Shades of Blue Recap – Raul Goes Down: Season 1 Episode 5 “Equal & Opposite”

Shades of Blue Recap - Raul Goes Down: Season 1 Episode 5 "Equal & Opposite"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday February 4, season 1 episode 5 called, “Equal & Opposite,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Tess (Drea de Matteo) intercept a heroin shipment from a local drug kingpin; Harlee fears that Stahl’s (Warren Kole) interest in her may be more than professional

On the last episode, Loman’s (Dayo Okeniyi) guilt over the death of an unarmed suspect became a liability for the crew, forcing them to test his loyalty. Wozniak (Ray Liotta) sent Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) on an errand that revealed he had a silent partner in the big score. Wozniak realized Donnie (guest star Michael Esper) had been withholding information.

Harlee feigned cooperation with Stahl (Warren Kole), but unwittingly lead the FBI to incriminating evidence. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Tess (Drea de Matteo) intercept a heroin shipment from a local drug lord who discovers Wozniak’s secret and tries to use it as leverage to get his confiscated drugs back. Harlee fears Stahl’s (Warren Kole) interest in her goes beyond the professional, believing that he is invading her privacy, and resorts to spying on him with the help of an old friend. Tess tries to use Espada (Vincent Laresca) to get back at her husband.”

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#ShadesOfBlue begins with Harlee and Tess in a foot chase of suspects. One grabs a bike and Harlee tackles him. He complains because she tackled him in dog crap. She’s mad it’s on her. Tess says she found $500k in heroin. They know that’s bad news.

Linda is stunned to see Woz brought home a dog, and he asks her to take it to the vet. It’s the one that lurks outside the gay bar. Marcus chases down a car that keeps driving by while he’s waiting to serve a warrant.

Sap is working with the hooker who’s teaching him Portugese. Marcus interrupts and says they have to go because they have a tail on them. He asks to work later, and she says she can squeeze him in after the orgy.

Woz meets them, and Marcus has to admit he didn’t get the plates. Sap says he didn’t see it either. Woz says excuses are for the incompetent. He asks Harlee if someone is following her. She says no. Tess says the heroin belongs to Raul.

Woz is annoyed and says Raul promised to keep it small, and Tess suggests throwing some of it back to him. Tess says he won’t talk to a woman. Woz says he’ll peel off a brick and tells Tess to stop it. She walks off and Woz says maybe Tess is the mole.

He thinks the heroin thing is entrapment and sends Harlee hose to shower off the dog poo. Robert calls, and she’s annoyed and says she’ll call if she has something. He apologizes for the way he talked to her yesterday.

She asks him to back the tail off Marcus and Sap, and he says it’s not his people, but he’ll look into it. He says maybe it’s a good thing. He says Woz is rattled and will make mistakes. He says get back to the cop shop and she wonders how he knows she’s home.

She looks around her apartment with suspicion and slips on a robe. She wonders if there are cameras. Harlee meets Gail and says Robert seems to have more than a professional interest in her and says she thinks he’s surveilling her inappropriately.

Gail reminds her she had a Federal arrest and Harlee says she still has rights. Harlee has to back down, and Gail says she won’t mention this talk to Robert and says – don’t call me again. She leaves. Woz meets Raul with Tess.

He tells Tess he decided not to bring him a brick. Raul greets him, and Woz says you can’t have guys with outstanding warrants to deliver your stuff. Raul thinks he should get his stuff bag, but Woz says it was bagged and tagged. Raul says give me half back.

Woz says there is no negotiation. Tess says he just fueled the fire, but Woz says the guy is a drug dealer, and they drive away. Harlee goes to see Caddie as he gets out of lockup. He asks why she got him out a week early, and she says she needs a favor.

She asks if he can keep clean for a couple more hours. She brings him to Robert’s place, and he asks where she wants it. She asks him to put a camera in the bedroom. He says he needs a few hours. He laughs about how they used to train together.

She says she’ll make sure that Robert doesn’t come home for lunch. Caddie asks why she needs this, and she says the guy took something for her. Tess is with Marcus and Carlos. They are at Kirby’s, and Woz tries to calm him.

He’s mad over a broken window. He tells Tess to file the claim for Kirby and sends her off. Woz asks the guys if Tess has been jumpy. Woz and the guys get in their cars and drive off. A black sedan follows. Robert lurks nearby too and takes down the plate number.

Robert goes to see Donnie and introduces himself. Robert says he wanted to let him know he’s kicking rocks in his yard and says he wants to know why he has surveillance on Woz’s detectives. He says it’s a routine integrity check.

He says one of his cars was made, and Donnie asks if he has someone on the inside. Donnie offers to help with his case. Robert says he can’t say anything. He says just call off your dogs, and Donnie says no problem.

He says if you find anything, please let me know. He leaves, and Donnie calls him a prick. Marcus, Tess, Loman, and Sap run in Raul’s crew. Woz is there and tells Loman to show them steel. Woz tells one that he needs to call Raul and tell him back off or else.

Robert meets with Harlee, and she says Woz is expecting a delivery and says the shadow spooked him. Robert says it’s IA, and he says her crew is dirty, but he backed them off. Harlee asks why he didn’t notice the girl flirting.

She says he’s good looking and could clean up if he’d get the stick out of his ass. He says she’s the only woman in his life until the case is done. Harlee comes back and is told that some guy named Manny was caught in Cristina’s car.

He says he didn’t steal it, he borrowed. He says he got it from his girlfriend. Harlee says he’s looking at five years. He says his GF is calling, and he’s supposed to pick her up after school. The phone rings and Harlee sees Cristina on the screen.

Woz meets with Donnie at an empty theater. He kisses him then stops then the door opens. Donnie says an FBI agent came to see him. He says he put some surveillance on his crew to find out his rat. He says he was trying to help.

Woz is furious at him and says back off. Donnie says this means he has a rat and Woz says he’s on to one of his people. Woz says they can’t do the job because of the heat, but Donnie says it’s the payday of a lifetime.

Woz comes out and sees his car was stolen. It honks as it drives away. Raul took it – there’s a mortuary flyer in the broken glass.

Harlee flips through the phone and sees tons of photos with Cristina and the guy Manny. Tess is annoyed when Sap tells her that her husband will be home late. They wonder where Carlos is and he tells Woz his car hasn’t been found yet.

He sends Sap to watch the mortuary. Tess leaves mad, and Woz follows her. She goes to a hotel and knocks on the door. She’s with Carlos. Nava comes to see Harlee, and she tells him about Cristina and the guy and calls him a loser.

He says at least he’s not a car thief. She wants to charge the kid, but Nava offers to scare him for her. She says make him wet his pants or she’s pressing charges. Nava comes in, and Manny says he didn’t steal the car.

He asks if he heard her last name and says it’s Santos. He’s terrified. Nava says to tell her that he really likes her daughter. Another cop tells Harlee not to worry about sex and says with teens it’s mostly mouth business. She’s mad.

He shows her a photo of them kissing and asks if she got her an HPV shot. She snaps and comes in to confront Manny to ask if he’s having sex with her. She kicks the chair over, and Nava tries to stop her.

Woz is ready to confront Tess when he notices Carlos’ car. He bangs on the door, and Tess says answer it. Carlos opens the door, and Woz says to get dressed and get back to work. He tells Tess to get to his car in one minute.

Woz asks why she’s cheating on her husband and asks what’s going on. She says none of your business then admits Joe is cheating on her. She says she doesn’t know how to fix this. Woz says men are dogs, and if they piss on the rug, you swat it.

He says if it doesn’t stop pissing, look for a farm. He stops the car, and she asks him not to tell anyone about Carlos. They spot his car at the precinct. It’s been spray painted with slurs and gay racial porn left in it.

Woz brushes it off joking that his wife got him that subscription but then he looks in the window and sees stacks of gay magazines. He starts kicking the car in a rage. Harlee pulls up and asks if the pink car means he’s selling Mary Kay.

Woz says that’s a treat for when he retires and says Raul did this. He says if he broke off a piece for Raul, this wouldn’t happen. She says then everyone will expect it, and he says he can’t fight wars on many fronts.

Harlee says let someone fight for him. He asks her to put the dope back in evidence. He says he’s going to find a soldier. Nava brings Manny out and says he won’t press charges. Harlee tells him not to tell Cristina and drive the car to her house safely.

Harlee tells Nava her daughter has never kept secrets from her. She asks if he was an honest teen and he says he was an Eagle Scout. He says you owe me one, and she asks one what. Carlos asks Tess what Woz said, and he wants to leave and go screw some more.

She pulls him into an office, and they bicker. She says Woz told her to knock it off, so it’s done. Carlos says she’s the one who came on to him, and she says all men are the same. He says he’s the one who’s there for her not her husband. She says she doesn’t need it.

Woz comes to a black barber shop to talk to a local dealer. He tells them there’s some prime real estate that will open up. He says to keep your crew in line and only do business on designated corner. Devonte asks who it is, and Woz says, Raul Mendez.

Devonte says he doesn’t want to be cooked in his oven. Woz says he won’t let it happen. Sap goes back to see the Brazilian hooker, and she gives him more advice. Harlee meets with Caddie on a roof, and he hands her a tablet with an app.

She offers him money, and he says how about explain why he found surveillance photos of her in the apartment. He says the guy has stacks of them and won’t miss a few – he says it doesn’t look like IA and asks if it’s FBI.

She lies and says it’s a joint task force. He doesn’t buy it and says the Feds are squeezing her. She says he’s not her training officer anymore. He gets ready to shoot up, and she offers to get him into rehab since he’s 20 clean.

He shoots up anyway and says working vice undercover taught him living two lives won’t work. She says the drugs didn’t help. He says it helps him rise above. She says she gets that. He zones out. She says she can’t last eight days much less eight years.

She says she doesn’t know who to trust and says if Cristina finds out who she really is, she’s going to lose her. She says she just wants to hold on long enough and make a play without making her daughter ashamed of her.

Caddie didn’t hear anything – he’s out of it. She puts a jacket over him and leaves. She takes her stuff and leaves. Raul meets with the guy Woz let go and says he has a message. Woz punches him, and Raul comes to handcuffed to a chair in the barber shop.

Woz tells him a man’s pride is all that matters. Raul says they can work something out, and Woz says he assumes that he’s not proud of a certain part of himself. He says he has large appetites and likes a full menu and variety.

Raul says he won’t talk about it. Woz says he’s going to go away and stay away. He says he’s going to have video of him. Devonte has a camera, and his sidekick tells Raul he hopes he doesn’t have a gag reflex. They’re getting ready to orally rape the guy while they film it.

The one guy says I hope you don’t have a gag reflex, and Woz says once you go… you never go back. Raul yells but it’s no good. He’s tied down. At home, Harlee sees a letter from prison. It’s from Cristina’s daddy.

Cristina comes in, and Harlee puts the letter away. She asks why she’s hiding the mail and acting sketchy. Harlee says her tail light is broken and asks what happened. She says she backed into a post. She’s lying.

Harlee says her school has no light posts, and she says she got it getting froyo then says she’ll do more babysitting to get the money to replace it. Woz sits with Donnie, and they look through the two days of surveillance photos.

Woz spots Sap and Marcus three miles apart when they lied and said they were together. Raul is driven to Philly by the guy who mouth raped him. He tells him he’ll love the City of Brotherly Love.

Harlee watches Robert on the video feed as he goes to take a shower. She checks for cameras in her place with the device Caddie gave her. Woz sits outside a restaurant and spots Sap with a guy shaking hands. It’s for the cooking lesson, but he thinks it’s something else.

Harlee finishes checking her room and says Caddie was right, she’s paranoid. She sees Robert talking to himself in the mirror practicing asking someone out. He tries some lines and then someone knocks on the door.

He opens the door and delivers the same lines he was practicing. Harlee clicks off the camera. It’s a hooker. She says the hourly rate is the same if he wants to take her out to dinner. He asks her name, and she says what do you want it to be.

He says let’s try Harlee – and Harlee missed it all since she turned off the camera.