Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap – Chris Blindside Elimination – Jess Out On Shocking Rock Draw: Season 33 Episode 10 and 11

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Recap - Chris Blindside Elimination - Jess Out On Shocking Rock Draw: Season 33 Episode 10 and 11

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 23, 2016, double episode and we have your Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap below.  On tonight’s Survivor Season 33 episode 10 & 11 called, “Million Dollar Gamble, Parts 1 & 2,” a power struggle between castaways erupts and each player tries to arm themselves with allies. 

Did you watch last week’s Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X season 33 episode 9 where two castaways with secrets about each other used them as leverage in the game, while another refused to “drop the ball” when individual immunity was on the line? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap, right here for your enjoyment!

On tonight’s Survivor season 33 episode 8 episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Tensions rise when castaways from Gen X turn on each other and one castaway throws another under the bus to build trust in the game. A power struggle between castaways erupts, and each player tries to arm themselves with allies.”

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#Survivor begins after tribal when Taylor was sent home and Adam says he’s sorry about not telling them about the advantage. He’s scrambling and wants Jay out of the game. David asks if there is any food hidden and Adam says he doesn’t know where he hid it after he moved it.

Jay goes and digs it up to hand it over since he’s worried about his fate in the game. No one knows he has an idol. Bret and Chris talk about Taylor stealing the food and being an idiot. Chris wants to target Jessica next because he thinks she’ll come for him and still wants revenge.

Ken talks to Hannah and she thinks about how gorgeous he is. They sit talking and she’s totally into him. Zeke and Will talk about the vote and about Will’s confusion. He says he, David and Chris brought the vote together to make it happen but now things will change.

Will is ready to get away from Jay and use Zeke as a life preserver. Zeke tells him Jay has an idol and says please don’t let anyone know because Jay will be mad at him if he finds out about it. Will feels confident that it’s okay that he told just one person.

Idol talk and reward

Zeke immediately goes to tell David and Chris about the idol. David tells Hannah and Ken. Chris tells Bret. Then Zeke also goes to tell Chris. So now most of the tribe knows about the idol. They talk about trying to flush Jay’s idol but really targeting Jess with a blindside.

Jeff welcomes them to the reward challenge that will play on two teams. They have to go out, get keys, unlock blocks, and stack them by a pattern. The reward is a floating pizza restaurant anchored off the camp. The winners will get pizza, wings, and beer.

They draw for teams and one person won’t be on a team. David volunteers to sit out since he’s a bad swimmer. The rest of the group tells him not to give up and encourages him. He’s moved to tears. They tell him to choose a rock and not sit out.

Jay got the odd rock and had to sit out. David is on a team with Chris, Will, Ken, and Jessica. The other team is Zeke, Bret, Sunday, Hannah, and Adam. They each have to grab a key, slide down a pole, run through shallow water, hook it onto a loop.

David’s team takes the lead

The purple team falls behind. They leave David for last on the orange team. David is the last one to go for the team. He gets his key, heads down the pole, slogs through the water, and runs. Purple is still working on their last key while orange works on their locks.

Chris gets the second lock for orange and then they get the third and David gets the the fourth lock. They have all their blocks ready while purple is on their third lock. Purple starts their blocks. Zeke and Adam work on the puzzle vs Chris and David.

Zeke and Adam make quick work of the puzzle and David tells the orange team he’s sorry. Zeke, Adam, Hannah, Bret and Sunday will get the floating pizza treat. They are excited to sit and eat together and have some beer. Bret is happy that he’s bonding with Zeke.

A server brings them letters from home. Adam starts crying. He’s worried about his mom since she has cancer. He cries reading the letter about her going to the ballet. The others discuss that it was cold-blooded for Jeff to put the boat right off shore for them all to see.

Jess vs Chris – both scheming

Ken talks to David who is upset about the loss. David thanks him and says everyone has been supportive. Ken says David has evolved and grown so much deserves a lot of respect. David tells Ken he wants to be final three with him.

Jessica comes over and David talks about Chris, Bret and Sunday being a threesome that needs to be broken up. He suggests blindsiding Chris and Jess agrees. Ken tells him that Zeke may not be a safe bet to tell since he’s been hanging out with Zeke a lot.

The tribe heads to the #ImmunityChallenge. They have to stand on a narrow beam and hold a pole to keep a statue balanced. Hannah’s falls and she’s out of it and Ken goes not too long after her but he had ants crawling on him and was fussing.

They have to move back as the time goes on so the pole they are holding gets progressively longer and harder to hold up. Sunday then Chris fall out of it and then Will is out, too. Jay goes out. Bret is also out. Lots are getting hit by ants.

Then there were four

Jessica, Adam, Zeke, and David are left in it. Zeke struggles. Adam goes out on a gust of wind. Jessica loses hers and that leaves David and Zeke. Zeke is struggling and saves but David is solid. Zeke wobbles and so does David. Zeke falls and David wins individual immunity.

Jeff congratulates him on the win and how hard he’s fighting to stay in and David gets teared up again. David is thrilled to have won immunity and knows he’s taking a risk to target Chris but is committed to his bold plan.

Chris, Sunday, Bret and Zeke talk about voting out Jessica but trying to out. David tells Jess and Ken about the plan that Chris proposed. Jess is upset and says Chris has been gunning for her since Paul left the game. She plans to fight hard to survive.

Zeke and Hannah talk about the double blindside plan. Zeke has to decide to work with David or Chris since he can’t work with both. Zeke says he has to decide who he needs to get to the end. The group heads to Tribal and the jury of Michelle and Taylor come into the arena.

Tribal Council

Jay says he feels like a lone wolf. David brings up voting blocks and threats. He says there may be multiple targets. Zeke says this is like a voting block vs an alliance and it’s about trust. Hannah calls it a #trustcluster because voting blocks can break up.

Hannah fangirls on Jeff using her trust cluster term. Bret says you have to know who you can trust going forward in this game. Chris says trust shouldn’t be an issue tonight. Jeff says every Tribal seems to have surprises. Adam says a cold war is brewing.

Adam says they’ve been talking about Jay who says he knows he’s a big target and it’s nerve wracking. Sunday says it’s more about who you can’t trust than who they can. She says you have to look at past actions.

Adam and Jay raise their hands and say they know there are trust issues. Jess says she knows people are upset about an old vote but Chris lies and says you can’t have a long memory and those are bygones.

Blindside again!

Everyone seems confident in how the vote is going and Jay laughs and says he has no idea what is going on. Zeke says everyone has all been part of a blindside so appearances are deceiving. Jeff calls for the vote.

Jess votes Chris and says she knows he’s still holding a grudge. Chris votes Jessica and whispers that she’s too big of a threat. Jeff goes to tally the votes and calls for immunity idols. Jay doesn’t play his.

The votes are: Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, Chris. That’s an epic #blindside of the big guy. He’s floored. Jeff snuffs his torch and he says a football farewell to Zeke and goes.

Jeff says whatever you call it, this game is being played at a very high level and he expects more blindsides. Chris says Jess outplayed him and he’s having a hard time processing that but he’s happy to have the adventure of a lifetime.

After Tribal

The tribe hands back to camp and Jay says he had no idea what was going on and then says it was awesome. He decided not to play his idol since no one was talking about him. Jess is pleased that everyone stuck to the plan.

Bret tells Zeke that Chris would have won if they didn’t send him home since he was controlling everything. Zeke tells Bret that in his mind, Bret and Sunday are not on the bottom. Zeke decided to vote against Chris and sided with David.

Zeke decides he needs six to come for David and his coalition. He needs Bret and Sunday on his side and hopes he got to them first. David talks to Bret and Sunday at sunrise. Bret is cool about it. He says he thought about Chris too.

David talks to them about targeting Jay next time. However, he knows that Zeke is winning and so he wants to do Jay then Will and Zeke. David tells Sunday and Bret that Zeke is winning this. Bret listens but he thinks David needs to go because he can’t be trusted.

David vs Zeke

Bret tells Zeke that David told him they need to target him. Zeke tells Bret that David has an idol. Bret says he knows because David always has an idol. Bret and Zeke agree to watch David. David is hoping it won’t be a hard sell to go after Zeke.

Both Zeke and David are targeting each other and each is planning. Zeke talks to Hannah and Adam. He says Bret told him David is targeting him. He says David has an idol in his back pocket. Hannah says Will and Jay are more dangerous.

Hannah is trying to balance between David and Zeke. She wants to work with David but has been working closely with Zeke and isn’t sure which way to go. Jeff welcomes the tribe to an island out in the ocean – a little patch of sand for the #rewardchallenge.

They will play in teams of three tied up and will have to slither around through obstacles then do a puzzle. The winners get a helicopter tour and a picnic of fried chicken, mac and cheese, wine, beer, soda and pie.

Three teams of three

Jeff says one person won’t get the chance to play. He says if you draw the white rock, you automatically get to go on reward without playing. Hannah, Jessica, Adam are one team. Will, Ken, and Jay are another and Sunday, Zeke and Bret are the third.

David gets to enjoy reward since he got the white rock. They slither along and Will is losing his pants. They slither to the next person in the relay and then they head off. Green has a lead thanks to Will and Ken. Jessica is struggling.

Jay gets to the end and the three guys untie and run for the puzzle. Bret is the third for orange and Jessica is stuck for her team. Bret is moving and makes up time. Jessica finally makes it and Adam takes off as their third to try and make time.

Will, Ken and Jay are struggling with the puzzle. The other two teams are now working on their puzzle. Bret, Zeke and Sunday come from behind and complete the puzzle and they win reward. They will go with Bret on the reward and the helicopter drops down to get them.

Zeke targets David aggressively

Adam wonders about stealing the reward and he’s tempted. He decides to hang onto it and not take it away. The chopper leaves with the four on it. Jeff sends the other six back to camp empty handed.

Bret tells Zeke that he’s gay but he fell into a macho group and couldn’t say anything. Bret also says it’s a different generation. Zeke tells Bret and Sunday he’s glad that David is there so he can keep an eye on him and talks about blindsiding him.

Hannah pulls David aside when he gets back and she’s decided to side with David. She tells him that Bret told Zeke he was targeting him and Adam told him about the idol. Hannah says the good thing is that Zeke trusts her so she will know.

David tells Hannah the idol will be for him or her. Jay comes up out of the water and Hannah chats with him friendly. David worries and says he blew up his game. He’s flipping out and Hannah tries to calm him down.

Another immunity challenge

Hannah tells him not to get neurotic or he’ll waste the idol. He says let’s go after Zeke and let them vote against him and he’ll use the idol to save himself. Now it’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge.

They have to unlock a handle and then complete a slide puzzle. They take their places and first is to untie a handle then to run it through a maze but they can’t see it since they’re behind the maze. Jay is the first to get it. He starts on the slide puzzle.

Jay gets the puzzle done before any of the others even get their doors open by completing the maze. Jeff says that was a Survivor blowout. Jay is happy to get the immunity necklace. Jeff tells the other he’ll see them tonight at tribal.

David tells Jessica about him telling Bret about wanting to go against Zeke. Jess is upset that David didn’t keep his mouth shut but she has to help him. Ken and Jess agree to vote against Zeke with him.

Zeke vs David and things turn

Zeke pulls Hannah aside to talk to her about David. He says David is the biggest threat in the game. Zeke figures out Hannah is on Team David and so Zeke goes to tell Bret, Will, Sunday and Jay to take out Hannah.

Hannah goes to talk to Adam and says the two of them need to stick together and pick a side. She says they should vote to send Zeke home. Adam isn’t sure but doesn’t tell her. Hannah tells David that they have enough votes but thinks Zeke is gunning for her.

She says she might need his idol tonight. David and Hannah run the scenarios and wonder who would flip. He’s debating what he’s going to do with his idol tonight and hopes he plays it for the right person tonight.

Time for Tribal. The Survivors come in and then the jury of three – Michelle, Taylor and Chris. Jeff asks how many people feel certain tonight and no one says yes. He asks who feels safe and it’s only Jay that raises his hand.

Tribal gets tough

David says he feels like a fruit bat and the world looks upside down for him. He says this will be chaotic. Hannah and Adam whisper. Jay says he doesn’t know what is going on. Bret snaps and says it’s every man for himself now.

David says will members of Zeke’s alliance can raise their hands. Bret and Zeke both say ugly things about David crying and David says that’s a personal attack and how things are going right now. Adam says the vote is live.

Jess says she’s utterly confused. Hannah whispers to Adam again. Ken says they’re still trying to figure things out. Sunday says stick to the plan and whispers to Hannah “Ken.” Bret gets really aggro and says this is smoke and mirrors.

Zeke says everyone wonders who they can trust and no one feels sure that people are going to stick to what they said. Zeke says Tribal is theater. They all press Jeff to call for the vote and he does. Everyone goes to vote.

Voting disarray

Taylor freaks in his jury seat when a giant bug lands on him and won’t leave. Jeff calls for idols. David raises his hand and pulls out his idol. Hannah says wait then says nothing more. Adam tells David he hears whispering about voting for Ken.

David decides to play it to protect Ken. Hannah says damn. Votes are: Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah. It’s a tie. They will revote with Hannah and Zeke not voting. They go to vote again.

Zeke whispers and starts to make some deals. Hannah tells Jess to please trust her and vote against Zeke. Jess is scared of going to a rock draw. Hannah tells Adam she thinks Jess is going to flip and she’ll go home.

Jeff counts the votes and comes back. The votes are: Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke, Hannah, Zeke. It’s another tie. They now get the chance to unanimously agree on one or the other and then David, Will, Bret, Sunday, Adam and Jessica will draw rocks.

Rock draw!

Will says they should agree that none of them want to go home for them. David says Zeke is playing the best game up here and says if you think I’m the threat, vote me next time but send Zeke home tonight. Zeke tries to rally against Hannah.

Jeff says there is no unanimous decision. Taylor is laughing at all of them. Jeff says Hannah is now safe and so is Zeke. Ken and Jay are also safe. The other six will draw rocks. The black rock will send someone out and they are now #DrawingRocks.

They reveal and Jessica has the black rock. Bret says David forced this. Jessica can’t breathe and is stunned. She’s crying and Jeff says #TheGameHasSpoken and he snuffs her torch. Jess says she has the legacy advantage and has to leave it to someone.

Jessica leaves it to Ken and says she hopes he’s there to use it. Jeff tells the others that the rest of this game is going to be insane. .