Talking Dead Recap 11/27/16: Season 7 Episode 6 “Alanna Masterson, Jonah Ray, Cassandra Peterson”

Talking Dead Recap 11/27/16: Season 7 Episode 6 "Alanna Masterson, Jonah Ray, Cassandra Peterson"

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick airs for an all-new Sunday, November 27, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead premiere, The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 the “Swear” episode is discussed with v.

Did you watch last week’s episode of The Walking dead where Chris Hardwick was joined by Tom Payne who plays Jesus on TWD, Xander Berkeley who portrays Gregory the leader of the Hilltop Community and actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster Kevin Smith?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Talking Dead recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “Chris Hardwick will be joined by Alanna Masterson who plays Tara Chambler on The Walking Dead, comedian Jonah Ray and actress Cassandra Peterson better known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark discuss the episode “Swear” from The Walking Dead.”

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM ET for our Talking Dead recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to head over and check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news & so much more, right here!

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#TalkingDead tonight has Jonah Ray, Alanna Masterson and Cassandra Peterson. Chris says they saw Tara nine episodes ago and Alanna says she didn’t know who she would come back and says the show is physically hard and she had no prep for the action.

She says she was excited to get back to it. She says she told Scott Gimple she just had a baby and he told her she’s fine. She says it was the hardest episode the crew has ever shot because it was 105 degrees and the bridge had no cover or shade.

She says she had to do the action because a stunt double would have taken away from the scene. She says she did all the stunts. She says she fell off the bridge herself too. She says there is so much more than goes into having a kid than you realize.

Alanna says her baby was hiding in an air-conditioned tent down the bridge while she shot. Jonah says he loves the clicking and says it’s better than shouting “someone’s here.” Chris welcomes Cassandra, aka Elvira, and she says she loved the women’s community.

Elvira Queen of the Dark

She says she likes the community of women where the men are slaves and locked in cages. She says they do the heavy lifting and semen extraction. Chris shows a clip of Elvira from Comic Con and she’s posing with the RV group on their knees saying “pick me.”

She says she snuck over the barrier and did that when no one was looking. Chris says they were super protective and Jonah says she ruined a mannequin challenge. A fan asks who Elvira would handle Negan and she says he’s a scumbag but he’s cute.

She says Elvira loves bad boys and he’s the ultimate bad boy so she would handle him really well. Now the In Memoriam. We see the beach walker, sand walkers, more sand walkers, and the walker in the woods. In Oceanside, every night is ladies’ night.

Denise Huth talks about the Oceanside set and she says they came up with something amazing and it’s a 1960s beach hotel. She says they used a lot of netting to go with the ocean theme and says the designers did a good job with it.

Beach babes

A tweet calls them Lord of the Flies girls and another says they have the aim of storm troopers. Alanna says it was interesting for Tara since she came in with the Governor and it was nice she got to introduce a group. She says the crew hadn’t been out of Atlanta so the beach was a treat.

She says it was a fun episode to shoot and experience. Chris says he hopes they get to see them again. Cassandra says the Saviors killing all the men was the wrong idea because they women won’t be pushovers.

Jonah says the kill on sight policy is like the get off my land policy and need an old man on a rocking chair shooting. Jonah says what if there’s a neighboring community who had pizza and they walk in with pizza and got shot in the head.

Chris says the lesson is not to help people. Chris says they polled and 90% said the stranger danger policy was a good idea. Alanna says Tara had a target on her back the moment she said she wouldn’t stay. She says she’s super-fast and nimble and got away.

Questions and a quiz

Jonah asks Alanna if Tara would have stuck around the all-lady colony if she knew Denise was dead. Alanna says no since she has so much family there and wants to be with them. Now the quiz.

#1 Oceanside used how many bells to redirect the dead 5, 6 or 7? The answer is 6 and dog training clickers to alert of trouble.

#2 The name of the woman Tara knocks out is Beatrice, Kathy or Natania. The answer is Beatrice. The fight scenes between them were filmed with stunt doubles.

#3 Tara’s #1 rule of scavenging is there’s nothing left in this world that’s not stolen, hidden, or won’t kill you. The answer is hidden. Glenn told Tara that back in Season 5.

Sydney Park interview and poll

Sydney, who plays Cyndie, talks about the risk of Cyndie trusting Tara not to break the swear and give away the secrets of the community. She says she had to hope Tara took it to heart so she wouldn’t’ put them at risk.

Alanna says Tara looks at Cyndie like her niece. Chris says sometimes someone has to be human even though it’s dangerous. Cassandra says Cyndie has some humanity left for saving Tara. Jonah says he would have let Tara live.

He says if Tara came back, he hopes she’d not kill him since he let her go. Chris offers a poll – should Tara not tell Rosita about Oceanside’s guns? Cassandra says no, she made a promise. 86% say no. Alanna says Denise would want Tara to keep her word.

Tweets are read about Tara flipping off a little girl and another says they totally related to her doing it. Alanna says the kid is a dick and tried to kill Tara. She says the kid spit on her too. Chris says if a kid tries to murder you, you can flip them off.

Caller questions Alanna

She asks why Tara lied and said she worked on a larder. Alanna says Tara lied until she knew what was doing on with the group. She says she picked a bad lie. She says that lie was very Tara. Alanna says she thought it was funny.

Alanna says David Johnson wrote this and he’s not a usual staff writer and the guy never met her but nailed Tara and her humor perfectly. Chris shows some Walking Dead 360 VR experiences that are available now and were directed by Greg Nicotero.

Scott Gimple found the bridge while filming last season and it’s on the same river where Eastman trained Morgan. The sand walker sequences shut the bride down for a week to prep, shoot and clean. One sand walker actor says it was like a day at the spa, sweating and working.

Chris talks about the search for the ultimate Walking Dead fan contest. You can send a Skype entry to try and get the honor. The winner gets to sit on the couch at the mid-season finale. Now a fan from the audience comes up and asks if Alanna ate the salted fish.

Something is fishy

She says she had to eat it twice. She says she thought they could make a fake fish but no, they made her eat it and says it was disgusting. Chris gives the guy the fish from the table and then a backpack with her sunglasses and a poking stick.

A Facebook fans asks how will Tara be affected by losing Denise. She says Tara’s character will shift after the loss and she might not trust things like she used to and will be hardened by losing Denise and Glenn both.

Chris says Tara has been with so many groups and she says it’s a rough journey for her. Alanna says maybe she’ll go straight and Chris says he hopes not because when she opened up with Denise, it was so great.

Chris says he knows it’s not a documentary, but it’s real for him. He asks if it’s worth it to look for love in the apocalypse and Jonah says it’s the best distraction to have a crush and stuff. Jonah says you can pin a love note to a walker and send it over to her.

Heath worries

Cassandra says she’s worried about Heath and says he’s getting harder. Jonah say she lost his glasses so he’s dead. Alanna says she’s blind without hers. Chris asks about the PPP card and she says only Scott Gimple knows.

Chris says others were guessing, please prepare to party, pin pineapple pin, and other silliness. Chris shows off a Rick Grimes Christmas ornament and there’s a DVD set of season 6. Everyone in the audience gets all of it. He’s playing Oprah with the loot.

Greg Nicotera talks about constantly reinventing the show and says he loved the sand walkers because it was like they had no moisture so they used full body prosthetics so they looked very mummified. He talks about an Italian movie called Zombie from the 70s as their inspiration.

He says they made 18 full-body suits and did the Night of the Living Dead moment with zombies coming out of the ground. Jonah says that’s the movie it reminded him of and Chris says there are all sorts of Easter eggs they drop.

The bridge fall

Chris asks Alanna about falling off the bridge. She says it was 60 feet so they built another bridge that was eight feet off the side and a pad to fall onto. She says they were able to shoot her face going over the side. She says she was nervous.

Alanna says if she fell off the pad, she would have fallen 60 feet down. Now a poll – how would you deal with the Saviors, hide or fight? Cassandra says she fights with people all the time on the road, etc. Jonah says neither, he’d do suicide. 78% say fight.

Chris says Jonah has Mr Sparkles Simpson’s socks and he shows them off. Jonah jokes about his legs being pasty. Now we get a look at some fan art and then the sneak peek at next week.

We see Jesus and Carl in the truck getting close to the Savior compound. Jesus says they should jump out and says jump out and roll. He says let’s go now. Jonah says Carl’s gonna die when he hurts his knee and a walker gets him.

Chris asks who Jonah would want to go on a run with and he says Eugene because it would be a like a road trip with a nerd trying to lose his virginity. Chris says he hopes he loses his virginity. Cassandra says she’s take Michonne on a road trip with her. Chris says he’d take Judith.