Queen Elizabeth Suffers Intense Cold, Forced To Postpone Christmas Travel Plans To Sandringham: Royal Holiday Tradition Broken?

Queen Elizabeth Suffers Intense Cold, Forced To Postpone Christmas Travel Plans To Sandringham: Royal Holiday Tradition Broken?

Queen Elizabeth’s health is sparking new concerns for the royal family. There’s a new report says Queen Elizabeth is suffering from a heavy cold and has postponed her Christmas travel plans to Sandringham Estate to recuperate. The 90-year-old monarch was due to take the train from London to King’s Lynn for her annual Christmas break.

Reports indicate that Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip both have bad colds that are forcing them to stay home at Buckingham palace. It was the first time in years that they called off their travel plans with little notice.

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The announcement comes as a shock for many royal observers. According to CBS News, one royal commentator even said, “I think that’s really significant – the fact that the queen felt unwell enough to travel to Sandringham, when that’s all she would have want to have done yesterday, was to stick to her plan.”

Of course, royal observers can’t help but wonder if the Queen is planning to retire. Many insiders believe Queen Elizabeth might be planning on making a major announcement in coming weeks. After all, she recently passed down several of her patronages to Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. Sources say that the Queen wants her royal family members to step it up with their work load before she formally retires.

Queen Elizabeth Retiring: Hands 25 National Charities To Prince William, Kate Middleton, And Prince Harry?

The last time 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth canceled her plans was back in 2013. She was forced to cancel a trip to Rome after suffering with a bout of gastroenteritis. In 2015, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen had visited King Edward VII hospital for a check-up following reports that her health was in decline. Otherwise, sources say that the Queen has been in rather good health and was even spotted driving behind the wheel during a trip to Scotland this past summer.

So far, it’s unclear how long the Queen will remain at Buckingham Palace. Eyewitnesses say the Royal Standard is flying at full mast. Earlier reports indicated that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be skipping the annual royal Christmas celebrations at Sandringham Estate as well.

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Do you think Queen Elizabeth is ready to retire? Royal insiders say that Prince Charles is preparing for the takeover. Let us know what you think by dropping us a line in our comments section below. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on the royal family.

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21 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Suffers Intense Cold, Forced To Postpone Christmas Travel Plans To Sandringham: Royal Holiday Tradition Broken?”

  1. Ladyhawke says:

    Just saw a photo of the Queen and Philip about to depart for Sandringham, so she’s obviously fit to travel.
    Various reports in the non-tabloids have indicated that Charles has taken over the majority of the Queen’s duties during the last year, particularly during the last six months. The woman doesn’t look particularly well, certainly not as robust as she appeared in the 90th birthday photo shoot.
    Yes, “Operation Orb”, the uncrackable code for the preparations for Charles’ coronation, are in place and he is primed to takeover the reigns when duty calls.
    It will be a very difficult monarchy when Charles takes over with reports indicating he wants to streamline the taxpayer-funded royals to himself, Camilla, William, Kate and Harry plus One (and of course, Anne). It will be an “interesting” change to the old “Firm”.

  2. Elizabeth Connell says:

    I hope she doesn’t get pneumonia, she does look well now, but still I think she won’t be with us much longer!

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I agree – she looked reasonably fit during her 90th birthday celebrations. Now, she looks quite fragile.

      • Sigi says:

        Had a look at Harry’s solar astrology. I highly doubt he’ll stay with Markle. It’s funny to know that, a relief actually – he’s got something going on that might be exciting but it has a built in ending too. His health or well being may be at stake too, at least until around his next birthday. I hope he stays well.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          It is a relief – one bimbo destined for a senior role is enough for that family to deal. Adding another might be a deal-breaker with the Monarchy’s “subjects”.
          If I were running the show, I simply flick through a copy of Debrett’s Peerage, chose twelve titled young women (you’d need to start with a reasonable number to weed out the non-photogenic fuglies). Perhaps you’d wind up with six to eight eligible young women. Surely, with that number, there would be at least one Harry would be attracted to/interested in. If the young lady wasn’t quite as keen, simply do a “Joe Kennedy”. When Jackie Kennedy wanted out of the marriage to JFK, old Joe simply offered her a million dollars and an open account at both “Tiffany’s” and “Cartier” – easy-pease. A bit of creative thinking is all that’s required in seemingly impossible situations.

          • Sigi says:

            Heck yes, Waity’s enough of a bimbo to cover the RF for all time.
            Ha, too bad Harry didn’t think of Debrett’s.
            You know I think Jackie truly loved JFK, even though she wanted a divorce. Funny how she got bought off though {!}. Then she went on to marry Ari O. I used to love reading books on them. I think one was called “The Onassis Women”. Any book on Ari and Jackie was interesting, I mean the older books. If any new ones have recently come out, haven’t read those.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            Dammit – just found this.
            Yes, I get the impression Jackie loved JFK despite his extra-curricular activities. From books and documentaries, I also get the impression he loved her too, in his own way. He certainly seemed to respect her intellect – she helped him a great deal with the writing of his book (including suggesting the title), “Profiles in Courage”. It’s been written so many times that she came from the type of background where infidelity was par for the course, however, I think the Kennedy males put a whole new meaning into the term “infidelity”.
            While I could never condone infidelity, it seemed an “affliction” that affected all the Kennedy males. JFK’s rampaging libido wasn’t helped by the fact that he was taking amphetamines, steroids, testosterone and a plethora of meds for his various health issues.
            I didn’t really get into the Jackie/Onassis relationship much – I don’t recall a great deal of information doing the rounds here at the time. I preferred the fantasy of “Camelot”.
            To be perfectly honest, I completely understand her being bought off – first by Old Joe and then marrying Onassis. I do recall a great deal of negative judgment directed at her here, on the marriage to Onassis.
            Never understood it. He was a billionaire: what’s “love”got to do with it? She was very much a woman after my own heart.

          • Sigi says:

            Yes, They loved each other. In “Mrs.Kennedy” I read about the devastation JFK felt when their baby son died. I can’t recall now if Jackie had a miscarriage or of they had a baby and he died right after birth – I think he was named Patrick even though he didn’t survive –
            well, that was a turning point in their relationship. He was so very sorry for all the pain he’d put Jackie thru and the baby’s death suddenly woke his ass up. SO SAD, this was why she was in Dallas. JFK had a renewed affection for his wife whom he’d been taking for granted. So as their marriage might have been taking a new turn, with more respect….he was assassinated. He had wanted her with him in Dallas.
            As part of their renewed closeness.

            LOL, yes JFK was on a lot of “stuff” alright. He was a slut too, he truly was. But near the end like I said, he gained a new appreciation for Jackie when the death of the baby woke him up.
            Oh hell yes,marry Onassis ! People assumed they had no mutual attraction but I think they did. Why not marry him ? People are such cry babies. Shit. He gave her a beautiful life after she went thru HELL with JFK’s bimbos and his death. Ari was there at the perfect moment. Actually Jackie’s sister wanted Ari and I think had a fling prior to Jackie getting him. He was serious about Jackie, not with her sister.

            Jackie was a shark, or became one. I read Christina O. said that in the limo on the ride to Ari’s funeral, Jackie was there in the car with her lawyer. They both leaned forward to Christina and the lawyer starts in on Christina about Jackie’s share of the money. Christina was so upset she demanded out of the limo. She hated Jackie. Bad timing to ask for more money, or whatever was going on.

  3. sherri willis says:

    God save the Queen! ????

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  6. Ladyhawke says:

    Thanks. First year I haven’t watched her message, although it’s on my YouTube list to view.

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