Prince George Temper Tantrum: Kate Middleton and Prince William Attend Royal Air Show With Cranky Toddler

Prince George Temper Tantrum: Kate Middleton And Prince William Attend Royal Air Show With Cranky Toddler

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the Royal Institute Air Tattoo show in Fairford with Prince George on Friday, July 8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a little bit of trouble keeping there almost 3-year-old son under control.

Prince George had a bit of a temper tantrum, probably because it was such a long day and there were many frightening noises.

William did his best to comfort George when some unexpected noises frightened the toddler. But George did not want dad – he reached out his arms for Kate Middleton. Eventually, Prince George got used to all the loud noises and enjoyed inspecting the planes and helicopters and meeting a pilot or two.

George got to sit in a Squirrel helicopter with Kate Middleton. The Squirrel is the same helicopter Prince William trained in at the Royal Air Force Shawbury in 2009. This is the very first time Prince George has visited the Royal Institute Air Tattoo show. We’re sure it’s not the last.


It’s no surprise that Prince George had such a good time at the Air Tattoo show on Friday. George often asks for toy planes and helicopters as gifts. George’s third birthday party will be Royal Air Force themed.


According to the Crown Chronicles, the Air Tattoo show is one of the United Kingdom’s premiere outdoor events and is an extravaganza of entertainment for the entire family. Hopefully, George got to enjoy the Techno Zone, which is an interactive showcase designed especially for youngsters.


The Air Tattoo supports the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust that was founded in order to support Royal Air Force families. The trust also helps develop a spirit of air-mindedness in young people and its goal is to promote excellence with the Royal Air Force.


It looks as if Prince George has a very early start on his love for planes and helicopters. It’s very possible that George will follow in Prince William’s footsteps and serve in the Royal Air Force.


Kate Middleton dressed casually in a bright blue dress and navy blazer. Prince William wore the standard dress shirt, blue suit jacket and khakis. Prince George wore a casual white shirt, navy blue shorts, and navy blue sneakers.


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