Shades of Blue Recap 2/25/16: Season 1 Episode 8 “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

Shades of Blue Recap 2/25/16: Season 1 Episode 8 "Good Cop, Bad Cop"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday February 25, season 1 episode 8 called, “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) decides to help Stahl (Warren Kole) once she realizes that there’s no line Wozniak (Ray Liotta) won’t cross.

On the last episode, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) grappled with his guilt over attempting to kill Saperstein (guest star Santino Fontana) as he was faced with the need to finish the job. Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) desperately tried to protect Saperstein as she struggled to keep the unit from being torn apart by suspicion and grief. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “after Saperstein’s (guest star Santino Fontana) death, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) realizes there are no lines Wozniak (Ray Liotta) won’t cross and decides to help Stahl’s (Warren Kole) investigation. The crew retaliates against a pair of abusive cops after they harass Harlee’s daughter Cristina (Sarah Jeffery) and her boyfriend. Wozniak makes Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) feel like a part of the unit. Also starring Drea de Matteo, Vincent Laresca and Hampton Fluker.”

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#ShadesofBlue starts with Sap flatlining and the nurse closing his eyes while Harlee watches his life end. She’s bawling. Woz knocks on the door of Sap’s house and breaks the bad news to his mom. Later, he sits at home drinking when his wife comes to sit with him.

She asks what happened. He says Sap died. She says sorry and he says the results they get on the job mean they have to – he has to – push the boundaries sometimes. She says she knows that. He says he thinks Sap was talking to people who would have problems with this brand of justice.

He says they get to keep their lives because Sap is dead. Linda says David was a sweet boy then says lead and they’ll follow. Crsitina comes home with her BF who is nervous about meeting his mom. Cristina says her mom will be at the hospital all night.

Manny’s bleeding and she says she thinks he needs stitches. She says they won’t get away with this and says the cops in her mom’s unit will make it right. She says trust me. He says he trusts her, not the cops. Cristina cleans his wounds.

Robert and Chen report to Gail who says get Harlee to secure an admission from Woz. She says make her get it. Harlee comes to Woz’s house aging and says he saw the immunity papers and she says maybe Sap didn’t have a choice.

Woz says he should have come to him and she says that’s why he was at the construction site. Harlee says he promised. Woz says he lied to her but that means it’s all on him. Harlee hears Cristina whispering that she can’t tell her because she’ll get mad.

Cristina is on the phone when Harlee comes out and asks what she’s talking about. She asks her mom what time she got home and she says late. She asks Harlee what it is. Her mom says Sap died. Cristina hugs her and says sorry.

Cristina says she worries it could have been her on the rooftop. Tess comes to meet the crew at the restaurant and goes into the cooler. Marcus is there and Carlos shows up next. Harlee shows next. Woz tells them it’s hard to worry about Sap.

He says it didn’t make sense but Sap died a hero. He says he was their friend when he died and says remember that. Carlos wonders what if the Feds are on to them. Woz says they don’t know if there ever was heat. Harlee glares.

Woz says if the Feds reach out, come to me and they’ll get through it together. He says do what you need to do to get past it. Tess says Sap was a rat. Woz looks at Harlee who just walks out mad. Woz tells Marcus that he needs to go meet Sap’s mom at the morgue.

He says tell her that he died a hero saving a kid. Woz tells Tess to ride with him. Robert meets Harlee and asks how she is. She says her friend died last night. Robert says he was murdered twice by Woz and needs her to confirm it.

He asks why she’s protecting a murderer and she says she killed Sap by being an informant. He says she’d be in jail or dead. Harlee says maybe that’s where she belongs for putting Sap in that position. She says it begins and ends with her but Robert says it’s Woz.

He says when they nail Woz, it’s all over. Robert says he wants to know why Woz framed Zepeda. She asks if he has proof and he says he has an eye witness. Cristina is with Manny and they wait on Woz and Tess. She tells them sorry about Sap and thanks them.

Cristina introduces Manny to them and she says two patrol officers beat him in the park. Woz asks if they took him in and he says they told him he wasn’t worth the paperwork. Woz asks if Manny broke any laws. Manny says one was Hollister and the other badge he couldn’t see.

Manny says I told you saw and walks away from Cristina. Woz says talk to your mom about this. She says she will but not yet. Woz and Tess approach Trestman and Hollister. They offer him condolences on Sap. They ask about the Puerto Rican kid.

They tell him he was drunk and high. Woz asks if they got a drug seizure. He says some took off as they got there. Tess asks about the kid being black and blue. They act smug. Loman packs up Sap’s desk and tells Harlee that Woz hasn’t been around.

She says Woz told her to make sure there were no open files. Loman says his mom would probably let her keep something but Harlee says it’s all she has left. He asks if he can do anything. Harlee says apply to homicide at the 29th and says he’s got the mind for it.

She says she doesn’t want him to lose his way. She says steer clear of it all. Tess says packing Sap’s stuff is a waste and Harlee says show some respect. Harlee asks what if the FBI threatened to take her kids. Tess says the FBI wouldn’t think she was weak enough to approach.

Tess says karma is a bitch and Harlee says she is. Woz calls Harlee in and says go home. She asks what are you going to do, throw me off a building. Woz says thinks before you speak. Harlee says there’s a witness who saw Rita Martin get stabbed who knows it wasn’t Zepeda.

Woz says it’s probably just a lie but she says Nava told her there’s a woman who called 911 who may have seen Kovachs. She asks Woz for the truth. Woz says he took care of her then says this is not about protection but leverage.

She says it started the night he told her they could frame Miguel. She says she was young and he saw a chance to manipulate her. Woz says she did the framing and he saved her ass and says he’s done it over and over. Harlee rants and says he’s playing God.

Woz gets mad and pulls out his black book. He says her name is Maxine Durden and says she’s a runaway who was a friend who saw the stabbing. He says he’s been paying her $1000 every other month for 10 years. He says now it’s on her.

Robert and Chen talk and she says Nava is handling the Zepeda kid. Woz talks to Cristina and ask if there’s more to this with Manny. She asks why would Manny lie about getting his ass kicked. Cristina says she saw it. She says she was there.

Woz is stunned. She says she watched them beat up her BF. Cristina says see for yourself and pulls out her phone. She plays a video of the cops hassling them for no reason then one says something dirty to Cristina and when Manny defends her the cop beats him.

Cristina is at the precinct and Loman talks to her. She sees her mom in with Woz and Tess watching the video. Harlee watches the video and asks what they were doing before the cops showed up. She sees Manny kiss Cristina and take a toke of a joint.

Then the cops come up and start hassling them. She asks why she’s the last to see it and Woz says Cristina was afraid to come to her. Tess says she’s trying to help and doesn’t even like her right now. Harlee is ready to take on the cops.

Tess offers some advice and says she’d rather her kid come to Harlee than no one. Loman sasses Woz who tells him to ride with him. Sap’s mom and Marcus sit in the morgue. She says Jews don’t normally have a viewing but she’s allowing one.

Sap’s mom tells him about the man in a suit that Sap ran from. She thinks Sap did something wrong but Marcus says he was good. She says he told her that he had done bad things but could still do one good thing. Marcus says he did and comforts her.

Robert waits for Nava outside of court. He lies and says he’s from the ethics office and is investigating him. Nava sends off his assistant. Robert asks if he’s having a relationship with Harlee. Nava says that question is not appropriate.

Robert asks if Harlee has made statements that will bias him in his job. Harlee tells Cristina she has a curfew for a reason. Cristina says the cops were harassing them and asks if they’ve been arrested yet. Harlee says they’ll get what’s coming to them.

Cristina says there’s more important things on the video than her smoking pot and says she should have put it online. Harlee says she can’t ever send that out and says if it goes viral, everyone in America will see her smoking weed and will ruin her life.

Cristina says good guys take down bad guys and Harlee says that’s what she does. Cristina says it doesn’t sound like an arrest. She walks out on her mom. Woz asks Loman why Sap had his gun. He says they traded because he thought it was bad luck.

Woz says bad luck must be overcome. They head to the evidence lockup and Harlee introduces him to the captain. Woz says a beat cop – Captain Hollister’s nephew – beat a guy. Woz says maybe the kid needs a new line of work.

Loman says Woz knew he wouldn’t do that. Woz says a rookie in his unit is a pain in the ass – he’s talking about Loman. He asks what’s next. Woz says he needs him to have a conversation. Nava shows up to the precinct and Harlee smiles at him. He nods for her to come with him.

He tells her about the ethics guy. He says David Simkins from the ethics committee implying he was being manipulated in the Zepeda case. He says she always brings up Zepeda. Harlee says it started out about her ex but is more now.

She says she made it clear to him from the start. Harlee says she doesn’t do vulnerable and can’t afford to so she doesn’t let people in but he was an exception. Nava says would it be whoever got the case file. Harlee says thanks for coming down to make me feel like a whore.

Harlee goes to see Robert at his office. He’s staring at surveillance photos of her. She says she thought he was in Napa. She calls him Davis Simkins and says stay out of my personal life. He says her personal life is about his investigation.

Harlee accuses him of fantasizing. Robert asks if she asked for Nava’s help after he let him screw her. She slaps him. Robert says he wonders if sleeping with Nava was her idea or Woz’s. She says Woz has nothing to do with it.

Robert says their immunity agreement doesn’t cover this and she’s sinking lower. Harlee says he’s never seen her covered in bruises, at the bottom of the stairs where she landed praying she didn’t lose her baby. She says Miguel was her BF and worked her like a speed bag for two years.

She says that was before she was a cop. She says she never pressed charges and says she framed him instead. He asks why and she says he never would have stopped. Harlee says she reached the breaking point and Robert asks if Cristina is Miguel’s.

She says she was afraid for her child’s life and still is. Robert says he can’t intervene on Zepeda but if she helps him nail Woz, he’ll leave Zepeda alone. She thanks him. She says she won’t forget this. He tells her to choose a new road.

Harlee meets Woz and he says they got off track – he got off track. He says he started this to deal justice to those who can’t get it on their own. Harlee says they lost that right last night. He says they can earn it back last night.

Loman approaches the two beat cops and introduces himself. They talk crap to him and he says they have video and is giving them the chance to amend their recollection. They tell him to take off before things get dangerous.

He says that’s how it starts then punches one of them. Loman lures them outside and then Tess, Marcus and Carlos are there and they beat the hell out of them. Harlee says Loman shouldn’t be there. Woz puts a gun in one of their faces.

He says you pull this again, every racist banger in town will know your face. Harlee tells them do right by your city – the last thing we need is another dirty cop. She walks away. Cristina and Manny sit eating ice cream when Harlee shows up.

Cristina says Manny isn’t doing anything wrong. Harlee tells her those cops won’t do that to anyone ever again. She tells Manny to come here. She tells Cristina she can always come to her and that was her mistake. Manny introduces himself and he says he’s sorry.

Harlee asks for what – sneaking out, drinking, smoking. She says she also saw him defending her daughter and put himself in danger for her. She says do it again and I’ll put you in a cell to keep you apart. She tells Cristina curfew is still 11 then leaves them.

Carlos gives Tess tickets to the Mets and says Sap got them for her and it was in his desk. There’s a letter with it from Sap who says he knows she’s having a hard time but being at the ball park helps you forget them. At the viewing, the team shows up to see Sap’s body.

Sap writes to Tess that things don’t happen for a reason – but do because they do and you have to make them right. He says friends help. He says she has five great friends and closes with – your friend and partner, Sap.

Woz gives Sap’s mom a thick envelope of cash and says it’s a little help. Harlee looks back and then turns to Sap. She whispers that she will make this right. Harlee goes to see Robert and tells him Woz did it. He says come in and she goes inside. He says he told her and she says get me a wire.