Shades of Blue Recap 3/3/16: Season 1 Episode 9 “Live Wire Act”

Shades of Blue Recap 3/3/16: Season 1 Episode 9 "Live Wire Act"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday March 3, season 1 episode 9 called, “Live Wire Act,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez)  and Stahl (Warren Kole)  learn of Wozniak’s (Ray Liotta) relationship with Donnie.

On the last episode, after Saperstein’s (guest star Santino Fontana) death, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) realized there were no lines Wozniak (Ray Liotta) won’t cross and decided to help Stahl’s (Warren Kole) investigation. The crew retaliated against a pair of abusive cops after they harass Harlee’s daughter Cristina (Sarah Jeffery) and her boyfriend. Wozniak made Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) feel like a part of the unit. Also starring Drea de Matteo, Vincent Laresca and Hampton Fluker. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee and Stahl learn of Wozniak’s relationship with Donnie; Wozniak takes charge of the big job after picking up a package that’s not what he expected; and the crew faces their mixed feelings about Saperstein.”

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#ShadesOfBlue begins with Sap’s funeral. There’s a full police funeral to honor him. Carlos and Marcus are among the pallbearers.  Everyone is there in their dress blues. Harlee is among those that salute the casket. The flag is given to Sap’s mom.

Then they do the traditional call over the radio for him to be 10-7 and cleared from duty. Harlee approaches Woz and says seeing him in his blue takes her back. He says the uniform is a symbol of tragedy when you work plain clothes so much.

He asks if people wonder why he didn’t speak but she says she understands. Harlee says we can just hope for forgiveness. She says she’s going home. She says he should too. Harlee walks away. At her place, she finds Robert on the steps, and he asks how she is.

He says senseless deaths put things in priority. She invites him in and unlocks the door. He has a new necklace for her like the old one so she can record Woz. She offers him some tea and he asks about the big score. She says she has to nudge him.

Robert asks if he played the guilt-stricken patriarch. Harlee says it was real and says he loved Sap even though he killed him. Robert says he’ll make sure Zepeda stays in jail, and she says she agreed to the wire to avenge Sap. She says don’t worry.

Harlee pledges to take him down. Woz calls Donnie, who says the job is in two days and says the partners want to shake his hand. Donnie says they have to pick up some kind of package. Woz is drunk at the cemetery and ends the call.

He pulls off his jacket and says it’s a good place to rest. He lies down leaning against the mound of fresh dirt and flowers on Sap’s grave. Harlee puts on the wire and tells herself, I’m not him. Robert texts her – prove it – since he can hear her.

Harlee goes to Woz and says she’s ready to be a team again. He tells her the job is in two days and says he gets the details tonight then he’ll brief the crew to see if they want to do it. He says he has a meet at 12:30 and he says she can’t go so she offers to tail and keep an eye out.

She tells him to treat her as a partner on this. Sap’s desk phone rings and they stare at it and answer. It’s about a robbery in progress. They head over there to check it out but wonder why they didn’t call 911. Harlee finds a guy with a gun, and she asks if he’s Isaiah.

She asks why he called Sap and says he was her friend. Marcus is there, and Harlee says don’t shoot him. They find a bunch of illegal prescriptions at the place, and they wonder why he had Sap on speed dial. Carlos and Tess ask a priest if he found a duffel bag.

The priest says Isaiah is a doctor, not a dealer, and says he treats locals. Tess says they need to find the drugs. Woz talks to Donnie who says he can’t be at the meeting because of a deposition. Woz says he’s with Harlee and Woz says you better get here.

Harlee leans over so that Chen and Robert can see the car’s plate as they change cars. They run it as Woz and Harlee drive in the new car, and she asks him why not wait til the wounds heal, but he says he’s turning into the skid.

Woz says he’s not flying blind, and she asks if he has someone on the inside at the FBI. Woz brings up Zepeda, and Chen asks about it. Robert tells her it’s not the focus when she wants him to push Harlee on it. Robert says if they make this case, Zepeda will walk anyway.

Woz meets two guys, and they toss them keys and tell them to open the trunk. Harlee and Woz draw down on the two young guys who brought the car. Woz says he’s going to see if he likes it then they can talk. He opens the trunk, and Harlee asks what it is.

One of the other guys has a gun, and it’s a Mexican standoff. Woz asks who it is, and he drags the other guy to the back and asks who it is. The guy is still alive. Woz says he’s not taking the package and tells the guy take it back to your people.

The guy says the car was left for him at a parking garage, and he can’t take it back since he doesn’t know who left it. They tell them to go. They leave the second car, and Harlee comes to the back. They ask who did this, and he says they said they’d kill my life.

Woz tells Harlee to take him to the marina, and she says sorry and shuts the trunk. Woz gets in his car, and Harlee says so Robert can hear that kidnapping better be part of her immunity deal. Harlee gets the guy out of the trunk at the marina and cuffs him to a boat.

Harlee hears something and goes to check it out. She has her gun out and creeps along. It’s Robert. She asks if he was careful then says hit me and take the guy. He says they can’t blow her cover and says get the guy to talk.

Harlee says he won’t talk until he feels safe. Robert says they can’t blow their only lead and says he won’t let anything happen. He takes her hand. Chen sees this and stares with interest. Donnie is in the meeting when Woz comes in and grabs him up by the neck.

Woz drags Donnie out of the room and asks who is the guy in the trunk? Donnie says give me 10 minutes to finish the meeting. He lets him go. Isaiah insists that he wants to talk to Sap and says the thieves took most of his stock and he may have to close the clinic and people depend on him.

He keeps asking for Sap and then Marcus snaps and says Sap is dead. Loman asks how he knew Sap. He says he was investigating a doctor who gives him pharmaceutical samples and gave him his card and offered to help him out.

Isaiah says he helped him out more than once. Woz paces while Donnie finishes his meeting. Harlee has the kidnapped guy on a boat sitting down now and offers him a snack or drink. He asks her to untie him. Chen stares at Robert, and he asks what.

She says holding hands with a CI is not protocol. He says he profiled Harlee and knows how she gets attached to men and is using it. Harlee asks the guy’s name and says people don’t get taken for no reason. She says she’s not part of this.

Harlee asks about his wife, and he says she’s playing good cop. He says they made him tell his wife to act like nothing was wrong. He says her name is Ellen. He says they told him he got a bullet if he talked. Harlee says if she lets him go, they’ll just find him again.

She hands him her gun and says if you don’t believe me, shoot me and take your chances with the ones who took you. He says she works at First Guardian Securities in Brooklyn Heights. Robert and Chen take off even though he promised he wouldn’t go.

Robert says Harlee just got us our lead. Turns out Harlee unloaded the gun but the guy couldn’t see since he was still blindfolded. Tess tells Marcus that Isaiah was fully licensed until he helped his dad kill himself. Marcus wonders if the drugs aren’t intended for the streets.

Chen gives Robert some fake credentials as they pull up at the bank the kidnapped guy mentioned. Harlee meets Woz and he tells her about Donnie. She can’t believe he’s working with Donnie since he’s IA and says he helped with the mole hunt.

Harlee acts angry and if he trusts Donnie more than her. He says it’s complicated. She says if he brings IA in, he better trust him. He says Donnie brought them in and gave $50k just to get them to listen. Harlee says plastic explosives and kidnapping…

Woz says leave the guy on the boat and he’ll come by later and says they can fix this. He tells her he’s told her everything he knows. Harlee says she knows more. Woz pulls up at the bank and Chen sees him. SHe turns her face away as he walks by.

Robert talks to the manager and mentions Ellen, and she says they don’t have an Ellen. She says they only have an Ellen at dispatch for the armored car service. Chen calls to warn him that Woz is there. Woz flashes a badge and tells the receptionist to get the boss.

The girl comes in and says a cop wants to talk to you. The woman steps out after saying sorry to Robert. He sits tight. Robert creeps out while she’s gone and he and Chen are together. She keeps harping on Zepeda. Harlee shows up to meet them, and Robert sends Chen away.

They’re in a bookstore and Harlee says she got his message. He says why didn’t you tell me about Woz, and she says she thought he overheard it. She says because he wasn’t listening, he missed hearing about Donnie. She says Donnie is pulling the strings.

Robert reminds her Donnie was tailing the crew, and she says he was looking for the mole. Marcus goes back to the church where the priest works they talked to earlier. The priest approaches him and offers comfort after saying he looks lost.

Marcus is near tears about Sap and says he missed a friend who’s lost. Then Marcus flashes his badge and says show me the duffel bag you’re hiding. The priest says what’s right doesn’t always mesh with the law. Chen goes around Robert to the DA about Zepeda.

She says cut a deal for Zepeda, or it will be on your desk and in a headline. He says it’s Zepeda’s lucky day. Harlee and Robert talk about her being an armored car dispatcher. She says this doesn’t fit Woz’s code. Harlee finds Ellen, slip her a burner and says she knows her husband was taken and can help.

Ellen says they told her to follow instructions, but she doesn’t know yet what they want. Harlee says call me when you know. Loman springs Isaiah and says the arrest was voided. Marcus hands over the duffel bag and says they forgot to sign it into evidence.

Marcus hands him his card and says if you’re in a tight spot, call me, I’m your new Saperstein. Robert monitors Woz and Harlee talking. Woz says the kidnappers are armored car drivers. Donnie comes in, and Woz asks her to step out.

She has no choice but to go but isn’t happy. Donnie asks Woz if Harlee knows and he says she knows some. Woz says this could all have been avoided if he showed. Robert calls Harlee and says get back in there. He says they need this, and it will get her out.

He says to do something and hangs up. Harlee looks at the trash and grabs a Styrofoam cup. Woz tells Donnie to get the kidnapped guy off her. Harlee comes in and makes him sign something, but there’s a sticky note in it that says check on the boat, and he nods.

She tosses her coffee cup into the trash can with her wire in it. Donnie says their guy needs to see that he could handle things. Woz curses him at pulling him into this. Harlee goes out and gets in the car with Robert. Donnie brings up how he feels about Woz, and they’ve been together almost a year.

Harlee is stunned. Woz grabs him by the neck and says he doesn’t like being lied to. Harlee closes the tablet as they get closer and it’s obvious what’s going down is personal.

Zepeda is told he has a visitor. His lawyer says if he won’t sue the state, he’s out. She says he can be out tonight if he signs it. She says no parole, he’s exonerated completely. He signs it. We see pics of Harley and Cristina over her door.