Prince’s Death: Drugs and Disease – How Did Superstar Die, Separating Fact From Fiction

Prince's Death: Drugs and Disease - How Did Superstar Die, Separating Fact From Fiction

The mystery surrounding Prince’s untimely death reached fever pitch when several unsavoury news outlets reported that the singer died from complications related to AIDS.

There is no verifiable proof of this. According to recent reports Prince had opioids on his person when he died. A judge has ordered a search warrant for his home, which means police are investigating the situation much more intensely than previously thought.

What does this mean? Did Prince die from an overdose?

We won’t know until the toxicology reports are revealed – something that can take months to finish. We only have our most speculative gossip-brains on the case, but gossip without solid proof remains gossip.

He allegedly took the medication for pain-related issues. This leaves us with a blank page, because if Prince didn’t die from an opioid overdose, then how did he die?

A certain gossip column alleges that Prince’s close relatives are doing everything in their power to cover up the AIDS question mark. Why would Prince carry opioids with him if he suffered from AIDS? It doesn’t make sense. If he carried something like Edurant or Intelence, both popular AIDS medications, we could somehow construe a possible AIDS diagnosis. But opioids? No. There’s something amiss.

The singer was found dead at his home in Minnesota last week. His passing, which has been likened to Michael Jackson’s passing, has kept us riveted to the news. We are scrambling for every morsel of half-truth that might give us an idea why Prince passed away so suddenly.

If the autopsy report comes back as “death due to natural causes”, there’s a strong chance that we might never know what killed the voice that gave us Purple Rain.

In the words of Prince, “Sometimes it snows in April.”

What do you think? How did Prince die? Was it due to an undisclosed illness? Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

Image Credit: FameFlynet