Supernatural Recap 3/30/16 Season 11 Episode 17 “Red Meat”

Supernatural Recap 3/30/16 Season 11 Episode 17 "Red Meat"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday March 30, season 11 episode 17 called “Red Meat,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battle a pair of werewolves who captured two victims.

On the last episode, a dangerous creature was accidentally released into an old house, attacking a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battle a pair of werewolves who have captured two victims. Just as the brothers are about to win, one of the werewolves shoots Sam. Dean gets his brother and the victims out of the house but learns a pack of werewolves are hot on their tail, hoping to kill them all.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 17 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with a werewolf attacking. Sam pulls a knife and Dean grapples with another. One wolf grabs a gun and shoots Sam. He falls back and looks at the blood on his hand and stomach. 48 hours earlier, the guys are at the bunker. Dean is in the books and tells Sam – same.

Sam says he found something – a case – not the other issues. He says he thinks it’s werewolves with a bunch of missing campers and then the rangers found a body minus a heart. Dean wants to send someone else. Sam says we’ll get him back and Dean asks how – it’s Cass they’re talking about.

Sam says let’s do the case – do what we do. Later, we see a couple still strung up while Dean does first aid on Sam. He gives him gauze to bite while he digs out the bullet. He gets it out and Sam collapses. The guy says his girl isn’t doing good and tells them which wolf has the key.

His wife says she told him it was monsters. She says they’ve been there for days and they can change anytime. Dean says that means they’re purebloods. He says her wrists are infected. Sam tries to stop his bleeding while Dean gets them loose. Dean asks if there’s a landline – there’s not.

Dean has to go find cell signal and has to leave Sam with them. The couple talks about their honeymoon. The guy mentions others and his wife says she thinks he got scratched. Back to the past, a woman at a bar isn’t helpful and they talk about what else they need to check out.

Dean is frustrated and Sam says they can call it a night. The bartender says they should check out the easement cabins and says campers sometimes hole up in those. She says lost hikers can end up there. They ask her to show it to them on the map. Sam thanks her.

A big guy lurks near the door – maybe a bouncer. They head out. Now, Sam, the couple and Dean walk through the woods and Sam is in bad shape. The husband points out a building and they go inside to look for a phone or radio. There’s a phone but it’s dead.

Dean finds lanterns and matches. They light the lanterns and Sam continues to struggle. Sam sits but is doing poorly. Corbin, the husband, says they have to keep moving. He says Michele can move but Sam is slowing them down. Dean is angry but Sam says they should go find help and come back for him.

Dean says no. Dean says they’re going to carry him out and says it’s just a couple of miles. Corbin looks at Sam with concern. The bartender and bouncer find the dead wolves and says she warned them they were coming and served them up on a platter.

She says they’re burned here and says clean up their mess and we’ll leave. Dean gathers material to make a litter for Sam. He’s clearly upset. Sam tells the couple to go find Dean and says to get out of here. He tells Corbin please go. The guy says Dean won’t leave Sam and they won’t survive without Dean.

He tries to smother Sam. Dean sees vehicle lights and switches off the flashlight. He goes back to the cabin. Sam spots the bite on the guy’s arm as he also holds Sam’s nose and says sorry. Sam goes limp and Corbin checks his pulse. Michele asks if he’s dead and Corbin says yes.

Dean comes back and says they have to go and checks Sam’s pulse. He asks what happened and Corbin says he just went. Dean tries to wake his brother. They hear a vehicle and Corbin says it’s them. Dean pulls a knife and says let them come. Corbin says he’ll die and so will they if they stay.

Corbin says Sam is gone and he’s sorry. He says please help up. Dean whispers to Sam that he’ll come back for him. He’s torn up and tells them let’s go. The truck pulls up and the bartender curses when she sees the three heading into the woods.

Before, we see Sam and Dean talking about which way to get to the cabins in the woods. They head into the trees. Now, it’s early morning and Dean walks ahead while Michele asks Corbin what happened. He says he loved her and saved her. He says he did what he had to do.

Dean sees a car passing on a road and tries to glad it then flags a truck. It’s a ranger who asks what they got into. He says take care of them and says he has to get back to his brother. The ranger says tell me what’s happening. Dean punches him and turns his back. The ranger tases him.

Dean comes to in the hospital with a doctor checking him and telling him he’s got broken ribs and a nasty concussion. She tells him to get some rest. Corbin tells the ranger that his brother died and they ran. He says the bad guys are still out there. Michele says werewolves.

The ranger looks skeptical but thanks them for their time. The ranger says he’s going to have the cabin checked out and see what they find. He heads out. Corbin tells Michele that they made it. She cries and turns away from him. The doctor comes in and says she needs to check Corbin out.

He says he’s fine and she asks him to have a seat. She goes to check him over and pulls the curtain. He rolls down his sleeve nervously. She goes right to the bite and asks what did it. She asks how he feels and he says good. He looks a little perturbed.

The ranger calls Charlie, another ranger who is dead in his jeep with deep slash marks across his face. Michele comes to see Dean in his room and asks if she can come in. He says sure. She asks how he’s doing. She says she’s sorry and says he saved them.

She looks upset and says her mom used to tell her that death is not the end and she didn’t believe her but does now. Dean looks thoughtful. He goes to the pharmacy and says he needs to talk to a crazy death machine he knows. He says werewolves aren’t the only monsters.

He cracks open a cabinet of drugs and she asks how he talks to a crazy death machine. He says he needs to die and asks her to help him find anything with barbital in the name. She finds something to help him.

Sam lies dead on the floor. He gasps and his eyes open and he coughs. He looks around. Dean dumps out a bunch of pills and tells Michele to get the doc after this and tell her to bring him back if she can. He says if not, no hard feelings. Michele says don’t do it but he says he has to.

He takes a huge handful of pills. Sam is in horrible pain and bloody. He sits up and grabs the table. He pulls himself up and calls for Dean then goes down again. He looks around and hears a vehicle. He crawls to the window and sees a truck coming. It’s the wolves.

The bartender sends the other wolf the other way. At the hospital, Michele asks Dean how he feels. He looks woozy and then blinks. Sam makes his way down to the basement of the cabin but falls down the stairs as Dean collapses to the floor. Michele runs to get the doctor.

Sam’s wound opened up more when he feel and he’s bloodier. The doc asks what he took and she points to the bottles of pills. The doctor tells her what to grab to help her save him. Dean is seizing. Corbin looks into the mirror at himself and pulls a bandage off his arm. He’s all healed up.

The claw marks across his chest disappear. His eyes glow and he looks at his hands as nails jut out the tips. The bouncer kicks in the cabin door and looks around. He sees the lanterns. Sam sees the guy above him in the cabin and dust floats down onto him. The were dude sniffs and goes to open a door.

Michele calls for help and the ranger comes. Dean is watching this go down from the door as he sees his body seize up. Time freezes and Billie is there. He tells her it took her long enough. He asks about the freeze frame and she says she’s savoring it.

She says she didn’t think he’d go down with suicide – she says it doesn’t fit his martyr thing and asks what’s up. He says he needs Sam back. She says pass. Dean says the Darkness is out there and the world will burn and that will end her too. He says Sam is the only one who can stop it.

Billie says that’s cute and says he just wants Sam for himself and can’t lose him. She says even if Sammy could win, the answer is no – the answer will always be no. She says game over, no more second chances. She says no more extra lives and says say bye bye to Luigi Mario.

Dean begs her to bring him back and says take me instead. She says she’s there to reap him not to bargain and says Sam’s not dead and that’s the kicker. She says he is or will be soon. They are losing him on the floor. He asks how and she says if Sam bit it, she would have gotten the call.

Dean is on the floor with froth in his math. The doc shoots him with adrenaline and he gasps to life and vomits. Billie is not happy – she walks off in a cloud of light. The wolf goes down to the basement and finds fresh blood. The bartender pokes around upstairs.

The guy makes noise and Sam comes up behind him and stabs him. The bartender hears and goes downstairs too. Sam kills her too. He makes it back upstairs with the car keys. The doc helps Dean up and says Sam is alive. The ranger won’t let him go and slaps cuffs on him.

The ranger says sedate him and the doctor says no. They step out to talk. Dean looks at Michele who grabs up something off the doctor’s tray. The ranger says just keep an eye on him while he calls for backup. Sam drives the truck away from the cabin.

He gets out groaning and gets into Baby where they left her. He pulls out his cell. Dean staggers out of the hospital. Michele freed him. Sam calls Dean and says where are you? He says he’s at the urgent care and then Sam’s signal goes to static. He asks if Corbin is with him but Dean can’t hear.

Sam struggles into Baby and cranks her up. He drives away. The doc comes looking for Corbin and asks if he’s okay – the door is locked. He opens the door and she sees his clawed hand. She gasps and he says he’s really okay. She screams. Michele goes to check out the sound.

She sees the doc and runs to her. The ranger comes up and then she screams as Corbin puts his hand through the ranger’s chest. He tells her don’t be scared. He’s got fangs and claws and tells her she’ll see and they can be together. She says please no.

Dean tackles Corbin and tells her to run. Corbin comes at Dean and chokes him. Sam is there and shoots him in the back and he collapses off of Dean. He tells Sam it took him long enough. Sam collapses and groans. Dean finds Michele later and sits by her.

He asks how she is and she asks about Sam. He says the doc told him when Corbin choked him, his body went into shock and his breath and heartbeat slowed to almost nothing so he was just mostly dead. Michele says Corbin wasn’t a killer and says he did it for her.

Dean says he knows and says it’s hard, but she’ll be okay and will get back to normal eventually. Michele says she won’t. She says they told her she could leave an hour ago but she doesn’t know where she’s supposed to go.

She says she watched the man she loves die and says there is no normal after that. Dean doesn’t have anything more to say. Sam looks weak but he’s back in one piece. Dean tells Sam the girl is strong and Sam says he’ll be fine with some antibiotics and a couple of days’ rest.

He asks Dean what he did when he thought he was dead. Dean says he thought about redecorating his room with a disco ball. Dean says he knew Sam wasn’t dead and Sam says right. They head back to the bunker.