Teen Mom OG Recap Catelynn Goes to Rehab – Maci Moves – Farrah Freaks: Season 3 Episode 5 “Hello, Goodbye”

Teen Mom OG Recap Catelynn Goes to Rehab - Maci Moves - Farrah Freaks: Season 3 Episode 5 "Hello, Goodbye"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, September 12, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 5, “Hello, Goodbye,” Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney buy a bigger house.

On last week’s episode, Farrah Abraham invited Simon to celebrate Easter with her family.  Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap, right here!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Catelynn Lowell has an emotional goodbye with Tyler Baltierra and then heads to a treatment facility for her anxiety and depression; and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney buy a bigger house to fit their growing needs.”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Farrah taking Sophia to Hawaii on vacation. Farrah wonders how the water sticks to the earth since it’s round. She says it’s heavier than gravity. Wow. Debra asks her about Simon who has been calling and Farrah says he’s immature.

Debra says she will always have a fight with him. Debra takes her side but Farrah gets sassy with her anyway. Later, Farrah calls Simon on video chat. He says things went badly on Easter. She says she doesn’t want any more round and round.

Farrah asks if he wants to come to Hawaii but he has to deal with her parents. He says okay. Amber is up next and she and Matt are headed to a walk through on their second house flip. Amber talks about her 26th birthday and Amber says it’s important to invest for when Teen Mom is done.

Amber is struggling

She says her depression is hard and it’s a challenge because she can’t take some of the good medications for her bipolar because of her past addiction. Amber says she would feel better if she had Leah every day and she starts to get upset.

Maci plays with Jayde and her baby bump and says it’s a little brother. She and Taylor head out to dinner alone. They have 13 weeks left in the pregnancy and Taylor says they need a bigger house. Jaala, the producer, asks if they want to move before the delivery.

Taylor wants to move but Maci doesn’t yet. Catelynn is lying on the sofa out of out when Kiki the producer comes in to say hi to Nova. Kiki hugs Cate and asks if she’s okay. Catelynn says she’s checking into a facility in Arizona for a month.

Catelynn seeks treatment

Tyler says Catelynn forgets a lot about the trauma and Cate says the pig brought a lot of stress. Tyler says the pig was the straw for him and says Cate is in bed all day like a rog rolling through her day. Cate says she’s f-d up and Tyler says no, they just need to fix it.

Matt and Amber talk birthday plans and she wants Leah but it’s not her weekend. Matt sends a text to Gary inviting him to a surprise party for Amber. Gary says it might be awkward if he’s there and he’s the elephant in the room. He says he wants them to get along better.

Matt goes to cut grass at the flip house and Kerthy, the producer, says it looks good then asks why a surprise party and he says she won’t expect it and he wants her to know that people care about her. He’s going to send her with Krystal to get her nails done.

Amber’s cell mate from prison is invited!

Matt says she’ll say she hates surprises but the party will mean a lot to her. Back in Hawaii, Debra, Michael and Farrah take Sophia out and then the family talks by the pool later. Farrah says she invited Simon and her dad asks why.

She says she’s glad if he comes to take part it’s okay, but only if he does it right. Farrah says Simon thinks that Debra is volatile. Farrah says she wants to make it work. Michael asks if she loves him and she says it’s not about that but they want to be happy.

Debra doesn’t want him to come and thinks it will ruin the vacation.

Maci and Taylor go house hunting

They talk about how they outgrew their other house in just a year. It has big rooms, a deck and a pool. They discuss that the house will be good long-term and she says the guest bedroom doesn’t mean they can have another kid. They agree to put in an offer.

Cate leaves for Arizona today so she goes to see Kathleen, her therapist, one last time before she goes. Cate says she had a massive breakdown. She says it’s hard pretending to be okay and is going to a facility for more intensive help.

She says they have a place for mood and anxiety disorders and Kathleen says it’s great. They also talk about her addiction issues and smoking pot. Cate says she’s scared to leave Nova. She says she worries about her so much.

Catelynn feels horrible about treatment

She says she feels like she’s a crack addict going to rehab. Cate says the longest she’s been away from her is a week. Kathleen says this is Cate facing her own abandonment issues and Cate agrees that is part of it.

Simon arrives to Hawaii and greets the parents. Sophia comes out with a lei for him. Then Farrah comes out. Sophia asks if she’s in love with Simon. Farrah says good question then walks away from the questions.

They go take a boat trip together as a family. Michael’s girlfriend is along for the ride. Sophia drives the boat and Farrah asks if Simon is okay. Farrah says he’s annoying her by not talking. She forces him to say he’s ready to get serious with her.

Farrah calls Simon out

Hilariously she says she’s not a crazy b*tch and then tells him to shut the f-k up. He says the conversation is over. Krystal takes Amber out for a distraction to get their nails done while Matt preps for the party. Amber says she has no idea what she and Matt are doing for her birthday.

He’s at the house getting things ready. Leah is there and so is Gary and a bunch of others. Amber sees all the cars out front and heads inside. She opens the door and everyone yells surprise. Leah is there too and runs to hug her. One of Matt’s cousins is there too.

Matt brings in Nicole, Amber’s cellmate from prison. Amber starts crying and hugs her hard. She says they both made it and has a fit over seeing Nicole in makeup and real – out of prison – clothes. It’s a touching reunion.

Maci and Taylor start packing

The offer on the new house was accepted and Maci and Taylor start packing. Jaala asks if she’s exhausted and Maci says pregnancy is exhausting. She and Taylor are putting together furniture and he says get me three more beers and I’ll build the crib.

Taylor got a new tattoo with all the kids’ names on it. Maverick is the new baby’s name. Cate is packing to go to rehab and Tyler tells her to come on because he has a lot of work to do at the new house. Cate goes to say goodbye to her mom.

Cate asks Tyler if he’s sad that she’s leaving and he says of course. Tyler tears up and says he’s going to miss her. He says he’s trying to be strong for her and he’s very upset. She says she’ll be all right. They swap I love you’s.

Amber’s party goes on

Amber is happy with the party and her mom Tonya is there and so is her grandma. They do some hula dancing. Amber tells everyone that Nicole was her bunkmate in prison and was her best friend and says they are the only two of their prison friends that didn’t go back in.

Amber says she loves everyone there. Nicole and Amber sit and chat. Tonya comes over to say hi. Matt brings out the cake for Amber. In Hawaii, Farrah greets Heather the producer who asks how things are going with Simon.

Farrah as soon as the mics were off, Simon told her she’s fake when the cameras are on. She doesn’t know where Simon is right now. Michael says he’s disappointed. Farrah says he’s been very shut off towards her family.

Farrah says Simon was being fake

The producers ask if it’s about filming and Debra tries to say something and Farrah tells her to shut up. Simon calls on video and he’s on a motorcycle. Farrah says she’ll send a minion to bring him his stuff and when he tries to talk, she cuts him off.

She’s horrid to him, as usual, and then takes his suitcase out and puts it by the trashcan. Back in Tennessee, Maci and Taylor are still settling in when Ryan shows up with Bentley. He asks about the pregnancy and she says a few more weeks.

Ryan goes up to see Bentley’s new room and he says he likes it. Ryan says he needs a ladder to sneak his girlfriends up to his room. Ryan takes off. They prepare for their first dinner in their new house. Maci says she can’t hurry to unpack or she’ll go into labor.

Cate says goodbye

April has Nova and Cate shows up with Tyler who says he needs to get to the new house to pay some workers. Tyler hug her and they’re both crying. He tells Cate he loves her. He’s upset and then kisses her with tears running down both their faces. He goes.

Tyler hugs April and says he’ll be back later to pick up Nova. He goes to the car and cries it out. April helps Cate take her bag to the car. Nova toddles out for a hug and a kiss. Nova waves goodbye. Back at Amber’s party, everyone is getting along.

Simon stops by to pick up his bag but won’t get out of the car. Tyler is still crying as he drives and Cate is crying as the producers drive her to the airport to head off for her rehab in Arizona.



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