agrees.

He goes looking for the pen and asks it to give him a sign. Liam finds the Once book in a case. He opens it and finds the pages on Hades – blue flame hair and all. He rips them out and shoves them in his pocket. He says – I’m sorry brother.

David is drinking with Cruella and says he has an early patrol. She’s all over him and says he’s usually more enthusiastic when she comes to visit him. She pulls out the handcuffs and says maybe they need to spice things up.

David snaps and asks if this works on his brother. She says she knew and says he has none of James’ delicious damage. She says he’s responsible for all of it. He says he never even knew him but Cruella says his mother had to choose between them and chose her favorite.

Cruella says James spent his whole life and death wondering why David instead. David gets mad and she says there’s the damage. She says she can’t wait til they meet and says it will be a hell of a reunion. The gang is looking at the book and notice missing pages.

Emma asks Liam if he found evidence of tampering. He says maybe the pages fell out and says they need to keep looking for them. Emma looks at the book and Killian asks what’s going on with her. She says it’s Liam and says she had a bad feeling about him since they met.

She says he’s hiding something but Killian disagrees and says he knows his brother. Emma thinks Liam knows exactly what his unfinished business is. We see Liam in the chart room back in time on the ship. Hades appeared to him and says he’s there to help.

Hades lights a candle and says this mutiny won’t work out well for him and says his dreams of being in the Royal Navy are over. Hades says he knows a lot about Liam. He then lights up his head and all the candles in the room. Liam calls him a demon and he says he’s a God, lord of the underworld.

He says he wants the souls Liam is trying to save. Liam pulls a sword and Hades says he can’t hurt him and says he also can’t hurt Liam in the overworld but has a deal. He says let the ship sink and he’ll use his magic to get him and his brother out safe and offers him the sapphire.

He says deliver it to the king and he’ll give him anything he wants and his dreams can come true. Liam thinks hard. Now, Liam looks at the Hades pages while alone. Emma comes close and he tosses them down the well. She asks if he found anything.

She shows him the ring he gave Killian. She says he gave it to her and told her it belonged to a better man than him. She says Killian thinks Liam is his hero and he’s a liar. Emma accuses him of taking the pages and says show him your hands and she can prove it.

Killian won’t listen to her and thinks it’s a manipulation to make him forgive himself. He refuses to come back with her even after thy defeat Hades. Emma says he has to do this for herself even though she knows he’s good enough.

Killian looks at Liam’s hand and realizes Emma was right and he was lying. He asks why he’d lie and the other sailors walk up and tell Killian that Liam is hiding the secret of what he did to them. Back in time, Killian is at the wheel and Liam comes out and says they have to continue ahead.

He says there are rocky shores on either side and they must keep on. He gives Killian his ring and Killian tells the others that he trust Liam and he’s the best man he knows. He rallies the sailors to support them and they head on into the storm on Liam’s word.

Now, Captain Silver says that Liam traded their souls for the eye of the storm jewel. Killian asks if it’s true and Liam says he had to do it to save them. The sailors surround them on Silver’s orders. They march them to the outcrop over the fiery pit and tell them to talk the plank.

Liam asks them to spare Killian. Liam tells Killian he’s sorry. Hades is there and asks if they forgot to invite him. Hades knocks him off into the fire. Then he says one brother did what he promised and will live on but the other escaped his prison and will face his fate.

Liam says he’ll protect Killian. Hades says fine and goes to blow him off the cliff. Killian grabs him by the hand. Liam asks him to forgive him and he says he does but then Liam says he has to pay the price. He lets go and plunges into the fire.

Then the fire turns blue and the ship is there. Liam landed on a lifeboat – he’s getting the chance to move on. Hades says – you’ll pay for this and poofs away. Liam says he came clean and can go. Killian tells the others that the truth is out so they can move on too.

The load of them – except for Killian – get onto the lifeboat. Killian tells Liam that his unfinished business isn’t done yet. Liam says tell Emma he’s sorry and says she wants what’s best for him. He says Killian is a true hero in a way he never could be.

They claps hands then the boat pull away with many souls on it, gone to the light. Back then, we see Killian and Liam make it to the shore. Liam says they’re survivors of the Tempest. The Navy man says they got what they deserved if they went after the gem.

Liam says he found it. He says his brother was knocked out and he swam them to some wood and they found it. The Navy man says Liam is a hero and they will grant him a reward. Liam says they just want to be officers. The man says they can be officers on his ship called the Jewel of the Realm.

Killian thanks Liam for being the hero he’s not. Killian comes back to Emma and says she was right about Liam and that his brother made a deal with Hades back in the day. He says Liam was able to move on after he came clean about his past actions.

Killian says he’s glad she came down after him. He changed his mind and says he’ll come home with her. He kisses her. In the mansion, Henry spies a glowing case. He found the pen! Later at the loft, David goes to talk to Henry who is sitting quietly on his bed.

David sits down with him and asks what he’s thinking about. Henry won’t tell him. David says he had a bad day today and learned his twin brother hated him his whole life even though he grew up a prince. He says apparently the guy wanted what he had – a loving mother.

Henry says please don’t make this a lesson. David says many people would love a family like Henry’s since there’s always someone to talk to. He stands to leave then Henry says wait. He shows them they found the author’s pen. He says he wants to use it to be a hero.

Henry says Cruella wanted him to bring her back to life. He says he wanted to help Emma because she has guilt over killing him. Henry says he has power but lives in the shadow and wants to be a hero. He says he knows he needs to write the stories as they are.

He says he’ll rewrite Hades story as it went. David wonders what Hades is trying to hide from them. Now, Hades stares down at a pit in his lair. He pulls out the pages that came out of the book. He leafs through them. One shows him with Zelena. He says their secret remains safe.