Royal Pains Recap 6/29/16: Season 8 Episode 7 “The Good News Is…”

Royal Pains Recap 6/29/16: Season 8 Episode 7 "The Good News Is..."

Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with an all new Wednesday, June 29 season 8 episode 7 called, “The Good News Is….” and we’ve got your Royal Pains recap down below! On tonight’s episode at Eddie’s wedding, Hank (Mark Feuerstein) helps a theater legend who’s experiencing confusion and memory loss.

On the last episode, Hank met a woman who worries that she has an inherited disease; Eddie made a medical decision without consulting Hank. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we’ve got your Royal Pains recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA Network synopsis “at Eddie’s wedding, Hank helps a theater legend who’s experiencing confusion and memory loss; and he reconciles Eddie and Evan before the ceremony. In other events, Paige and Evan await the results of a pregnancy test.”

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Eddie and Ms. Newberg’s wedding was going ahead on tonight’s episode of “Royal Pains” and to mark the special occasion everyone just simply had to break out into song.

Though tonight’s episode being a musical aside, the one thing that neither Divya nor Paige knew about Ms. Newberg was that she once had a bright future in the theatre. Ms. Newberg or Mrs. Lawson as she’ll soon be called once had what it took to make it onstage and her friend Annette that better than anyone. Annette who was a theatre legend in her own right had told the girls at Newberg’s dress appointment that there was nothing her friend couldn’t do. She said that Newberg sing, act, and that most importantly she had the balls you would need to stay in the business. So really the only thing that kept Newberg from making her name was for herself were men.

It was no secret that Ms. Newberg had made something of a career out of getting married. However, she later told Annette that this marriage to Eddie was going to be her last one. She said that they had been in a committed relationship for a while and implied that she had loves him longer than ever has with any of the others. So Ms. Newberg who always had Annette at her wedding had assured Annette that this was the one and then she was going to be done. And while Annette wanted to support her friend, she kind of had an issue of her own that cast a shadow on the whole event.

Annette had been forgetting things and having moments where she was simply stump. So eventually the others and most especially Eddie began to notice how much she was zoning out. Eddie though was the one that had dragged his son along for an impromptu check-up. Eddie had wanted Hank to look at Annette in case anything was seriously wrong so both Hank and Annette had tried to do their best to alieve his fears. Annette agreed to a test and Hank asked her all the necessary information. Yet, everything had seemed normal and Hank said that her memory issue might be because of her age seeing as she was alluding to the fact she may be older than the mere seventy she claimed to be.

But as the day went on, Annette sort of broke into Hank’s place to tell him that she had lied with some of her other answers. She said that her memory problem wasn’t anything new and that she had been experiencing it for quite some time. Even on the job. So Annette had asked for Hank’s help and Hank had agreed to see what could be really wrong rather than just placating his father. His father on the other hand soon found something else to worry. Eddie had seen how Paige had been acting off lately so he felt like she needed to talk to someone to get whatever it was off her chest and had offered up his services.

And the thing that had been bothering her had been the implantation. Paige and Evan had gone through with it and they were supposed to take a pregnancy test together however Paige simply couldn’t wait and therefore she took the test without Evan knowing. Though the result wasn’t good. Paige wasn’t pregnant and so she had wanted to fall apart because of the news as well as give up on IVF altogether. Only Eddie convinced her that she shouldn’t give up hope after one try. He hadn’t wanted her to completely write off IVF if the first time didn’t result in what she wanted so he talked her into thinking ahead.

Which she was. Paige had later told her husband about the pregnancy test and he in turn had been surprised that she wasn’t in a puddle of tears. Yet, Paige had told him that his dad had helped her and that Eddie talked her out of giving up IVF because he believed that she was going to have a baby one day. So that shouldn’t have pleased Evan, but he had gotten up caught on his dad and somehow accused Eddie of telling Paige lies because he was a con man and that’s what he was good at. Only Paige didn’t feel that way so she stood up for Eddie and said that Evan’s anger shouldn’t let him distort the man that Eddie really was.

However, she could have said her breath because Hank had been trying to do the same thing to no avail. Hank had tried to tell Evan that Eddie was a new man than the one that had ditched both them and Ms. Newberg and that his recent history with weddings shouldn’t be held against him. So Hank who rarely defends his dad had actually wanted help Evan as well. He hadn’t wanted Evan to give up on people. And yet after Hank had had to take Annette to the hospital, Evan and his dad finally got a chance to talk.

Evan spoke to his dad about what it was like growing up and how he had been the one that taught him to always take shortcuts rather than work at things the hard way. So Evan had ended up getting a lot of pent-up aggression of his chest and in a way that allowed him to accept his dad as he was now instead of how he used to be. So Evan and Eddie had reached a new understanding with each other and Evan went on to forgive his dad for some of things he hadn’t even known that he was holding onto. But Hank almost delayed the wedding with that patient of his.

Annette had apparently still been holding onto a few things so after she was honest about the hallucinations that she sometimes has – Hank was able to piece together what was wrong with her. He said that he suspected that she had epilepsy which could the hallucinations, memory loss, and the seizure that had caused her to pass out in the lead up to the wedding. So he put her on some medication that he knew would tide her over for the wedding itself (which she really wanted to go to) and send everything he had on her to a specialist in London. Where she would be heading off to once the wedding was over.

But the wedding itself was beautiful. This time there weren’t any unexplained delays that led to tragedy so Eddie and Ms. Newberg now Lawson were happily married in front of friends and family although not everyone could enjoy it for long. Annette had another episode there and Hank who had been feeling as if was the last single one had rushed her to the hospital. So Hank’s first concerned was dealing with Annette’s immediate care.

Hank however didn’t need to worry so much because he had finally figured out what was wrong with Annette. Annette had a malformation on the brain so that’s what was causing the epilepsy and all the symptoms though thankfully all she needed was surgery and then she would return to normal. Though before she went into surgery, Annette talked Hank into going back to the wedding. She said that he should still enjoy himself so he went back and there he heard the best news. He heard that Paige and Evan were in fact pregnant.

The little stick had been wrong, but a blood test which was a lot more accurate proved that Paige and Evan were going to have a baby.