Shades of Blue Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Breach”

Shades of Blue Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Breach"

Shades of Blue, airs on NBC tonight with an all new Thursday March 17, season 1 episode 11 called, “The Breach,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) attempts to negotiate immunity for the crew on the day of the heist; and realizes that she was wrong to trust Stahl.

On the last episode, Harlee and Wozniak learned more about the big score; and met Donnie’s silent partner—a DEA agent. In other events, Wozniak took a special interest in a fellow Marine veteran who was suspected of murder. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee attempts to negotiate immunity for the crew on the day of the heist; and realizes that she was wrong to trust Stahl. In other events, Miguel discovers Harlee’s secret; and Loman unwittingly witnesses the heist, which goes terribly wrong.”

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#ShadesOfBlue starts with Robert and Harlee together. He asks if she’s going to give him what he wants and turns her over to take her from behind. Woz sits in his car watching an apartment. He gets a call from Donnie who says he got him the file he wanted.

He says the FBI is off you and says don’t do anything stupid to risk it. Woz is looking at Robert’s apartment. Donnie says he has a great real estate deal for them. He says it’s $2 million and Woz says he’s splitting his $3 million with his crew.

Donnie says don’t split evenly. Woz is furious he’s trying to change the deal and hangs up on him. Robert walks out with the woman who goes to her car. Woz gets out of his car and follows the woman. It’s not Harlee. It’s just a woman that looks a whole lot like her.

Harlee is at home and worried about Cristina who’s not home. Cristina is out with Miguel at a diner and says she’s not sure she can see him again. He claims Harlee fell down the stairs the day they fought and asks what she told her.

Then he says it doesn’t matter. She asks how he got out and he says he was innocent. He says someone set him up and she asks if he’s on parole. He says no, he’s free like it never happened. He says if he was out all this time, she’d have a lot more family.

She says she has a lot of family and lists them off including Uncle Woz. He asks who that is and she explains. She says he’s been around as long as she can remember. Miguel is intrigued. Cristina says she needs to get home.

Miguel says it’s okay for her to tell her mom she saw them and she says no. Tess talks to Harlee about her FBI worries. Tess says she doesn’t like bending the rules for cash. Harlee says don’t do the job if you don’t want to.

Cristina comes home and makes an excuse for not calling. Harlee tells Tess to drop out if she wants but Tess says it’s about their kids. Cristina asks what Tess was talking about and Harlee says it’s about the union vote on college funds.

Harlee tells her she does everything for Cristina even if she doesn’t always see it. She asks about dinner with her friend and Cristina says it was like family. The team meets in the freezer and talk about the kink club murder.

Woz says to send Loman instead of Tess doing it since they have to do the job. Harlee shows up and he goes over the plan on where they pick up the money and where they drop it off. Harlee meets Robert and gives him the info on the job.

She says they’ll all be looking for a tail. He gives her two tiny GPS units and says put one in each van. He says they won’t be in range and will listen later. He says she has to wear a wire and it’s the last risk she has to take. He says she’s so close to immunity.

He says push Woz to give the name of the big guy and he can get immunity for the rest of the team. He asks if she’s withholding and she says no, she’s just trying to figure out how to get it. Miguel shows up at the place Kovach died.

His fiancé is there and says she knows most of his friends and asks his name. Later, the security chick goes to Woz to tell him that Miguel showed up asking about Kovach and didn’t believe her when she told the story they rehearsed.

Carlos comes to tell Woz he ran the tag. Her name is Gina Romero and is a call girl. He asks Carlos if he looks like Harlee. He says maybe in a wig. Loman and Tess go talk to one of the kink club employees. She says he was selling the building.

She says one of the buyers was some guy named Joaquin. Chen is watching Joaquin as part of the surveillance. Gail tells the team about the bust today and the corrupt cops. Robert calls her and asks for the name. She says if he can deliver the immunity.

He says give me the name and I’ll go make the deal. She tells him about Linklater and says he’s a DEA agent. Gail goes over the plan to make the bust and help out the couple that were subject to the kidnapping.

Robert lied to Harlee – he didn’t try and get immunity for them. He tells the team they also need to get Linklater and says Harlee gets immunity – the rest of the dirty cops go down. Woz comes and tells Harlee that Miguel showed up at the construction site asking about Kovach.

She says Miguel is going to dig up dirt and hurt her. She worries about Cristina and Woz says she’s safe at school. He says take her to his house and she can spend time with Linda. Cristina complains about her mom pulling her out of school.

Cristina demands to know if this is about Miguel. Harlee says he didn’t show up for parole today. She says she wants her protected until he turns up. Cristina asks what she’s not telling her. Harlee says she needs to know she’s safe today.

Woz grabs the hooker at a hotel and flashes his badge. He says he wants info and shows her that he has her mugshot. Harlee comes to see Miguel and asks why he went to see the place where Kovach died. He says time is something you can’t get back.

Harlee says she had nothing to do with his arrest. He says okay then asks why she’s scared. He says she’s been working with Woz for a decade and he’s the one who put him away. He asks what else she’s lying about. She asks what he’s going to do next week, next year.

Miguel says he has plans. She offers him money. Miguel says it will cost more than a cop salary but she says he has to be far away from her and Cristina. She says it’s life-changing money we’re talking about. Donnie takes the call that the deal is on.

He pulls the bag of Keith’s head and says call your wife. She takes the call and then calls Robert and says her husband is alive. She says Joaquin and Mike are to be assigned to a new route. Robert tells Helen that her husband is safe and under surveillance.

Harlee is with Marcus who says he had dinner with Sap’s mom and says she told him that Sap ran from the FBI and asks why he ran when he had an immunity deal. He says the guy signed the papers two weeks before that and she’s surprised – she didn’t know the date.

Cristina calls Nava’s office and pretends to be Harlee. She asks for Miguel’s parole officer contact info and finds out for sure he’s not on parole straight from the ADA’s office. Now Cristina knows her mom was flat out lying.

Loman tells Tess about Joaquin the buyer for the kink building. Carlos looks at the photo and says he saw him leaving the club just before they find Royce hung up. They ask Loman to look into it on his own since they have something to do.

Harlee looks at the pic of Robert that Woz shows her. He says he staked the guy out last night and thought he saw her there. She’s stunned. Then he shows her the pic of the escort and says the hooker told him he pays her to let him call her Harlee.

Woz says he’s got a fixation on her and says she needs to watch her back. Harlee says she always does. Harlee goes home and digs out her tablet. She watches the surveillance feed from Robert’s house and fast forwards to the hooker.

She sees him calling her Harlee and being creepy. Then she watches him fake the call to Baker about immunity for the rest of the crew. He never even dialed the phone. Harlee knows she’s been played. The doorbell rings and she doesn’t see that Miguel is in the apartment.

She goes to the door and buzzes Robert in. She tells him she wants him to call Baker for confirmation on the other immunity deals. She slaps him and says he backdated the paperwork for Sap and that killed him. Robert says he was protecting her.

He says Woz shoved Sap off the roof and she says he was going to Liz and she convinced Woz to leave Sap alone. He says he couldn’t know that Woz would pull a bomb scare. She goes to slap him again and he stops her.

He says Baker approved all of his actions. She says she doesn’t trust him about anything and wants to hear it from Baker. She demands that he call then asks if he ever asked her. She says he lied and used her. Robert says he’s a handler and she’s his asset.

He says she broke the law and he gave her a way out. Robert says this is about Cristina and says she will trade their future for Cristina’s. Harlee tells him to get out and he says once he does what he came to do. He says take your shirt off.

She says he won’t touch her and Miguel lurks in her bedroom listening. She unbuttons her shirt to put on the wire. Robert waits until Harlee leaves the apartment before he drives away. Miguel goes into her closet and pulls out the table with the surveillance feed footage on it.

Loman goes to see Helen and asks for Joaquin. She asks if he’s working with the FBI but he says he’s with the NYPD. She says Joaquin is out on a pickup and says an armored car can’t be stopped. Loman says he never mentioned stopping the truck and wonders why she’s acting so cagey.

Loman notices that Joaquin is assigned to a DEA pickup. Harlee goes to see her junkie mentor Caddie and tells him what’s going on with the FBI and Miguel. He says if her solution is to trust a junkie, she must be at rock bottom. She agrees she is.

She says that’s a federal wire she gave him. He does something with it then hands it back. She says she also needs him to pick up her cut but needs to be sober to do it. He asks if she needs anything else and she asks if he knows how to stall a van.

Caddie asks what kind of van. Harlee messes around under the hood of one van then slaps the GPS trackers under both. Chen calls in and tells Robert that Donnie is leaving the kidnap victim. Robert says the strike team is on the way soon.

Harlee comes to meet Woz. Loman, meanwhile, is watching the armored car. He sees the DEA agents bring out a pallet to load into it. The team is together and Woz hands out burners. They all check their guns and tuck their badges away.

Baker asks Robert if the vans are rolling yet and Robert says Woz is probably doing a Henry V speech. He doesn’t. They load up into the vans. Carlos, Tess and Marcus are in one. Harlee and Woz are in the other. The armored car rolls out and Loman follows it.

Chen says the strike team is on site for the kidnap victim. The vans go different ways but Robert says different routes are a precaution. Woz tells Harlee to stay focused. She asks if he checked in with Linda on Cristina and he says her daughter is fine.

She admits she lied to Cristina about Miguel being her dad. Woz says they’ll handle it and get the guy out of town. She says it all got out of control and he says just come clean and ask forgiveness. She says she won’t get it then thanks Woz for everything he’s done for her and her daughter.

She says he changed her life. He says they’ll get back on track. Her phone rings and Tess says their van died. Tess says they don’t know what’s wrong. Harlee fills Woz in and she says she and Woz will do it then says just walk away and they’ll deal with it.

Baker says she doesn’t like this and tells Robert to go pick up the kidnap victim. Marcus says he can fix the van and Harlee says just walk away. Woz snatches the phone and asks if he can fix it. He tells them if they can’t fix it in two minutes, walk away.

Harlee says they can do this on their own. He says they may have to. Chen goes in with the strike team and she’s horrified. She says his throat was slit. Baker is not pleased. The guy is dead and Chen says this was not supposed to happen.

Baker is angry that the guy died and he says Woz demanded that he be kept alive as part of the deal. Baker says this is falling apart. Loman is two cars back from the armored car. Joaquin and Mike call in and report their status.

Then they head off route to “avoid traffic” and Loman keeps following. Helen sees the warning that the armored car is off route and clears out the error notice. Loman notices a white van zoom past him and turn down an alley.

Woz says they get to test the theory that cops make the best criminals as he and Harlee get out of the van. Woz slaps some C4 onto the armored car and tells them to get out. The armored drivers send the required robbery signal. Helen is supposed to ignore it for a few minutes.

Loman calls for back up on a possible armored car robbery. Helen goes to the break room for some birthday cake so she can ignore the warning. Loman creeps closer then ducks out of sight as a car comes down the alley.

Marcus, Tess and Carlos show up. Harlee can’t believe they showed up. Robert is told the armored van robbery was called in. Loman realizes it’s his team doing the robbery. Marcus collects their wallets, guns, and phones.

Marcus says kink club to see if he gets a reaction. He does. Marcus says they have a problem and says Joaquin is a murder suspect. He tells Joaquin to give him the gun and turn. Joaquin says to walk away. Marcus says the guy wanted to buy the building.

Loman is there and has his gun on all of them. Harlee tries to talk sense to him. Woz asks if he followed them. Loman says he was following Joaquin. Harlee says it’s not what it looks like and Loman says it looks like they’re robbing an armored car.

Joaquin goes for his gun to shoot Loman. Marcus tackles him – the gun goes off on Tess is shot. Woz says this is bad. Loman is stunned they moved to save him despite him telling them he called in the armored truck robbery.