Shades of Blue Recap 2/11/16: Season 1 Episode 6 “Fall of Man”

Shades of Blue Recap 2/11/16: Season 1 Episode 6 "Fall of Man"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday February 11, season 1 episode 6 called, “Fall of Man,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) suspects Saperstein (Santino Fontana) of being the informant; Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) visits her abusive ex, Miguel, (Antonio Jaramillo) who wants her to track down the man who committed the murder for which he is imprisoned.

On the last episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Tess (Drea de Matteo) intercepted a heroin shipment from a local drug lord who discovered Wozniak’s secret and tried to use it as leverage to get his confiscated drugs back. Harlee feared Stahl’s (Warren Kole) interest in her went beyond the professional, believing that he was invading her privacy, and resorts to spying on him with the help of an old friend. Tess tried to use Espada (Vincent Laresca) to get back at her husband. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Wozniak’s (Ray Liotta) suspicions land on Saperstein (guest star Santino Fontana), forcing Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) to convince Stahl (Warren Kole) to arrest Saperstein in order to keep him safe. Harlee visits her abusive ex, Miguel (guest star Antonio Jaramillo), who tasks her with tracking down the man who committed the murder for which he is imprisoned. Also starring Drea de Matteo, Vincent Laresca, Dayo Okeniyi, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts at a prison with a door opening and Miguel being escorted to talk to Harlee. She asks why he called her there, and he says he needs her to find Frank Kovach and says he thinks the guy killed the girl he’s in jail for and she says it’s coincidence.

Miguel says he thought for a while that Harlee was in on this frame up, but she says she never thought he was guilty. He says his daughter should know he’s innocent and has changed. He says he wants to tell her that himself.

Harlee says this could be hard for her. She asks why doesn’t his defense team call the police? He says he can only trust Harlee – or he did at one point. Harlee walks out and stops to catch her breath. Harlee goes to tell Woz what happened.

She says Nava doesn’t know his defense yet, but she knows what he’s going to say at his parole hearing. She tells him about Frank Kovach and his bragging. She says she doesn’t think Miguel has told anyone else. She says she needs to know if Kovach did it or Miguel.

She says she used that case because there were no leads and says if Kovach walked away it’s no her. Woz orders her not to pursue it and says send Miguel a message he couldn’t find it. Woz says they have bigger problems.

He moves closer and says he found the rat and says it’s Saperstein. He says he met a Fed after hours and handed something off. She asks how he knows, and he says he followed him. Harlee says a few days ago he thought it was her, and he says he’s sure it’s Sap.

Harlee offers to talk to Saperstein, but Woz says he’s going to handle it. Sap walks over and hands her an address for Kovach. He asks him to ride along. Tess shows up and tells Carlos she’s going to tell Joe, so she’s not as bad as he is.

He thinks Joe is going to come after him. He says this won’t work out like she wants and says her relationship is a mess. He walks off annoyed. Harlee asks Sap if he’s been skipping out on work. She asks what he’s been doing, and he says stop busting my balls.

She asks where he was when Marcus caught the tail. He says with him. She says rumor has it he’s ducking shifts. She says she has to talk to Kovach for Woz and asks him to wait outside. Woz calls and Sap says he’s with Harlee and they came to talk to Kovach.

Woz says to wait there. Harlee rings the bell and Kovach answers and says he hopes this is a stripper gram. She flashes her badge. She asks about Rita Martin, and he says never heard of her. He asks who it is and then asks the name of his parole officers she claims to have talked to.

She doesn’t know the name and then he shuts the door. She knocks again, and he hits her upside the head hard, and she goes down. Sap runs over and says Kovach took out the back. He says Woz is on the way. Harlee calls Robert and tells him that Woz thinks it’s Sap.

She says he’s making a move on him. She says they have to save Sap. She says arrest him. He says he’s closer and tells her to get out of there. He says she can’t be connected to this. Chen is with Robert. Harlee tells Sap to tell Woz she went back to get pain meds.

She tells Sap he’s a good guy and takes off. Tess goes home and finds Joe flirting with a neighbor. He comes inside and grabs a beer. She asks who he was talking to, and he says Angie then asks what he did wrong this time.

She says she knows about the bartender and says don’t make me drag it out of you. He tries to lie, but Tess gets in his face and says she tries to be everything he wants and says she can’t be young again. Joe says it was stupid, and he was feeling old.

He says it’s over. He grabs at her and she says stop. He holds her close and says sorry while she tells him to get off. Loman comes to Carlos and Marcus, and they tell him that his name was released and his photo in the paper too since IA cleared him.

They tell him he won’t be the most popular cop on the streets for a while. Carlos and Marcus check on Harlee and tells her the guy is bad and beats on his wife and kid too. Harlee says she’ll talk to the ex-wife.

Loman calls the shooter’s cousin that he’s been romancing and leaves a voice mail. Cristina and her pal look for a permission slip in Harlee’s room and her friend finds a letter addressed to Cristina from a jail. Robert can’t get Gail to take his call.

He and Chen decide to pull Sap out themselves. They head into Kovach’s house guns drawn. Woz heads toward the front door. Chen pulls a gun on Sap, and they tell him FBI and yank him out the back. Woz comes in the front door with his gun out. He calls out for Harlee and Sap.

Robert holds his gun on Sap so he won’t answer and says trust me. Woz heads upstairs to poke around, and they sneak him out the back. Woz asks if they’re playing hide and seek. Robert texts Harlee that he has him. Sap says he wants a lawyer.

Chen and Robert tell Sap that Woz was coming to shoot him in the head, and they’re putting him in a safe house. He says he won’t testify for them, and Robert says his mom can visit him in jail. Sap says they’ll kill his mom and if they want him to testify they need to take him to her.

Robert agrees. Marcus, Carlos, and Loman go to a building site looking for Kovach. They find Tiffany Harris, his GF, who is security. They ask if she’s heard from Kovach and she says she wouldn’t tell them. They find outgoing calls to Kovach and no incoming.

They tell her to stay put and then cut the land line wire. Carlos says if she leaves, he will come back with a crack rock and arrest her for possession. Carlos says Loman is on him. Loman says he can’t do that, and Carlos says the guy hurt Harlee.

Harlee goes to the ex’s house looking for Kovach. She hears a car pull up – it’s Woz who asks where Sap is, and she says she left him at Kovach’s place. She says she just told Carlos and Marcus he’s a guy who owes Woz money.

They hear screaming and breaking glass and go inside. They find his ex tied up. She says he made her call the school and give him permission to pick up Brian, their son. She says it’s PS 257, and they promise her to get the kid.

Cristina calls and demands to know who her father is and says she found a letter on her dresser. Cristina is angry and says she told him he didn’t care about her. Harlee says the man writing her is not her father. Cristina says don’t bother.

Woz asks Harlee if she’s okay and she tells him Cristina is going to see Miguel. Woz tells her to go, and he’ll handle it. Sap goes to his mom’s house and tells Robert that his mom has book club. He says they’re only waiting 15 minutes, and he needs to pack.

Sap asks Chen what she would take in his position. Chen says they’re the good guys, and he asks how it feels being good. Loman goes to see Erica at her job and her boss glares. He says this isn’t easy, and she won’t understand.

Carlos and Marcus honk and Erica kisses him and says meet her later at her son’s baseball practice. Loman comes out, and they head to the school, and they spot him putting his kid into his truck. He peels out of the lot. They guy almost runs down Carlos getting away.

Carlos is treated by EMTs for his injuries and Woz shows up. He asks if Kovach’s GF is leverage and they tell him they’re engaged. Woz says he wants this handled discreetly. Woz says they’re going a black op and takes off with Loman and Marcus.

Tess tells Joe she cheated on him too, but he doesn’t hear her, and so she doesn’t repeat it. Sap’s mom comes home, and she asks what’s going on. Sap says they’re his friends, and she says she knows his friends and these aren’t them. He says they are new friends.

Robert tells him to hurry. Sap says he has to go away for a while and says it’s a big work case. She says he’s just a beat cop, and he says she’ll be fine, and he wants her to know that. She asks why he’s acting strange and lying.

Sap says he’s sorry, and he loves her. He says sorry. She gets a tissue, and he asks about her blood sugar. Harlee finds Cristina in the waiting room at the prison and tells her mom they won’t let her in without parental consent.

Cristina accuses her of lying. Harlee says Miguel was her BF when she got pregnant, but he’s not her father. Harlee says she can see him but says let me explain. Cristina asks if she’ll tell her everything. Harlee says she needs to prepare her for what’s on the other side of the doors.

Cristina agrees and Harlee tells her to go wash away her tears. Harlee then goes to the desk sergeant and flashes her badge. She says make a note that Cristina Santos can’t ever visit Miguel Zapeda. Sap gets the drop on Robert with a vial of insulin and gets away from them.

Marcus shows up to see Kovach’s fiancé and then calls Kovach and says he’s there with Tiffany and says he’s a friend of your ex-wife’s, but you need to give back the kid then you can go. Loman shows up to see Erica at baseball practice.

The kid comes over to him with a bat and says you made my mother cry. Loman tells JJ just listen, and he says he knows he killed his husband. JJ hits his car with the bat and says get out of here. He busts his taillights and Loman takes off as he sees Erica crying.

Woz sits drinking looking at a photo of the team. Tess comes in and says Marcus called, and Kovach is ready to trade the kid for a car and cash. She wants to call SWAT on him, and he says no. Sap’s mom sits with Robert and Chen and tries to tell them he’s a good boy.

Robert says she’s aiding and abetting, and Chen says they have to find him. Chen says worst case is he’s going to go to Woz. He says let’s put out a Fed warrant on Sap. Robert says blow him up – it’s his best choice.

Harlee tells Cristina that Miguel was charismatic and handsome and made her feel special. She gives Cristina all the letters and says there’s a lot of them. Cristina asks shouldn’t she write him back. Harlee says it’s up to her.

She says she needs to see this first. She pulls out a file and hands it to her. It’s a photo of Harlee with a black and blue face. She asks when she did it to her. Harlee says that time was a couple of years before you were born. Cristina asks why she didn’t leave him.

She says she didn’t want to be alone then says she met a man who could give her a better life. She says when he found out she was pregnant, he took off. She says Miguel wouldn’t believe that she’s not his kid then says things got scary again.

Harlee says this doesn’t hurt her anymore – she says she’s much stronger now. Cristina cries and pushes the letters away. Harlee hugs her. Tess sees Sap lurking in his mom’s car, and he says he’s in trouble and needs to talk to Woz.

Some beat cops look at him, and he says step away and pulls out from the curb. The beat cops run over and tell Tess that there’s an FBI warrant out for Sap’s arrest. Woz hears the APB for Sap on a Federal warrant – the dispatcher says he’s armed and considered dangerous.

Tess comes to Harlee’s and says there’s a federal warrant out for Sap and says he’s on the way to Woz at the construction site. Harlee asks if she called Woz. Harlee tells Cristina that Tess has a flat, and she’s going to help her. Cristina says she’ll practice then take a nap.

Harlee calls Sap and gets voicemail. She says she told the Feds to pick him up and says sit tight and call me. She says don’t go to Woz whatever you do. Woz makes it to the construction site to deal with Kovachs.

Harlee is with Tess with blue lights on. Tess says she can’t go to jail, and Harlee says don’t jump to conclusions about Sap. Tess is worried he ratted out the crew. Woz meets Kovachs who has a gun aimed at his kid.

Kovachs asks about Tiffany, and he says she’s down there. Woz says they got him everything he asked for and says they can both put their guns down. He says if something bad happens up here, something will happen to Tiffany.

Woz says go take my car and here’s $5k. He says take Tiffany and go. Kovachs kisses his son and hugs him. Woz tosses the money then Kovachs pulls a gun out of his son’s backpack and says he’s taking his son and leaving.

Woz says that won’t happen. Sap is there and has a gun on Kovachs. The guy puts the gun on his kid. Sap puts his gun down and says it’s okay. A cop car pulls up, and when Kovachs looks to see, Sap tackles him. They grapple, and Woz sends Brian downstairs to the other cops.

Woz watches Kovachs and Sap grapple. Marcus tells Harlee that Sap is upstairs with Woz and Kovachs. Sap asks Woz for help but he doesn’t. Kovachs has him near the edge. Harlee tells Tess to take Brian and she runs on up.

Woz says he knows he’s been talking to the Feds after Sap takes down Kovachs. Woz shoves him off the edge. Kovachs gets up and Woz shoots him and he goes over the edge even though Kovachs was begging. Woz tosses the gun over – he used a hankie to pick it up.

Woz tells Harlee that Sap shot him and they fell when she comes up. Marcus freaks and runs to Sap. Harlee is horrified and starts crying. Woz says there was nothing he could have done and holds her when she cries. Marcus says Sap is still breathing. Woz is not happy.