Person of Interest Recap 5/24/16: Season 5 Episode 7 & 8 “QSO/Reassortment”

Person of Interest Recap 5/24/16: Season 5 Episode 7 & 8 "QSO/Reassortment"

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Tuesday May 24, season 5 episode 7 & 8 called, “QSO; Reassortment.” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, Root goes undercover to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show; also Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) are trapped in a hospital that’s ground zero for a deadly viral outbreak

On the last episode, Reese and Finch head to a wedding to protect two POIs prior to their nuptials; and Fusco, angry about being shut out by the team, investigated a string of missing person reports. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Root goes undercover to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show; and Samaritan’s agents try to convince a member of the team that their goals are noble; also Reese and Finch are trapped in a hospital that’s ground zero for a deadly viral outbreak; Samaritan’s latest recruit has second thoughts; and Shaw continues to struggle with reality.”

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Fusco managed to survive the trap that Samaritan had set up for him, but he still has a lot of questions about who was behind the big conspiracy and why won’t his supposed friends trust him. However, neither Finch nor Reese wanted to drag Fusco further down the wrong path. So later Root met with Fusco at the hospital and she handed Fusco everything he needed for both him and his son to disappear.

Now while the guys had done that for Fusco because they wanted him and his son to be safe, what actually drove them into creating new identities for him and his family was the fact that Samaritan must have been killing people for months before they noticed. There had apparently been numerous corpses down in the crypt and so it seems that Samaritan has been knocking people off for quite some time. And that the artificial intelligence was prepared to also add a cop to its collection. So Finch and Reese had recognized the threat in that and that’s why the moved to protect their friend.

Only like Fusco would say, he doesn’t need protecting. So Fusco was putting up quite fight because he didn’t want to run however running appeared to be a good idea to someone else. Root has been trying to do what the Machine has always asked and to be fair she has done so in the past without complaint. Yet, Root wanted something in return for her compliance. Root wanted to know what happened to Shaw and so she was constantly pressuring the Machine to give her answers. Or if not answers then clues as to what happened to Shaw.

But the Machine kept her running around the city. So Root had hoped that her latest mission meant she was going to run into Shaw. Shaw and Root have a special connection and no matter what Greer or Samaritan itself has tried to do to Shaw – the one thing that keeps her grounded in reality and stops her from falling apart is the mere idea of Root. So following the events of last week, Shaw didn’t give in to Samaritan’s new offensive and instead she did her best to alert her friends to her location. And she did that by trying to alert every passing camera.

So the Machine could have picked up Shaw’s location if she wanted, but the last mission turned out to have nothing to do with Shaw. Root had followed the Machine’s directions until she found herself impersonating a producer at a radio station and there she found a disc jockey that discussed nothing but conspiracy theories. With the latest being about things both he and his most devoted listener could hear over the radio waves. And so the mission had really been about Samaritan.

Although not just about the larger computer. Samaritan it seems has the ability to send out electromagnetic pulses that could alert their operatives. So the laptop back at the train station had been sending out pulses that sounding like static and the much larger computer had been using Max’s radio station to send out signals as well. Albeit for different reasons. As it was later shown, the laptop was asking for help because it had realized that Finch had had it in a cage while the larger computer was using the signals to send operatives all throughout the city.

And so Root could have gotten upset with the Machine because it had led her to protect someone – in this case Max – however she decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She could save Max’s life and use Samaritan’s own against it in order to send out signals back to Shaw. So Root ended up Max in a safe place and she then ran into the backroom of the radio station where she knew where the radio systems where. Though fortunately the Machine had helped her with the last part so it had been the both of them that had manipulated Samaritan and that had allowed them to get out a message to Shaw the hope who desperately needed some form of hope.

Shaw had been taken off of the simulations yet there appeared to be some dire consequences from that happening. Apparently Shaw couldn’t detect the difference between what was real and what was simulation. So she began to believe that everything was fake and had actually go on to kill someone for Samaritan without realizing it. And so a message from Shaw did help stabilize what little awareness she had left.

But Root wasn’t fine with just sending a message. She had wanted to do something more than that and so later she had tried to make a deal with Samaritan that would allow for her to turn herself in if she could only be placed in the same facility as Shaw. And Samaritan had looked as if they wanted to go along with that plan though Reese had to go and ruin it for her. Reese had stopped Root from turning herself in and he had also gotten her out of the building before Samaritan could send more men.

So Reese had in stopped Root from making a mistake by throwing her life away, but he hadn’t been able to do so with Max. Max had heard the guys’ warnings and so he knew that he had been right when he first began to believe a shadowy organization was using the radio to send out messages. However, Max had wanted to walk away from what he was doing nor he did want to stop talking about the shadowy organization so he had gone back to work. And had literally picked up from where he left off.

Meaning Max knew the risk and decided he was to die to get the truth out. And although neither Finch or Reese could understand it, they had to accept it because the Machine wasn’t going to help them override Max’s free will. Nor for that matter was Root who believed Max had the right to decide for himself.

So there were just going to be a few things that no one could change. No one was going to stop Root from wanting to pursue any leads that could be connected to Shaw even if it put her own life at risk and no one was going to stop Fusco from walking away from everyone. Fusco had taken look at where things stood with him and the team however he told them that he didn’t want to remain in the dark anymore. And therefore he decided to quit their team if they couldn’t be honest with him.

Though quitting the team didn’t mean that Fusco was going to let the mystery player continue to kill people. Fusco still wanted to stop the numerous deaths so he had decided on pursuing his investigation into what was going on although he realized the best way to do that was for him to take everything he had found and bring it to Elias. The man that was still in hiding, but could be called upon during times of crises. And so Fusco thought that Elias’s friend Bruce’s murder should count as a crisis.

Bruce had apparently also been looking into Samaritan as well and he had chosen to do so despite Elias warning him about the danger. So it’s not that surprising that Samaritan would kill Bruce because he had gotten too close however Fusco wanted to use Elias’s rage over Bruce’s death to get Elias to talk to him. What with Elias being the only other person besides Finch, Reese, and Root that knew the truth about what was going on. And so Elias ultimately agreed to help Fusco with taking down the people that murdered his friend if information was a two-way street.

And Fusco had no problem with that! However, Fusco’s absence felt among his friends and it had led to Finch going back out into the field again now that they were a man short. So Finch and Reese had followed James Ko after the Machine had warned them about him. And they had thought that James’s life was in danger because usually the Machine warns them about a man with a gun. Only the actual danger wasn’t coming from of a gun, it came from a needle.

James Ko was a wealthy businessman that was on his way to London for an important meeting when his plane was diverted to New York. So rather than get upset with the inconvenience, James had chosen to use that stop in New York to see a doctor because he had been experiencing what he thought was a mere flu. Although the doctor had later made that same mistake as well. She had thought it was the flu too and so she had prescribed him some antibiotics, but somehow one of the nurses ended up injecting James with a second virus that made the original one go from harmless to dangerously contagious.

James it seems had already been suffering from avian flu when he went to the hospital however that in combination with live human flu, which was what was injected into him, was both lethal and highly contagious. One person gets sick and that automatically exposes up to ten people surrounding them. So this super flu that came out of the seemingly simple mistake was new and unfortunately the guys were right there at Ground Zero when it happened.

So as fast as they could, the guys tried to take control of the situation. They had the doctors and nurses on staff see to the sick while they had Root trace the faulty antibiotics. Only the antibiotics couldn’t be traced. The company they had come from had actually been shut down some months back. And so the drugs intentionally set on harming patients hadn’t come from any known laboratory though that didn’t mean it could from Samaritan.

Samaritan did after all have a reason for wanting at least three people in the hospital dead so it’s safe that they could have begun an outbreak in order to kill all of their enemies. But Finch wanted to know why. So Root found out for him that one of the doctors, a nurse, as well as the hospital administrator had all filed reports about the new National Healthcare Database. In which they claimed that database was changing some of the results and rearranging patient files. All without anyone’s consent.

And so what was happening was Samaritan was using the database to do its bidding however three people caught on. So Finch and Reese had tried to keep their eye on the three in danger as they looked for antivirals yet one person turned out to be a traitor. The hospital administrator had found out what was happening and somehow Samaritan were able to convince him that their way was better. They said that without hospital errors, deaths would go down and more people would live.

Yet, what they failed to mention was the price. The administrator had joined them because he thought an automated healthcare system would be more efficient than relying on people, but he didn’t know that Samaritan had set out to kill his coworkers. Or that everyone else would be casualties. So he had destroyed the antivirals on site at the hospital because he thought Samaritan’s mission was about the better good.

Only the Machine had taken a look at the virus and it had found a cure at a nearby lab. So Root was able to break in and recover all the vials they needed to treat everyone. And so that should have been the end of it though Samaritan had one last card to play. They had guy on the inside and he had tried to drug the doctor and the nurse with the drug his handler had given him. But the treatment was eventually able to save the nurse’s life and the doctor was spared.

So the only person that got hurt was Fusco who showed up at the last minute because he knew that he had to help his friends and was stuck by a needle to the neck. Though the needle managed to miss all vital areas and Fusco did later receive treatment from the superflu. And so he didn’t get the super virus though he had seen firsthand what Samaritan was capable of and his pride took a hit when Reese again refused to tell him anything because he claims that would be putting Fusco’s life in danger. As if Fusco couldn’t handle or take care of himself.

But while Fusco walked away from working with Reese in the field and as a police officer back at the station, Shaw was coming home. Shaw had used Root’s message to keep going even if she didn’t know what was real or simulation. So that’s what she did on tonight’s episode of “Person of Interest” and that’s how she was able to finally escape the South African prison she was in.

And funnily enough Samaritan wasn’t upset that they failed to kill everyone they set out to kill, people were apparently lining up after the near outbreak because they all wanted to be tested for the flu yet had no idea that someone was using the tragedy to collect their DNA.