Shameless Recap – Meth and Older Women: Season 5 Episode 12 Finale “Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher)”

Shameless Recap - Meth and Older Women: Season 5 Episode 12 Finale "Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher)"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday April 5, season 5 episode 12 finale called “Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fiona [Emmy Rossum] reunites with Gus. Frank [William H. Macy] works to keep Bianca happy. Season finale.

On the last episode Frank became concerned about Bianca’s increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “season 5 ends with Fiona reuniting with Gus after he returns from his tour, but she struggles with the fact that her feelings for Sean have turned into love. In Costa Rica, Frank has love struggles of his own while he works to keep Bianca happy.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 finale  is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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On #Shameless, Fiona is getting it on shamelessly with her husband Gus. He lights up after and she asks why he’s smoking. He says he does it on tour. He thanks her for coming to the last show. He says the new song is called Betrayal and says Chris wrote the lyrics. Lip is with Helene. She wakes him up with a kiss and he sees she’s tied him to the bed. She pours wine on him and licks it off of him. Her husband sits nearby watching them.

Lip asks what he’s doing and she says he’s waiting on them to finish so he can come to bed. She asks if he wants her to stop. He doesn’t. Mickey is banging some chick and she complains that it’s been an hour. She says if he wants to do it more, they need lube then mentions how long it took him to get hard. He gets angry and slaps at a photo of Ian on his wall.

Monica rambles to the trucker about her life while Ian lies in the sleeper area staring at photos of the guy’s family. Derek kisses a sleeping Debbie as he gets dressed. She asks if he asks to go and says she loves him. He says he loves her too. She’s thrilled. Frank is with Bianca at the beach. He wakes and goes to find her by the ocean. He asks about her pain and if she has enough pills.

She decides to go for a swim despite his shark warning. She calls him to come get in. Fiona comes home and says she’ll go grocery shopping today. She says she was with Gus last night and Debbie asks if they’re back together. Debbie asks about Sean and she says he’s just a good friend. Veronia comes over to complain about the Russian ho in her kitchen talking diaper genies with Kev.

V notices a hickey on Debbie and Fiona says she’s on the pill. Debbie bitches about taking care of Liam all the time since Fiona is never around. V says she lost her v card when she was just 11 and says the deacons at the church were bad. Then she tells him about Kevin banging co-eds and Svetlana servicing them all orally. Fiona says Ian took off with Monica and left his meds behind.

Monica and Ian get out of the truck at a truck stop and go inside to eat. Ian says he has no money – Monica thought the Army should have given him some. She says she’s got money and tells him to go inside and get them a table. She runs off. Ian watches her go talk to some truckers. He sees her go around to the back of a truck with one of the guys then comes back out shortly with cash and a smile.

Frank is whistling and happy when Bianca comes back from her swim. He offers to cook for her but she says no. He says she needs to eat but she says no and kisses him. She says they should go get drunk and buy a gun. She says a really big gun. They head out. Monica is acting crazy and Ian asks if she can pay for all this. He reminds her when he had to climb out a bathroom window.

She asks how old he was and he says six or seven. She says those were good times. Ian asks how she got money from the trucker. He says she wasn’t gone long enough to do anything. She says she sold him something and he asks what. Mickey calls again. She presses ignore on the call. Monica tells him he’s beautiful. She says she did good making him.

Fiona is at work hustling and tells Sean that her hubby is back. He asks how it went. She asks about Will and how he’s doing in Pittsburgh. It’s awkward and then he points out a table she needs to help. Lip finds Amanda hiding in his dorm room because her lesbian roommate has gone nuts. She says it’s kind of a turn on how obsessed she is with him. Amanda asks if he spent the night at Mrs Robinson’s.

She acts jealous but he tells her she can hang as long as she wants. He takes off and she’s hurt. V makes Kevin go to the clinic to get checked out from all his skeeviness. V tells the nurse that her husband is a slut and she wants him checked out. The nurse asks for a number and he asks if that counts anal then says a bunch of co-eds think up the butt preserves virginity and calls it the poophole loohole.

He says it’s about 22 or 23 give or take. V is shocked but he says he was the rape walker. Debbie goes to look at Plan B pills. The pharmacist asks how old she is and acts skeevy. Then she grabs condoms and he points out that they’re magnums. She switches them out. Frank looks at Bianca chatting with someone and the bartender tells Frank his daughter is beautiful.

He asks the guy where he can buy a gun. The guy rattles off a list of gun types and then points out a skinny Brazilian. V tells her mom Kevin slept with half the school and her mom reminds her that she left him. She tells her that Kev is a good looking, good earning, good between the sheets man and she should never have let her off the sheet.

Her mom tells her to dress up like a little girl if that’s what he wants. She tells her to make her man happy. Ian and Monica score a ride to the middle of nowhere. She says they’re home. She’s thrilled and says Walter is back. She runs to kiss him and introduces him to Ian. Sean is on the phone complaining to his ex. Fiona asks how he’s doing and who he was talking to.

She offers to talk to him about it but he says they aren’t friends. She insists they are and he says to go home before her husband starts worrying about her. Lip goes back to his dorm room and finds Amanda still there. She ordered a pizza and offers to heat it up for him. Amanda asks if it’s just about sex or if she makes him happy. He says mostly sex and she asks if the other woman is better than her.

Lip says just more practice and she says she heard it was lots more. She asks if there’s anything he’d like to teach her. He’s studying and ignoring her. She goes to heat up the pizza and he grabs his jacket, her keys and leaves. Liam watches a horror movie when Fiona comes home. She clicks it off then sees there’s KFC on the coffee table. She calls out for Debbie and goes upstairs.

She walks into her room and finds her naked in bed with Debbie. She says he’s spending the night but Derek says his dad won’t let him. He runs out. Debbie tells Fiona she’s pregnant and they’re getting married. She says she loves him and they’ll have a lot of babies and be happy. Fiona curses at her and Debbie asks why won’t she let her be happy.

Bianca rides Frank and tells him to talk dirty to her. He does and slaps her ass. When they’re done, she asks where the gun is. She puts on her dress and grabs the gun. She takes out the bullets and puts one back in then spins the cylinder. She cocks it and puts it to her head. She calls his name and pulls the trigger. It clicks. She does it again and he tells her to stop. The gun goes off and she grazes his arm.

He laughs but she’s crying. He holds her close and he says it’s okay. Monica and Walter giggle and fool around while Ian watches reruns. He checks her bag and sees meth in little packets. He walks out of the trailer and goes to another trailer nearby – looks like the meth lab. Monica comes out and asks what he’s doing and asks him to come back inside. Ian says he’s looking at all the stars.

She asks if he likes Walter and says he’s nice. Ian asks how old he is and she says she doesn’t know. He asks if she’s selling meth. Then he asks if Walter is cooking out there. She says Walter takes care of her and they’re happy. Walter comes out and tells them to shut the f-k up so he can sleep. He and Ian get into a confrontation. Monica calms him down and he goes back inside.

Monica says Walter is mostly sweet and says she’s finally happy. She says she loves him and wants him to have love too. She hugs him. She goes back inside and she and Walter start arguing loudly. Mickey calls Ian again but he doesn’t answer. Mickey goes to the park to troll and finds a guy. He calls him cupcake and tells him to come on.

Fiona tells Gus about Debbie and her sex stuff, Ian who’s with Monica and Lip banging a teacher. She says she’s doing an awful job with the kids and thanks him for coming over. He asks if she’s coming home tonight but she says she needs to be there in the morning and asks if he can stay here but he says her bed sucks. He says he doesn’t think the kids should be comfortable with him being around.

She asks why and he says she hasn’t decided to stay with him. He tells her he needs to know soon. Frank wakes to Bianca moaning. She’s outside on the beach. He asks if the pain is back then goes to get her pills and a beer. He lifts her up and pops a pill in her mouth then gives her the beer to chase it. She asks for another and he asks how many she’s had but she begs and he gives her another.

Frank sees she has the gun and she says she couldn’t do it. She says she was too afraid. She says she thought it would be easy but couldn’t do it. He holds her and she thanks him for making her happy. She tells him she’s never been happy. Fiona sits on Debbie’s bed and wakes her the next morning. She asks if she’s sure she’s pregnant. Debbie ignores her and then tells Fiona she wants to have a baby.

Fiona says she’s just a kid and Debbie says it’s her body, her decision. Fiona says she will ruin her life and barely knows the guy. Debbie rants at Fiona about hooking up with all sorts of guys and mentions Jimmy, Gus and Sean. Debbie says she knows who she loves and what she wants even if Fiona doesn’t. She walks out. Veronica wakes Kevin up and she’s in a little Catholic school girl outfit.

She asks if this is what he likes and he says yes, no, then is confused. V throws her shoes at him and locks herself in the bathroom. The babies start crying and she tells him to go hold them. She says he better go before they die but he says he wants to be with her. She tells him to go get the babies. He doesn’t. He says they can do it together. She says those babies can scream.

Bianca goes back out to the beach later and takes off her dress. She walks out into the ocean and dives beneath the surface. Fiona goes to see Gus at his place and finds Chris there. He says Gus already left then tells her if she doesn’t love him she needs to man up and leave. He says Gus is too nice to do it and she’s not nice. Fiona seems hurt but that offhand comment.

Frank wakes and goes outside. He pees off the porch and we see a note she left that asks him to give it to her family. He sees the bottle of pills is empty. He runs outside and sees her clothes on the beach. He runs to the ocean calling her name over and over. He yells – not today. He sits down by her clothes and cries.

Lip finds Amanda waiting for him. She says it was shitty to disappear on her. She says she waited for hours and he reminds her he didn’t ask her to come over. She punches him in the face and says that was for making her fall in love with him. She screams, curses, then runs off. The other coeds all applaud him. Fiona comes to work on her day off to see Sean. She asks what’s going on with them.

He says she’s married and she says she thinks she’s in love with him and he with her. Sean says Gus is a good guy and he’s not going to sleep with a nice guy’s wife. She asks what if they split and he says not because of him. She kisses him and then there’s a knock at the door. He goes to let in the other employees. She tells him she’s happy around him. He says happy is overrated. He tells her to grow up.

Ian calls Mickey but he doesn’t get the phone in time. He calls him back then asks where the f-k he is. Mickey goes running and finds Ian on the steps of the Gallagher house. He says he’s been with his mom. Ian says he hates the meds and asks Mickey if he’ll want to be with him if he doesn’t take them. Ian says he doesn’t know who he is half the time. Mickey says he loves him.

Ian says he doesn’t want Mickey sitting around worrying and waiting for him to do the next crazy thing. Mickey asks what the hell is wrong with him and Ian says too much is wrong with him and that’s the problem. He says Mickey can’t fix him and he doesn’t need to be fixed, he’s just him. Mickey says this is Ian breaking up with him and Ian says yeah. Sammi shows up with a gun calling Mickey’s name.

Fiona asks Veronica if she thinks she’s a good person then they hear gunshots and Sammi screaming. Mickey runs while she chases him and shoots him. She says he tried to kill her and he says f-k you and your weird ass kid. Fiona asks what’s going on and Ian says something about Mickey locking her in a box for a week. Fiona asks Ian how Monica is and he says she’s with a teenage meth dealer.

Ian and Lip smoke a joint and Lip says he’s falling in love with a professor. Ian says cool. Then they notice Frank has walked up. He grabs the joint and takes a toke. He tells them she’s gone. They have no clue what he’s talking about and just laugh at him. At juvie, Carl is with the black gang and Chuckie with the skinheads. You don’t see what happens but then the alarm at the jail sounds. The guards run off to stop it. Debbie looks at her pregnancy test in shock then seems happy.