Tamra Judge’s Daughter-in-Law Sarah Rodriguez Explains Ava Ryan’s Kidney Condition – RHOC Medical Mystery Solved!

Tamra Judge's Daughter-in-Law Sarah Rodriguez Explains Ava Ryan's Kidney Condition - RHOC Medical Mystery Solved!

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” Tamra Judge’s daughter-in-law is livid! Sarah Rodriguez explained – in detail – Ava Ryan’s kidney condition in an exclusive interview with Real Mr. Housewife. Nephrologist Dr. F. Perry Wilson – who is an assistant professor of nephrology at Yale School of Medicine – has no clue what he’s talking about! But who is this doctor and what is he discussing that has Sarah so upset?

A comment on Instagram by Rodriguez states that “[Ava] had two [kidneys] in utero and by the time she was born it had gone away.” The aforementioned “esteemed nephrologist” said the kidney didn’t just disappear. The doctor, who has never treated the nearly one-year-old, said that the prenatal ultrasound was incorrectly read and that “documentation of two kidneys with one going away is super, super unusual.”

Here’s what Sarah had to say about Dr. Wilson’s esteemed professional opinion: During the ultrasound at the halfway point in Rodriguez’s pregnancy, the doctor noticed a mass on Ava’s left kidney. Sarah’s doctor couldn’t be certain what might be wrong with the baby’s kidney and referred Tamra Judge’s daughter-in-law to a perinatal specialist.

The specialist monitored the baby girl’s progress, checking her kidney development every four weeks. At first, it seemed as if the kidney was growing and the mass was shrinking – and the specialist was certain the mass wasn’t a tumor.

It wasn’t until Ava was born that doctors were able to get a better idea of what was wrong. An ultrasound following the baby’s birth showed that the left kidney was not traceable – which lead Sarah and Tamra’s son Ryan Vieth to believe Ava had no kidney.

Ryan and Sarah moved to Southern California and in November 2015 Ava was seen by Dr. Nguyen at the Choc Children’s Hospital nephrology unit. Another ultrasound was performed and Ava was diagnosed with multi cystic dysplastic kidney. What does that mean? Ava didn’t have a functioning left kidney – it had disintegrated into tissue.

Is Ava Ryan in any danger? Sarah Rodriguez is happy to report that Ava’s right kidney is doing the job of two. Doctors will continue to monitor the little girl’s kidney function with an ultrasound every six months. And, by the way, multi cystic dysplastic kidney is common, “unlike what the misinformed Dr. quoted in that article claimed.”

There you have it! A very detailed explanation of little Ava’s kidney diagnosis from her Mommy. By the way, Sarah tried to reach the doctor quoted in the article but – surprise – Dr. Wilson didn’t respond.

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