Prince Charles Defies Queen Elizabeth, Addresses Politics In Christmas Speech

Prince Charles Defies Queen Elizabeth, Addresses Politics In Christmas Speech

Prince Charles has done something Queen Elizabeth has warned him not to do plenty of times, and that’s speak publicly about politics. Prince Charles gave the public a stern warning about the ‘dangers of the world’ in a Christmas message that he delivered over the weekend.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth and her annual Christmas Broadcast, Prince Charles delivered his speech as part of the BBC’s Thought of the Day program.  Many were even shocked by what Prince Charles had to say. He talked about the current conflicts in the Middle East and how the world needs to practice more tolerance.

Charles even mentioned Muslims, religious persecution and the growing number of populist groups from around the world. He even said that many nations are close to repeating the dark days of World War II.

Without naming any specific names though, he said he was deeply disturbed by groups targeting those that are part of a minority faith. Prince Charles said, “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s.”

Sources say that Charles is finally showing signs of being a leader. Many royal fans have even praised him for his thoughtful yet powerful speech. Some are even applauding him for having the courage to speak out about the atrocities being carried out around the world. Even though he broke royal protocol by speaking about politics, many believe Charles did the right thing.

Then again, insiders believe Queen Elizabeth might be preparing to step down. In fact, sources say that she has been scaling back her work these last several weeks. Royal insiders even say that Queen Elizabeth’s retirement announcement will come sooner rather than later. Both she and Prince Philip were forced to scale back from their Christmas festivities this past weekend. Reports indicate that they were both suffering from serious and heavy colds.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any additional comments about Prince Charles’ statements. Are you surprised by Prince Charles’ Christmas message? Do you think the Queen is upset that he broke royal protocol by speaking about politics? Or does this simply mean that Prince Charles is getting ready to step up in his new role as King of England?

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5 responses to “Prince Charles Defies Queen Elizabeth, Addresses Politics In Christmas Speech”

  1. Bubbly says:

    “Some are even applauding him for having the courage to speak out about the atrocities being carried out around the world.” – surely you mean the atrocities committed by these ‘minorities’ on people in the countries they [moslems] so skillfully “invaded”, right? Because that is what the problem is right now.
    I am getting sick and tired of idiots who are trying to portray these people [moslems] as victims. No one goes to their countries under the pretense of being a refugee and then murder, commit other criminal offenses like rape, theft, terrorism (often in the name of their religion) yet THEY do it and Charles paints them as victims and asks us to tolerate it! WTF!?

  2. […] is stepping it up and showing the public that he’s ready to be a leader. He made a powerful but poignant speech on Christmas Day. Many insiders say that Charles will be making more public appearances in the coming weeks while […]

  3. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Chuck is mentally unstable to rule if he thinks moslems are all innocent,I fear for the UK’s future once he’s in charge

    • Ladyhawke says:

      The Monarch has no political power, apart from the ability to dissolve government. The idea that the Monarch “rules” is a fallacy; in reality, it is now simply grand celebrity which brings in the tourist dollars.
      The elected government “rules” the UK. The Queen has always respected the agreement made last century, between the British government and Royal Family, that the Monarch would not interfere in the politics of the UK. Unfortunately, Charles has never seemed to come to grips with this fact, and has made himself increasingly unpopular, on both sides of the political system, by attempting to intervene in political decision-making. His latest foray into the political arena, by suggesting we are currently witnessing the persecution of “minorities” on par with the persecution of Jews in the 1930s, has attracted a great deal of criticism from both sides of parliament and his future “subjects”.
      I wouldn’t fear for the UK’s future once he accedes. The majority of people are now educated to the point where they understand who “rules” the UK, and that the Monarchy is surplus to requirements in terms of having any legitimate or meaningful role in the future of Britain.

  4. Ladyhawke says:

    A few of these articles on the British Royals may give some readers the impression it is an ‘Absolute Monarchy’ whereas, in fact, it is a “Constitutional Monarchy” – there is a great difference between the two. For those interested, the differences between an “Absolute” and “Constitutional” Monarchy” can be easily found online.