Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap – Joe Eliminated on Medical: Season 32 Episode 13 “With Me or Not With Me”

Survivor: Kaoh Rong Recap - Joe Eliminated on Medical: Season 32 Episode 13 "With Me or Not With Me"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Kaoh Rong airs with an all new Wednesday May 11, season 32 episode 13 called, “With Me or Not With Me,” and we have your weekly recap below!  Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, a combination of balance and teamwork earned some castaways a much-needed reward; and one player came under fire after bossing other people around. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “one castaway struggles to overcome feeling betrayed by their strongest ally. Also, an indulging reward might wreak havoc on one castaway, on the penultimate episode of Survivor.”

Tonight’s season 32 episode 13 looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong episodes at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 32.

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#Survivor starts on night 32 after Tribal. The group comes back to camp and Joe says well done. Tai says he’s in shock but Joe says everyone else wanted Jason gone. Tai says he wish he had been informed. Tai wonders what happened and he’s upset he wasted his extra vote.

Michele says Tai keeps turning on alliances. Tai says he wants everyone to have a voice and Michele says she doesn’t and Tai says he’s always confused where she fits. Michele reminds him she was in the alliance before him. Tai says it’s just a game and Michele is happy Cydney protected her.

Tai says there were two alliances that did not involve her. She says whatever and walks away. Tai says he doesn’t know what happened and says Aubry felt strongly that Michele should go home too. He’s most hurt about Aubry. He talks to her and asks why he was out on a limb.

Aubry says people felt like they weren’t allowed to express their opinion and he insists he wasn’t dictating. Aubry says she should have told him and he says they just blindsided him. Aubry is now worried she can’t work with Tai anymore. She says she’s confused too then Joe walks up.

Tai says Aubry is making him sound unreasonable. He’s worried about who he can trust and where to go from here. Now it’s time for the #RewardChallenge. The final five show up and Jeff tells them they race into the jungle, climb a ladder to get sandbags.

Then they launch the bags into five targets. The reward is a trip to the Survivor spa including a bath, massage, food, and they get to spend the night sleeping in a real bed. They run into the woods and Cydney takes an early lead.

Cydney is in first with her bag with Michele close behind. Aubry is back and then Cydney lands one and so does Aubry. The others head back for more. Joe finally makes it back. Aubry and Cydney are tied with one. Joe has to head back too.

Cydney is back and so is Aubry then Michele and Tai. Aubry lands a second. Cydney gets a second and Aubry gets a third. Michele lands one. Cydney, Tai and Aubry run back for their third bag. Aubry takes the lead. Aubry gets a fourth and has one left.

Aubry is out of bags and now has to wait. Michele lands a third. Cydney is out of bags. Joe lands his first and then his second. Joe lands a third. Aubry, Cydney, Michele and Tai now have to stand and wait. Joe can now take his time to get his next bag.

Joe is back and needs to sink two more. He has two bags left. He lands one of them. Joe landed it with one bag left. He won the individual reward. #GetsItDoneAt71 Jeff congratulates him and tells him he can take one person with him on the reward.

Joe says he has to go with his Brain partner and chooses Aubry. Then Jeff says choose one more. He lets Aubry choose and she selects Cydney. Aubry says things are up in the air with Tai so now that lets her look at all her options.

They get food first and everyone digs into chicken and steak. Joe says this was the best challenge he could have won. Cydney thinks Joe will regret eating all that beef that he’s chowing down on. Joe talks about the three of them going to the end and voting out Tai.

Aubry reminds them he has an idol and says they can do it next time. Cydney is considering it and nods and smiles and Joe talks about Aubry thinking she has enemies. Joe says Cydney has been quiet and says they’re not a threat at all.

Aubry says there are lots of different threats and she now realizes Cydney is a HUGE threat. She hasn’t really thought about it before. Now she’s thinking Tai might be better to sit beside in the final three than Cydney.

Back at camp, it’s Tai and Michele and she says she figured the three of them would go no matter what. Tai talks to Michele and they soak in the water and chat. They are stuck together for 24 hours so he wants to air things out.

Tai says last night was just so ugly and she says she wasn’t coming at him. He says maybe they don’t have good chemistry. Michele tells him her door was never closed to him but he picks and chooses and shuts other people out.

Michele thinks they are very different. They decide to make their own spa day and give each other massages. He wonders if he’s missed something with her. He gives her a massage and she says he’s good at this. She says it feels like a Thai massage.

He says it’s a “Tai” massage. The chicken comes over to them. Michele says this is so funny that they fought last night. He says it still stings what she said last night. Michele thinks it’s funny too. Later, they eat together and talk about things.

Michele tells him they’re both on the outs. She says if either of them lose, they’re done. She says her door is always open. He says there’s two of them and three of the others so they need to figure this out. Michele says no one would see it coming.

Tai tells her he’s got the idol and they just need to pick and she says maybe Cydney would sway to them. Tai admits working with her never crossed his mind but he feels betrayed by Aubry. He says he has nothing to lose and Michele says she doesn’t either.

Tai hangs with Mark the chicken and talks about how he needs to deal with trust issues. He says it’s taking a toll on his emotions. Joe, Aubry and Cydney come back in the morning and Tai asks why they’re so early and thought they would have breakfast.

They tell him they got champagne too. Aubry wants Cydney out but wonders if Tai is feeling too needy and will act out. Aubry wants to get Tai aside and make things right. She takes him out for a walk and asks if he’s okay. She says they need to talk about the end.

Aubry says she thought about this and now thinks that Joe will go with what she tells him to. Aubry says she thinks he’s the right choice to go with them in final three. Tai agrees. Aubry knows she needs to be in a group of three since there’s five left.

Tai then starts crying and Aubry hugs him. He says this game is so crazy. She tells him he’s almost there. Now he feels better and relieved of his burden. He says he had a tender spot for her from the beginning. Joe tells Michele about all the food they got.

He remarks that Cydney didn’t eat a whole bunch. Cydney notices Aubry and Tai looking comfortable when they come back with water. Cydney thinks that they look too close. Michele and Cydney walk and talk. Michele says they can bring in a third.

Cydney thinks Michele is trustworthy but wants to keep it quiet that she’s working with her so she doesn’t screw herself. Michele says we need to make a move. Michele feels good that she has Tai and Cydney working with her and wants to take out Joe or Aubry.

Joe’s stomach is bothering him and he’s worried because he’s not passing urine. Aubry is dancing horribly for the others and Joe comes up and says he’s not feeling well. He says he thinks his prostate is squeezing. Then he tells Michele he’s fine.

Aubry is worried about Joe since he’s her anchor and part of her game. He leaves and Michele asks what’s going on and Aubry tells them about his prostate bothering him. Michele wonders if this could pull him from the game. She knows it would benefit her.

Joe is sick to his stomach and constipated. He says medical is going to check on him and they come to the camp. The medic talks about giving him something for the constipation but if he can’t empty his bladder, it can be dangerous. Tai is worried because if Joe goes home it will screw up their final three.

It’s now day 34 and Joe is still struggling. He got a little relief from the medication he was given. The others talk about pizza. Joe is in significant pain and he’s nauseous. Joe tells the others that he’s concerned and what the doctors told him.

Michele gives him a hug. Tai tells him to keep fighting. Joe says it’s not working and says he’ll be back. He can hardly walk. Michele says he’s almost doubled over in pain. Tai says it’s not fair and he starts crying and Cydney comforts him.

Tai says they’re all in tears over Joe. He says he’s someone dear to them all. Joe hugs them all and laughs when Tai kisses him. Cydney says he’s like her substitute grandfather and she’s so sad. They watch the sunset. Tai says he wants to be as tough as him at 72.

The doctor comes back out later with Jeff who calls Joe over for another look. He tells them he’s in a lot of pain and shows them his swollen belly. The doctor says with Joe’s age there is an enlarged prostate and it can be painful. He says age is a factor.

Jeff says the reward did him in. Joe says he hasn’t eaten meat in so long and he ate so many steak kabobs. Jeff asks what’s the pain level and Joe says it’s over the top. Jeff asks the doctor if this is a medical emergency. The doctor says it can cause kidney damage.

Jeff asks if the doctor is pulling him and he says it’s the only safe thing to do. Joe says he’s at the edge and isn’t surprised he’s pulling him. The others start crying. Jeff asks how it feels to be pulled this close to the end for something age-related.

Joe is disappointed but says he can’t jeopardize his health. Jeff says he’s an inspiration and says he’s been getting it done at 71. Aubry says this is like watching a family member being sick but is glad he’ll get the help he needs. They all cry and he tells them not to.

Jeff tells them they’ve lost three this season and that’s a lot. Now it’s done to the final four. Aubry says she lost Neal after the merge and now Joe. Aubry wonders what the hell will happen now and says anything is possible.