Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap – Sneaky Pete Voted Out: Season 32 Episode 6 “Play or Go Home”

Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap - Sneaky Pete Voted Out: Season 32 Episode 6 "Play or Go Home"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Kaoh Rong airs with all new back to back Wednesday March 23, season 32 episode 6 called, “Play or Go Home,” and we have your weekly recap below!  Tonight, the tribes play for a hearty food reward; pressure mounts when one castaway interrogates a fellow tribe mate.

On the last episode, the castaways dropped their buffs and switch things up, and one castaway felt all alone in the game following the tribe switch. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a hearty food reward is up for grabs at a classic challenge. Also, the pressure is on when one castaway interrogates a fellow tribemate.”

Tonight’s season 32 episode 6 looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episodes at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 32.

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#Survivor begins with Gondol back from tribal council and Tai thanking them for keeping him at the vote. They all tell him he’s a good guy and a hard worker. Peter is thinking about how he needs to let go his old Brains alliance. He goes to talk to Tai and says he was at the bottom and has no allies.

He says he thinks Joe should be their next target since he doesn’t contribute anything. Tai says they can talk about it later. Over at Chan Loh, Nick is thinking hard. He says he needs to play or go home. He and Debbie walk and talk and she says she always steps up to lead.

Nick says Debbie is easy to read and likes to talk. He says she admires herself so he needs to be like her. Debbie thinks he’s hot and then talks about how she used to model. Sure… okay… Was she a Navy SEAL too. Nick thinks she has a crush on him.

They come back with tree mail and Nick reads that they will face a water challenge. She thinks Nick is the shoo in for their team. Both tribes head to the #RewardChallenge. Chan Loh sees that Anna was voted out. Julia will join Gondol to replace Anna and Jeff gives her a new buff.

One person will dive down and release buoys. They work together to get them back to shore and two work to sink them into baskets. The reward is a picnic with bread, meat, cheese, drinks and more. They strategize and then it starts. Michele and Aubry dive down.

They swim out and dive down. Michele heads down to untie. Aubry is close behind. They each have to dive a second time and Aubry lets the buoys loose and the rest of Gondol dives in to move them to the shore. Michele is still struggling.

Michele finally gets them loose and Chan Loh rushes to get them to the shore. Gondol has a good lead, though. They start running them to shore. Chan Loh has them all out and Scot starts shooting for Gondol. Chan Loh is working.

Scot shoots and misses. Chan Loh starts shooting. Nick is up against Scot. Scot sinks his first one. Nick barely misses. Scot sinks another. Nick finally sinks one. Scot has three and Nick ties it up. Nick sinks a fourth to take the lead. Scot’s goes in and out.

Nick lands another to put them two ahead then Scot sinks another then Nick does. Scot is struggling – it’s 6-4 Chan Loh and then 7-5. Nick misses and Scot sinks another to make it 7-6 then 8-6. Scot sinks another and it’s 8-7. Nick misses.

Scot sinks another to tie it. They need 10. Nick misses again. Scot scores and needs one more. Nick misses again and Scot sinks the winning shot. Cydney interrupted Scot right before he shot and asked what he was doing when he took a moment. He says #winning then sank it.

Gondol gets their picnic. Michele knows she screwed up and her tribe is probably angry. She says she has to make it up. Over at Gondol, they bring their picnic goodies back to the camp. Julia is happy to be back with a tribe and to have food to share.

Peter makes sandwiches while Julia tries to get a read on the tribe. Peter is happy that Julia is there and thinks she’s not conniving. Julia and Peter swim and talk later and he takes the chance to bad mouth Joe. He says he’s trying to figure out how to get Joe and Aubry out.

He says Aubry is a bigger threat and wonders if it’s too early. Julia says she’s down. Joe and Aubry smack talk Peter and she says the Brains have control and want to get Julia out but now Aubry is targeting Peter since he’s talking to Julia.

Nick is upset he didn’t win but knows Michele botched the start of the challenge. Michele is concerned and knows she’s on the chopping block. Debbie jokes that Michele might go drown herself and Cydney laughs. Later she talks to Debbie and wonders if she’s her best option to stay.

She asks Debbie who she thinks they should target and she says Jason because she wants a girl to win this. Michele then goes to Nick and says Debbie wants Jason out. Nick says she’s the target no matter what Debbie is saying to her. Michele thinks he’s being a jerk.

He says Debbie and Neal can’t be trusted. He thinks Michele is young and needs him to coach her. Michele says she’ll let Nick baby her and let him think she’s dumb but she’s not and will make a move when she needs to. She’s irritated.

Peter goes to talk to Scot and says he wants Aubry and Joe off the tribe. Joe sees Peter talking to him and Aubry says he’s working it all over. Joe says he’s going to talk to Peter and if he lies, he’s done with him.

Joe goes straight to Peter and says are you telling people to take me out and says he’ll know he’s lying. Peter says no but Joe says he’s done and thinks Peter is lying to his face. Now it’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge.

The tribes show up to the massive playing field and Jeff takes back the idol from Gondol. They have to work through a set of obstacles then two tribe members knock blocks out of a net and they stack them one on top of the other to make a tall tower.

Jeff says this challenge is about team work. They start and first is a slanted ladder wall. Now it’s a rolling barrel. Scot helps Tai over and the others yank other people over. Chan Loh has a small lead. They have to get up and over a tilted net. Gondol is moving slower.

Nick helps others over and Scot starts tossing people over the net. Gondol catches up. Now Peter helps Scot up since he’s so big and Gondol slows. They grab up Peter. Chan Loh is untying their blocks. They get two poles and start knocking the blocks down the net.

Scot and Peter get theirs and start working. They have to knock 20 blocks out of the net. Gondol gets a block out and Chan Loh gets another but Gondol takes the lead thanks to Scot’s huge reach. They have all their pieces and start to build their tower.

They have 20 blocks that must be stacked one on top of the other. Gondol stacks big blocks then they stack up a big pile but it’s wobbly. Debbie climbs up on Nick’s shoulders to build a different way. Gondol has one block left and their tower tips and falls.

Joe gets hit in the head and Chan Loh has a chance to catch up then some of their blocks fall. Joe is bleeding and Tai stands up on Scot’s shoulders. Chan Loh has three blocks left. Chan Loh has one block left and so does Gondol. Chan Loh wins it.

Chan Loh claims the idol and Gondol goes back to camp empty handed to await the call to Tribal Council. Tai says they did nothing wrong and they were just one second off. Peter says his strategy wasn’t great and Aubry says she doesn’t trust Peter but doesn’t think it’s a good thing to get rid of him.

She worries Tai, Scot and Julia will ally against them. Aubry tells Joe to talk to Peter and work it out so they can vote Julia out. Joe goes to Peter and says he wants to make amends. Peter agrees to go with them and vote out Julia.

Scot talks to Peter and asks what’s the plan. He asks if he wants to talk and says Joe is on edge now and they need to vote Julia. Scot isn’t happy that Peter lied to him and says he thinks everyone sees it. Julia says Joe and Aubry are stupid to keep Peter around.

They talk about voting for Peter and that makes it 3-3. She says Joe won’t flop and vote out Peter and says maybe they can get Aubry to flip on him. Julia and Tai talk to Aubry and tell her that Peter was talking to them about voting her out and is using her as a pawn.

Aubry now thinks Peter is too much of a wild card to keep around. Tai says he’d be happy to go against Peter and she thanks them for the heads up but doesn’t commit. Tai says he doesn’t think Aubry believes him.

Tai says it’s going to be a tie and Scot wonders how Julia will vote. Scot says if Julia has to go, she has to go. Aubry tells Joe that Peter is targeting her and Joe asks if she’s being neurotic. Joe isn’t happy with her and Aubry wonders if she should flip.

Joe says he’s sticking to the plan and voting Julia. She says okay. Aubry has to decide and knows it’s going to bite her either way. They head into #TribalCouncil. Aubry says this is all complex and Scot says there are growing pains about old alliances or new alliances.

Peter says he blew the challenge today with his idea. He says they were close. Aubry says that’s enough to vote him out but they see other sides of Peter that people are questioning and they’re not sure where he stands so that has to be considered.

Julia admits it’s hard to trust and says Peter came to her as soon as she came to camp and says it’s hard for her to understand what’s happening. Peter says Gondol is complex and it’s about trust. Scot says it’s juggling and says some people keep changing their minds.

Peter says this thing is alive and dynamic and that’s what makes it scary. Scot tells Julia original plan and she says yeah. Jeff asks what that means. Aubry and Joe look at each other. Jeff calls for the vote and the others agree. Aubry and Joe mumble about still voting Julia.

They vote and then Jeff goes to count them. Jeff comes back and calls for immunity idols. No one moves. Votes are: Peter, Julia, Peter, Julia, Peter, Peter. OMG. Aubry did that. She had written Julia then crossed it out and wrote Peter. And Joe has to know it was her that did it since neither him or Peter did.

Jeff says this vote shows uncertainty but all of them survived to live another day. He sends them back to camp. Peter says after the vote he knows where they’re coming from and is disappointed in Joe and Aubry and says he’ll see them voted out soon.