Shades of Blue Recap 2/18/16: Season 1 Episode 7 “Undiscovered Country”

Shades of Blue Recap 2/18/16: Season 1 Episode 7 "Undiscovered Country"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday February 18, season 1 episode 7 called, “Undiscovered Country,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) grapples with guilt over his attempt to eliminate Saperstein; (Santino Fontana) Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) tries to protect Saperstein and keep the unit from being torn apart by suspicion and grief.

On the last episode, Wozniak’s (Ray Liotta) suspicions landed on Saperstein (guest star Santino Fontana), forcing Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) to convince Stahl (Warren Kole) to arrest Saperstein in order to keep him safe. Harlee visited her abusive ex, Miguel (guest star Antonio Jaramillo), who tasked her with tracking down the man who committed the murder. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Wozniak (Ray Liotta) grapples with his guilt over attempting to kill Saperstein (guest star Santino Fontana) as he is faced with the need to finish the job. Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) desperately tries to protect Saperstein as she struggles to keep the unit from being torn apart by suspicion and grief.

Stahl (Warren Kole) gets closer to uncovering Harlee’s relationship with Miguel (guest star Antonio Jaramillo). Also starring Drea de Matteo, Dayo Okeniyi, Vincent Laresca, Hampton Fluker and Sarah Jeffery.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts with Harlee running down to get to Sap from the building where she was with Woz. They hear an ambulance. Marcus says he barely has a pulse. She starts mouth to mouth and Woz comes down and says he fell after he shot the guy.

The ambulance is there and Woz says he took a four story fall. The EMTs pull them back and start working on hm. Good thing he fell on sand. Harlee looks around in shock. Kovach’s fiancée runs up screaming to look at her man.

Woz stares as they put Sap on the board and load him. She wants to get into the ambulance but Woz says he needs her there. She refuses and rides in the ambulance. Marcus drags the fiancée away and says Kovach is dead because he made a bad choice.

He tells her to be smart and says to tell them she called the 64th precinct because she knew he was going to kidnap his son. He makes her repeat it back and says Kovach threw his friend off the building and not to cry for him.

Chen comes to see Robert and tells him about the accident. She says a parolee and Sap fell. Harlee tells Sap it’s all her fault and she tried to warn him. She says she set it all in motion. They take him to surgery. Harlee goes to Woz who’s standing there and says did you do this.

She accuses him of killing Sap and says he was ready to kill her three days ago. He says he had to get the kid and Kovach did it. He says it may be a blessing in disguise. She cries and walks away. Woz goes to the bathroom and thinks.

Harlee goes down the hall and takes a breather. Sap’s personal items are dropped off and she grabs the bag to take the phone. Woz goes into a stall and vomits. Tess sits there while Marcus asks if Sap was working with the FBI, why go say Woz.

Carlos, Tess and Marcus debate whether Sap is rolling on them. Carlos and Marcus come to blows and Harlee and Tess break them up. Harlee says Sap is fighting for his life. She says whatever they face, this crew won’t destroy themselves. Woz is there and says she’s right.

He says they need to wait and let Sap wake up and speak for himself. He says no extra activities until they are sure about the FBI. He tells them to go home. They do but Harlee just sits. He says there’s nothing that we can do.

Woz says he’ll be in surgery then sedated in ICU. Harlee asks if he meant what he said about letting Sap speak for himself when he wakes. Woz says to them, not the FBI. Robert finds Gail at the gun range. He advices her to backdate immunity papers for Sap and to act like he was the asset.

She agrees and says this may go way deeper than he thought. Marcus comes to see the hooker who helped out Sap. She says she was teaching him Portugese. He tosses down some cash and says show me how good you are.

He says either show me how good of a whore you are or show me your cubicle at the FBI. She says Sap told her that Marcus was his friend. He grabs her and throws her on the bed. She says that doesn’t scare her and he sees a giant bruise on her leg.

He says he needed to know and says doubters had him second guessing. She asks where Sap is and to tell her what happened. He tells her to keep the cash. The FBI surrounds Harlee on the train home. He asks what happened.

He says Sap ran from them. She says he can find her on a subway car but he can’t keep track of one cop. She rants for him cutting a federal warrant. He says he had to get him before he got to Woz. He asks what happened and who is Kovach.

She says Kovach threatened his ex-wife and she and Sap rolled up on him. She says Kovach and Sap went over together and it wasn’t Woz. Robert asks if Sap will says the same thing. Sap is out of surgery and Woz is there. He gets the info from the nurse.

She says he’s in a medically induced coma. He asks if she’ll remember the accident. She says maybe or he may never know his own name again since he’s got significant brain swelling. He asks to talk to him and she says make it quick.

Woz sits by his bed and says why didn’t he just come to him. He says he would have protected him and calls him brother, son, and says he loved him. Woz leans in close and whispers that he needs him to give in and says let go, let go so I don’t have to kill you twice.

The monitors beep and the nurse is back. She calls a code and tells Woz to step out. He’s got a pulmonary embolism. Woz lurks and watches. The doc comes in and they save him. Woz walks off annoyed.

Harlee sits in her kitchen when Cristina comes in and asks what’s wrong. She tells her no school today and says get dressed. Woz finds Sap’s mom there and Carlos is there too. He tells him they have him on blood thinners and says there’s lot of chance of complications.

He says Sap’s mom hasn’t said a word. Woz tells Carlos he can go and he sits by Sap’s mom. She says he stopped going to temple and Woz says he never told him. She says it was five years ago after he joined Woz’s team.

He says that didn’t have anything to do with it but she says it did because her son found purposed and a role model he respected. Woz says Sap is a good man. She says she knew it was bad when she saw the people he was with.

He asks her to describe them. Robert meets Chen at Kovach’s house. Chen says the ex-wife told the same story they expected. He says let’s pull Harlee’s records and says she talked to Miguel Zepeda then came to see Kovach.

Harlee comes to the hospital and the guard stops her outside and says he’s FBI and won’t let her in. Cristina is there too and Nava approaches her. He says he’s a friend of Harlee’s and she says most of her mom’s friends don’t tuck their shirts in.

Loman approaches Harlee and says Sap had his gun and it’s the second time his gun was used to shoot someone else. He says he knows this is another stack of lies and says he’d like the truth for once. Harlee says she doesn’t know and says say what you want, she doesn’t care.

Harlee sees Nava talking to Cristina then goes back to him and says tell them they had intel and they acted on it and saved a little boy and it might cost Sap his life. She says if Sap was standing there, he would tell you that we made the right call.

Woz is called in about Kovach and he says the GF tipped them. McManus asks why he didn’t call it in. He says Sap moved to take Kovach and he saved the kid. Gail comes in and says Sap was under investigation and takes a seat at the table.

Woz asks why she had a warrant on his guy Sap. He says she ruined Sap’s career. She says they had reason to think Sap’s life was in danger. Donnie is in the meeting too in his IA role. Donnie catches Woz outside and they debate.

Donnie says it’s time to move forward and says he almost got his rat. Marcus brings Sofia to see Sap. He tells Sap’s mom that Sofia is a nice girl and was Sap’s friend but she won’t acknowledge her. Marcus tells his mom that he and Sap were working on a case and asks if he can check the house for his notes.

She hands over her keys without question. Robert and Chen come to see Miguel. Chen says she heard about his appeal and Robert asks how he knows Harlee. He tells him it was a conjugal visit and says Robert seems to have a crush on her.

He says Harlee was a girl from the neighborhood then Chen asks about Kovach. Robert says he got a second chance to plead his case then Harlee went over Kovach. Miguel says that’s a nice story and he quotes them a bible verse and keeps on.

Robert says stone walling won’t help and Miguel says screw yourself. Robert says good luck with your appeal and he tells him good luck with your crush. Robert says Kovach is dead and if he was part of the appeal, he’s screwed.

Nava asks Harlee for news on Sap and she says a guy she liked came to the hospital and sat with her daughter. He says the guy is falling for her and they flirt. She says be careful and she only lets him see part of her. She whispers that she’s not a good person.

She says he should stay away and it should have been her taking that fall. He says he’s glad it wasn’t. She says give it time.

Robert comes to see a woman who was arrested with Rita Martin, the girl that Miguel supposedly killed. She says she heard that Rita died the next day. Then Robert plays the 911 call that proves she was lying about being there.

She says turn it off. He says it wasn’t in the trial transcripts. Robert says no one tried to find her. He asks why she didn’t come forward. She says she was on the street then he asks about Woz. She says no one talked to her.

Robert flashes a photo of Kovach and she denies it. Robert says Woz is hiding something and she clearly recognized him. Marcus tears up Sap’s room at his mom’s house. He finds the FBI immunity papers hidden under the carpet.

Woz comes to talk to Harlee who is in the hospital chapel. She says she sent Cristina home. She says the doctor keeps saying it’s uncertain. Woz says she has to go to Rikers now. He says Kovach’s name is being released and says if Miguel gets out, he can’t know.

She says Miguel won’t believe her. Woz says convince yourself first then you can convince him. She asks if that’s what Woz did last night. She asks if that’s what he did with her then asks what happened on the building.

He says he asked Sap about talking to the Feds and he says he had no choice. Woz says he thought of her and Cristina, of Linda and everything he put her through and says he didn’t have a choice either. He’s teared up and says Sap can never wake up.

He says the FBI will want to hear his story and says he did what he had to. She asks about Kovach and he says he was Miguel’s ticket out of jail and they both can’t have that. She says we’re never free of our sins and Woz says they can make it count.

He tells her about the FBI agent outside Sap’s room and says he needs her to distract him. She says Sap might not wake up, might not remember. He says we can’t take that chance. She says this is not what we do but he says we do what we must to survive.

She says she knows he wants to protect them but says don’t destroy yourself doing it. Woz says it’s too late and she says it’s not. Harlee says she forgives him and understands. She says please promise me that you won’t hurt him again.

Woz sits tearful and when she pushes him to promise her that, he goes to the altar. He wipes his eyes and says okay. He says he’s with her and says for better or worse, he’ll leave it in god’s hands. Harlee goes to see Miguel and he says two visits after none in 10 years.

She says she found Kovach but he’s dead. He says who did it. She says the cops killed him. She says he kidnapped his son yesterday and he says that’s a coincidence. She says she spooked him and he took off. She says a good friend of hers died too and says she was trying to help.

She says she’ll try to talk to his parole officer and get a list of cell mates. She takes his hand then the guard says no touching. Miguel says he knows he hurt her a lot. She says she was angry for a long time but everyone deserves a second chance.

She says she hopes to meet the new Miguel someday on the outside. Carlos and Tess look through Sap’s stuff. Loman says the hospital called and says Sap is improving a little. Marcus follows Woz into his office and says Sap sold them out. He hands him the immunity papers.

He says it’s from two weeks ago and was under the rug. Woz says it could have been any of them they approached and says the FBI is very convincing. Woz says Sap came to him and might have been trying to cover them. Woz says they’re all there and they need to assume the best.

Marcus says he can’t ever trust anyone again. Woz says he’s got his back and says he won’t let anything happen to him. Marcus dies his tears and goes. Woz goes to his storage unit and loads plastic explosives into a bag.

Harlee finds Woz at the hospital and he says Marcus took her home. She says she went to Rikers and did the dance. She says at the best, Miguel is unsure. Woz says Sap is improving and he could be talking by morning.

Harlee gets a chirp on her phone – it’s Robert. He says go home and says he’s going to stay and can’t let the Feds be the only ones there. He says if Sap wakes up, he’ll tell him his side and let him choose what happens.

Harlee says he’s a good man and he says he’s okay. She leaves and goes outside. She gets in the car with Robert and says Sap made it through. He says they’re keeping her safe and monitoring this. He asks why she was at Rikers. She says he must already know.

Woz looks around and grabs a gift bag from under his chair using a napkin. Robert asks about Miguel and why Woz is interested in him. Robert says Miguel mentioned Kovach. Woz sets the gift bag down near the nurse’s station.

Robert says who got the shaft yesterday – the guy in prison or the guy who fell. She says that more than one man fell. Robert says Woz used her to find out who the guy is and framed him. The nurse finds explosives in the bag.

Harlee sees patients being evacuated and runs back into the hospital. The guard tells her ICU reported a suspicious package. She pulls her gun and runs off. Woz grabs a syringe and heads for Sap. He goes into Sap’s room. Harlee runs there too.

Sap forces air into his IV line. Harlee runs. She comes in and finds Sap flatlining. Woz goes to his car and lays his head down on the steering wheel. Sap is dead.