Teen Mom OG Finale Recap 12/5/16: Season 3 Episode 17 ‘Check-Up With Dr. Drew – Part Two”

Teen Mom OG Finale Recap 12/5/16: Season 3 Episode 17 'Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part Two"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, December 5, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 17 “Check-Up With Dr. Drew – Part Two, Farrah,” as per the MTV synopsis, “Dr. Drew talks with the cast about their experiences during the past season.”

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#TeenMomOG tonight is the Dr. Drew special continuing with the cast. Last week was lots of drama. It starts with Maci and Taylor on the couch with Dr. Drew. He says they got engaged, had another baby, and got married. We see clips of their season.

We see their surprise pregnancy and the Ryan drama. Ryan split with his parents and then we see a bit of the wedding. Back to the couch, Dr. Drew says wow. He says it’s been a stressful year but they seem happy. Maci says they are happier than ever.

Maci says it’s a lot and there’s stress, but these are all blessings. She says there is nothing to complain about. Maci says the wedding went by so fast and it’s for everyone but the bride and groom. He asks about Maverick being unplanned and she says she was on birth control.

She says she has PCOS and it creates issues like her not having a cycle and not making eggs. She says Jayde was planned because she went off birth control because it wasn’t assured she’d get pregnant. Maci says she pretty much was pregnant back to back.

Taylor and Maci says they’re done with kids and she got the implant in her arm to make sure no more babies. Dr. Drew asks about Ryan. Maci says she was just worried about their relationships and says she doesn’t know what they were fighting about.

Maci says sometimes she loses patience with Ryan and it goes in cycles. She says sometimes it goes well then and then he drops off the face of the earth. Dr. Drew says Ryan and Jen are both there and he’ll bring them out after the break.

Jen and Ryan are on the couch now but Larry couldn’t be there. Maci is also there with them. Dr. Drew asks if it was really a fight over power tools. Ryan says there has been more than one fight like that and it happens every now and then and we’re good to go.

Jen says Larry expects Ryan to do what he says he will do and Ryan wasn’t following through on things. Ryan says clean the garage out and stuff like that. Jen says he didn’t help his dad renovate a RV. Dr. Drew asks about him living at his parents and Jen says it’s better that he moved out.

Ryan starts laughing about that. Dr. Drew asks why doesn’t Ryan work and he asks why should he. Maci asks why doesn’t he work and he asks where she worked and she says she owns two companies. Maci says he’d feel better if he had a purpose every day.

Ryan says he wants to be a great father to Bentley and Dr. Drew comments about him working hard and Ryan laughs again. Maci says she doesn’t tell Bentley when Ryan says he’ll come to his activities because she doesn’t know if he’ll show up.

Ryan says his dad Larry was on his ass all the time and he doesn’t want to be like that with Bentley. Ryan says he didn’t show up this year because he didn’t want to see his dad. Dr. Drew asks about the new girlfriend and they bring out Mackenzie.

She says she’s nervous to be there and says she said no to being on the show but then it got too hard for them filming around her. Dr. Drew asks her about the Larry-Ryan fight and she won’t get into it. She says family is family no matter what.

She says Larry and Ryan are fine now. Mackenzie says Ryan just decided to apologize to his dad. Ryan says he felt bad for his mom and he didn’t want to be mad at his dad. Ryan tears up. Dr. Drew says he’s getting emotional too as Jen starts crying too.

They hand out tissues because everyone is crying now. Jen says she wishes Larry could have been there. Dr. Drew says he gives Ryan a hard time because he knows there’s a good man inside there.

Farrah is alone on stage with Dr. Drew back from the break. A look back shows Simon coming to visit and Farrah complaining about the engagement ring and Simon not proposing. We see her move to LA and their trip to Hawaii. Lots of Farrah being mean to Simon.

We also see Farrah opening her yogurt shop, meeting Debra’s boyfriend who wrote her a reality check, and then Farrah attacking Debra. We see Farrah and her mom at counseling and her mom crying. Dr. Drew says it’s heavy stuff between them.

Dr. Drew asks if it’s hard to watch it and she says it’s good for her to watch it. Dr. Drew asks about the last fight between her and her mom. Farrah says her mom struck a nerve about not admitting she was engaged other times and her mom calling her a liar.

She says it brought her back to 2008 and that’s what it is. Dr. Drew asks if she’s mad at him. Farrah says he made comments about her on a radio interview needing attention. Dr. Drew says he’s not her doctor, he hosts a talk show. Farrah says then don’t play doctor to me.

Dr. Drew says he said her behavior is frustrating and he knows she carries pain. He says there are fixed patterns. He asks about her having outbursts in front of Sophia and Farrah says it makes her feel guilty. She says she and her parents aren’t together a lot while they work things out.

Dr. Drew asks about her therapy. Farrah says it feels like the beginning even though she’s been in therapy off and on for seven years. She says she feels like she’s getting somewhere now. She says she does therapy alone and with her parents.

Dr. Drew asks if TV makes it worse. Farrah says it has helped her as a positive tool, not a negative. Dr. Drew asks her about her furniture store and why she decided to do it. Farrah says she did real estate and staging and Simon has a staging company.

Farrah says the store is doing great and Dr. Drew asks about her and Sophia seeing Derek’s family. Farrah says she wants her to have a supportive experience with her dad’s family and it’s a beautiful thing. He asks about the size of role Debra plays in Sophia’s life.

Farrah says it’s a large role. Dr. Drew tells Farrah she mistreats her mom. Farrah says okay. She says she deals with those things with her mom and they have love and they’re working on it.

Michael and Debra join Farrah on the couch next. Michael says it was a big season and her business ventures were a challenge for all of them but he’s proud of her. Dr. Drew remarks on Debra’s appearance. Debra says her fiancé got her to buy a wig.

Farrah says it’s fun and a good color. Dr. Drew asks about Farrah being upset with her boyfriend. Debra says her boyfriend has a similar background to Dr. Drew and he’s real. Farrah says she doesn’t want to talk about him but she’s happy she connected with her.

Michael says to know Farrah is to love Farrah and Debra’s boyfriend shouldn’t be making remarks to Farrah like he did. Farrah says he’s getting to know him and then at the end of dinner, he started “getting real” with her.

Debra says the producers asked them to cover another subject but Farrah says he wasn’t being real at dinner and then decides to get really real with her and it was not needed. She says he wanted to tell her about herself and what he sees watching the show.

Farrah says she doesn’t need it. Farrah says her mom in a relationship doesn’t trigger her but says what they’re working on is not what Debra is doing. Debra says one person shouldn’t dominate the conversation or your actions.

Debra says no one wants that. She says she wants no screaming and yelling and a nice conversation. Dr. Drew asks about Simon. Debra says she forgave him and wants him to make his mind up. She says he did some weird things to Farrah she doesn’t understand.

Debra says he tries to make amends. Farrah says she’s pulled back from Simon. Michael says it’s a strong choice for Farrah to make to separate from him. Michael says they can’t let Sophia fall into this and they had to stop it. Dr. Drew then brings Simon out after Michael and Debra leave.

Simon is there for the first time. He says they’re just friends right now. Dr. Drew says she asked a lot from Simon and he wondered if Simon was just not ready based on his age. Simon says you know when the time is right and you can’t just jump into things.

Dr. Drew asks about the engagement ring. Simon says the real story is that Farrah was in the Bahamas and called him at 3 am and told him she found a ring she and Sophia like and it cost $64k. He said he told her no and that you don’t buy jewelry on a cruise.

He got the price cut in half and says she ordered the ring and he didn’t know it was supposed to be an engagement ring. He says he never told her he would buy it. Farrah says he talks about marriage and engagement and kids.

Simon says she brings it up, not him. He says if he proposed to someone, he’d have a parade and an elephant come out. Farrah says she mistook their conversation and says he never proposed. Dr. Drew says Simon talks sideways and he’s hard to follow.

Dr. Drew asks if she wants to marry Simon and she says no. Then he says Simon does stuff to try and trigger her intentionally. He says women want you to talk about your feelings and it’s not the second nature of a guy.

Farrah says he talks about his feelings more than she wants to know. Dr. Drew asks about Simon’s Snapchats. He says some people got hurt and it was all in fun. Dr. Drew asks if he’s a troll. Farrah says he wasn’t threatening people like Amber was.

Dr. Drew asks about calling Matt a pedophile and Farrah says he looks like one. Amber comes out on stage cursing Farrah and says say it to my face. She says shut your f-ing mouth. Farrah says hi and talks back.

Amber says she talks a lot of shit when people are around. Amber takes a swing at her and says watch your f-ing mouth, don’t call my man a pedophile. Matt comes out and goes after Michael and knocks him down. They call security in and things are messy.

Simon is laughing. Amber says never speak to me again. Farrah calls them criminals. Amber says b*tch deal with it. Farrah says the criminals need to go back to jail. Simon yells out f-k you. She says Farrah has been hiding all day from them.

Simon laughs. Catelynn comes and yells out to Farrah on the stage “trashy b*tch.” Amber keeps shouting and says “shut your crooked lips up.”

Back from the fight, Dr. Drew says that just happened. He says Farrah kept her cool and she says she’s working on her level of engagement. Farrah says it’s not just Amber, it’s Maci and Catelynn too. Dr. Drew says Amber used to have Farrah’s back.

Farrah says she doesn’t believe it. Dr. Drew says Simon’s snapchat and the pedophile comment upset Amber. Farrah says that’s her own issue. Farrah says they behave like criminals and that’s them. Farrah says she’s not there to hit people.

Dr. Drew asks about a phone call that Farrah recorded. Farrah says if you watch the show, everyone loved that she had a conversation that was truthful about her guy. Farrah says if that made her angry, she doesn’t need to be friends with her.

Farrah says Amber knows she’s on a show and says look at her Twitter feed and her saving this all up for the reunion. She says she hopes Amber finds her own peace. She says she lets Amber be her and embarrass herself and maybe she’ll watch it back and see it’s not the way to be.
Dr. Drew says Farrah needs to start dating someone else. She says she has a hot date to tonight and Simon says go for it laughing.

For the close, Maci, Amber and Cateynn are on the couch but no Farrah because of the fight. Maci says why is the other cast member not there. Dr. Drew says he doesn’t know. Maci says in her opinion, she was called early because Farrah was saying terrible things about them.

Maci interrupts Dr. Drew and says she took Farrah’s spot because she had a “b*tch fit” and says she keeps doing this. She says Farrah gets to come and go when she wants and this is not against Dr. Drew but she won’t be on Farrah’s time anymore, they’re leaving too.

The three stand and walk off stage. Maci yanks off her mic and so do the other girls. Matt kisses her. The guys pull off their mics too. Dr. Drew says he didn’t know that was going to happen but it’s reality and things happen that way.