Talking Dead Recap 12/4/16: Season 7 Episode 7 “Chandler Riggs, Gale Anne Hurd, Josh Homme”

Talking Dead Recap 12/4/16: Season 7 Episode 7 "Chandler Riggs, Gale Anne Hurd, Josh Homme"

Tonight on AMC their highly anticipated series Talking Dead featuring Chris Hardwick airs for an all-new Sunday, December 4, 2016, episode and we have your Talking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s Talking Dead premiere, The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 the “Sing Me a Song” episode is discussed with v.

Did you watch last week’s episode of The Walking dead where Chris Hardwick was joined by Alanna Masterson who played Tara Chambler on The Walking Dead, comedian Jonah Ray and actress Cassandra Peterson better known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark discussed the episode “Sing Me a Song” from The Walking Dead.?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Talking Dead recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “Chandler Riggs (Carl), Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and musician Josh Homme discuss the episode “Sing Me a Song” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick.”

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM ET for our Talking Dead recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to head over and check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news & so much more, right here!

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#TalkingDead tonight features Chandler Riggs, Gale Ann Hurd, and Josh Homme. Chris Hardwick has a cheese tray on the table like Negan made Carl hold. Everyone applauds Chandler and Chris says it was upsetting.

Chandler says he loved it and he’s been looking forward to this for years since he’s a fan of the comics. Chris reads feedback. Snooki from Jersey Shore says she’s living for him. Another says he’s the new sheriff in town.

Then one says “eye” did not see that coming. Chandler Says working with Jeffrey is great since he’s so cool but I have to hate him as Carl. He says it’s easy to do scenes with him and really fun even though he makes him cry.

Gale Ann raves about Chandler

Chris mentions how Jesus just laughed when Carl tricked him. Chandler says Carl was ready to die to kill Negan and his scene with Enid was a goodbye. Gale says Carl isn’t evil and he thought about killing more Saviors then didn’t.

Gale says she worked with Chandler before The Walking Dead. She says they worked on The Wronged Man. She says she always knew how fantastic he was but the range of emotions he showed in this episode was amazing.

Chris mentions how large Sanctuary is and Joshua says it’s like a people factory. Joshua says that kind of leadership works well in the apocalypse. He says you can’t have Hawaiian shirt Friday and anyone has to have an iron hand.

In Memoriam

Chris says that narcissism plays well in that situation. Joshua says you have to believe in yourself to make people kneel. Joshua says they all have juvie plans like Carl hiding in the truck and Michonne hijacking the car.

Now the In Memoriam: speed bump walkers, farewell to arms walker, surprise cargo Saviors. Interview: Jeffery Dean Morgan says he couldn’t wait to do the Carl/Negan scenes since he’s a fan of the comics. Jeffrey says this is a story that’s going to be awesome.

Chris asks Chandler about the prosthetic eye. Chandler says the special effects woman did a great job and says it’s better than the bandage that he has to adjust all the time. He says it messed up his depth perception wearing it.

Chandler talks about singing

Chris says Negan is different from other villains on the show because he climbs inside your head. Gale says it’s variable conditioning with him. Gale says Negan gets to do what he wants. Chris says he’d like it of Carl sang Easy Street.

Joshua says he hated bullies and they always pick on physical insecurities. A fan asks Chandler if he was nervous to sing. He says he was terrified. He says he did it terrible on purpose. He says Negan is messing with Carl in one of the most messed up way.

A caller asks Gale to describe Sherry and Negan’s relationship. Gale says Sherry thought she was making a good deal but it hasn’t worked out for her or Dwight. She says Sherry has to see Negan torturing people but stands up to him. Joshua says he digs push back.

The Quiz

#1 What song does Michonne whistle – three blind mice, farmer in the dell or easy street? The answer is farmer in the dell.

#2 Jesus marks the path to Sanctuary with ketchup, whiskey or syrup? Syrup is the answer.

#3 Rick and Aaron finds a houseboat that belongs to – Leslie William Starton, Lonnie Wilbur Stamdon, or Lindsey Wallace Stanton. The answer is Leslie William Starton.

Olivia speaks

Actress Anne Mahoney talks about slapping Negan. She says Jeffrey told her to just slap him. She says she slapped the shit out of him and says when the take cut, the crew came running over talking about it. She says Jeffrey was like Jesus but she warned him she grew up with brothers.

Chris says the real slap take is the one they used. Chris reads slap reactions. One says #TeamOlivia needs to trend and Danai Gurira says go Olivia slap some sense into him. Chandler says everyone was trying hard not to laugh when she popped him.

Chandler says Jeffrey complained about it for six takes how hard she slapped him. Chris asks why Negan’s holding Judith. Gale says he could do anything with the kid. Kill her, not, be tender. Chandler says the twins that play Judith are so hard.

More on Negan and Judith

Chandler says they don’t like any of them at all and hate him. He says they are freaked out about his prosthetic. Joshua says when Negan whispers, you make people lean in to listen. He says by holding Judith, he took Rick’s position and it’s a powerful taunt.

Inside the Dead – the scotch Jesus broke was supposed to be very valuable. Griffin Freeman (Mark) says he may have scared his neighbors at his apartment while rehearsing for the screams for the scene wehre Negan ironed his face.

Seth Gilliam (Gabriel) talks about the scene with Spencer. He says Gabriel didn’t like him talking shit about Rick and it’s true at the moment that acting like that makes you a shit in this environment.

Gabriel creeps Joshua out

Chris says when the pastor tells you that, you need to chill. Tweets talk about Gabriel would rather roll out of the car then listen to Spencer. Gale, Joshua and Chandler agree he’s a dick. Joshua says when the creepiest guy on the show wants to get away from you, that’s bad.

Chandler says he feels bad for Austin Nichols since he hates his character. Gale says he’s a good actor and Chris says Austin Nichols is totally cool.

Joshua says Spencer knows Latin and it’s a walking dead language. Poll – should Eugene have made Rosita a bullet? Joshua says it was a goofy, crippled bullet but it only takes one to miss and cause big trouble. 81% say yes.

Behind the scenes with the iron

Chris mentions Rosita being mean to Eugene. Gale says he brings that out in people and shaming works on him. We see a behind the scenes of Mark getting his face ironing. Greg Nicotero talks about how they did the prosthetic and how the smoke worked.

They put glue on the iron so it attached to the prosthetic and pulled some away. It’s pretty cool. A fan comes up from the audience and asks Chandler if Carl respects Negan at all. Chandler says yes and says Negan was trying to get more respect by showing him around.

Chandler says Negan treats Carl like an adult which is cool since Rick and Michonne treat him like a kid so Carl isn’t sure where to go. Chris says Rick is all up and down and hasn’t seen a system that works but Negan’s system works.

Norman speaks

Chris gifts the fan with a mop bucket like Daryl had and also an iron that lights up so she can burn someone’s face. Chris reads a fan question about if Carl will change his mind about Rick if he finds out about Judith.

Chandler says he thinks Carl already knew since he knew his mom was with Shane before his dad came back but it’s his sister no matter what. Now Norman Reedus talks about Negan making Daryl clean up the pee is to show Carl that Daryl belongs to Negan now.

Sneak peek of next week on the mid-season finale: Aaron and Rick see bullet holes in the rowboat and the lake of walkers. They wonder how far they will make it. Rick tells him he can stay back and Aaron says no. They head onto the lake into the water of walkers.

Joshua says that’s a great flex seal commercial. Joshua asks Chandler about the bandage on Negan’s arm. Chandler says he asked Jeffrey and he told him it was in the comics. Gale says they don’t ever address it. Chris hands Joshua the plate of cheese.