Shades of Blue Recap 1/28/16: Season 1 Episode 4 “Who is It Who Can Tell Me Who I Am”

Shades of Blue Recap 1/28/16: Season 1 Episode 4 "Who is It Who Can Tell Me Who I Am"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday January 28, season 1 episode 4 called, “Who is It Who Can Tell Me Who I Am,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Loman’s loyalty is tested when his guilt over the death of an unarmed suspect becomes a liability; Wozniak (Ray Liotta) sends Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) on an errand that reveals he has a silent partner.

On the last episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) refused to give Stahl (Warren Kole) incriminating evidence against Wozniak (Ray Liotta) but handed over a fully resolved unofficial investigation that Tess (Drea de Matteo) and Espada (Vincent Laresca) initiated when they moved a body by Tess’ house found to be murdered with a 3D printed gun. Wozniak confronted Harlee who executed a dangerous bluff. Also starring Dayo Okeniyi, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Loman’s (Dayo Okeniyi) guilt over the death of an unarmed suspect becomes a liability for the crew, forcing them to test his loyalty. Wozniak (Ray Liotta) sends Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) on an errand that reveals he has a silent partner in the big score. Wozniak realizes Donnie (guest star Michael Esper) has been withholding information. Harlee feigns cooperation with Stahl (Warren Kole), but unwittingly leads the FBI to incriminating evidence.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts with Harlee dressing at Nava’s place and his phone rings with a call from Caroline. He says it’s his ex-fiancee. His home phone rings and he says sorry. She says answer it and he says don’t go. She takes off.

Loman drives out onto the bridge and throws his gun off as he screams. Then he climbs up onto the railing and sees it didn’t go into the water. A cop shows up and tells him to step back from the railing.

Harlee finds Robert outside Nava’s place and she says she read the regulations and doesn’t have to wear a wire if she doesn’t want to. She says she backed Woz off but she was in danger. He says he needs something on Woz so he can protect her.

Woz is at a pool hall drinking and shooting pool. A guy approaches him and chats him up. Woz plays him at a game of pool. Later he lets the guy get him off in the alley outside. After, he drives off after a stare down with a stray dog.

He runs into a car and Chen is there – the FBI chick – she pulls his head off the air bag and checks on him. Harlee sees a robbery going down at one of their protected establishments. She calls it in and then stops the robber and makes him get on the ground.

His partner grabs a witness and has a knife. Harlee says let him go. He stabs the witness who goes to pull it out. She says don’t pull it out and tells the cops that pull up to call an ambulance and give chase.

Harlee asks Sap to rush her lab results. Loman tells them he wasn’t trying to jump. She says Woz was in an accident and it’s all hands on deck. She tells Loman to keep his feet on the ground. Amber is filing a complaint for police brutality. Carlos pulls her aside to talk.

Saperstein sees he funeral notice and he and Marcus tell him he needs to get it together. Sap offers to trade guns with him and Marcus says get your head straight and don’t embarrass them again. Harlee goes to see Woz at the hospital.

He says this betrayal is messing with his head. He says he’s sorry for pulling a gun on her and says he loves her. She says she might want him to live. Woz says he needs a favor. He asks her to pick up an empty van and park it near his storage unit.

He says she’ll get a text and she asks what it’s about. He says Cristina’s future. He promises it’s clean and nothing that can come back to him. Carlos says they got some evidence from the robbery. Loman sneaks out to go to the funeral of the guy he shot.

Tess and the crew show up as the cousin Loman likes is eulogizing. The pastor asks if anyone else would like to speak. Loman stands. Carlos tells Tess to go pull up the car. Loman says he doesn’t know Jamar well.

Before he can say more, Marcus and Carlos haul him out. They think he’s arresting him. They do a perp walk with him to the car. Tess tries to back people off. Some are videotaping. They put him in the car as the crowd gets ugly. They take off fast.

Harlee meets the rest of the crew at a diner and she sees they left Loman cuffed in the car. They tell her the kid can’t be in their unit. Harlee says he just feels guilty. Harlee says it wasn’t a clean shoot and says the guy was playing a video game, wasn’t armed.

She says she covered it up for Loman and Tess says he’s not one of them. Harlee asks them to play nice with Loman while she goes on a run for Woz. Sap says they got a DNA match from a hair in the hat dropped by the robber.

They debate what to do with Loman so they can go get their perp. Harlee goes to the van and sees it’s empty. She calls Robert. She says Woz sent her to pick up a van and says she doesn’t know what it’s for.

He says he’ll meet her and good work. Harlee gets into the van then notices something. She pulls up the carpet and then pries up the metal floor. She finds a bad with a block of C4. Another bag has a device.

Linda answers Woz’s phone and says it’s Harlee. She asks why there are explosives in the van and a counting machine. She says he lied. She says he lied or he doesn’t know what’s going on. He says he didn’t know and she says he’s in over his head.

He says he’ll come over but she insists she’ll take care of it. She puts the explosives back in the bag. The crew takes Loman to a remote area and Marcus hands him a gun with a single bullet in it. Carlos says they almost got them killed.

He says if you want to kill yourself, do it but we won’t let you piss away Harlee’s life and career too. Sap says pull the trigger. The guy freaks out and they tell him you’re not suicidal. They cuff him and take him away.

Chen and Robert show up and she says it’s empty. Chen notices something off with the floor. They ask if she knows what’s under there and she says she doesn’t know. She says maybe they’re planning to fill it. Chen finds a power plug that Harlee missed and asks what it’s for.

Robert says she’s like a battered woman and says Woz was ready to kill her and she’s still trying to protect him. He says open your car trunk. She tosses Chen the keys. They go through it and find nothing.

Robert says if Woz wasn’t doing more than just simple graft, neither of them would be there. The crew leaves Loman in the car and go to find the robbers. Loman watches some kids play and one asks him what they got him for. He says he killed a man.

The kid asks if he deserves it. Marvin’s mom tells him steer clear of police as they come out with Ricky the robber in cuffs. Woz is with Donnie – they meet at a cemetery. He punches his lover in the face and asks what are the explosives for. Donnie says it’s better he doesn’t know. Woz says tell me or I walk.

He says it’s a controlled explosion at an abandoned warehouse. Woz says he was wrong about Harlee. Donnie asks if he’s still in and Woz walks away. Harlee takes Robert and Chen to Woz’s shed at the marina. He asks about the name of the boat Anna Kate. She says his daughter killed herself.

He says it can’t be easy to have Woz as a dad. Woz comes in and asks the crew how it went with Loman. They tell him they’ve got it. Carlos says Amber the waitress was filing a complaint and he stopped her but she has to apologize.

Tess goes in to scare the crap out of Ricky who says Bernard do it. Chen tells Harlee that her cousin killed himself and what Robert said was wrong. Harlee says she owes Woz everything and that’s why she’s loyal to him. She says she trusts him.

Chen drops her back off at her car. Harlee grabs the explosives and cash machine from the nearby dumpster where she stashed them. Woz pours Loman a drink and says they both know he screwed up and now the crew knows it.

Loman says he can’t move on the way he is saying. Woz says he’s done the same thing and Loman says it’s not the same since he’s a white cop. He says the people they pick up mostly look like him, not Woz.

Woz says they pick up criminals. Loman says he’s a Tom and a sellout to his neighborhood. Woz tells him they are his people now. He says what happens to him happens to all of them. Loman says he doesn’t like the kids scatter because they’re scared the cops will shoot them.

Loman says he wants to be a good cop and says he shot a black guy playing a video game. Woz says the bad dope the guy was slinging killed people. Loman says he didn’t know that when he shot him. Woz says they are fighting a preemptive war and that’s what policing is.

Woz says he has heart and balls and is in it for the right reason. He says sometimes the right decision isn’t in the book. Harlee meets Woz and says she thought someone was following her so she stashes the stuff in her car.

He says he’s got it. She says taking tribute is one thing – explosives are another. He says it’s a one-time thing. Harlee says it doesn’t fit their criteria. He says Cristina’s college will be $250k. She says this is not for her and he says it’s for all of them.

He says he’s got five years to retirement and isn’t going to work as a rent a cop when he’s 65. She says he’ll be in jail instead. Tess and Carlos go see Amber and she tells Tess she could have blinded her. She says her husband was the one who came after her.

Tess says he used her and Amber says over and over again and she liked all the sweat. She tells Carlos she’s pressing charges. Tess says she’s worked hard to keep her marriage afloat. Amber says if it’s that hard, maybe it’s broken.

Tess says she’s right and then says don’t worry about it. Then she says she’s sorry she kicked her ass. Tess says she will be struggling to keep that body and doing everything you can to keep your body and some dumb little girl will screw up your marriage.

Chen finds Robert not quite dressed and asks if she’s early. He says no. She says the apartment is orderly then asks if he’s OCD. He says the marina shed is clean. She checks him out in the mirror. She says she got Harlee talking and says she lied about a family suicide.

Robert says they need to check out storage units under the dead woman’s name. Harlee and Loman go talk to an abused woman looking for Bernard. Sylvia says she hasn’t seen him for moths. She asks if they have a warrant.

She shuts the door on them and Harlee calls for a warrant. They hear glass shattering and Loman says he’s knocking her around. Loman says it’s ridiculous. Harlee says they can go in if they heard a cry for help. She asks if he heard one.

He says he did. She asks if he’s sure. He says yes, he heard a cry for help. She says all right. They go back and pull out their guns and she says don’t blow anyone’s head off. He says right. They kick in the door.

Bernard is raging at the police station. Sylvia is there too and Harlee says she’s scared and calls him a paycheck with a fist. Robert and Chen are at a storage unit and he asks the daughter’s birthday. The combination works and they pull up the door.

They find a shed full of stuff of Anna Kate’s. Robert says he’s building a shrine. They spot the cash counting machines – four of them. The explosives are there too. Robert says boom. Kristina plays her cello while Harlee listens.

The doorbell buzzes – it’s Nava with her casserole dish. He says her kid is a culinary genius then says he looked into Zepeda’s appeal. He says there’s a hearing in 10 days. He says her daughter plays well. She invites him in for wine and he says he wants to but probably should not.

She says if he won’t come in, she’ll come out. Carlos and Tess talk about Amber. Tess says she wants to know why she’s not enough for him. Carlos says he doesn’t know but a woman like her is worth all the bad in the world. She kisses him.

Loman goes to see the cousin of the guy he shot and gives her kid an iPad. She asks him about the arrest then invites him in. Harlee asks Nava if Zepeda could be released. He says it usually doesn’t happen and says he doesn’t know how a woman like her would be with a guy like that.

She says he was a big deal in the neighborhood. She says he had power. Woz finds the stray dog in the alley behind the pool hall and feeds it a sandwich. Harlee says she thought he would protect her. She says who you turn out to be and who you think you are – are not the same.

The woman asks Loman why the cops dragged him out of the funeral. He says he did bad things – she says they all do then says crooked ass police running around like murderers. He agrees and calls them murderers.