Talking Dead LIVE Recap: Season 7 Episode 4 ‘Lou Diamond Phillips, Ron Funches, Dave Alpert’

Talking Dead LIVE Recap: Season 7 Episode 4 'Lou Diamond Phillips, Ron Funches, Dave Alpert'

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick airs for an all-new Sunday, November 13, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead premiere, The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 “Service” is discussed with Lou Diamond Phillips, Ron Funches and Dave Alpert.

Did you watch last week’s episode of The Walking dead where Chris Hardwick was joined by the Host of Comedy Bang! Bang! and fan of #TWD Scott Aukerman?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Talking Dead recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Talking Dead “Following tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead “Service,” Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will be joined by actor Lou Diamond Phillips, Comedian Ron Funches and TWD executive producer Dave Alpert.

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#TheTalkingDead tonight has Lou Diamond Phillips, Ron Funches and Dave Alpert. Chris Hardwick welcomes the fans. Chris asks Dave why Negan came to Alexandria early. Dave says Negan is trying to keep them off balance.

Lou says Negan saw some guys there with fight and fire and can’t let them get back to rights. Lou says Hilltop is subservient and he hasn’t been inside Kingdom or he’d have taken the tiger. Ron says Negan making Rick carry the bat was like a girl making you hold her purse.

Dave says Negan is training Rick like Cesar Milan and asserting dominance. He says Negan gave Rick his back before with the ax and made him his beta. Chris says he’s glad Enid finally got out of the closet. Dave says she’s resourceful.

Fan reactions are that Negan is funny and charismatic. Another says Negan is a big bad wolf. Another is worst surprise visit ever. Lou says he wanted Rick to whack Negan. Lou says Rick doesn’t know what the other guys will do if he does it.

Ron Funches audition

Chris says Ron is a huge fan of the show. Ron says he auditioned for Judith and didn’t get it and then King Ezekiel but he rightfully didn’t get it. Now it’s the In Memoriam. We see the walkers Negan smashed. The walker Michonne slayed. Then the deer. Then Rosita’s walkers. Mattresses.

Andrew Lincoln interview. He says they’ve done something brave this season and says Rick held the bat and he walked around like a muted animal. Andy says it’s been an acting challenge but it’s not been fun and really sucks at the moment.

Dave says Rick has murder in his heart but needs to protect the others so he needs to get Negan out of there. Chris mentions the vulgar line at the end that Negan says. Chris says it’s the inspecting your tonsils, using Negan’s lozenge, gobble on my stuff and thangs.

Lou says Negan made his point and he’s relentless in psychological warfare and won’t let Rick gain any dignity. Chris reads fan comments about Rick’s hatred for Negan. Then one mentioned how Daryl looked at Rick like a little puppy.

Gabriel and a quiz

Ron says Daryl was smart and knew Negan wouldn’t let him stay and was just trying to break him. Ron says Daryl still has his soul so he won’t ask him for anything. Chris says Easy Street is now on iTunes and is on fire. Ron says he’s been singing it.

Dave says Daryl has vacated himself and isn’t taking bait and isn’t present. He’s ignoring it all and may not have recognized the Maggie grave. Lou says Negan’s reaction to Gabriel was funny and Chris says Gabriel is always 30 degrees off everyone else.

Chris mocks his optimism this time. Dave says Seth Gilliam is doing an amazing job and says it’s hard to be that awkward. Dave says Gabriel believes more in Rick now that at any other time. Now the quiz.

#1 Negan hoped Rick’s bearded video was frisky business, freaky deaky or sexy time. The answer is freaky deaky.

#2 Eugene says he’s repairing what for the Saviors – portable audio system, aviation transponder or proximity beacon. The answer is portable audio.

#3 How many shots does Michonne fire at the walker in the field 5, 7 or 9. The answer is 9.

Rick and Michonne

Danai Gurira interview. She says Michonne and Rick are responding to trauma in different ways. She says Rick has gone inert. She says he shut down and is playing along and she doesn’t like it and it’s against her nature not to respond to an attack.

Chris reads a Twitter question about Michonne helping Rick recover mentally. Lou says she will and is tapped into her warrior spirit and she can reignite Rick’s fighting spirit. Ron says Michonne knows Rick has a new boss that he hates and she’s doing her thing in case she needs to shoot him in the head.

Dave says Michonne is more of a lone wolf and isn’t thinking about the whole group but Rick is. Poll – What did you think about Carl standing up to Negan. Brave or stupid? Lou says Carl is cut from the same cloth as Rick and Daryl. Lou says Carl is testosterone laden.

Ron says Carl is brave and he likes it. He says his dad taught him to be a certain way. Ron says he has hormones raging. The poll is 55% brave. Lou makes a joke about not seeing eye to eye with Carl. Dave says Negan is smart and has a plan and needs fighters and may have his eye on Carl.

Negan can’t relax

Chris says Negan can’t ever get comfortable and it would suck to be him. Dave says he’s like the capo of a crime family. Lou says Dwight is gonna paint his face blue and yell freedom since Negan took is wife. A fan says Carl took his spot at the adult table. Carl pulled a Daryl.

A caller from Miami asks Dave if Negan was going to take the guns before Carl did that. Dave says he was going to take some but maybe not all until Carl did that. Chris says all their actions now have immediate consequences and Negan is pruning their spirit.

Inside the dead says Negan was singing Beethoven’s fifth when he came to the gate and it represents fate knocking at the door. Negan was drinking orange soda. Jeffrey Dean Morgan says Olivia actress Ann Mahoney was great and they giggled while filming.

Andrew Lincoln interview. He says Scott Gimple called him before filming started and told him about the reveal of Rick and Judith and it blew his mind. He says it made sense and was brilliant to show the heroism Rick showed with Judith even though she’s not his biologically.

Rick’s big reveal

Chris says Lori tried to tell him but Rick said he didn’t want to know. Fan comments say their heart broke for Rick. Ron says he’s surprised Rick was open about it and he wouldn’t tell anyone. He says it tells you what kind of man Rick is even if it makes him look like a little punk.

Lou says Rick can’t be sure and he thought there was a possibility he could be the dad but Rick knew the probability was higher that it’s Shane’s daughter. Dave says it’s about priorities. Rick found his family after the coma and that’s what mattered. He says he was telling Michonne they have to survive.

Dave says Rick has no reason to tell Judith unless she has a big Shane head. Poll. Do you blame Spencer for hiding guns? Ron says he doesn’t blame him since leadership has failed him. Lou says he’s a weasel and spoiled mama’s boy. 71% says yes, blame Spencer.

Dave says Spencer didn’t know Negan was coming for guns when he hid it. Ron says Olivia was in charge of the food and that’s like putting him in charge of the marijuana rations. More fan tweets say Michonne is having a Sasha moment. One says Negan huffed and puffed and blew them down.

Rosita and a fan

We see behind the scenes of Rosita killing the walkers to get a gun. We see the different stabs and the one that gets face driven into a stump. Christian Serratos says the choreography and stunts are her favorite things to do on set.

A fan comes up and asks Dave why Negan burned the mattresses. Dave says it’s a cherry on the domination sundae. Chris says it’s sliding the thing down the thing again. Ron says maybe they had bed bugs. Chris gives the fan a mattress. Ron giggles.

Ron says Michonne and Rosita are women with true strength. He says guys are blustery then back down but women are different. Chris says it’s like a guy in a bar asking his friends to hold him back or a barking dog that gets quiet once you let it off leash.

Quiz. Most satisfying way Negan could die? Eaten by Shiva, shot by Maggie or Lucille’d by Rick. 81% say by Rick. Now a sneak peek at next week’s episode. We see Carl talking to Michonne who says she has things to figure out. Carl says we can’t do it like this.

Carl says his dad is wrong and she knows it. Michonne says even if she thinks he’s wrong, they don’t know. She tells him to be nice to Olivia. Carl sees something that alarms him out the window. Lou guesses that it might be Maggie coming back that he sees.

Ron says Carl sees someone using his leave in conditioner because his hair is great. Lou is asked by a fan about Longmire being friends with Rick. Lou says they would be. Next week is Xander Berkeley, Kevin Smith plus a surprise cast member.