Shameless Recap 1/10/16: Season 6 Episode 1 Premiere “I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing”

Shameless Recap 1/10/16: Season 6 Episode 1 Premiere "I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday January 10, season 6 premiere called “I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 6 begins with Frank (William H. Macy) still mourning the loss of Bianca and his newfound appreciation for life freaking out his family.

On the last episode season 5 ended with Fiona reuniting with Gus after he returned from his tour, but she struggled with the fact that her feelings for Sean had turned into love. In Costa Rica, Frank had love struggles of his own while he worked to keep Bianca happy Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “season 6 begins with Frank still mourning the loss of Bianca and his newfound appreciation for life freaking out his family. Meanwhile, Fiona tries to get Ian to take his meds and to get Debbie to the clinic for a pregnancy test.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 premiere is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless begins at the cemetery with Frank asleep on Bianca’s grave. The groundskeeper tells him they talked about it before and he can’t sleep there. He tells him to move on with his life. Frank says she was the love of his life. He starts crying.

The guy says he has to take off. Frank kisses her grave goodbye and walks off crying with his bag of crap. Fiona wakes with Sean in her bed and wakes Ian up and Liam. She reminds Debbie they have to go to the clinic to check on her possible pregnancy.

Sean dresses and reminds her she’s still married and she puts out the candles on Frank’s Bianco shrine. Debbie stares at her bobs and stomach in the mirror. She comes down and Sean says Frank is weeping again. He sits in the living room crying.

She reminds Ian to take his meds and Frank comes in all sad and tells Fiona that he loves her and starts babbling about Bianca. The kids have heard these stories and are annoyed. He tells Debbie he loves her and Ian says go away.

Frank wails that she was his soul mate and asks to borrow $5. He says he wants to light a candle at the church. They tell him no. He rants more about Bianca and about how God stole that love. He says they have no compassion and kisses Liam and says he loves him too.

He walks out and Fiona says she wants to stab their dad. Debbie smiles and Fiona says there’s no reason to be happy. Liam says drugs then shows he has a switchblade he says he got from Carl’s pillow. Fiona says they should visit Carl but Debbie says no.

Fiona stops Debbie and tells her she loves her like Frank was doing. She rolls her eyes. Lip stares at sleeping Helene. He snaps a pic of her half naked then rubs her leg to wake her. She says she has class and he says he does too.

He puts his hands between her legs and starts rubbing her. She stops him and says they both need to go to class. He says his professor never comes to class anyway because he’s drunk all the time. She says the guy is an award winner and tenured so he won’t get fired.

Lip asks to come over tonight but Helena says she’s busy. She puts on a hoodie and sunglasses and sneaks out of his dorm room. At the free clinic, Debbie is called and says she doesn’t want Fiona to come back with her.

Kevin wakes to pounding at the door. Veronica smacks him and says get the door as the babies start crying. The noise continues. He goes downstairs and finds people asking him to sign a petition about the noise.

He asks what noise and then tells them it’s the ghetto and there’s noise there. The women say the Turkish guy is doing it on purpose and he says the guy is not Turkish and it’s a classic car. Kevin says he’ll talk to Yanis and says nothing needs to get dramatic.

Carl is hanging with his black buddies when he’s called. He high fives everyone around – they chant “white boy Carl.” He faces down Chuckie who’s with the Aryans as he walks by. He gets his sack of stuff and they let him out.

Debbie sits waiting as the nurse comes back in and says the test is positive. Debbie says she wants to have the baby and walks out. She lies and tells Fiona she’s not pregnant. Fiona takes her for donuts before school.

Lip knocks on the professor’s car door and finds him drunk in his car. He tells him there’s a new scratch on the car. The guy asks if there is any blood or clothing in the grill. Lip checks and says no. He asks Lip how he looks and he says – like shit.

The dean pulls up next to him and looks askance. After she walks off, he says some nasty stuff about her. Sean asks Fiona if Debbie is okay and she says she seemed disappointed not to be pregnant. Sean says it’s teenage hormones.

He also says Otis is late again and the guy rushes in. He tells him to get there on time and then tells Fiona he thinks he’s using. Otis says he’s not. Svetlana comes to see Ian at work and offers him $50 to come with her to see Mickey along with Yevgeny.

Frank cuts line at the confessional at church – the priest calls him by name then Frank starts in about Bianca about his family ridiculing his pain and Bianca’s family throwing him out of the funeral. He says 10 Hail Mary’s. Frank debates and the priest curses at him and says leave.

Frank takes the Lord’s name in vain and says he’s going to give the Lutherans a try. He blasphemes the others waiting for confession then goes down to the altar. He looks at the icon of Jesus and hears the chanting. He looks again at Jesus. The eyes seem to be moving.

Kevin goes over to see Yanis who is still revving his motorcycle and asks him to keep the noise down. He asks if the lesbians are complaining. He says they are on him about his dogs and calls them rich lesbo bitches.

Kevin says their sexual orientation matters and he says the dogs bark at them because they don’t like dick. Yanis says he’s been in that house for 26 years and his mom died in the house. He says he will rape the dyke out of them if they call the cops again.

He goes back and cranks his motorcycle again and revs it up. Looks like he took the muffler off. Fiona works the room and Sean tells her to get Ian to bus faster. She tells him and he says no one is waiting. Cops come to arrest Otis and chase him through the diner.

A cop car pulls up out front as Otis is tackled. They slam him against the window and he curses them and calls them pugs. They haul him away. Sean asks Ian to wipe the blood and snot off the window where they slammed Otis up against it.

He says he needs a new assistant manager. Frank lights a cigarette then runs to talk to a Hassidic Jew who walked by. Later he goes to a black church but then snuck out. He goes to talk to a Buddhist monk and goes to a mosque later too.

Frank chats up some Mormons on bikes but ends up laughing at them. He catches up with some Hare Krishnas. He prays with the Muslims but the Jewish guy runs away from them. Debbie talks to Derek about the baby and he says their families need to talk.

She reminds him they have an appointment at Planned Parenthood after school. Lip watches the bored students and thinks about the absent professor. He says Professor Youens has been detained and he starts teaching the class.

The class perks up and starts paying attention. Youen comes in at the back of the room but lets him go on. Youen comes down and thanks Lip. He looks at the work on the board then sighs and picks up the lecture.

Kevin is pouring cheap liquor into expensively labeled bottled and a hipster videos Svetlana while she ups the price of his drink. The hipster likes the way she’s mean to him. Kevin says they think it’s authentic when they treat them like shit.

Frank comes in for his one drink of the day and the others mock him. He says that’s all the new liver allows. He starts to talk about Bianca and everyone groans. Tommy mocks him and says she was young and had nice tits – move on.

Frank comes over to talk to the flannel-wearing hipsters. He goes to talk to them about Bianca and they take selfies with him. Sean tells Fiona that Otis was cooking meth and stashed it in his toilet. He says the toilet is a rookie mistake.

He says he needs a new assistant manager and she asks if he really needs one then tells her she should do it. He says she’s good with people but Fiona says no tips. He says think about your future and Melinda complains that she’s been there longer than Fiona.

Sean and Melinda argue and Melinda says he offered it to Fiona because she blows him. He says no but it’s a great side benefit. He tells Fiona to think about it because she’d be great. The class files out and a student asks if Lip or Youen graded his paper.

He says he deserved better than a D. Lip says no and says he can tell he plagiarized it. He reads off a section and says it reads like a Nobel laureate and it’s from Ketterel. The guy says he didn’t then Lip threatens to Google it. He tells him to rewrite and he’ll regrade it tomorrow.

Youen watches the exchange. The kid leaves. He asks if the student is a friend and says he could have expelled it. Lip says the kid needed a break. Youen said that wasn’t his decision as a TA. He tells Lip he should consider teaching.

Lip says the pay sucks and Youen asks if that’s his objective in life. He tells Lip to use his talent for more than managing a hedge fund and paying off his student loans. He asks him to think about it. Youen leaves with a sigh.

Debbie is at Planned Parenthood but Derek is a no show. She goes back with the nurse. She tries to text him but has to go back. Carl gets dropped off at home and goes inside. Fiona thinks it’s Debbie but then Carl speaks to her and she runs to hug him.

She asks when he got out and why didn’t he call. She checks out his braids and he says he got out early for good behavior. Liam comes up and he calls him the N word then Liam calls him cracker.

He says G-Dogg picked him up then asks to have a kid sleep over. She wants to throw a welcome home party and he says okay. She says his voice dropped and he says his testicles did too. She tells him it’s good to have him home.

Mickey is shown to the visitor room. He waves at Yevgeny and Svetlana smooches the window. She says she has another job – but he has to stab the guy in the eye – it pays $2500. He asks her to step aside so he can talk to Ian and she reminds him it has to be in the eye.

Mickey tells him he’s glad to see him and Ian says Svetlana paid him. Mickey says he gave himself a tattoo and shows that it’s Ian’s name but the last name is spelled wrong. He asks if Ian’s going to wait for him and he says he’s got 15 years.

Mickey says he’ll be out in eight and Ian reminds him he tried to kill his sister. Mickey says half-sister then asks again if he’ll wait for him but he knows it’s a long time. Ian says he’ll wait then he hangs up the phone and leaves. Svetlana follows.

Lip’s roommate tells him his professor GF might be f-ing someone new. He says it’s probably just a rumor when Lip looks concerned.

Debbie is angry and goes to Derek’s house and says he was supposed to meet her. She says he’s moving to Florida to live with his grandmother and she won’t hear from him again. Debbie rants that he can’t go because she’s carrying his child. She rants and leaves.

Frank tells Carl he’s so proud that he’s 14 and a convicted drug dealer and he’s glad one of the kids followed him into the family business. Frank tells him he loves him and asks him to call him dad.

Fiona brings out a cake and eggs for Carl. Kevin asks if a lot of kids take it in the ass to survive. There’s a knock and Carl says it’s his sleepover. It’s Nick, a black dude from prison. He tells them it’s great to be home and walks out with his prison friend.

Kevin eats his eggs and Sean asks Fiona to go fishing. She grabs her jacket. He takes her to the aquarium to have sex. He got a buddy to let them in there. He brought along champagne and he asks if she’s thought about taking the promotion.

She says everyone would hate her. He says they don’t hate him and Fiona says they do – everyone hates the boss. He says people will be reluctant to give her a chance because of her felony conviction and this would help her.

He says he trusts her and it would help him out a lot. She agrees. Lip is lurking near Helene’s house spying. He sees her walk out with a young guy and hugs him goodbye. The guy smiles and walks off. Lip approaches him and asks if he f-d her then punches him. They get into a fistfight.

The guy tells him to stop and asks what’s wrong with him. He says stay away from Helene and the guy says stay away from my mom – Lip is shocked. The guy tells Lip to get the f-k out of here. He runs off when the kid goes back into the house.

Fiona sees Carl making a pallet on the floor for Nick and he tells Fiona that he set his dad on fire. She asks if it was an accident. He says he’s his brother for another mother and says they kicked him out of juvie because he turned 18 and says he’s been in since he was nine.

Fiona reminds Ian to take his meds then goes to check on Debbie who’s crying and tells her to go away. Fiona says she can talk to her. Debbie cries and tries to text Derek but it doesn’t deliver – looks like his number is off.

Debbie turns off the light. Frank lies on Bianca’s grave the next morning talking about hot sex they had. He has a pair of her panties and bra lying on her grave and pretends he’s talking to her. He rolls over on her grave and begins to masturbate.

Then he stops and says you get on top and puts her lingerie on him. The caretaker hoses him down and calls him crazy. He chases him off and says he hopes he rots in hell. Lip wakes to a pounding at the door.

Helene rants that she can’t believe he beat up her son Dylan. Lip has a girl in his bed that knows her. Helene glares and the girl gets dressed and runs out. She asks why he was at her house and asks if he’s insane.

She says he has no right to be near her family or house. Lip says he knows and says it was stupid and he’s sorry. She calms down then sighs. He asks if Dylan is okay and she says he will be, he’s a tough kid who wrestles at Yale.

She says his right eye is pretty swollen and says he mentioned that he hit hard. He says her son does too and he almost broke his rib. Lip says he thought her son was 10 and off at prep school. She says she can’t believe he screwed Tiffany Thomas.

He says he was feeling sorry for himself. He asks if she remembers her from class and she says she wasn’t very memorable then asks him if she is. Fiona wakes to find Frank staring at her. She tells him he’s creeping her out.

He asks if she does breast self-exams and says cancer can creep up on you. Fiona and Frank hear Carl calling for them and see Nick doing calisthenics in his room. She comes downstairs and tells him to shut up.

Derek’s parents are downstairs. They tell her they want to talk about the baby. Fiona turns to glare at Debbie and Carl says, holy shit what else did I miss? Frank walks by naked except for Bianca’s thong and tiny t-shirt.

Ian says nice panties and Frank says they help me feel closer to her.