Teen Mom OG Recap 11/14/16: Season 3 Episode 13 “Ginger’s Last Binger”

Teen Mom OG Recap 11/14/16: Season 3 Episode 13 "Ginger's Last Binger"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, November 14, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 13, Cate considers buying a horse.

On last week’s Teen Mom OG episode, Amber Portwood and Matt invited Matt’s son to live with them in an effort to help with his sobriety; Farrah Abraham visited Derek’s family and Farrah dealt with her next business venture and her mom. Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap from last week, right here!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Farrah and her mom get into a huge fight; Matt is offered the opportunity to write a memoir, but he and Amber are distracted by tabloid stories involving Christopher; Maci and Taylor head to Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties; and Cate considers buying a horse..”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Maci in Vegs for her and Taylor’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. They agreed not to see each other while there. The guys play with the duvet and call it a butt washer. Taylor thanks Daniel for setting up the weekend.

Taylor says he doesn’t know or care what the girls are doing then he says they’re going to do a Best Man Olympics to decide who gets to stand up for him. He says tonight they’re going out and tomorrow they compete.

Maci and her friends check into their suite and they even have a pink funnel for her. There are inappropriate cake pops and lots of fun stuff. They have disco ball drinks and a big blow-up penis. They toast.

Pickles the pig

Catelynn pets Pickles the pig but it’s too big for her to pick up. Cate and Tyler are going to her mom’s to housesit and watch her little brother. Nova goes chasing the dog. Cate talks about spending time with a horse and Tyler asks if this is part of her therapy.

She wants to find someone who has horses for sale and spend time with them. He says just don’t go online and buy it like she did the pig. She says she won’t jump into it but wants one she has a connection with. Tyler seems skeptical.

Amber is annoyed with tabloid reports about her and Matt and she’s depressed. Matt, a blogger, calls Matt her fiancé, and he asks about stories and tells them they should write a book about his story. He offers to work with him on it and they plan a meeting in New York.

Real Mr Housewife

Matt Richards, aka Real Mr Housewife, is who Matt was talking to and he tells Kerthy the producer and Amber about it. Kerthy asks about Christopher and Matt says he’s doing well with his sobriety. Matt says the tabloids raked the over the coals for helping him.

Matt says one said Amber has a drug addict living in her home. Amber says she and Matt are both recovering drug addicts. Amber says she’s not on TV for this kind of criticism and says she wants to show people how you can recover and better yourself.

Amber says it’s been a couple of weeks since she’s seen Leah and she’s feeling depressed and says people just seem to hate her again. She says she just wants them to be left alone. Matt says the book will be good for them.

Sophia starts school

Farrah calls up to Sophia who’s starting second grade today. Debra is there for the first day. Debra says there’s too much traffic and Farrah starts getting on her case and calling her negative and offers to leave her mom on the sidewalk.

They drop her off and Farrah says she’s confident Sophia will do well this year. Debra says babies grow up fast and Farrah snaps at her horribly, as usual. Later, Michael and his girlfriend Amy meet Debra and Farrah and Sophia for dinner.

They talk about Farrah’s furniture store and it’s not open as soon as it should be. Farrah says she thinks all the people she interviewed lied to her face. Farrah attacks her mom at dinner and curses at her again. Farrah is 100 awful to everyone all the time.

Best man Olympics

Taylor starts the best man games. He starts with trivia. He asks what city he and Maci met. Then he talks about his spelling bee championship and then has them twerks with golf balls on their butts. It’s down to two and they play beer pong for the honor. Andrew won it.

Catelynn goes to meet some horses and brings Nova along. She tells the stable owner she wants a horse for therapy. Nova throws a massive tantrum and starts slapping her mom. The producer encourages her to ride one but Nova won’t behave.

Matt and Amber head to New York City and his cousin Michael joins them. Matt tells him Christopher is doing well and is sober and working hard. Amber is missing a weekend with Leah and is upset. Matt says if Chris falls off the wagon, he’s got to go and they’re keeping cameras away from him.

Amber misses time with Leah

Michael asks about the tabloids and Matt says they came to NYC to meet a publisher and talk about a book to clear things up and says this could be therapeutic for him and Amber. Leah is at her dad’s house and Gary talks to his wife Kristina.

Gary tells her that Matt’s son moved in with Amber and Matt and he’s got a drug issue. Gary says he just wants Leah to be safe and Kristina says they don’t know Christopher but Gary says Matt and Amber don’t seem to know him either and Leah hasn’t seen her mom in a month.

Farrah is at her furniture store and complains about the painting. At home, Debra asks Farrah about Simon and she says he’s a friend. Farrah says dating is tricky as a wealthy woman and there are not a lot of winners out there.

Farrah gets even worse

Farrah says she can’t have someone with a beard on their face and we see the crew shooting have a lot of beards. Farrah says she can’t waste her time on dating. Heather mentions Debra dating and Farrah snaps at her and says her therapist told her not to have her kid around a boyfriend.

Farrah tells her mom to f-k herself and then says she’s been engaged twice before. Farrah calls her a liar and things get ugly. Debra says she can’t talk to Farrah. Then Farrah start mocking her and doing this horrible voice and all of this is in front of Sophia.

Farrah tells Debra to take her sh*t outside and don’t come back inside when she’s lying. Farrah says figure it out. Farrah says she had other men in the house when she was growing up. Then she calls her mom a b*tch and says don’t talk to my daughter.

Horses and hijinks

Catelynn has one of the producers watch Nova while she talks to Dan about a horse. Cate asks Dan about how much responsibility the horse is and he says it depends on whether you’re caring for your horse or someone else is and says it’s four to six hours a week to take care of it.

Cate walks around a horse that she likes while Nova snacks and plays in the van. Cate says she likes the horse Kaley. Back to Vegas and Maci and her friends are getting ready to go out. Her friends take her out to Thunder Down Under.

Maci is pulled up on stage for a one on one dance with an exotic dancer. He rolls around with her on the floor and it looks like she might have checked out his junk. Wow. What will Taylor think about that? Wonder what he’s doing right now?

Amber in NYC

Amber talks to Michael about Matt being upset about some of this and says he was scared she would leave him. Michael says he can see it too and Matt calls him to vent. She says Matt just can’t get a break and she doesn’t want him to be sad about his past.

She says she wants him to rise up from the hate and be positive. Later, Matt Richards, Real Mr Housewife, comes to meet with them. He says he made an outline of topics to cover. He says people don’t know Matt’s past and question why Amber is with him.

Matt tells them the truth about the tweet to Farrah. He says he was with guys out and someone tweeted using his phone about taking her to dinner. Amber says it’s a dead issue and people need to know she’s not naïve and is aware of her relationship and it’s great.

Sophia drops a bomb on Farrah

The blogger asks them about delaying their wedding and she says she didn’t want tabloids to ruin her big day and she’s waiting until things die down. Farrah asks Sophia for advice on being a better parent and Sophia says she’s gone from nice to rude.

Farrah says Sophia is whiny and Sophia says she makes her whiny. Farrah tells her she’s never rude and Sophia speaks some truth. Debra is upstairs crying and Heather goes up to talk to her. Debra says she’s done and can’t be treated like this anymore.

Debra says Farrah hates her and Heather says she doesn’t know why that spiraled. Debra says she’s not allowed to be happy or have anyone in her life. Debra starts crying and then Sophia comes up and hugs her grandma while she cries.

Bachelor bros

Taylor’s voice is shot from yelling and partying. Taylor says it’s starting to hit him and says he doesn’t think he’ll cry but his friends say that he will cry. They toast and Taylor says this was a crazy bachelor weekend and they take off to fly home.

Next day, Maci and some friends are back at her house and Maci says Vegas is a fight you’ll never win. They tease her about the dancer on stage. She says they agreed they could each go to a strip club but that MTV couldn’t film it but she broke that rule.

Cate is folding clothes while Tyler plays with Nova. Cate tells him she took Nova to the stables and she was running all over. She says she found a horse she liked that cost $3000. Tyler asks about boarding and she says $100-$600. Then the producer says it’s more like $1000.

Tyler gets cheap

Tyler says maybe Cate can volunteer at a stable and she says volunteers don’t get to ride. They debate it and Cate says it’s good for her panic attacks. Tyler says why not pay when you want to ride. Cate says she wants a horse to bond with and he backs down.

Cate says not right now but one day she will own a horse. He says right. Back to Matt and the blogger and Matt talks about exaggerating how long he had been sober and admits he lied to Amber about his sobriety and his age. Amber says she got him clean and sober.

Matt says it was Amber or the pills and he picked her. Amber says all the negative stuff they write about Matt reflects on her and she’s worked hard to get her image back. She says she will still marry Matt. She says she wants to hang out with Matt all the time and cares about him.

Farrah can’t chill

Heather goes to talk to Farrah about her arguing with her mom. Farrah says to tell her mom to get her a** down her and quit running away from life. Debra comes down and Farrah says she wants to roll her eyes at her. Farrah tells Debra figure it out.

Farrah snaps and starts cursing at her and then says she swears because she’s f-ing over this and says she’s the only one of her and Michael who is making an effort to communicate differently. Debra says she went to Dr Drew and all the other shrinks.

Farrah keeps cursing at her. Debra says they can’t change the past. Farrah tells her she hit her and she called the cops. Debra says she never hit her and Farrah says she’s pissed and tells her to get the f-k out. Debra says Farrah just wants to hate. Farrah starts crying and cursing and storms out.