Teen Mom OG Recap 10/10/16: Season 3 Episode 9 “The Tipping Point”

Teen Mom OG Recap 10/10/16: Season 3 Episode 9 "The Tipping Point"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, October 10, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 9, “The Tipping Point,”  Ryan Edwards leaves home after a fight with his dad.

On last week’s episode, Maci and Taylor welcome their third child? Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap from last week, right here!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Amber Portwood, who fears that she’s developed a new addiction to food, consults a doctor about her weight; Farrah Abraham wants to open a frozen yogurt shop; Tyler worries that Catelynn Lowell has fallen back into bad habits; and Ryan leaves home after a fight with his dad..”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Farrah who is opening a frozen yogurt store called FroCo. Farrah shows her the little mascot she designed. Farrah says she wants to make families happier and healthier. Debra asks about her larger mascot in the garage. Farrah talks about being on Undercover Boss.

Maci is back home after delivery of the new baby. She’s giving Mavverick a bath and he cries. Taylor asks if he doesn’t like the warm water. Over at Ryan’s, Jaala the producer shows up to his new house that he just moved into. She says it’s weird he’s not at his mom and dad’s.

He says he and his dad got into an argument over some Allen wrenches. Jaala asks if he kicked him out and Ryan says he doesn’t remember but his dad is a dick and he always rode his ass growing up about stupid sh*t so he told him he was tired of it. Ryan says he’s fine with his mom.

Ryan tries to be a grown-up and Amber wants to slim down

Later, Maci is out with Keelie for lunch and they talk about her having three kids. Maci says Jayde ate dog food the other day and it trying to climb the stairs. Maci says Larry and Ryan got into a major fight. She says Ryan texted her not to send Bentley to his parents’ house.

Maci says she won’t let Ryan use Bentley as a pawn so she didn’t answer. Keelie calls Ryan the fourth child Maci has. They talk about his immaturity and how he’ll never get it. At Gary’s place, Leah wishes her dad Happy Father’s Day and gives him a wallet and a collectable coin.

Amber talks about the weight she’s gained and wants to see a specialist to try and be healthier. Amber says she knows how to lose the weight but not how to keep it off. Matt says she looks perfect to him but he’ll support what she wants.

Weighty issues

Amber says if she gains all her weight back, she won’t be an inspiration and says she hated being called the fat girl on the show. She says there are so many girls out there like here and says she couldn’t struggle with her weight and addiction.

Tyler is out with Kim, his mom, while Catelynn lies in bed. They meet for lunch and Tyler says Cate is sitting around the house all day again. Kim says she and Cate never have a good conversation. He says she’s always distracted. They wonder why she’s not going to her after care.

Kim says she doesn’t see Cate trying to help herself and says it’s irritating. Tyler says it is for him too. Kim says Tyler is working a lot harder to help her than she is for herself. Kim says it pisses her off. Tyler says Cate doesn’t understand how damaged she really is from the childhood abuse.

Issues with Catelynn and Farrah

They wonder what it will take and Tyler says more therapy. Farrah’s parents are helping her get ready for her yogurt shop opening. Farrah snaps selfies. Farrah is excited she got her permits for the place and her health certificate. Farrah asks Michael to be the mascot.

He says he’ll do it for the grand opening then that’s it. Debra gives Farrah some info and Farrah snaps at her and acts like a jerk. Farrah’s parents are scared of her and point fingers at each other. Farrah yells at them like they are slave labor. She’s being awful as usual. Wow….

Michael snaps and tells Farrah to get off his a**. Over at Maci’s, she and Bentley work on a Father’s Day gift for Taylor. Taylor plays a video game and watches Maverick then they bring him in the sign that Bentley made. Taylor hugs him and thanks him.

Ryan’s dad is done

Jenn and Larry talk to Jaala about Ryan moving out. Larry says good riddance and says he’s over his lies, laziness, selfishness and is done with him. Ryan moved into a house that Jenn owns with her brother and Larry says don’t sell it to Ryan for less than you should.

Jaala asks if this will be good for Ryan and Larry says he’s done with Ryan forever and says he’s tired of that blood sucking leech. Jenn starts crying and walks away. Jaala says she doesn’t want to start trouble. Larry says he was number two from day one then went to number three after Bentley.

He says he doesn’t mind being behind Bentley but not Ryan. He says he wouldn’t piss on Ryan if he was on fire and tells Jaala that if Jenn doesn’t like it, she can pack her crap and go. Wooooow.

Wait to lose weight 

Amber meets with a weight loss doc and wants to make some changes. Leah asks her about her nutrition drink and asks to try it. Leah makes a face when Amber says it replaces a meal. Amber says it’s supposed to be a lifestyle change and there are meal replacements.

Matt asks what she wants for dinner and tries one of her weight loss bars. She says they’re chalky but Matt says it’s good then makes a face to the camera. Amber says she wants to feel good about herself and tells Kerthy the depression leaves her feeling not full.

Amber says she gets up in the middle of the night and eats and Matt says sometimes she doesn’t even remember grabbing a t-bone from the fridge. Amber says it’s hard and she’s hungry. Matt says one day at a time.

Father’s Day for Tyler

Catelynn is up for Father’s Day and gives Nova to Tyler and says give him a kiss. Tyler is out with Jordan later and says he can’t force Cate to go to after care, she has to decide for herself. Jordan says ask what she’s doing and Tyler says he can’t plant seeds like that.

Tyler says he can’t say that there is an expectation and he isn’t supposed to influence her at all. Jordan says they’re supposed to influence each other since they’re married. Jordan asks if he’s worried Cate will backslide and says he can see it happening.

Tyler says he’s going to go talk to Kathleen, Cate’s therapist. Farrah is getting ready for her opening and offers sunglasses to a new employee she’s interviewing. The girl says she has to give two weeks notice at her old job.

Farrah breaks major interview laws

Farrah says she wants people to work 40 hours and says that’s only three days. Farrah asks inappropriate interview questions about age, kids, and where they live. One of the people she interviews worked there for the former owners and texts while the girl tries to talk to her.

Farrah says she wants it to take five minutes to set up even though the girl says it used to take them an hour. Farrah is an insane boss already. Maci and Taylor sit talking about Ryan. They haven’t heard from him and Maci says he may not know it’s Father’s Day.

Jenn texts and asks to take Bentley after the ball game. Maci thinks Ryan should come to the baseball game if he wants to see Ryan. Maci says they’re going to dinner at her dad’s tonight so she’s going to let Jenn keep him just a couple of hours.

Bentley stuck in the middle

Maci doesn’t like Bentley being stuck in the middle of this. Matt and Amber take Leah to the batting cages to knock some baseballs around. Matt knocks a good one and Amber comments that he used to be in a semi-pro league.

Matt coaches Leah and then she whacks some balls too. Later, Matt is with a pal and they talk about the tabloid rumors about Matt who says he did a lot of bad things when he was on drugs. He says in the last five years, things have changed since he’s sober.

He says he doesn’t care and he says he got a letter about the child support case but it was dropped. He says the tabloids said he did something shady but says he won and that’s why the case was dropped. Matt says he doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks. Matt says those people can wake up miserable for all he cares.

Tyler in therapy

Butch, Tyler and Cate hang out and Tyler tells Cate he’s going to see Kathleen. Cate agrees it’s good and Tyler says he doesn’t want to be negative like he was when he was younger. Later, she lies on the couch sleeping while he goes to see Kathleen.

Tyler tells Kathleen that Cate isn’t doing her after-care and he’s not supposed to say anything. He asks what he’s supposed to do and she says she’s not supposed to tell her either. Tyler says he doesn’t want to resent her and says he wanted to tell her to get out of bed.

He says he would get pissed when she would go to bed and sleep. Tyler says he boiled over and would tell her to figure it out and worries she went to treatment because of what he said. Kathleen says he can talk to Cate but needs to say it the right way.

Tyler frustrated

Kathleen says he should love Cate unconditionally and tell her that it’s interfering and he’s scared of her going back. Tyler says he doesn’t want Cate to think that he’ll leave her. He says Cate will internalize. Tyler says it’s exhausting. He says he doesn’t want to do this for the rest of his life.

Farrah has Sophia in a yogurt costume that looks alarmingly like a poop emoji. She has Michael in the large mascot costume. He dances around then asks if he can take it off. Farrah, Sophia, and Debra go out to dinner. Farrah orders Sophia three kids meals inexplicably.

Farrah tells Debra she wants to open a nail salon for kids named after Sophia. Debra says people don’t understand how hard Farrah works and says she’s a good business woman. Debra says Farrah digs deep and works hard and she’s proud of her and FroCo.

Ryan makes no effort as a dad

Maci is at Bentley’s game and Jenn is there too. Ryan is sitting at home. Jenn shows up with Bentley who has his trophy. Jenn bought Ryan some vinyl records for Father’s Day. He says he’s trying to get the place together.

Ryan asks about the game and he complains about Bentley’s hair and Jenn says go get his hair cut. Ryan says it’s a mullet. Ryan is looking sleepy – like something is wrong with him. Maci whispers to Maverick that he’s her favorite right now.

Maci tells Taylor that Bentley started crying when she told him he needed to go with Jenn for a while. She says she felt bad for Jenn. Taylor says it’s Ryan’s fault for not making an effort. Maci says she feels brought into this between Larry and Ryan because of Bentley.

Drive thru drama

Amber, Matt and Leah are out for a drive and Matt suggests Steak and Shake. He asks if Amber is all right and she says she’s really hungry. They get drive thru so Amber can make grilled chicken at home since she can’t have it.

Matt says he’s getting a shake and Amber says why are you telling me that. He orders and she looks at the menu. He hands a milk shake to Leah and Amber looks irritated. Amber goes to the grill but Matt says her chicken isn’t done. She walks off.

Matt is eating chips and tells the cameras he feels like an awful person right now. Their dogs are whining and going nuts and Amber is irritable because she’s hungry. Amber makes some green beans and Leah says it looks disgusting.

Awkward talk with Cate

Amber says she doesn’t have much energy on the diet but it’s to be expected. She eats her green beans and Leah says her tummy is full. Amber says today was worse than the first day. She says she feels like she switched from drug addiction to eating because she does it when she’s bored.

Cate tells Tyler she’s bored and he says he’s sick of hearing that. He says figure out what you want to do and tells her to think hard. Tyler says the facility told him not to say anything but he doesn’t want her to let herself go back into her old behavioral patterns.

Tyler asks if that sounds mean. She says it kind of did. She says she can’t control her panic attacks and Tyler says she’s going through life like a log. Tyler says he’s got to check out if she does this again because the only safe way for him is to harden.

Mama drama

Cate says she ruins everything and he says that’s not what her mental illness is doing but she says it is. Farrah and her family are at the yogurt shop opening up. Ryan ignores Bentley. Amber lies on the sofa looking tired and Matt pats her leg.

Tyler gets Nova out of the crib while Catelynn cries and feels bad about herself.