Scorpion Premiere Recap 10/3/16: Season 3 Episode 1 and 2 “Civil War & More Civil War”

Scorpion Premiere Recap 10/3/16: Season 3 Episode 1 and 2 "Civil War & More Civil War"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama/comedy Scorpion premiere with an all-new Monday, October 3, 2016, double-episode season 3 premiere and we have your Scorpion recap below!  On tonight’s Scorpion season 3 premiere anonymous hackers target major cities after taking control of U.S. military aircraft and warships in the first half of this combined episode.

Did you watch last season’s Scorpion finale where Team Scorpion had to out think their unstable ex-Scorpion member, Mark Collins (guest star Joshua Leonard)?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Scorpion recap, right here!

On tonight’s Scorpion season 3 premiere as per the CBS synopsis, “Team Scorpion must put aside their personal and romantic predicaments when anonymous hackers with unknown motives take control of U.S. military aircraft and warships and point weapons at American cities.”

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Two planes are blasting through the sky. Both suffer operation failure, calling in for help. Neither can control their plane as they come close together in the air.

Paige is on a date with Tim. He tells her that he likes her a lot and if there is something holding her back he understands. The two kiss after she says nothing is holding her back. Walter sees them from a distance and decides not to say anything. Cabe interrupts them with a phone call that he needs the team back asap.

Sylvester arrives in his with his kid in tow. Cabe gets him up to speed on the war planes and how they are out of control status.

Toby wants to know why Happy is lying about being married. He can’t find a marriage record for her. Happy tells him that she is in a situation that she can’t tell him about. When she can she will let him know. She needs him to trust her.

Toby asks Walter about going after Page in Tahoe. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants to focus on the mission.

Tim is worried about Walter showing up in Tahoe. Paige reassures him that Walter is focused on the job. Happy asks Walter if he erased her marriage records, he confirms.

The team tries to disarm the planes weapons. At the same time, the enemy flaunts their success at controlling the planes in the face of the team, who learn minutes later that more planes have been hacked, positioning ships at the four corners of the country.

Toby profiles the enemy as European, young and focused on showing off their power. Sylvester traces them to Bulgaria, they are infiltrating the signals of the servers.

Tim gets mad when Walter pairs up with Paige while he heads to Bulgaria. Cabe reminds him that it is not the time or place for this.

The team thinks dumping fuel in one of the jets could help them take the plane back over with new firmware. Cabe and Tim meet up with a war-vet who wants to serve their country.

Toby and Happy work on the rooftop trying to get ready for the jet to dump her fuel while Toby tries to guess the name of Happy’s husband. She catches on to his game.

Paige and Walter share an uncomfortable moment in the car as they talk about the case and Tim’s angry outburst.

Toby and Happy work on uploading the firmware while the jet plummets from the sky above them. They manage to pull off the job while continuing to fight about who Happy’s husband is. Toby takes his engagement offer back with Happy looking stunned.

Paige and Walter end up in a building, Walter attempts to talk to her but is interrupted when one of the jets is headed their way. They discover that it is a missile headed for them. They slide down the shaft of an elevator to get away and manage to save themselves. When they finally make it back outside they see that Toby’s car has been crushed. He isn’t going to be happy!

The team realizes that the enemy is using satellites to control the air crafts around the globe. Meanwhile, Paige discovers that Walter changed all of her reservation in Tahoe, changes that ultimately put her in close quarters with Tim.

In Bulgaria, the guys make their way into an underground casino. Sylvester looks nervous, betting $8k on a single hand. He angers the locals when he starts to win.

Paige is walking angrily to try and get rid of Walter. The team finds out that the hackers are controlling nukes. Walter wants to explain himself. Paige doesn’t want to hear it and walks away.

Tim, Sylvester and Cabe end up at gun point. They are asked to strip down, Sylvester looks like he is ready to cry. They make it out with Cabe trying to get Tim to calm down over Paige.

Walter has a plan that involves a boat, and dodging bullets as he speeds to a large ship in the ocean to try and take out the hackers by changing the firmware. The team watches from the shore while Sylvester hangs out the Bulgarian casino playing the role of a card shark for the guys who held him at gun point. They discover that he is a government employee.

Meanwhile, Walter continues to be shot at while Toby and Happy fight. Walter stops the missile and gets on the ship. Cane and Tim pull up to the hacker’s location with hopes of ending this all. They pay a local for information on who has computers. The local locates the door and heads in when a bomb blows him into the air. One of their suspects brings them on a chase.

Sylvester is brought on a car ride to meet his maker. He saves himself when he points out to the leader of the pack that one of his men pocketed his money. He didn’t. Sylvester saves himself with his intelligence once again.

The team works to shut off oil flow while Tim and Cabe interrogate the one suspect they have. They don’t get much from him – just that he works at a movie theater. The perfect place with plenty of bandwidth to pull off such a hack.

Sylvester runs from the men in the woods and find us a nice older woman with the home and the ham radio he fixes the radio but the men catch up to him breaking in the house with guns pointed.

Page and happy are in the oil pipelines with only seconds to go before is filled back up page slips and happy helps her well Tim threatens Toby that if he doesn’t get the girls out they will die

The ladies finally get out and seal the door while Toby throws the electrical wire on top

While all of this is going down the hackers have taken control of the warhead. The team’s only option is if Cabe and Tim get to the hackers on time to stop them. The missiles firing will affect millions.

The captain doubts that the team can stop the missile so he’s willing to let all of his men die in order to save millions of Americans Cabe intervenes explaining that his team can pull the mission off.

Walter decides that if they let the missile go it’ll get out of the range of the hackers to be able to control. It’s Walters hacking skills against the hackers.

Cabe and Tim enter a building with guns drawn they’re about to locate the hackers themselves and put a stop to this. Cabe and Tim find them, shooting at their laptops, disconnecting them.

Sylvester is being held at gunpoint in the woods until a large plain travels overhead – it’s the Vietnam war vet. He’s tracked Sylvester and he saves him from the bad guys as the two of them back up slowly out of the woods keeping the guys at gunpoint.

Sylvester heads back to meet up with the team with plenty of Italian food to celebrate the success of the mission unfortunately the entire team seems down in the dumps because of their internal conflict.

Sylvester has had it – he is sick of the fighting and the intensity of all of their relationships. He refuses to let any of them eat until the air their grievances. Toby and happy go first with happy promising she’ll fix her situation.