Shameless Recap – Gallaghers are Contagious: Season 6 Episode 7 “Pimp’s Paradise”

Shameless Recap - Gallaghers are Contagious: Season 6 Episode 7 "Pimp's Paradise"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday February 21, season 6 episode 7 called “Pimp’s Paradise” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) struggles with Nick’s absence and remakes the Gallagher home into his “crib.” He invites his friends over to party and make music.

On the last episode Ian’s relationship with Caleb got more serious. Meanwhile, Lip was called to appear before a faculty disciplinary committee, but Helene accepted the blame for the scandal and told the committee she would no longer teach or see Lip. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Carl struggles with Nick’s absence and remakes the Gallagher home into his “crib.” He invites his friends over to party and make music. Frank and Queenie rule the house, and Debbie returns when she is let go by Erica and Tyler.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 6 episode 7 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless starts with Carl packing up Nick’s things into a cardboard box. He drinks from a 40 ounce beer. He hears Queenie and Frank loudly having sex. Ian covers Liam’s ears so he can’t hear it. Carl takes a call from Pedro and says make the delivery in an hour or else.

Carl writes Nick’s name on the box. Fiona wakes spooning with Sean to her alarm. She says she has to get back. She says it’s been nice with no kids or chaos staying with him. She says she has to check on things and say something is up with Carl and he’s acting like he owns the place.

She says he kind of does. Sean asks if Frank still has the hippie there and she says yes. Fiona says she has to take Liam to head start. Frank calls out that breakfast is ready and says he and Queenie made it. She’s made him a green shake and she says he’s the king of the castle.

He says he’s glad someone recognizes it and she calls him a sexy f-er. He says he has a new liver and is like he’s 18 again. They talk dirty and cuddle. She says as soon as Chuckie’s probation papers come through, she’s going back to her eco-village.

She says she’s working there as an herbalist and talks about the organic farming they have. She says her calling is helping and healing people. He says he needs his Queenie by his side but she says free love is about her being a rolling stone.

When she looks away, he pours the smoothie into a flower pot. Youens and Lip wake up drunk in the prof’s car and he tells Lip he needs to teach class. Lip says he’s still drunk and they agree to flip for it. Lip says Youens is up. He curses.

Carl has a signs on the door that says Carl’s crib. He has an air hockey table delivered and a slide installed. The workmen tell him that Mr Gallagher approved the installation. She thinks it’s Frank but he says it’s Carl.

They ask for someone to sign for the liquor shipment and Frank says he’ll sign for it. Fiona goes upstair with Sean and finds Ian in her room. He says he thought she moved out and says the couch is free. Carl pays off the liquor guy and he says he’s upgrading the crib.

He says he’s got homies coming over later and it’ll be popping. She asks if Nick put him up to this and he says Nick is gone. He says he’s got to bounce. Fiona curses and throws all of Frank’s stuff out of a room. She says she just got the house back and won’t be booted out.

Erica brings in breakfast to Debbie who says she’ll start the kid’s lunches. Erica says it’s been great having her and she appreciates her being there. Debbie says it feels like home. Erica says she put a bonus in her last check to thank her.

She says with her cancer in remission they can’t afford her. Debbie says what about the two of them and her baby. Debbie sighs and says it’s the baby’s first kick. She asks if Erica wants to feel it. She touches her belly and Debbie says she wishes they could bond more.

She says maybe they can talk later when the kids are gone to school. Erica says of course. She leaves her with a lingering touch. Debbie looks at the check and rolls her eyes. Carol packs up the orphans and Veronica says the kids ate them out of house and home.

Carol says the church is broke and V says the pastor drives a Beemer. The girl orphan gifts V with a shiv she made with a toothbrush and razor blade. Ian shows up to Caleb’s place with breakfast and he says he’s making a wedding gift for a cousin.

Ian asks if he can tag along to the firehouse but Caleb says he has off for the wedding. He asks if Ian has thought more about applying to be a fireman and says he can start by checking into an EMT job. Ian says maybe then Caleb asks if he’ll be his wedding date.

He says having Ian there would make it easier. He agrees. At school, Carl talks to some black friends at school – the show hilariously subtitled their exchange since it was rife with street slang. Dunny. Lip shows up to see a college representative.

He’s been fired as an RA for the mural on his wall. She tells him he has to move out of the dorm today. Lip is annoyed and they are clear to him that it’s not about his affair. Chuckie shows up crying and Frank asks why he’s there. He says they sent him home from school.

Frank tells him to get lost but then Queenie comes over and pulls him inside. He says they suspended him for his book report. Frank takes the paper and says the report topic is an issue. He wrote it on Mein Kampf. Queenie says the juvie system has warped his brain.

Chuckie starts crying and Queenie says they can home school him. Frank says he needs social interaction and tells Chuckie that he’ll work his magic on the school police. Kevin hands V a flyer and says they are going to stay at a hotel. She’s surprised he planned this for them.

She asks who’s going to watch the girls and Svetlana says she watches chocolate vanilla babies for small fee. Debbie does some online searching about how women have sex together. She practices on teddy bear. Debbie calls Carl and asks him for gay sex tips.

He says he didn’t do gay sex in juvie. She asks what he saw and says is there a rule or something. He says he can’t do this and she says she knows he watches lesbian sex. He says do the shocker – two in the pink and one in the stink and says he’ll send a pic.

He sends a photo of how to hold your fingers. The waitresses point out some community college kids getting ready to dine and dash and Fiona is distracted and burns her finger on the coffee pot. She tells Sean she needs to be there for the kids.

Fiona gets a call and says Liam has lice and she has to go pick him up. Sean asks if she feels better that she’s back in the shit now. She invites him to dinner and he says with lice? She says that’s a yes and kisses him and goes.

The other waitress says her kid had lice and she didn’t get time off. The other waitress tackles the dine and dash kid and says $27.50 plus a $5 tip in cash. Toria approaches Lip and she says her sorority is interviewing for a new houseboy.

She says it comes with room and board and hands him a flyer. She added her Instagram handle to it. Carl walks by the girl he’s been macking on and she asks if he’s skipping and where’s Nick. He says he’s gone probably for a long time.

She asks if she can sit with Carl and he says okay. She offers him some of her lunch. Caleb tells Ian not to worry about being the only cream in the coffee. Ian says he’s not used to this much family being under the same roof without cops getting called.

Caleb’s parents come over and he introduces them to Ian. Ronetta and Pastor Daniels are his parents. His father asks where his church home is and he says he doesn’t have one. Ronetta says Caleb should bring him to their church. They walk off.

Ian says why didn’t you warn me and Caleb says nothing can prepare you. Queenie and Frank show up to the school about the book report. The counselors say that Chuckie thinks he’s a Nazi. Queenie says her grandson wrote an entire report.

Frank says except for a little bit of grammar, it’s not a bad paper. Frank asks if they told the class they couldn’t write about Nazis. Frank says this is a direct attack on Chuckie’s first amendment rights. He says Chuckie is possibly retarded.

The counselor says they can’t let hate speech and have created an open atmosphere. Frank says you can’t teach equality and then hold him down. He says the yin and yang of democracy is that you have to tolerate asshole opinions.

Frank says they are heading toward a state of the rich and the f-d and Chuckie is already f-d. He says that’s liberty and justice for all. Frank says they can call the ACLU and attorney general. Lip meets Marilyn, the sorority house mother.

She says it’s cleaning, cooking, killing bugs. Lip says he needs a place to crash and she says there’s a bedroom and bathroom in the basement. She says it comes with three meals a day but he has to start today. He’s in a house full of coeds and is thrilled.

V and Kevin check into their hotel room and find a stain on the sheets. She brought sheets along and says that was after she Yelped it. She also has candles and he says he’ll take care of everything. She tells him the bar has drink specials and free mini hot dogs til sundown.

Kevin asks how she knows everything. Lip finds a nice room in the basement and unpacks. Some of the girls come down to peek at him and talk about how cute he is. He drinks from a flask. Frank and Queenie are at the Alibi and says he’s celebrating democracy.

Svetlana is getting ready to take out one of Tommy’s teeth and they ask who is with Queenie. He says he’s the best piece of ass he ever let get away and talks about her southern charms. He brings her a beer and Queenie tells Frank he was great at the school today.

He says they make a good pair but she says they are awful together then reminds her that she tried to slam his head in a car door twice and he split when she told him she was pregnant with their psychopath daughter. He says he’s better now and says age refined him.

She says she’s a healer back in the eco-village. He says they need her there and says his teenage daughter is pregnant and says he’s all she’s got to get her through this. He wants to use Svetlana’s phone and she says $2 for a text.

Erica says Debbie is a role model for deciding to raise a child on her own. She tells her she’s so sure of her. Debbie touches her hand and Erica says she’ll miss her then asks if she’ll come around and say hi. Debbie climbs on her and says she wants to stay and they can be happy together.

Debbie tries to figure out how to put her hands on her and Erica gets excite but then Debbie gets a text from Frank saying she needs to come home and the other deal is dead. Debbie is thrilled and says she’s 15 and likes boys. She runs out.

Fiona finds a full on party going on at her place. Carl leaves and Fiona unplugs the stereo and tells everyone get out. At the wedding, Caleb puts his arm around Ian as the ceremony starts. His dad is presiding over and starts talking about how God is always watching.

He starts talking about how God can see you when you are naked, in the shower, and when you can’t hide. Ian whispers to Caleb that God must have serious insomnia. V and Kevin are down at the pool and another couple are getting busy in the pool.

V is worried that he forgot to tell Carol to turn on some lights so no one breaks into their house. She asks about the babies and he says everything is fine. She says she’s tripping. The babies cry while Svetlana yanks a tooth out of Tommy’s mouth.

She chugs down a shot and he grabs one of the kid’s passies to suck. Fiona has Liam in the tub washing out the lice. She throws all the clothes in the washer. She vacuums up the mess and then Frank comes in and says at least she didn’t forget her chores.

She says Liam has lice and Queenie says chemicals aren’t the way to go and recommends tea tree oil. Fiona says they have a system of getting rid of lice that works. Fiona says they don’t want to deal with lice for another month to go natural.

Frank tells Queenie that decades of chemicals have left her destroyed. Carl goes to the house of the kid that Nick killed with the hammer that stole his bike. He has a sympathy card with cash and drugs in it. He knocks and says he lives up the street.

He says he wants to offer condolences. He says there’s money in there and five grams. He says they could sell it to help cover funeral costs. They tell him no and to leave so he leaves it on the porch among the flowers, cards, and candles.

Toria tells Lip she knew he’d get the job and he says he’s still trying to figure out what a houseboy is. She asks if he wants company later. He says yeah. She says cool. She goes to whisper to the other girls who high five.

Debbie comes home and looks at the new additions to the house. Frank asks how she is and she asks how they got the house back. He says Carl bought it. He calls down Queenie who loves on her then hugs her. Frank says it’s Sammi’s mom.

Queenie says she can help her keep her uterus happy and says she delivered Chuckie in the back of an RV. Frank says her sister dropped her and she can use Queenie’s help. Queenie gets her some herbs to help strengthen her placenta and she talks about how you can eat it.

Kevin says it’s nice for them to relax in the pool with the creepy old guy watching them. He’s not happy that she brought her phone down. She asks why he’s freaking and says it was just her mom asking for a souvenir.

He says he thinks he’s worn her out dealing with his shit and says he can’t even plan a vacation right. She says it’s not so bad then admits it’s a shit hole but says at least they’re alone. He says he just doesn’t want her to have to fix all his f-k ups.

She says dealing with the f-k ups is what she does for him and he deals with her not being able to get pregnant and all her crazy. They start getting busy in the pool and wonder if the old man is a pervert or is dead.

Caleb tells Ian he loves straight weddings. Ian says the only wedding he’s been to was when his closeted BF had to marry a hooker that was pregnant after they were forced to have sex at gun point. Caleb touches him and Ian gets mad and says he’s using him as a gay prop.

Caleb says he just wants to make the mild homophobes in his family harder for them to ignore him. Ian says they can make it harder to ignore it and chugs a drink. Fiona yells at Carl of listening to the stereo too loud and smoking dope.

Queenie and Debbie are making an organic meal with kale and tofu. Fiona says she doesn’t eat veggies and Debbie says she’ll do whatever she needs to do for her baby. Queenie calls her Debra Moon and Fiona rolls her eyes.

Lip lies in his room and looks at the photo on his phone of Helene. Ian and Caleb dirty dance at the wedding reception. Caleb’s dad looks like his head is going to explode. Caleb says they won. Carl sits outside alone when Sean approaches him.

He asks if Nick is gone for good. Carl says he dropped a guy and that’s thug life. Sean says he doesn’t know that much about thug life but has seen someone get dropped. He says you don’t know how much it will haunt you until it just does.

Sean says the bad news is, there’s no way to pretend it didn’t happen. He lights a smoke and says he can always hit the reset. Carl goes back inside. Lip pounds on Helene’s door and calls out her name. He’s drunk. He tells her to come out.

He says he just wants to talk and says he doesn’t know how to make things right but if he could reverse time, he would. He says just tell me what to do. He says they threw him out of his dorm and he doesn’t have shit. He says it’s just you and me then says come out please.

He yells – you come out and talk to me. He screams her name even louder. No result. He throws his beer bottle against the side of the house and staggers away. The Gallaghers sit down to dinner and Frank and Queenie are being gross and making out.

Fiona asks them to stop – they don’t – it gets worse. Fiona asks if she can spend the night at his place and he says just move in. She says okay. Sean says thank you for the edible food, but we’re going. Queenie says they’re always welcome.

Fiona says she knows because it’s her house. Fiona tells Liam to come with her but he says no, he wants Debbie. Fiona says fine and she and Sean leave. Caleb tells Ian he’s bad ass for handling his family. Ian says compared to his family, they’re light weights.

Caleb asks what they’re doing and says he wants Ian now. They start making out and when Ian gets rough, Caleb tells him to make it smoother and they slow things down. Sean makes dinner for Fiona and he says she had a long day.

She says it’s been a long lots of days. He kisses her head then notices she has lice. She says Gallagher shit is very contagious. Lip lies down on his bed when Toria knocks on the door. She asks if he still wants company. He hears her knocking but doesn’t answer.

Sean washes Fiona’s hair in the tub and says this is a new kind of foreplay. She asks if he regrets asking her to move in. He picks lice out of her head. Frank crawls into bed beside Queenie. She says he’s a slimy bastard but she finds it charming.

She tells him that he wins, she’ll stay. He climbs on top of her and she says that’s my bellybutton. He says it feels fantastic. Chuckie reads his book report to the class about Hitler being a great American leader. The parents are there and they are shocked. Frank tells him good job.