Reign Recap – Mary’s Heart Broken: Season 3 Episode 13 “Strange Bedfellows”

Reign Recap - Mary's Heart Broken: Season 3 Episode 13 "Strange Bedfellows"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Monday May 9, season 3 episode 12 called “Strange Bedfellows,”  and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) unwittingly endangers Gideon (Ben Geurens) as she attempts to safeguard Elizabeth,  (Rachel Skarsten) so she then turns to Dudley (Charlie Carrick) to help her save Gideon.

On the last episode Mary had to prioritize her life over her cousin’s. Meanwhile, Lola and Elizabeth unexpectedly joined forces; Catherine couldn’t escape her past; and Mary and Gideon began to see each other in a new light. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary unwittingly endangers Gideon as she attempts to safeguard Elizabeth, so she then turns to Dudley to help her save Gideon. Elsewhere, Bash searches for the individuals who are responsible for threatening Catherine.”

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#Reigns starts with Catherine telling King Charles about them killing the 13 knights in the past and why. She blames it on his father. Charles says her past sins cannot taint his reign. She says it won’t. Mary and Dudley are shooting arrows together.

He mentions they both have already had their one true love. He says being Elizabeth’s heir validates her and speaks about the difficulties of being a guest at France’s court. Mary says Elizabeth was clever in naming her a successor.

Dudley says he’s committed to the union and sys they can have a pleasant life together. He offers her a ring and proposes and she accepts and he slides the ring onto her finger. Later, she takes the ring off and gets into bed with Gideon.

Mary talks to him about his history with Dudley and he calls the man self-serving. He says his love with Elizabeth was real and says maybe she should encourage him to keep pursuing Elizabeth. She says Dudley needs the marriage.

Mary says she thinks that the Vatican has someone in mind after they kill her off. She says Joseph Tudor is the likely one since he’s Catholic and a man. She says he fled to France and Ridolfi is already likely in touch with him. Gideon says they can work together on this.

Dudley tells Gideon he needs to stop sleeping with Mary since they’re engaged and his mission to seduce her is done. Dudley says stay away from her and says that’s an order. Catherine tells Mary what she knows about Joseph Tudor and says Henri granted him sanctuary in France.

Mary asks if Ridolfi had any visitors and says he keeps borrowing the royal carriages. She says the drivers would likely tell her where he’s going. Mary won’t tell her why she’s asking. Gideon goes to Joseph Tudor and says he has a message from Ridolfi

Joseph acts annoyed and acts how long Ridolfi expects him to stay locked up in the house. Gideon goes inside and assaults him. Thomas gets a letter saying that someone knows Greer’s sister is not pregnant and it’s a fake. Greer says they have to pay up.

Is this Thomas trying to fake his sister in law out of money? Bash comes to Catherine and Charles and says his men have searched for the marauders. Charles wonders if it could be families of the 13 but she says Henri only recruited orphans.

Charles says perhaps one of them had a child and she mentions she gave them women to sleep with. Catherine tells Bash where to go find out. There’s a house of Catherine’s former courtesans that are kept in a nice state. He tells her about the attempt on Catherine’s life.

He mentions the red knights. One woman lurks nearby. One gives a glance and walks out. The head woman says they took precautions. Bash approaches the other woman and she says he may be looking for her son. She says she fell in love with one of the 13.

She says she had the baby and left the baby to die in the woods near Dijon and says she has always felt guilt and says the child is Satan’s spawn. Bash says he’s no monster, just a man. We see men fighting in a pit and a cheering crowd.

One brute bludgeons his opponent and the crowd roars. Bash sits in the crowd watching Geant. Another man tells him that he was found abandoned in the woods. Gideon reports back to Mary that Joseph Tudor is plotting with the Vatican. He stole some letters.

Gideon says he can take Joseph to England to get a confession. He says he will alert Elizabeth and will not allow her to think for one moment that Mary was complicit in this. Mary tells Gideon she cares for him and he asks why then is she sad.

She says they cannot marry and he says he knows that but says life is short and says life takes strange turns so he lives day by day. He tells her this day with her feels right. They kiss. Gideon prepares to leave and Ridolfi has him arrested for the disappearance of Joseph Tudor.

Gideon fights them to get loose for a second so he can hide the papers he stole. Ridolfi says produce Tudor or be charged with murder. Greer asks Leith to meet her and he talks about his struggle breaking into the merchant class. She asks him for help then shows him her baby bump.

Claude waits for Leith when he comes back and she says they’re going to Paris together but he says he can’t go. He says he has to help Greer and Claude asks why he’s doing a favor for his ex instead of going to Paris with his princess lover.

He says Greer is pregnant and he says a pirate is the father. He says she’s giving the child away but someone is blackmailing her. Claude says we have to help her. Leith says he has to follow Greer’s brother in law when he drops off the blackmail payment.

Claude is thrilled to help and says she can be of use. She says she can play his horrid fishwife that’s henpecking him. She says she’s skilled in theater and says he needs an actor. Catherine tells Mary about Gideon being locked in the dungeon.

Catherine says tell me your plans and I can help. Mary says they will put Joseph Tudor in her place and Gideon was going to take him to England to Elizabeth to out the plan. Mary says no one can expose the plot except Gideon.

Catherine says perhaps they can turn to Dudley since he’s devoted to Elizabeth. Dudley goes to see Gideon and reads a note he was given about saving his queen. Gideon tells him about the Vatican plot. He says Mary is a pawn and they will put Joseph Tudor on the throne.

He tells him to get the papers where he hid them and sail with Tudor to England and put them in front of Elizabeth. Dudley says he can’t return but Gideon says he will be a hero and can redeem him. He says make an excuse to Mary and leave.

Dudley asks how this benefits Gideon and Gideon says he’s in service to the queen. He says he’s trying to save her life and needs him to help. Dudley agrees. Geant is in a tent when Bash sneaks up and puts a blade to his throat.

Geant says he was in the ring fighting three knights ago. Bash asks what he knows of his father and says you wear his helmet. Geant says he knows nothing and says he won’t be recruited and Bash asks who tried to recruit him.

He says he was asked to join the cause of seeking revenge on the queen mother but he turned them down. He says why avenge a father he never knew. Bash asks who they are and he says one of them wore a ruby ring and offered to give it to him.

Geant and Bash walk out and the giant man is killed by a pike. The man with the ruby ring is on horseback and Bash shoots him with an arrow and says he’ll face Catherine himself now instead of threatening her from afar and drags him away.

Elizabeth and Lola play chess and Lola says she thinks she and Mary would get on and encourages her to invite her to court. Dudley shows up and surprises Elizabeth. She meets with her small council and says at least she was wise enough to send Dudley to court.

She tells them about the Vatican plot. Dudley says the Vatican was going to also take out Mary and install Joseph Tudor. Elizabeth blames all her advisors. She says Joseph Tudor will take the blame and he’s going to be drawn and quartered.

She says she can’t call out the Vatican but they can send a strong signal. She says they all owe Dudley a debt of gratitude. They grudgingly acknowledge him. Elizabeth says she will not name a successor unless it’s her own child.

She says she will rule and when she dies, whoever has the most right will succeed her. Mary breaks the news to Gideon who is free and says Ridolfi played it off and let Joseph take the blame. Gideon goes to kiss her and she says stops him and says the Vatican still wants to punish him.

She says the Archbishop will ask Catherine to hand him over so they can hang him in the Vatican after a trial. Gideon says he has to take his daughter and leave. Mary says she can save him and if he runs it will look worse for him.

Catherine talks to the man that Bash captured and Kristoff is there with her ready to torture the man. He won’t answer and she tells Kristoff to take his eyes and he pushes the man’s head back ready to do as she asked. The man cracks and says this is about destroying the Hose of Valois not just her.

The man says he will not be the first nor last to die for this cause. The man impales himself on Kristoff’s knife after saying – we are legion. Claude and Leith watch Thomas at a tavern and he hasn’t gone to drop the ransom. Claude wants to go listen and pretends to be a serving girl.

She pours ale then slops some and looks at the paper and tells Leith that Thomas was buying a chateau with her money. Greer confronts Thomas and her sister admits it was her idea for them to take her baby and move away. Greer is furious and asks if this was her plan all along.

Ellen says she was taking control of everything and was not going to be a doting aunt but trying to control the situation. Greer says they need to go and Ellen says anyone would be a more fit mother than Greer but Greer says she can protect the child herself and kicks them out.

Mary talks to Catherine about saving Gideon’s life. She says the man saved her. Catherine says she’s under attack and needs General Gaghan, Francis’ godfather. She says she will offer Elizabeth a prisoner swap. Mary says she wants to make this situation work for her.

Catherine says don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Mary says she’ll lose Gideon and Catherine says it’s up to her. Mary says make the trade. Elizabeth receives the offer for the prisoner swap while she walks and talks to Dudley. Elizabeth ponders.

Dudley says she must save her ambassador. She says Gideon is more a male prostitute than an ambassador. Dudley advises her to make the trade and tells her Gideon uncovered the plot and protected her and the realm. She asks if Mary fell for him.

Dudley says she did. Elizabeth asks what hurts worse, seeing the person you love dead or alive and knowing you can’t have them. Dudley says the latter. Ridolfi rants to Catherine about the prisoner exchange. Catherine says she believes Morel is part of the attack.

Ridolfi asks if she got the king and council’s approval. Catherine accuses him of using Mary as a puppet and implies he might have been involved with Joseph Tudor. Catharine says Mary is a poor fool and he took advantage while she was grieving.

Catherine says she doesn’t appreciate the Vatican pushing around female monarchs. She tells the man to go and Catherine approaches Narcisse. She says she doesn’t think he was behind the plots against her. She tells him about the plot against the Valois and knows he would not have betrayed France.

She says she needs him close to her again. Catherine asks her to join her in the fight against the red knights. He agrees. Catherine is in her chambers when Kristoff show up. He says he used spirits of salt to dissolve the body and Catherine says she needs his skills.

Catherine says she needed the man alive and he says the man plunged the knife into his own chest. Catherine says she noticed he had a “reaction” when he was torturing him. He says it was exciting. She tells him they are no longer lovers and he says he would protect her always.

He says he will sleep at the foot of her bed and keep her safe. He won’t be moved and she sighs and lies down. Then he rubs her foot and sucks her toes. Then he works his way up under the covers and she gasps.

Claude tells Leith they make a brilliant team in bed and out. She says she enjoyed their caper. Claude wonders if she can help him raise his station. He says he can’t take her money. She says she has none of her own but knows people and her title will open doors which is what he needs.

Leith asks if she would provide just contacts and she says he has to work hard because she wants to be with him. He agrees. She giggles and says it’s marvelous. Mary tells Agatha and Gideon goodbye. The girl hugs her and says she’ll miss him.

Gideon sends his daughter to the carriage then thanks Mary for saving him. Mary says she hopes to see him one day in Scottish court and hopes he’s her ambassador. He says she will see him again and he wn’t give up easily. He kisses her then goes.