Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap – Neal Out on Medical: Season 32 Episode 7 “It’s MergeTime”

Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap - Neal Out on Medical: Season 32 Episode 7 "It’s MergeTime"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Kaoh Rong airs with all new episode Wednesday March 30, season 32 episode 7 called, “It’s Merge Time,” and we have your weekly recap below!  Tonight, the two tribes merge and it leads to reshuffled alliances. Later, a brutal individual immunity challenge keeps the castaways on their toes.

On the last episode, a hearty food reward was up for grabs at a classic challenge. Also, the pressure was on when one castaway interrogated a fellow tribemate. Chan Loh claimed the idol and Gondol went back to camp empty handed to await the call to Tribal Council. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a Tribe merge reshuffles the game and their existing alliances. Also, a brutal individual immunity challenge keeps castaways on their toes and everyone fighting for safety.”

Tonight’s season 32 episode 7 looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong episodes at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 32.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#Survivor starts on night 16 at Gondol in the aftermath of Tribal Council. Joe wants to know why Scot said “original plan” at Tribal and says they keep changing their mind. Aubry now thinks a target is now on her and Joe because of Tribal. Scot says he will write down Aubry and Joe then cross out one or the other.

Next morning, the chicken won’t leave Tai alone while he’s cutting up coconut. Joe says Tai and chicken have a father/son relationship. Joe is worried he and Aubry are on the chopping block since Scot, Tai and Julia are working together. He says the chicken is better off than him.

Over at Chan Loh, Neal is trying to catch a fish with a saw. She notices a bulge in his pocket and thinks he has an idol and wants to flush it. She tells Jason she thinks he has an idol. Jason checks it out and knows that it looks like an idol since he has one as well. Jason wants to plant the seed of doubt and is pleased.

They see a boat coming in and it pulls up on the beach. Jason was ready to blindside Neal and then the boat. They are told they have five minutes to pack for the merge. They pack up in a hurry. Many are worried what will happen once they are all one tribe. Debbie says this is a tough season.

They load up and take off in the boat. The Gondol crew is chilling when the boat pulls up. They yell ahoy and realize it’s the #Merge! Scot is thrilled he made it to the merge and is happy to see Jason and Cydney and says it’s time to refocus and hopes his team is strong. Aubry also thinks she and Joe are now safe.

They share a merge feast and talk. Tai says there are three Brawn, four Beauty and four Brains and says Scot is his only ally right now. Debbie says she wants to cuddle with Nick because he’s hot. Tai cuddles with Scot as everyone is getting tipsy on wine. Nick says the Brawn are being arrogant.

Nick says he and Michele are in a good spot (he is clueless she doesn’t like him). He thinks he’s in a power position. The groups go to work expanding the shelter. Debbie and Aubry talk about being tight. Debbie says Aubry feels guilty about Peter but is confident the other four Brains are stills strong.

Nick talks to Neal and Aubry and says the Brawn will be an ongoing physical threat and wants a Beauty and Brains alliance. Nick says he thinks the Beauty isn’t solid. He thinks Julia and Tai are with Scot but says he thinks Michele will be with him.

They talk about needing six to take out a Brawn, preferably one with an idol. Some others make a new sign for the merged tribe. Scot tells Nick that Tai and Julia are good with him and Jason. Jason wants Neal to feel comfortable and then he tells Scot about going after him with Nick.

Nick thinks they have too much wine last night for telling him all of this. Scot then tells Jason and Nick that Tai has an idol. Jason is excited since he also has an idol and could make a super idol with Tai. Jason thinks they are literally unstoppable. Scot tells Nick and Jason not to tell anyone.

Nick doesn’t like them and immediately starts plotting a blindside against them. Next morning, Debbie tells Tai she likes him and wants to be in an alliance and says they would have the numbers. He says okay. Debbie says she knows she needs six to take out a Brawn. Joe sits nearby.

Tai says he has to have an alliance. Aubry sits listening too as they talk. Tai thinks she’s being pretty aggressive. Tai thinks he’s not a fool. Nick is there too and so is Neal as she talks alliance. Neal and Aubry share a look and Aubry whispers that Debbie is not using a lot of finesse.

Aubry says they seem desperate. Later, Jason talks to Julia about Brawn and Beauty banding together. Jason says Beauty always go with the jocks then they shove the Brains in the lockers. They talk about Neal’s idol and focusing on Aubry as a blindside and hopefully flush the idol.

Michele says in confession that Jason thinks he’s in control but she hasn’t ruled out working with Brains. Nick and Aubry talk and he says Debbie is off her rocker and Aubry agrees. She thinks people are irritated by Debbie and they need the Beauties on their side. Nick says Debbie is awful.

Nick says Debbie tries to take over strategy and says he doesn’t want anyone having more edge than him. Aubry then goes to talk to Neal and says Debbie is screwing them. She says Nick really doesn’t like Debbie and this is really bad. Neal says they need two Beauties but Debbie is turning people off.

Aubry asks if Neal has an idol and he admits he does. She says they need to know who is targeted so they can use the idol to save them.

Now they all head to the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff asks how they are healthwise and Tai says Neal’s knee is infected. Scot says he’s got one too and Aubry says she’s got one on her leg and shows it. Tai has two wounds. Jason says it hasn’t been easy but they’re embracing the suck.

Jeff collects the tribe immunity idol and reveals the individual immunity necklace. Today’s challenge is a balance challenge with a ball on a disk and more balls will be added at intervals. One ball drops and you’re out and this is the first individual immunity challenge. They draw for spots.

They adjust their feet and load their first ball on their discs. Scot and Joe are struggling from the get-go and Joe is out quickly. Debbie is out fast. Scot’s big feet don’t fit well on the little log. Jason drops right before the interval ends. At the five minute mark, the others are all still in it.

They now have to take a quick rest then add a second ball as they step back up. Michele is out then Neal almost immediately and then Scot all within 20 seconds. Cydney drops and it’s four then Aubry makes it three. It’s three Beauties – Tai, Nick and Julia.

Nick curses as one is at the edge. He recovers. Julia is like a statue. Tai is steady. They have 10 seconds left in the round and Tai is shaking. They all three make it and step down. Now it goes up to three balls. Now it’s who can outlast the others til the end.

Nick is wobbly and recovers. Julia’s move around and she falls even though she was steadiest. Now it’s Nick and Tai. Nine sit on the bleachers watching. Nick and Tai are both moving. Tai loses one and he’s out – Nick wins the first individual immunity and Jeff hands him the necklace.

Nick is happy to have won and he talks to Jason and Scot and those guys want to target Aubry. Scot is confident in the Beauty-Brawn alliance. Nick is leaning towards targeting a Brains but still thinks the two Brawn guys are overconfident.

Neal talks to Nick and Joe about what a physical risk Cydney, Scot and Jason represent. They tell Nick they need Michele to make six. Neal wonders if he needs to play his idol. Debbie, Aubry and Michele talk about going after Jason and Scot out tonight. Aubry knows they need Michele and Nick.

Aubry says there’s no other way to break up Scot and Jason. Nick now talks to Michele and says they need to go with Brawn and she agrees. She says Aubry and he agrees. Nick thinks it’s fine to go with Brawn since they’re idiots and they can beat them at puzzles.

Nick says tells Brains they’re going with them and then vote for Aubry since they’re in a swing position. Michele says sound good. Jeff takes a boat to the camp and they wonder what’s up. The doctor is with him. They wonder why and if one of them is at risk because of this.

They tease Jeff about making house calls. He says he was concerned after seeing them all at the challenge. The doc starts with Tai and he shows him his leg from climbing a tree. Rupert, the doctor, says it’s healing up good and says no signs of infection.

Next is Scot who has a spot on his upper thigh and the doc says it’s a nasty infection but says they can keep an eye on it. Aubry is next with hers on her thigh. The doc says there is a large lump under the skin. Debbie says this is brutal and can be a big deal. She hopes Aubry is safe.

The doctor says he can put her on antibiotics or lance it. He says lancing is a risk. The doc decides to go with antibiotics. Neal is next and he’s got a nasty mark on his knee. This is disgusting and he has one on his back too. The one on his back is awful looking and huge.

Jeff and Rupert take Neal somewhere else cleaner to check it out. Neal insists he feels fine. The doc says it’s a big nasty spot but isn’t that concerning. The others think Neal will be sent home. The doc says he’s less worried about the back and they go back to his knee. He says if the joint is infected, it’s huge.

Rupert says if it goes into the joint, his knee will be destroyed for life. He says this can get worse and Neal is really upset and says he loves the game. Rupert says he has to pull Neal from the game. Neal starts crying. He talks about how much he wants to be there and how important it is to him.

Jeff says they’re taking him to a hospital and he’ll be back as a jury member even though he won’t have a shot at winning. He sends Neal back to tell everyone goodbye. He says they’re pulling him and Aubry is shocked. They all hug him and Aubry is upset for him.

Scot hugs him and the others do too. Aubry wants to ask about the idol but does not. Jeff then says no #TribalCouncil tonight and they have a one in 10 shot at the game. Joe hugs him too. Nick says that saved Aubry for another day. Jeff tells the others to keep their wounds clean.

Aubry thinks Neal is a jerk for walking out with the idol in his pocket and says he’s an SOB. That’s all – a very anti-climactic end to this episode.