Shades of Blue Finale Recap – Renewed for Season 2: Season 1 Episode 13 “One Last Lie”

Shades of Blue Finale Recap - Renewed for Season 2: Season 1 Episode 13 "One Last Lie"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday, March 31, season 1 episode 13 called, “One Last Lie,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 1 finale, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) makes a deal with Stahl (Warren Kole) to spare her crew in exchange for her immunity.

On the last episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Wozniak (Ray Liotta) had to face the consequences of the disappearance of the heist’s money. Out of options, Harlee approached the FBI and promised to find the money and deliver Wozniak and his partners if Stahl (Warren Kole) kept her in play.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “in the Season 1 finale, Harlee makes a deal with Stahl to spare her crew in exchange for her immunity. In other events, she’s confronted by Miguel, who demands to be part of Cristina’s life.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts with Harlee and Caddie count and sort the cash. Harlee hands him a stack of cash but he says that much cash would ruin him. He says he didn’t mean to flip the car and she says it’s fine. She says what he did saved her crew.

She says she’s going home to plan a sting. She says he bought her time and she’s trading it for immunity. She says she needs Woz to find Linklater and says she has one last lie to tell. Robert calls Harlee and gets voice mail. He looks exhausted. He looks at his tablet and a photo of her there.

Woz comes into the diner and Robert looks on edge. He stares at Robert and asks him to buy him a cup of coffee. Robert says he’s short on cash. Woz sits and Robert asks if it was a long day. Robert says it’s not open yet. Robert says he’s got mountains of evidence.

Woz asks why he’s not paying him a visit and says the first rule of big game hunting is not to get too close. Woz says to stay away from my crew and Robert says he caused this. Harlee comes to see Vargas and she says Miguel getting out wasn’t his fault and she’s sorry.

He hugs her and she asks if she can stand there and pretend she’s someone else. He says okay. Miguel meets Cristina who says if her mom doesn’t respect her, she doesn’t owe her any respect. Miguel laughs and says she reminds him of Harlee.

Woz calls Donnie who says just hand over the cash. They bicker and we see Loman outside of a house. Donnie is in Woz’s house. Donnie tells Woz he’s greedy and that’s why he came running like a dog. Loman pulls out his gun and takes aim at Donnie.

He asks why Donnie was in Woz’s house and mentions $12 million. He says he knows he’s leveraging his crew. He says he’s talking to the captain and says this ends now. Donnie says his crew is lying and he’s investigating them. He tells Loman to come with him and he has something to show him.

Donnie lays his gun in the mailbox and says Loman knows they’re dirty and will show him how much. The go inside and Loman asks where’s his warrant. Donnie puts on gloves and pulls out a case from under the sink and says it’s a keepsake box. Then he pulls a gun out of the box.

He tries to shoot Loman and they grapple. They brawl and struggle over Loman’s gun when he pulls it. Donnie pulls a butcher knife and lunges at him. Woz pulls up at his house and creeps closer. He pulls his gun and goes inside.

In the kitchen, he sees Loman alive and shaking and Donnie bleeding out on the floor. Loman says it was self-defense and Woz says in my kitchen? He pours Loman a drink and Loman says he came there to tell him he should have come clean on the shooting.

Woz says he owes him and says Donnie was there looking for dirt, setting me up. Woz says how do you want to play this? He says it’s your dead body, your decision. Loman says dead IA looks bad and Woz says it’s the truth. Loman says the truth is in the paperwork.

He says they have a long night ahead of them. They both drink. Chen goes to Robert’s house and says she could have shot a bad guy – Donnie – and saved the hostage. Robert says Chen wouldn’t sleep better tonight if she shot Donnie. Chen gets really close and flirty.

She asks how he deals with it and he says distractions. She kisses him. Harlee gets dressed at Vargas’ place and asks Linda how Cristina is but she says she’s gone. Harlee says call me if she comes back. Vargas asks who called. Harlee says Miguel took her.

Vargas wants to come along. The bag of cash is left behind at his place. Loman and Woz drag Donnie’s body to the funeral home the drug dealer used to own. Woz asks Donnie’s body where the money is. Woz calls the crew. Marcus says Tess is sleeping and is okay.

Woz says Loman didn’t talk and says the Feds rode him hard but he didn’t crack. He says go to work and show your face. Tess wakes and says she feels like she got shot. Carlos checks on her and she asks him to take her home to Joe and the kids. He agrees.

Harlee beats on the door of Miguel’s place. Vargas is with her. Miguel opens the door and she pushes inside. Vargas asks where she is. Miguel says they’re a violent couple. Miguel says Cristina called and asked him to pick her up. He says he and Cristina had dinner and she pulls a gun on him.

Vargas tries to calm her down. Harlee counts to three and Miguel says he didn’t take her. He says he picked her up and says she’s with his mom at the store. Harlee lowers her gun and says he better hope so. Woz and Loman load Donnie into a box to cremate him.

Loman says Donnie was a bad cop who did bad things and bad stuff happened to him. Amen. Woz says amen and tells Loman to get the car. He leaves. Woz says he cared for Donnie and he played him. He says see you in hell and shoves the box into the cremation chamber.

Harlee loads Miguel into the back of her car and the three of them drive to the store. Miguel says he still dreams about her. She sees Cristina and says get in the car and she says why. She says she’s getting to know her family and calls Harlee a liar.

She says that’s her father and she has a grandma and aunts, uncles and cousins. Harlee lets him out and Cristina says to take the cuffs off him. Harlee says get in the car but uncuffs him. Cristina hands the bags to her grandma. Harlee tells Miguel she’s going to give him money and he’ll disappear.

She opens the trunk then realizes she left the bag at Vargas’ place. She says she’ll come see him later. Woz meets a guy at a playground. He hands him a bag and says that’s Linklater’s account. It’s guest star Casper Smart – J Lo’s boyfriend.

Woz says if he wants the money, come meet me. The guy says his name isn’t Linklater and he’s out of the country. He says deposit the money in a week or the incriminating photos tying you to the kidnapping will be sent.

Harlee talks to Robert and Gail who says she has to get Linklater to the drop. Gail says she’ll give the crew immunity as long as they get the bust. The call ends and Gail tells Robert the ax may fall on him for the dead hostage.

Harlee calls Woz and says she needs to see him now. They meet at the cemetery. Harlee tells Woz that she has a confession. She says the agent sleeping with the pro that looked like her picked her up and threatened to put her in jail and leveraged Cristina.

She says the did everything he said. Woz asks how long ago. She lies and says last night. Cristina is in Woz’s office and complains that Marcus is babysitting her. He says parents suck and she says her mom is a liar. Marcus says being a single mom is a hard job and so is being a cop.

He says the fact she’s sitting there smart and willful means Harlee is doing both well. Harlee says the FBI has the money all of it – she says Robert didn’t tell her who took it but he gave it back to her to keep it play. She says she moved it and is supposed to tell him to set up a meet with Linklater and Donnie.

She says she has to deliver on a piece of it but won’t let it be him. She says they’ll settle for Linklater and Donnie. He says Donnie is dead – Loman killed him in self-defense and Linklater left the country. He says he’s the only person she has left to sell out.

Harlee looks at him and says she can stall the FBI and says he can get Linda and leave town. He asks her to come with them. She says the agent has a thing for her and she can leverage him then can take Cristina and meet them later. He asks if she promises and she asks if she’d lie to him.

Vargas has the bag of cash and she says it’s from evidence. He asks to see her paper trail and says he doesn’t believe her. She says it’s none of his business and he says it is very much then asks what’s going on. He says she’s lying about a stack of cash.

She says it’s hers – all her savings. She says she’s paying Miguel to leave her alone. He says he can take it and stay. She says if he does, she’ll hurt him. Vargas asks if she framed him the first time. Harlee says she’s a bad person and told him that from the start.

She says she likes the way that he looks at her and let him believe she’s not bad. She says go back to your blonde fiancée in Greenwich and says she’s too street for hm. She drops the cash off to Miguel’s mother who says she wants to know her granddaughter.

Harlee says she watched her son break her face while she never helped. She tells Lorena she enabled Miguel and better stay away from Cristina. Woz comes to see Caddie at the cash stash. He says he’s there to make a withdrawal.

Harlee calls Robert and says he wins. She says Donnie is gone, Linklater left the country and Woz isn’t taking her calls. She says she has the money and just wants immunity for her crew. She says she can just burn the money.

Marcus brings Cristina to meet her. She says she’ll text him an address and he can have the cash and arrest her there. She hangs up. Robert talks to some people and then Chen. She says Baker needs to talk to them.

Robert tells Chen that remorse leads to unwise decisions and says he has the responsibility to report her lack of stability. She says he botched this not her. She says he had sex with her knowing she’d be his fall guy. He says she doesn’t have a killer instinct.

Chen says thank god I’m not like you and he says she can enjoy the private sector. Baker calls her into her office. Harlee sits with Cristina and says she’ll tell her the truth. She says Miguel did beat her for two years and says then he pushed her down a flight of stairs and almost killed both of them.

She says she swore she’d never let him do to her what he did to her mother. She says you can’t trust an abuser and says they’re controlling. Cristina says Miguel told her he’s a better man and Harlee says it’s a façade. She says he’s not misunderstood, he’s a calculating monster.

Cristina looks upset and Harlee says she was trying to keep her safe then says she made other mistakes too and says she let her down in ways she doesn’t even know. She says she has to pay for that and says she needs to know she thought she was doing right by her.

Aunt Gemma is there to pick up Cristina and says she has to stay with her. Cristina says what about my school and friends. Harlee says it won’t be easy. Cristina says you can’t leave me and cries. Harlee hugs her and then walks away.

Loman sits at his desk when Carlos and Marcus approach him. They ask if he’s good. He nods. Marcus says they had him pegged wrong and he saved their asses. Loman asks if they’ll get away with it. They ask him to go cut some gang bangers with them and he says he’s driving, he’s tired of riding bitch.

Robert calls her and says submit. He says he outplayed her and hangs up. She goes running to the cash stash and sees the money is gone and Caddie says Woz took it all and told her plans have changed and left her just a small bag of money.

Woz takes the call from Harlee and says that’s Cristina’s college fund. He says he’s taking the bullet and Harlee says she cut a deal and is turning herself in for the crew. He says he cut the same deal with Robert last night and he’s a bigger fish.

Harlee says don’t do this but he says he’s at peace with this. She says she lied and says the Feds picked her up weeks ago and says she was the mole. He says he knows. He says he talks to Robert last night and the Feds didn’t have the money.

He says give me the truth – she says she couldn’t let everyone go down and says she stole the money to keep them whole. He says everything she would do to protect Cristina is what he would do for her and says he can’t lose another daughter.

He says he forgives her and Harlee starts crying. The sirens are headed for him and he says unless she has something on the Fed he doesn’t know about, they’ve reached the end of the road. Harlee says wait and he listens to what she says but we can’t hear it.

He ends the call as the cops show up to arrest him. They tell him to get on the ground. Harlee is at her place and talks to her sister and says she hopes she can pick Cristina up tomorrow. She runs a bath. She hears a thud and turns startled.

She finds Miguel at her kitchen table. He says she’s stunning and she says she gave him cash to stay away. He says that slipped his mind. He shows her he has her gun and says this is a barrier to reconciliation. He says he was invited in – he’s family.

He tosses a key down and she asks where he got it and he says, Cristina. He says Cristina doesn’t trust her. Harlee says to put down my gun, get out of my house, take the money and go. He says he’ll take the money but wants his old life.

He says he rotted in jail 10 years and says she won’t slink away. He rages at her and says he’ll tell her how she lives her life now. He hits her hard and says she’s a badass now. He puts the gun under her chin and says he’s the only one who knows both sides of her.

He says he knows the kind caring side and the ruthless bitch and loves both of them. He says he can’t get enough and says they’re bonded forever and made that beautiful girl together. He opens her robe and touches her and then puts the gun back to her face.

He says he’s going to take her and she’s going to ask for more. He says he’s going to punish her and then punish her little girl. He kisses his way down her body and buries his face in her crotch. She snaps his neck. Harlee stares coldly.