Shameless Recap 1/24/16: Season 6 Episode 3 “Ghost Your Baby”

Shameless Recap 1/24/16: Season 6 Episode 3 "Ghost Your Baby"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday January 24, season 6 episode 3 called “Ghost Your Baby” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Frank (William H. Macy) teaches Debbie (Emma Kenney) how to work the welfare system to her advantage.

On the last episode Debbie carried a bag of flour around all day to prove Fiona wrong about her ability to raise a child while going to school, but she quickly realized people are not as accommodating to mothers and babies as she hoped. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank teaches Debbie how to work the welfare system to her advantage. Meanwhile, Kevin and Veronica visit a paralyzed Yanis in the hospital and try to make amends, but Yanis arrives home and tries to kill the two Lisas with Kev’s van.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 episode 3 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless begins with Fiona waking and running to barf but someone beats her to the bathroom. She bars out a window and it lands on Frank and his Spanish friends that are in the driveway. Frank says they just got evicted.

He says gentrification is ruining the neighborhood and says he rented the yard to them. Kevin and V go see Yanis at the hospital. He’s paralyzed. Yanis says he’s going home and isn’t going to rehab. He says he survived the Marines and the lesbians did this.

He says they will pay. Kevin squeaks as Yanis mentions the cut brake line. V tells him to hand over the flowers and let’s go. Fiona comes down and sees Carl has loaded up the house with groceries. She says he better not be selling drugs. He’s not – it’s guns.

Sean comes down and heads off to work. She asks Carl to drop Liam at Head Start. He tells Nick to come on and they leave. Fiona tells Debbie she’s pregnant even though she was on the pill. Debbie thinks they can raise their kids together.

She asks if it’s Gus’ or Sean’s kid. Fiona says stop it and says she gets how crazy this makes your body. She apologizes and hugs her. She says they can go get abortions together like a family outing. Debbie is shocked. Fiona says Derek isn’t coming back.

Debbie says she’s disgusting and calls her a horrible human being. She says she didn’t’ even divorce her husband, she ghosted him and now she’s going to ghost her baby. Before Fiona can argue, she has to go puke.

Frank comes in and Debbie asks him to walk her to school. He fusses then goes. Ian goes to Lip’s dorm on campus. He thanks Lip for the job and he says he can thank his professor instead. Ian heads out so he won’t be late.

Frank is excited to hear Debbie is pregnant then even more excited to hear Fiona is also pregnant. Frank says biologically, Debbie is in her prime child-bearing years. Frank says Fiona can do what she wants but he’ll talk to her.

Debbie suggests they all talk to Fiona after school. Frank says he has to go so he’s not late to his cancer support group. He takes off. Ian goes down to the basement to see the janitors. They tell him it’s good that his name has three letters since they can’t afford to have more stitched on.

Ron explains that Tod had an accident and has a metal plate in his head so he’s simple but nice. Ron shows him how to punch in and says collect trash all over the campus and in the classrooms between classes. He tells him once he knows trash they can do bathrooms.

Carl tells Nick he’s going to get him his bike then he goes to flirt with Dominique. She says he and his cornrows needs to leave her alone. She calls him a white boy playing dress up. He tells her he and Nick were in juvie together and sees his black soul.

Debbie comes over and tells Carl family meeting tonight and he calls her white girl and says he doesn’t know him. The principal tells Carl to come to his office. Kevin and V come to the diner and he confesses about cutting Yanis’ brake cord. Sean says cool.

Fiona takes V in the back and says she’s pregnant, Debbie’s pregnant, Carl is a criminal and it’s all crap. She cries and V holds her. She asks whose it is and Fiona says Sean, Gus or maybe Jimmy. V laughs and says it’s funny-slutty.

Fiona says she’s not telling any of them since she’s not keeping it. She says she needs to go see Gus and tells her the ghosting crap Debbie said. Veronica says she did ghost him and never broke it off. Fiona says she’s going to Gus’ gig tonight.

Veronica says tell her that her house is in order and Debs needs to get an abortion too. The principal tells Carl that students talk and he has the ears of a dog and the soul of a warrior. He says he heard Carl is selling weapons.

He mentions a school shooting that killed three kids nearby. Carl says so. The principal gets closer to him and says he wants a Glock, 9 mm, hollow tips, no cop killers so it doesn’t go through a shooter and into a kid.

Fiona tells Sean her stuff is done and she needs to go out. He asks what’s going on and calls BS on her lame lie. He says just be direct. She says she’s going to the clinic to make an appointment for Debbie then go give Gus back his grandmother’s ring and tell him they’re done.

Sean asks why she wouldn’t just tell him and she leaves. He doesn’t look happy. Frank shows up on the way out and hugs Fiona and congratulates her. He asks if he can congratulate the father to be and peeks in the window. She tells him to get lost.

Carl flirts up Dominique again later. The principal comes over and calls Carl a fine, upstanding African American student. She says he’s white but the principal sticks to it. He and Carl give a hug and back slap and he tells Nick let’s go do some business.

Kevin pulls Yanis’ motorcycle around back and the two Lisas ask if he’s coming home. They tell Kevin it’s nice he’s cleaning up the yard. They want to do something too and offer new grass or a roses. Kevin tells them to stay away.

Debbie waits for the handicapped stall but two kids are having sex in there. Frank follows Fiona to the clinic and she says she’s there for an abortion but he says she should get prenatal care. Fiona tells him to leave and he says he’ll go tell Sean.

She threatens to set him on fire in his sleep. The nurse sets up the appointment and says she needs a ride and asks if she has a husband or BF. Frank says she has both. Yanis freaks out and tries to steer Kevin’s truck into the neighbors working on his house.

Yanis steers them onto the grass and then Yanis opens the door and falls out flat on his face at one of the Lisa’s feet. Ian comes to take out Youens’ trash and he tells Ian he seems smart and should finish school. Lip invites Ian to lunch and they leave.

Debbie tells Frank they need to convince Fiona to keep the baby. Frank says he’s going to take Debbie around to get on the dole. Carl says he’ll pick up Liam so he can show him to Dominique. Ian listens to Lip talking physics to another student.

Ian takes off to clock out. Frank takes Debbie to the welfare office and says it takes luck. He says one baby is worth $357. He says if it’s twins she’ll get more. He says you get an extra hundred for handicapped babies and says lighten up on the vitamins. Debbie says no.

Frank says Fiona already made an abortion appointment and Debbie suggests an intervention. Frank is excited to be on the other side of one. Frank notices the TANF form is missing and says this is like bring your daughter to work day.

Carl brings Liam and Nick to see Dominique. Her dad pulls out a bat after Carl uses the n-word and says run. Carl runs but forgets Liam and has to come back for him. Fiona and V go to Gus’ gig and she says she’s nauseous.

Fiona approaches Gus and says she got a Facebook invite. She says he looks good and he says he wrote a song for her. He asks her to hang out and listen. She goes back and tells V they’re staying. Ian goes back to Lip’s dorm where a party is raging.

He sees two guys making out and says he likes college. Gus says his wife is here and points her out. He says this song is for you and it’s called “The F Word.” It calls her the F word and is all about how she crapped on him and how his heart died.

The chorus says f-ing Fiona was f-ing everyone, f-k you Fiona, because now I’m f-ing done. She hangs her head in shame and annoyance. Ian is wasted after the party and he says he needs to crash. Lip says me too. He asks if he can crash with him for a while.

He says he hates being at home with Deb and Fiona always fighting. Lip says yeah then says Helene comes over sometimes. Ian says he’ll clear out while she’s here. He says he’s RA now and earned his space. He says he can crash for tonight.

Lip says just don’t move your shit in is all he’s saying. Sean is smoking outside the diner when Fiona approaches. She takes the cigarette and tokes on it. He asks about Gus and she says he’s angry and it went as well as you’d expect.

She says she left after a few songs so she didn’t give back the ring. Sean says it was a good day for him too since he didn’t do any drugs. She’s crying and curses. He asks if she’s going to dump him because he slipped up and says she’s been acting weird.

She says Gus sang a song about her called the F word. Sean says that’s a pussy move and he would have just burned her house down. She kisses him and says she loves him. He says he’s going to another meeting but offers to walk her home.

She says go and then she takes off. He asks her to sing him some of the F word and she flips him off. Fiona wakes and runs to the bathroom to puke. She goes downstairs and finds the family all there. Frank tells her it’s an interbortion.

He says she’s got a defenseless fetus in her womb. He calls it a crime against God. She calls Frank a hypocrite. He says Gallaghers don’t have abortions. She says he just abandons them. Liam says don’t kill babies Fiona.

Fiona tells him she’s just having cells vacuumed out and Fiona tells Debbie she betrayed her. Debbie says she wants the baby cousins to play together. Fiona says she’s hungry and Frank says she’s eating for two. Fiona says she’s throwing him out with his friends.

Ian is cleaning up party puke the next day and Lip tries to help him. Ian snatches the mop back and says he doesn’t want his help. Ian says he has to work for a living and Lip says he does work. Ian says this is it for him and says he’s cleaning his puke.

Lip says he should go back to high school and says no one made him drop out. Ian says f-k you and Lip says f-k you too. Ian throws the earned your space comments back in his face then comes at him. He and Lip start brawling.

Another guy pulls Ian off him and he says he’s f-ing done and storms out. Lip’s mouth is all bloody. A teacher grabs Carl and says she teaches AP calculus. She says she wants a lady Smith & Wesson with a pink handle. She says she has cash.

Deb comes home and finds Fiona brooding in the kitchen. She asks if she’s dropping out of high school now too. Debbie says she supports Fiona’s decision and says she needs her support too since no one else does.

Debbie says Frank is the only one on her side and he’s Frank. Debbie says if she loves her she will support her decision and says she’s going to be a great mom. Fiona hugs her and says she will be a great mom but not yet.

She says they can have babies together in 10 years when they’re ready and says the timing is not right for them now. She says they can fix their mistakes. Debbie says she did it on purpose and says she lied to Derek about being on the pill.

Fiona says since Frank is the only person who thinks this pregnancy is a good idea and that should bother her. Fiona tells her she will not support her physically, emotionally and says she will not change a diaper, will not wake up when it’s sick because Debbie will not live there.

Debbie stomps off and slams her door. Sean come in and Fiona wipes her tears. He says she called in sick and she says that’s how she feels. Sean says he’s clean and sober and says he did a small amount of heroin but he can still listen and respond.

He says for f-k’s sake, please tell me what’s going on. V and Kevin take care of Yanis who talks about how he’s going to skin one and wrap the other one in her skin. Kevin is ready to confess but V interrupts and says the Lisas were out of town.

Yanis says it must be the lawyer on the corner and is going to kill his kids. Kevin says that’s not what the bible says and Yanis says the bible and the lawyer’s kids can suck his d-ck. Sean sits and tells Fiona he can wait all day until she talks.

She tells him she’s pregnant and is not having it and he can’t have an opinion since she doesn’t know if it’s his. She says it’s just like how she can’t get a promise from him over not shooting up and says he can’t shoot up because of it.

Fiona says the tears aren’t because she’s sad about the abortion but she’s sick, her tits hurt and her bra is killing her. She cries some more. Sean sighs and says he needs to go to the bank. He asks if she wants to walk with him. She says sure.

Dominique asks Carl if she’s going to let him walk by. She says his skin tone isn’t the problem, it’s how he acts like an ignorant gang banger. She says she likes Shakespeare not rap and he says he can be Romeo to her Juliet. She says they both ended up dead.

A kid drops a tray and all the teachers freak out and pull their guns Carl sold them. V tells Kevin that he can’t tell Yanis what he did. She says he’s Yanis’ only friend and he can’t get out of bed to go kill anyone. V says he saved the neighborhood by what he did to Yanis.

She says they have the best shittiest bar, two great kids, and each other. She says let go of the guilt. Lip talks to his pal about how hard core Ian was into ROTC. He says he wanted to be a soldier and now he thinks because he’s bipolar he’s doomed to be a piece of shit like their mom.

Lip says maybe it’s true but his pal says maybe it’s not. Ian walks down the street and looks at himself in the janitor uniform. He hangs his head. Sean asks Fiona to sing him some of the song and she says it was nothing she didn’t deserve.

She says things could be worse then finds an eviction notice on the door. The yard Hispanic tells her it’s the like the one they got. Ian sees an SUV crash into another car. The driver gets out and runs and the car sets on fire. Ian runs over and pulls the woman out.

As soon as he gets her clear, the car goes up into a fireball. Ian lays back gasping for air. The firefighter wakes him and asks his name. They bring oxygen over and puts it on him. Ian checks out the handsome fireman but then passes out.

The principal unloads his gun. All the other teachers hand theirs over too. The principal looks at all of them a bit in shock.