Shameless Recap 1/17/16: Season 6 Episode 2 “#Abortion Rules”

Shameless Recap 1/17/16: Season 6 Episode 2 "#Abortion Rules"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show called Shameless returns with an all new Sunday January 17, season 6 episode 2 called “#Abortion Rules” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Debbie (Emma Kenney) carries a bag of flour around all day to prove Fiona (Emmy Rossum) wrong about her ability to raise a child while going to school.

On the last episode, season 6 returned and began with Frank still mourning the loss of Bianca and his newfound appreciation for life freaking out his family. Meanwhile, Fiona tried to get Ian to take his important meds and to get Debbie to the clinic for a pregnancy test. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Debbie carries a bag of flour around all day to prove Fiona wrong about her ability to raise a child while going to school, but she quickly realizes people are not as accommodating to mothers and babies as she hoped.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 episode 2 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless? In the meantime, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s amazing episode below!

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#Shameless starts. Fiona is complaining to Sean about Debbie’s pregnancy. He doesn’t want to hear about it. He puts his hand over her mouth to shut her up and starts sexing her up. She says she’s going to make Debbie get an abortion.

Sean says don’t push too hard or Debbie could do the opposite. He says a nurse is coming to the diner to give her a drug test because of her promotion. He leaves and we see Carl online checking out hot black chicks online.

He wakes Nick up and tells him he doesn’t need to sleep with the hammer anymore and says no one will ass rape him at his house. Victoria comes down and starts getting busy with Kevin while the babies are napping. They hear the Yanis and the lesbians screaming at each other.

The babies wake crying. Yanis is furious that animal control is taking his dogs away. Kevin comes out and screams at him for yelling and waking his daughters. Yanis says he’s had those puppies since he was eight weeks old.

The women say the dogs could bite their kids – neither has a baby, but they tell them soon. Kevin says to clean the shit out of his yard, then get the dogs their shots and he can have them back. The Lisas thank Kevin and he says this neighborhood was fine before they moved in.

Fiona gets dressed for work then goes to check on Debbie who’s gone. She asks Ian to help her get Debbie to have an abortion. She tells Frank to sleep in his room and she’s tired of hearing him go on about his dead girlfriend.

He leaves in a snit. Fiona sees Carl and Nick at the table with Liam and Debbie. She asks how long Nick will be there and Carl says – a while. She asks if he has a place to go and Carl says he has no family. She asks if he talks. He says he’s got him covered.

Fiona tells Debbie she called the clinic and made an abortion appointment. Debbie says no. She insists Derek is coming back and his parents are a-holes. Fiona tells Debbie she has a choice and has her whole life ahead of her.

She says finish high school and college and then she can have a baby. Debbie says she’s not killing her baby and Fiona says it’s just a few cells. Fiona asks how she can go to school and have a baby. Carl throws Fiona some hundreds and says it’s for the abortion and to cover Nick.

Debbie grabs a bag of flour and says she’s going to carry it all day to show that she can go to school and take care of a baby. Theo, her hubby, is loud while Helene and Lip are having sex. He’s singing in the shower.

Helene tells Lip he should kill her husband and make it look like an accident then says she’s got a million dollar life insurance policy. He asks if she’s joking and she says maybe. Theo comes out and calls Lip doll face and says the shower is open.

Carl and Nick walk down the street and Carl tells him what’s going on in the neighborhood. Carl goes into the dry cleaner and gestures to Nick and the guy pays up. Ian tells Debbie good luck with the flour and says Fiona is all over his case.

Debbie digs out baby clothes to put on her flour baby. Fiona texts her that 75% of teen moms never find a husband. Olga tells Fiona that her daughter hid her pregnancy from her until it was too late for an abortion.

Melinda gives Fiona crap about her promotion. Fiona tells Sean that Debbie insists that Derek is coming back and Fiona says she hopes she has a miscarriage. Sean tells everyone Fiona sets the schedule now and to see her about days off.

Lip apologizes to Dylan who asks if he’s apologizing for thinking he was f-ing his own mother then says bitterly, no I’m f-ing my father. Theo offers to cook Lip some eggs and he says no thanks. Theo says he had him worried with the Dylan thing. Lip says sorry.

Theo says the only reason he’s having sex with his wife is because he allows it. Lip says he gets it. He goes and Theo tells him to have a good day. Frank has sativa with one of the hipsters. Svetlana tells Kevin the idiots are paying $12 for espresso so she’s letting them smoke.

Hipster Gary advises Frank to take Bianca’s stuff to the hospital where they met and burn it all to free himself. Frank says he’s right and takes off. Gary hands him a lighter and Frank kisses his cheeks and leaves.

Kevin asks when they got an espresso machine and Svetlana says Carl and a big scary black guy stole it and sold it to them. Debbie gets on the bus with her flour baby and she asks a guy to give his seat for her baby.

The guy says it’s flour but his friend says give her the seat, she’s obviously retarded. Fiona texts that 65% of teen moms never finish high school. Debbie leaves Derek another voice mail asking him to call her.

Carl and Nick lurk outside the school and Charleston pulls up. Carl asks the janitor to take his backpack into school and gives him a hundie to do it. The guy does and his metal leg gets it past the metal detector.

Nick and Carl go inside without getting tagged. Frank goes to the hospital with the box of crap. He grabs a trash can and starts putting stuff into it. A doctor calls security and he pours lighter fluid on it.

She asks if he’s Frank. Security grabs him before he can set it on fire. Frank says he’s just trying to erase her memory. Dr Jung says it’s okay, she knows Bianca’s friend Frank. Fiona calls Ian and says he’s late to work and get his ass there.

Sean heads to a meeting and Fiona complains he’s leaving at lunch rush. Ian comes in late and Fiona says he’s getting fired if he keeps doing this. She asks if he told Debbie to have an abortion and he says no, you can’t tell someone what to do with their body.

Lip is told he’s got a summer internship by Professor Youens but he says he doesn’t work for free. Fiona calls and Lip agrees to work on Debbie about the abortion. Youens says he has to do the internship.

He says he needs to pay his dues and it will pay off later. Lip asks if he can borrow his car and Youens says the car is his baby. He says it’s an emergency. Youens says he’d loan it to an intern and Lip agrees to think about it then takes off.

At school, Debbie gets a text from Fiona that says #AbortionRules. Debbie asks if she can go change her baby. The teacher says it’s a bag of flour in a dress. She says she’s practicing for a real baby. He says getting knocked up doesn’t give you special privileges.

He lets her go then a guy says his imaginary friend needs to go number two but the teacher says no. Fiona texts Veronica and Kevin yells at her about not holding the ladder. Svetlana says the hipster maggots drank all the IPA.

Kevin reads the Alibi was voted the best shittiest bar on the Southside and the article mentions the mean sexy Russian bartender. Dr Jung brings Frank some coffee and says Bianca told her about him and says she knows he’s always broke.

He says Bianca visits him in his dreams and Dr Jung says she misses her too. Frank kisses her and she says no but he says Bianca wants them to be together. The doc says Bianca’s cancer is the only reason she looked twice at him.

She says he and Bianca were together because she had stage four cancer. She says she has to go and takes off. Frank asks a nurse where oncology is. Carl is doing business in the handicapped bathroom. He’s selling guns.

A nerd comes in and says he needs to buy a gun for protection in case there’s a shooting. Carl offers him a Glock 17 for $300 and the guy asks him to teach him how to use it. He tells him that’s what the internet is for. He tells the kid to be safe and walk tall.

The other kids talk about how Carl used to be white and you shouldn’t f-k with him. Fiona tells Ian to get moving. Veronica brings Fiona an Atavan and Fiona talks about crushing up an abortion pill and putting it in Debbie’s juice.

He checks out a hot chick in biology and talks some smack. The teacher argues about Nick being in class but Carl talks her down and she lets him stay.

Frank has on Bianca’s lab coat and sneaks into the chemotherapy room. He tells a woman he’s part of the cancer counseling program. She says she has stage two skin cancer and he says that’s a drag and walks out.

He finds a cart of charts and starts looking for a terminal case. He hears a doctor talking to a woman about hospice. Her name is Hilary. He’s happy. Debbie talks to some of the other teen moms at school.

They talk about how their Forever 21 clothes don’t fit, their vaginas are loose, and how they never get any sleep. Lip shows up to pick up Debbie. She asks if he’s trying to take her to the clinic and he says no.

He says he had a whole speech about her being the fat girl with three kids at the grocery store with a handful of food stamps. He says he wants what’s best for her. She says an abortion is out and walks away.

Debbie tries to call Derek and gets a disconnected number notice. Fiona posts the new work schedule then sees Ian and another employee eating at a table. She asks if he paid for the pie and he says she didn’t clock out when she took a smoke break.

Ian says she’s all up his ass and she says he needs to show some gratitude. She says leave if you don’t like it. Ian says fine and talks out. He says he doesn’t need this. He slams out the door. Melinda says nice one and says nothing is c**tier than firing a relative.

Fiona goes to rant to Sean about everyone being jerks. She says she fired Ian and he says good, he was an awful busboy. Fiona says she can’t deal with this much responsibility. He says he shot up with some drugs he found in Otis’ locker and that’s why he’s been at so many meetings.

Fiona is stunned. She says it’s one more thing to worry about and asks why he did it. He says he’s an addict. She says she’s in love with a heroin addict and he says he’s always been one since she’s known him.

He says it was last night and she says they were together last night. He says yes. She asks him to promise not to do it again. She says that’s not how the disease works and says she’s been through the program. She says she was never an addict and didn’t pay attention.

Olga tells Fiona there’s a nurse here to do her drug test. He says he has to go so they don’t ask to test him too and takes off. Tommy is singing karaoke at The Alibi. Kevin comes in and asks when they started doing karaoke and she says $5 a song.

She tells him she’s getting a barber’s chair tomorrow and is going to give straight razor shaves to the hipsters for $30 a pop. Kevin toasts them. Debbie finds Derek’s sister-in-law at the nail salon and asks for his new number.

She asks why they’re doing this to her and she says it’s for the best. She says Derek’s parents were protecting her from the truth and says Derek asked to move to Florida and doesn’t want a baby with her.

She says he wants to go to the Air Force Academy and be a pilot. She says Debbie didn’t know because she was too busy trying to trap him. Debbie says she didn’t mean to and the girl says she has to get back to work.

Debbie and her flour baby are on the train. A handicapped woman on a walker asks her to move. Debbie realizes it’s her stop and gets off the train without her flour baby. She screams but the train is gone.

Frank tells Hilary about what he did for Bianca then says he can do the same for Hilary. He says he can be her cancer concierge. He says he needs to get Bianca out of his system. He tells her he thinks having sex on the train tracks would do it.

She says she hasn’t been touched in 15 years and he says let me worry about that. He gives her a crack pipe and lights it up. She keels over into his lap and he realizes she’s dead. He checks her pulse then curses and runs off.

Lip calls Fiona and says Debbie’s mind is made up. She asks him to meet her at the house to try together. The nurse who came to drug test her tells her she’s pregnant. Fiona is stunned. Fiona finds Debbie packing and tells her they need to go to the clinic now.

Fiona says she’s almost free from raising those kids and won’t take on more. Debbie says she won’t let her f-k up her baby like she did them. She says she’s going out to Florida to find Derek. Fiona says he doesn’t love her and she’s not going to Florida.

She wrestles her to the ground and says she’s going to the clinic. Lip leaves the car in the middle of the road and gets out to wrestle them apart. He says f-ing Gallaghers. Veronica, Kevin and the babies are woken up by Yanis and his loudness.

Kevin says he’s going to cut the motorcycle cable so this is done. He creeps up on the bike and clips a cable. Sean creeps in while Fiona is lying in bed. He says he was at a late meeting and he’s sorry he’s late.

Sean says he can’t promise he won’t do it again. She puts her hand on his mouth and tells him to shut up. She rolls onto him and starts riding him then stares at what looks like more than one track mark on his elbow.

Kevin wakes to hear the motorcycle and Veronica says he cut the throttle cable. He realizes he cut the brake cable instead just as Yanis crashes into a car because he can’t stop. He goes flying. Frank sets a shed on fire burning the Bianca stuff.