Teen Mom OG Recap 11/7/16: Season 3 Episode 12 “The Ties That Bind”

Teen Mom OG Recap 11/7/16: Season 3 Episode 12 "The Ties That Bind"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, November 7, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 12, “The Ties That Bind,”  Farrah Abraham deals with her next business venture and her mom.

On last week’s Teen Mom OG episode, Amber Portwood and Matt tried to squash tabloid rumors about them, but were sidetracked by a visit from Matt’s son; and Farrah dealt with an employee that ‘s not living up to her standards. Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap from last week, right here!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Amber Portwood and Matt invite Matt’s son to live with them in an effort to help with his sobriety; Farrah Abraham visits Derek’s family and Farrah deals with her next business venture and her mom.”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Farrah and Sophia visiting Sophia’s dad Derek’s family in Missouri. They stop at a sign that shows the family adopted a section of highway in honor of Derek. Sophia and Farrah pose for family photos. Later, Sophia fishes with her granddad.

Farrah sits with the rest of the family. Derek’s family thank Farrah for bringing Sophia to visit them. They ask her about her FroCo business and she says she’s also opening a furniture store. She says it’s opening in 30 days. They also ask if she’s dating.

They ask Farrah to make sure Sophia doesn’t forget about Derek. Farrah says definitely not. Maci says Ryan and Larry still aren’t talking and she lets Bentley spend time with the grandparents. Jen tells Jaala the producer that Ryan and Larry are not fine.

Bentley in the middle

Jen cries and says she loves all of them but she’s upset. Bentley asks why she’s crying and Jen tells him why. Taylor grabs up both the little kids and loads them into the car. He and Maci are headed to dinner and Maci hopes the babies are good at dinner.

Maci wants to ask her grandfather to marry them. Maci and Taylor meet the family for lunch and Jayde is all over the place. She tells them they’re getting married in October and she wants her PaPaw to marry them. He says he’d be honored to do it.

Her grandma says he would have been mad if she didn’t ask him. He asks them about having their own vows. They joke about Ryan coming to the wedding so take out speak now or forever hold your peace. Maci jokes that her family likes Taylor more than her.

Amber and Matt in LA

Amber and Matt have been spending time with Christopher in LA, Matt’s son. Matt tells Amber he’s worried about Christopher and wonders if they can straighten him out and offer him a place to stay. Amber says they can if they set boundaries and says it has to be strict.

Matt says if he wants to stay with them he has to accept the rules and they know he’s serious about changing. Matt says he’s not best qualified to help him but they can offer his son some guidance. Amber says they do what they can do and then it’s Christopher’s decision.

Catelynn is up doing dishes and Tyler tells her she’s a good wife. Their anniversary is coming up soon. Cate pulls the frozen cake out of the freezer and wonders why people save cake to eat a year later. Cate feeds him a bite and Tyler gnaws on it and makes a face.

Stale cake and laughter

Cate takes a small bite and Tyler says it has to be bigger. Tyler laughs and kisses her when she makes a face over the old cake. Kim meets Tyler later for lunch. He says he’s going to take Cate to the dunes for their anniversary. He says this year of marriage was harder than he thought.

He says this is the hardest thing they’ve done in a while. Kim asks when was the last time they saw Carly. He says Cate texted and asked for a visit this year and got a vague answer. Tyler says it’s driving him nuts and Cate is trying to calm him down. Kim says she hopes it works out.

Maci and Ryan go to Jen and Larry’s house and they have a fit over the little ones when they go to pick up Bentley. Maci says Ryan has a new girlfriend who’s already moved in with him. We see Ryan cramming trash in overflowing cans. Maci says he hasn’t seen Bentley.

Ryan says sorry

The new girl is Mackenzie and Ryan tells her he’s going to apologize to his dad. She encourages him. Mackenzie says that has to be hard on his mom. She says Larry is still his dad and he needs him in his life. Ryan agrees that it’s important.

Mackenzie says she’s excited and says his dad will always be there for him. Ryan says he wants to go hang out with them. Amber can’t see Leah since she’s still in LA on her usual visitation weekend. Leah is with Gary in the car.

Matt asks Christopher what’s going on with drinking and drugs and he says he still drinks but doesn’t plan on using drugs again. Amber says no one plans on it. Christopher says he drank himself to sleep in his room and says he’s ready for a life change.

Matt makes his son an offer

Christopher says he doesn’t know what he wants to do. Matt says they have room at the house and he can stay with them. Christopher says that would be awesome. Matt says no drugs, no drinking, and he has to work. Amber says it’s tough at first.

She and Matt say staying clean is tough. Amber tells him she’s up really late and he can talk to her at any time about this. Matt says he missed most of his life because of his bad decisions and doesn’t want him to have the same problems. Amber says today counts. Christopher says he’d like to do it.

Farrah and Sophia are in the car talking about visiting her other grandparents. Sophia says she didn’t have a good time because she didn’t get to see grandma. They go do a Facetime call with Debra from Missouri. Debra says they need to come visit her.

Furniture store plans

Farrah wants her to come to Texas soon and says her new store Furnished is opening soon. Side note is that the store hasn’t opened yet. Nova hangs with her grandma April and Rich while Catelynn and Tyler go out for their anniversary.

Cate says it doesn’t feel like they’ve been married for a year even though it’s been a hell of a year. She says a newborn and postpartum depression and says it tests them. They talk about Teresa and not having a visit with Carly this year.

Matt and Amber bring Christopher home with them and get him settled into a guest room. He thanks them. Matt reminds him of the house rules and says they can’t be around drugs or alcohol either. Amber says it’s his decision to stay sober.

Wedding plans

At Maci’s house, Taylor juggles the kids and then she comes in and says the honeymoon is booked. They are going to Grenada and she says it’s all inclusive. Jen is happy that Ryan came over to talk to Larry and says she knows they both upset each other.

She says they just need to talk about it. He agrees. Meanwhile, Catelynn and Taylor are in a dune buggy having fun. Later, they sit down to a picnic and toast their one year of marriage. She talks about them wanting another baby but the timing is not now.

Tyler says he thinks they were meant to have a lot of kids and she says it’s scary if she has post partum each time. She says she’s still struggling. Tyler says she should be proud of herself. They talk about trying to see Carly. They talk about marrying their best friend.

Farrah terrorizes her mother

Farrah is back in Austin and working on her furniture store, Furnished by Farrah. She says she hopes her mom stays out of her way when she visits. Debra shows up and hugs her daughter. Sophia is working on a science project. Farrah is so rude to her mother.

Debra has something for Farrah to celebrate the opening of her store. Farrah is snotty about the pillow her mom gave her. Debra asks about the store and she wants to see it. She offers to help and Farrah says she can sit in the way. Debra says she’s proud of her.

Farrah is being pretty awful to her mother. She seems to be on auto-mean with both her parents when her mom had a gift for her that she insulted.

Farrah thinks poo emoji is frozen yogurt

At FroCo, we see behind the scenes at Farrah’s shop and she makes the producer pay for his frozen yogurt. She makes them use a port a potty and pay for snacks. She also mistook the producer’s poop emoji shirt for chocolate yogurt.

Amber and Matt are getting ready to cook out. He says he does all the cooking. Christopher is back from his first day at a new job. Amber encourages him and says he’s doing better than they expected. Matt says the Dr. Drew show airs tonight.

Christopher says he can use some friends and Matt says you don’t make friends from haters who see you on TV. Amber says it gives them something to do and says she gets in this mom stage since she doesn’t have Leah as much. She says Christopher will meet Leah this weekend.

Maci’s bridal shower

Maci’s bridal shower is tonight and Taylor asks if it’s a Magic Mike show tonight. He’s got both the kids tonight. They head to the shower and Jen shows up too. It looks pretty low key. Maci talks about the bachelorette party. She opens her gifts.

The talk about breaking bows at your party and each one broken means a new baby. Maci jokes with Jen that at least it’s not a baby shower again. Jen and Larry are coming to the wedding and Maci says she hasn’t heard from Ryan on his invitation.

Jen says Larry and Ryan made up. Maci says that makes her happy. She asks what prompted it and Jen says Ryan says he missed them. Maci says that will make it easier on all of them.

Farrah is awful some more

Debra calls Farrah and says the furniture truck arrived. Farrah is pulling up too. It’s her delivery truck. Farrah calls her mother a f-k face when she tries to help her. Farrah keeps cursing at her and then gets in to drive the truck.

Farrah says thank God for everything I have and says it was so amazing she was blessed with a brain. Farrah takes them to the furniture store. The place is still being built out. Farrah points out where FroCo is and Farrah tells her to give it a break and is being a jerky jerk.

Tyler and Cate go to talk to Dawn about Teresa and a visit with Carly. Dawn meets them for lunch and wishes them happy anniversary. Dawn says she talked to Teresa this week and Cate says she has texted her about a visit but there’s not a lot of reply.

Adoptive baby mama drama

Dawn says they need to think back to 2009 and what they signed. She hands them copies. She shows them the paperwork where they said no to ongoing visits but they could request visits but it’s at the discretion of the adoptive parents.

Cate asks if they’re done letting them visit forever. Dawn says it’s not like that. Dawn says they request and the adoptive parents decide. Dawn says move the conversation for now like just asking how Carly is doing and things like that.

Cate cries and says she was 16 when she made those decisions. Dawn says she knows she felt backed into a corner and didn’t have the support she needed. Tyler hugs her. Cate says sorry for crying. Tyler is upset too. We see a glimpse of everyone as the show closes.