Shades of Blue Recap 3/10/16: Season 1 Episode 10 “What Devil Do”

Shades of Blue Recap 3/10/16: Season 1 Episode 10 "What Devil Do"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday March 10, season 1 episode 10 called, “What Devil Do,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Wozniak (Ray Liotta) learn more about the big score; and meet Donnie’s (Michael Esper) silent partner—a DEA agent.

On the last episode, Harlee and Stahl learned of Wozniak’s relationship with Donnie; Wozniak took charge of the big job after picking up a package that’s not what he expected; and the crew faced their mixed feelings about Saperstein. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee and Wozniak learn more about the big score; and meet Donnie’s silent partner—a DEA agent. In other events, Wozniak takes a special interest in a fellow Marine veteran who’s suspected of murder.”

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#ShadesofBlue starts with Woz telling Donnie he wants a face to face tomorrow. Harlee gets in the car with Robert and they listen. Then Donnie starts talking about their relationship and she turns the tablet off in annoyance.

Harlee says she knows he loves his wife and Robert says you’re who you pretend to be. She says she doesn’t want to destroy his family and Robert says Woz did this to himself. He tells her to get in on the meeting Woz demanded.

Robert reminds her the kidnapped guy’s family is at stake too. Harlee comes back in and Woz says come with me. He says Donnie is moving the kidnapped guy on the boat and he says they have to give a homeless guy the boot from a client.

Harlee asks Woz what Donnie says and he says he’s a puppet and says it’s a test and says Donnie’s new daddy wanted to see if they can get their hands dirty. Woz says if the job isn’t easy in, easy out, they’re not doing it.

Harlee and Woz call for backup. The homeless guy is ranting and swinging a mop around. Woz tries to talk him down. Chen shows Robert footage of two men that came to feed the kidnapped guy then brought him to the warehouse she’s watching.
She ID’d one of the guys and says Joaquin is his name. Marcus says the fluff and fold guy is upset and thinks he hurt someone last night. Woz talks to the former soldier and he says he’s a Marine too and shows him his tattoo.

Harlee comes and says he beat on washing machine not a person. He says he had on boots and these are not his shoes. He says he gets violent when he blacks out. Woz says to check out any muggings with missing shoes.

They find a body and Cates is there from the 34th. Nava calls Harlee and she doesn’t take it. Cates asks if they have his killer. Nava shows up looking for Harlee and Marcus says she’s on duty. He says he can wait but Nava says it can’t.

Gail is stunned to hear about Woz’s gay lover and he says Harlee tossed her wire into the trash to get it all. Gail says she wants them all, Donnie, the armored car drivers and all of them. Robert says of course. Gail says she didn’t think it would go this far.

Woz hands Cates the shoes and he says maybe the Marine didn’t kill him. He says a blackout drunk can’t move someone to a dumpster. Harlee says there’s no blood or signs of violence on the Marine but Cates says it’s not their jurisdiction.

Woz tells Harlee to take Marcus and Loman and look into it. Harlee walks the Marine out and he says people are capable of anything. They load up the Marine and Harlee watches him go certain he didn’t kill the man.

She see Zepeda lurking outside but then a bus drives by and he’s gone. She gives chase but he’s walking away fast. He heads down into the subway and she follows. She vaults the token gate and looks on the train cars. She doesn’t spot him.

She checks her voice mail from Nava – he was trying to warn her that Miguel is out. She sees him as the train passes by. Robert waits for Donnie outside of court and he asks him about Woz. He tells Donnie that they pulled his case and says Sap never got him anything.

Harlee calls Cristina who finally answers. She says she called the school and says Zepeda, the guy who thinks he’s your father, is out of jail. She tells her to call her if she sees her. Harlee sees Miguel come out of the subway station and ends the call.

Harlee snaps a pic of Miguel to send to Cristina then confronts him. She says you’re out and he says the prosecutors cut a deal because they found something. He asks how she knew and she says she saw him at the precinct and thought he might be at his moms.

Zepeda asks to see Cristina then says he saw Woz and asks how long she’s been working with him. She says same precinct but he’s an ass so she keeps her distance. He asks about Cristina and she says she saw evidence photos and it freaked her out.

She tells him to find a place, get a job, and work at being someone Cristina can respect and we’ll talk. He says it’s been 10 years already but then backs off. She says she’ll be in touch. The convenience store owner talks to Marcus and Woz about the victim.

Marcus asks why they’re trying to clear this guy. Loman comes over and says he found no one that saw anything and Woz points out a crazy dancing homeless guy. Harlee goes to Nava angry and says sorry he’s out. Andrea is in the office and Harlee yells at him anyway.

Nava says he recused himself from the case to protect her since they were seeing each other. He says he doesn’t know what happened or how. Harlee says she wants a restraining order. Nava says no one will grant her that since he hasn’t done anything.

She says he was spying on her within hours of getting out and he says no judge will give her a restraining order just because he wants to see his kid. Donnie asks Woz about the homicidal vet and asks what Cates says. He says they’re trying to get him for murder because he was in the dead man’s shoes.

Donnie says Robert talked to him and says they’re pulling up stakes since they got nothing from Sap and he’s dead. He says they’re free to do the job and Woz says he hasn’t decided on that yet. Donnie says 2 pm today he’ll get the details and tells Woz he’s about to be rich.

Loman, Woz and Marcus are with the homeless guy Moses at the diner. He says he saw the murder but Marcus doesn’t believe it. Woz takes the guy’s food and Moses rants. Woz says he can have the burger back when he tells them.

Moses says the devil grabbed up father time and hit him. He says father time called out for help and the devil cracked him with a whacking stick. He says the devil picked him up and put him in the trash bucket. She asks if the devil took the shoes or saw the whacking stick.

Moses says the devil always scares him and Woz asks if he saw him before. He wants another burger and Harlee agrees. He says city bus B12 every day. He says waiting and watching. Harlee asks for what and he says devil lure you in and steal your soul.

Robert paces and Chen shows up. He tells her she couldn’t leave the Zepeda thing alone and she lies and says it wasn’t her. She calls him an innocent man. He curses and says he was going to expose what Woz did to Zepeda after the bust.

She says the outcome is the same and he says he can’t trust her. He says this is a case not a conclusion and she threatened the DA’s office. She says the man spent a decade in jail for a crime he didn’t do. He tells her she’s on continual stakeout and glares when she brings up Harlee.

Harlee tells Woz about Zepeda being out and says Nava has no clue what happened. Woz says they’ll figure this out and Harlee says they can’t go after them. Woz says Sap’s handler approached Donnie and thinks they’re all good.

Woz says he doesn’t like this think that Donnie brought them and she says if she had enough money she could pay Miguel to go away. Woz agrees that money could change things for all of them. She says they could start over.

Harlee and Woz change the subject when someone else comes in. Woz says to follow up on the devil and says put Tess on it. Harlee meets Robert in the park and he says he didn’t let Zepeda free and denies his partner Chen did it.

Robert says Nava and she says no. He says it’s done and he didn’t do it.  He says he can check up on Zepeda now and then and she thanks him. He asks about the face to face meeting.

She says it hasn’t happened yet and he says wear the wire and call me. She says she threw it in the trash and says if I come to your place can you replace it. He says call me if it’s going down before then.

She gets a call from Woz who asks if she’s alone. He says I’m texting you an address. Make sure no one follows you. Carlos and Tess are on the bus with Moses who’s happily eating a burger. He points to the devil and they stop the bus and get out. He points.

They see a poster for a kink club. The guy’s name is Royce and he owns the kink club and the dead guy filed multiple noise complaints against the kink club. The kink club is in their jurisdiction and Woz says go pick him up.

Woz brings Harlee to the meeting and Donnie is pissed. Harlee tells Donnie feed a monster and be careful it doesn’t get bigger than you. Joaquin is there and Linklater introduces himself. Harlee shakes his hand. He says Joaquin is Donnie’s nephew and he and Donnie’s dad grew up together.

Linklater says they need cops for this deal since no one will check their vehicles. Woz says he was told they’re moving money not heisting an armored car. Linklater says it’s his money and belongs to the DEA and he’s a DEA agent.

Linklater says no one else on his crew can know. Donnie says it’s money from evidence and Linklater says it’s simple and safe. He says the explosions are just a prop to get the armored car guards out of the van. Harlee says the explosives are gone.

Linklater says they can get more. He says the armored cars pick up cash the DEA confiscates. They are getting the dispatcher to call the right van. Woz says his crew can get screwed. Linklater says take the cash and put some bruises on Joaquin and the other driver.

Donnie says it’s $12 million and Linklater says they get $1 million to divide up among his crew. Woz says his crew is taking all the risk and they want $3 million. He threatens Linklater with a pull over and Linklater agrees. Linklater agrees and they shake on it.

Harlee comes home early and asks Cristina about her day. Cristina asks what Miguel would do and says he wrote a nice letter. Harlee says she just wants to protect her and Cristina calls her a low-flying helicopter parent.

Harlee says stay at school in school hours and lock the door at home then call her if she sees Miguel. Cristina and Harlee pinkie promise on it. Woz drinks at a bar when Tess and Carlos show up. The crew heads to the freezer to talk.

Tess doesn’t like the armored car job but Harlee says the Federal investigation is done. Woz says it’s $600k each and they can vote. They all vote yes but Harlee pretends to hold back and then agrees last. Woz tells Harlee they’re almost back to normal.

Woz calls Donnie and says they’re in and Donnie tells him where to find the van. Donnie says he heard the vet is copping to the murder of the landlord. Woz doesn’t like that since he didn’t tell him the victim was a landlord.

Someone rings the bell but doesn’t answer when Cristina pings the security speaker. She looks down and sees no one. Then the buzzer rings again. Someone knocks on the door – it’s Miguel who calls out her name. He says he’s her father.

She looks out the peep hole. He says the court realized he didn’t do what they said so they let him go. He says he knows he shouldn’t be there but he couldn’t wait to meet her. She locks the door and says she’s not supposed to talk to him.

She says she’s calling her mom but he says he’s leaving now and asks her not to call. He walks away and then she opens the door a little and says he’s not her father. He asks who told her that and she says her mother told her.

He steps forward and she slams the door. He says he’s sorry for scaring her and says bye. He leaves. Marcus and Loman go to bring in the king guy Royce. The bartender says back office but advises them to knock.

They go to the office but someone snuck out the other way. They go inside and see Royce their killer was hanging with a plastic bag over the head. Harlee goes to Robert’s place and says the face to face happened and she wasn’t warned.

She says she doesn’t know who the third party is and says it’s going down tomorrow and it’s $12 million. She says he has to do something for her. She says she needs amnesty for the rest of the crew. He says the deal is done and that’s not part of it.

She says he keeps telling her he’s a good guy and says prove it. She says she knows this case is more than he hoped for and says she should get more too. She says it needs to end in a way she can live with herself and asks him to make that happen.

He grabs her and kisses her. He says give me a minute and tells her to wait while he makes a call. He goes into his bedroom and makes a call to Baker. He talks loudly so she can hear. He asks what will it take to make this deal happens – but is he really making a call or faking it.

Cristina goes through the letters she found and the doorbell rings again. It’s Miguel again. He says it’s not true and says he is her father and he’s going to call Harlee and clear it up. He calls Harlee on speaker and he talks about their conversation.

He says he shouldn’t have to wait to see his daughter. She says Cristina is fragile and needs time. She says trust me and he says thank you. He asks if Cristina heard and says her mother is lying and she has his eyes. Cristina considers.

Harlee calls Cristina and she lies and tells her mom she’s practicing. She says she’s getting pizza but Cristina lies and says she’s having dinner with a friend and her mom. Robert comes out and says Baker is trying to get the deal Harlee wants and he offers her a drink. Cristina comes out to see her dad and asks for the truth.