Sister Wives Finale Recap 6/26/16: Season 6 Episode 22 “Tell All”

Sister Wives Finale Recap 6/26/16: Season 6 Episode 22 "Tell All"

TLC’s reality show Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, June 26, season 6 finale called “Tell All” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Browns answer questions on a wide range of topics.

On the last episode, The Browns’ Hawaiian vacation devolved into fights over parking cars and where to put the beach umbrella. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Sister Wives recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per TLC’s synopsis, “The Browns answer questions on a wide range of topics, including their relationships, children, and Meri’s catfishing scandal.”

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This seasons saw a lot of changes in the Brown family and on tonight’s “Tell-All” the family sat down with Erica Hill to discuss both the ups and downs that the family lived through.

However, Baby Sister who was later given the nickname of Aria was and still is very much a joy. The new baby was just loved by everyone and a lot of the adults feel like the little girl is probably one of the easiest babies they’ve had in the family. She smiles all the time and she actually made everyone around her a lot calmer. Robyn on the other had gotten a lot feistier with her last pregnancy.

Robyn usually has most of her arguments with Kody behind closed doors so it had come as a surprise when she suddenly began to make comments. Like the fact she believed he made everything complicated while she could carry out the same task in or the time her morning sickness was acting up and she didn’t want to be around him after he had recently eaten fish. So Robyn definitely became blunter and a lot more outspoken. And that was funny for her sister wives however Kody recalled feeling rejected.

He said he had never more distant from Robyn than when she was pregnant this last time so she had to explain what she was feeling at the time in order to explain why he may have felt pushed aside. Robyn said that she had felt so tired or weird during this last pregnancy that her mindset was “ok let me do what I have to do to make myself comfortable” and that didn’t usually involve Kody. Who she said she pushed away, but then needed him later when it came time to have the baby.

So not every pregnancy is the same and sometimes there can be a distance between the parents because of it. Yet Kody had told Erica that he felt Ariella Mae was going to be his last child. He said that he had gotten to the point where he felt that he’s too old to have any more so there wasn’t rush or expectation. And it goes without saying that they’re kind of getting to point where they’re looking forward to grandchild as well as the younger ones getting married.

Only what many saw on this season of “Sister Wives” was that some relationship amongst the sister wives did suffer. Meri and Janelle were the first two wives that Kody married and unfortunately there was a period of adjustment. Meri admits and the others confessed that she had gotten clingier as Kody courted Janelle and that it got worse after Janelle joined the family. So there was a clash with having someone else join the marriage and their very different personalities didn’t help.

Where Meri has always been a lot more decisive and direct, Janelle has needed time to think and she tended to see talking it out as a confrontation without it actually be a confrontation. So when the ladies had said that they were going to work on their relationship through therapy on this season of “Sister Wives”, the others had been a little skeptical about how much therapy could actually do and whether or not it could eve do some good. And to be fair their first joint project was not an overwhelming success.

Thanksgiving was supposed to be them coming out of their usual roles yet they just kept on falling right back into Meri planning something and Janelle taking directives. So there was obviously more work that needed to be done at that point. But things have gotten better since. Meri and Janelle have laughed together and they’ve also become more tolerant of each other’s quirks so their relationship has improved since they began therapy.

Although, the one thing that Erica did want to know more about was where or not Kody spent more time concentrating on what was best for the whole family rather at the risk of the personal one on one relationships. Kody had sort of gotten into trouble a year ago when Christine had asked him for some validation for their relationships and he replied that he couldn’t think of their marriage as just of the two of them. He said that he had to think about their entire family and therefore the two of them gotten an argument over a rock model that their therapist had given them as an exercise.

Christine had wanted Kody to focus on what he could do to improve his relationship with her and for a while it was as if he just wasn’t getting it. So Kody realized where Erica was coming from when she asked him about how he sees the relationship and it looked like he wanted to answer, but just didn’t know how without getting into trouble. And therefore all he could say was that things with Christine had gotten a lot better.

And moving on to happier topics, the family couldn’t stop gushing about Madison’s upcoming wedding. Madison had found the one guy that everyone in her family just liked and that her father had a man crush on. So everyone was pretty happy with her choice and they were merely waiting for Logan to catch up. Logan has been with his girlfriend for some time now and they’ve already made plans for their future so it bit like waiting for Logan to complete the process.

He loves her and she loves him so what are you waiting for? Logan though had sort alluded that the family wouldn’t have to wait all that long. So he might have some news any day now. However, as they talk about the older kids getting married, Erica mentioned kids. Madison and Caleb said they wanted to wait a few years before they had kids so they had been asked if they felt pressured about having them a little earlier.

Only one of the most common things that does run rampant with the older kids is their stubbornness. So Madison didn’t believe she was going to let anyone pressure her into bringing a child into this world that she wasn’t for and her sister Mykelti absolutely refused to be pressured into returning to school. Mykelti had taken some time for herself on this season of “Sister Wives” because she said school was hard and that she wasn’t sure about it.

So no one amongst the older kids were going to be pushed into anything until they were ready. Yet, the younger kids weren’t so sure about their siblings having kids of their own. They said that would feel too weird to become an aunt or uncle and that they were glad that it was going to be a while before that happens. And after they talked about their siblings, they were asked the all-important question.

They were asked if they wanted to enter a plural marriage when they got older and a lot of them said. Most of them said that they wouldn’t turn it down if they saw a great opportunity and that they would offer that choice to their children, but they didn’t think plural marriage was for them. So that had seemed like the end of it and most of the adults thought that was the end of it though Mykelti and Christine still had one more surprise. Mykelti was engaged and no one besides her mom knows about it.

And although Mykelti has always been a wild child, this piece of news was going to blow everyone’s mind. Christine who sat down for a one on one with Erica explained some of her apprehension. She said that she hadn’t even known that Mykelti was serious about her boyfriend because she had only met him a handful times and what makes her nervous was the fact she didn’t know the man that her daughter wanted to marry. Which wasn’t the case with Caleb.

The family had known both Caleb and his family for years before he and Madison became serious. So Caleb wasn’t just some stranger, he was practically family already. Mykelti on the other hand had been dating her guy for five months when they decided to get married and she didn’t seem to want to wait all that long. Mykelti said a couple of months at most and frankly that frightened Christine who was concerned about her daughter and the man she barely knows.

Christine is probably one of the most easygoing sister wives yet she has her limits and she didn’t want to hand her daughter over to merely anyone. But part of Christine’s worry could stem from what the family went through and still going through with Meri’s catfish thing. Meri had been explicitly targeted by someone that claimed to be a friend yet was simply using her as part of a sick game that he/she or it came up with.

So the family as whole was still trying to recover from that and all the while the catfisher has been posting more and more information online. Including the part that Meri had said that she loved this person that she thought was a man. However, Meri has been very clear about certain things involved with the catfish. She said she never thought of physically crossing the line or running away with this guy so there had been a part of her that knew she couldn’t hurt the family that way.

And yet the main problem that Meri has with this catfish thing was the toll it took on her relationships. She said that she could understand if it was going to take time earn back everyone’s trust and so the only thing that hurts her was that Mariah didn’t seem like she wanted to repair things with her mother. Mariah who had been shown to be very angry on this season of “Sister Wives” has expressed her frustrations with her mother so Erica later tried to cover that.

Erica found out from the parents that Mariah had been getting advice from them if not always going to Meri. So when Erica did sit down with Mariah for a one on one, she asked her where the anger was coming from. And that led to Mariah explaining some of her earlier comments. Mariah had said that she had warned her mother about her online friends and that everything could have been prevented if her mother had listened.

So part of Mariah’s frustration was that she felt her mother made a conscious decision and that now she just wants to quickly fix what she ruined. But while Mariah’s anger was hard to deal with, Meri did at least say that she was glad that Mariah had some of the other mothers as well her dad because that way she knew that Mariah didn’t have deal with it all on her own. And therefore she thanked them all for being there for Mariah while she can’t be.