Teen Mom OG Recap – Farrah Still Awful – Tyler Struggles with Cate in Rehab: Season 3 Episode 6 “Second Guessing”

Teen Mom OG Recap - Farrah Still Awful - Tyler Struggles with Cate in Rehab: Season 3 Episode 6 "Second Guessing"

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom OG returns with an all-new Monday, September 19, 2016, episode and we have your Teen Mom OG recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 6, “Second Guessing,”  Tyler Baltierra and Nova visit a homesick Catelynn Lowell at her treatment facility.

On last week’s episode, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney bought a bigger house to fit their growing needs.  Did you watch the episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Teen Mom OG recap, right here!

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG as per the MTV synopsis, “Maci and Taylor second guess their decision to have the wedding so soon; Farrah and Simon receive relationship advice from Dr. Jenn; and Tyler and Nova visit a homesick Catelynn at her treatment facility.”

Teen Mom OG should be another episode filled with crazy drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Teen Mom OG recap tonight from 9PM – 10PM ET! While you wait, don’t forget to check out all our Teen Mom OG recaps, spoilers, news & More, right here.

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#TeenMomOG starts with Farrah in LA. She meets with her therapist Dr Jenn but first calls her dad Michael. She says she and Simon are going to therapy. Michael says keep in mind that she’s had pretty bad examples of relationships.

Farrah gets snotty with him and he says be open minded. She is short with him again and ends the call. Heather asks Farrah what problems she wants to solve with Farrah and she says compatibility and she’s upset he hasn’t proposed with the ring she bought.

At Amber’s place, they hang with neighbors Wayne and Annette. Matt and Amber tell them they find another house to buy. Amber talks about growing up really poor with no hot water. Amber tells Matt in the car that she hopes they accept their offer and she’s nervous.

Matt and Amber see a new house

Matt says the house is closer to Leah so that’s good. Amber says she’d like to be able to take her to school. Amber says the people in the area of the new house are upper class and that worries her. Matt says don’t give it another thought.

At Maci’s place, Taylor and Bentley play ball in the yard. Keelie, Maci’s friend stops by and they chat. Maci says she’s still organizing stuff at the old house and is trying to take things slowly so she doesn’t send herself into labor.

They talk about the wedding venue. Maci talks about her cost concerns with the location and says if they don’t get it, they won’t get married this year. Jaala asks how much they want to pay and Maci says $10k for the venue alone and says it’s a nightmare.

Tyler misses Amber

Tyler is single parenting and depressed. He sits with Nova and is clearly upset about Catelynn being gone to rehab. Producer Jessica asks what’s going on and he says he’s going to see her this weekend. He says he only gets to visit for a couple of hours.

Then Jessica asks about the new house and he says he’s bought all these materials and is trying to deal with it. He says he doesn’t want Cate to come home to a frazzled husband. Cate calls Tyler later and he says he’s packing Nova’s stuff and lets her talk to Nova.

He curses when Nova gets a penny and Cate says she’s sick of the rehab place already and he reminds her they’ll be there on Sunday. She starts crying and says she feels like a total f-k up by leaving her family. He says it’s a good thing that she’s getting help.

Amber misses Leah

Leah is out of town with Gary on vacation and she’s sad. The realtor calls and says their offer was accepted. They are thrilled. The realtor Patricia says they can move in as soon as they want since the house is vacant. Matt says she was worried for nothing.

He says when she got out of prison three years ago, she never would have expected to live in a place that nice and she says she just wants to fit in. Kristina, Gary, Leah and Emilee are on vacation in Florida. Kristina laughs at the face mask Leah has on.

Gary is out fishing with Kristina’s brother Andrew. He asks if Matt and Amber got married and Gary says no, they just got married. He says he’s just focused on Kristina and he wants to do a vow reading and has an officiant scheduled.

Gary says vows with Kristina

Gary says he even got a button up shirt and Andrew says his sister will love it. Farrah meets Simon for therapy with Dr Jenn. The doc asks them where they are in their relationship. Farrah says Simon sends her mixed messages.

Simon says a few months ago, things turned and he says she gets upset. Farrah says Simon called her a lot the other day and she asked what he wanted. Dr Jenn stops her and says if she answered the phone like that, she’d be hurt.

Dr Jenn says no man will stick around for the way Farrah talks to them. She says she pushes Simon away. Farrah brings up the engagement ring she bought with Sophia and he never proposed. Dr Jenn asks why she designed a ring with her daughter for him to give her.

Farrah can’t cope

Dr Jenn says not involving Simon makes no sense. Simon says he wanted to go see a designer he had in mind and said the ring made no sense financially. He says she took care of everything. Farrah starts cursing. Simon says she just sent the appraisal.

Simon says he told her the ring was overpriced. Farrah starts crying. She says she’s so annoyed and walks out of the session. Maci works on DIY stuff with Tyler while Bentley plays in the yard. Taylor asks about the wedding venue and they’re frustrated because the place isn’t communicating.

Taylor says they can elope at the courthouse and she says it’s fine with her but their parents would disown them. Ryan chats with parents Larry and Jen who want to find him a girlfriend. Ryan says his mom told him about his dad’s old redneck girlfriends.

Ryan wants to crash the wedding

Jen says Bentley will be grown before he has another kid. He says it could be another next week and she says she’ll take Maci’s other kids for now. She asks about Maci’s wedding and if Ryan will be a flower boy at the wedding. They all laugh.

He says he was hoping for a more exotic wedding than Florida and says weddings are fun as long as they’re not yours. He says he’ll crash if he doesn’t get an invitation. Cate’s therapist Kathleen makes a house call on Tyler who’s packing to go visit Amber.

Kathleen asks how it’s going with Cate gone. He says it’s crazy and he and Cate met when they were teens and both dealing with trauma and they cocooned themselves against things. Kathleen says Cate is scared and he needs to comfort her so she’ll stick with therapy.

Trouble at home with Tyler

Kathleen says the marijuana withdrawal is also a problem. Nova cries to be picked up and Tyler picks he up. Tyler says Cate doesn’t trust his love and is waiting for something to blow up. Dr Jenn asks Simon how he copes with Farrah and he says he shuts down.

Farrah comes back in while they’re talking and is calm. Jenn says she knows Farrah is frustrated and Dr Jenn asks what’s upsetting her. Farrah cries again. Dr Jenn asks Simon if he’s making promises he’s not ready to keep yet. He says he’s made no promises.

Farrah says he talked about them being married and having kids. Dr Jenn says he needs to understand when you say “I want” these things, those are big promises to a woman. Dr Jenn says Farrah wants stability in her life and he’s dangling a carrot to her.

Farrah and Simon get a harsh opinion from the doc

Farrah says she feels like Simon doesn’t help with Sophia and her. She says she’d like to see Sophia in his life more and Dr Jenn says she shouldn’t bring him into Sophia’s life so Sophia doesn’t end up hurt. Dr Jenn says she thinks Farrah and Simon care about each other.

She says they need to revamp how they communicate. Jenn tells Simon now woman will like a man who shuts down and doesn’t speak. Dr Jenn says Farrah is angry, aggressive, and doesn’t talk to him in a pleasant way and no man wants that. Matt and Amber go shopping for the new house.

Gary and Carol, his mom, make plans for the ceremony. Leah runs to get Kristina and hands her some flowers. Leah tells Kristina to close her eyes and walks her down the beach to Gary. She tells her to stop and open her eyes. Kristina is stunned.

Surprise beach wedding

Kristina starts crying when she sees what Gary has done. He says it’s a vow renewal – the wedding they never had. Gary says the last year has been tough and she’s stood by him. He says he knows how much she loves and helps with Leah and he thanks her for that.

Gary is done and Kristina thanks him and says he’s an amazing father and he opened the door for her to love Leah like she’s her own. She calls Gary her rock and backbone and says she loves him. They kiss. Gary, Kristina and the girls walk to the ocean in the sunset.

Maci contacted the venue and offered them $10k but has heard nothing back. She and Taylor talk to Jaala about postponing the wedding and Maci says $20k is too much. Maci says that amount doesn’t even cover food and booze, etc.

No wedding for Maci for now

Maci says they’d love to get married there but not for that price. Their wedding is on hold for now and Taylor says it’s a bummer. Nova and Tyler head to see Cate at the rehab place in Arizona. Nova is fussy as they head over.

MTV’s cameras weren’t allowed in but we see a few still pics of them hanging out. Then we see Tyler heading back from the facility. Jessica, the producer, drives and she asks about the place. He says it looked good.

He says Cate was into Nova a lot but she seemed better. Nova is fussy again. He says Cate didn’t want him to leave and he told her he was proud, will never leave her, and is there through thick and thin. He says he also told her he can’t help her and she has to do this.

Matt and Amber move in

Farrah calls her mom and is horribly rude to her then ends the call when her mother tries to have a two-sided conversation when she mentions how she had a similar tough time with Michael. Farrah is just awful 24/7 it seems. Simon isn’t the only person she’s mean to.

Amber and Matt move into their new house. The neighbor helps them and they go to the new house. They check out the house and Amber checks out the jet tub. They go outside into the backyard. There’s a swing set and it’s so nice. Amber says her cell mates wouldn’t believe it.

Matt tells Amber they earned this. Back with Farrah, she’s getting her nails done and Simon is with her also getting a manicure after therapy. She says she was happy to have Dr Jenn give them advice on Sophia. Farrah says when he calls and she’s with Sophia, she’ll call back.

Simon and Farrah get their nails done

Simon says Dr Jenn opened his mind to things he needs to work on like about him shutting down and not communicating. Simon says in the long run, it will help. Farrah says she feels like they have to restart and he says it’s just a work in progress.

Farrah says they wasted a year and it’s so far from where she wants to be in a relationship. Simon says it’s not like that. Maci calls Taylor over and says the wedding venue offered her a lower price so the wedding is back on. They high five.

Maci works on the invitation list and says it’s 200 people and that’s over-capacity. She wants to get the invites done before the baby comes. Jaala asks who is coming and if Ryan’s invited and if it’s weird. Maci laughs. Taylor says he’s cool with it and Maci agrees.

Ryan scores an invite!

Taylor says it’s up to Ryan if he comes or not but it’s important for Bentley and Maci agrees. Tyler and Nova play with a photo filter and Kim, his mom, shows up to ask about the visit. Tyler tells her to back up so the camera guy can shoot her correctly.

Kim asks if he’s a director now. Tyler tells his mom that Cate will probably stay the full 30 days and is still having a hard time. Tyler says he told her he can’t do this the rest of their lives and she needs to deal with it. Tyler says he noticed things when Nova was about three months old.

He says he was struggling to get her up at noon. Nova sits in front of the dog and the dog slurps her face. Tyler tells his mom that he feels so bad for Cate. He’s stressed out and starts crying. Kim hugs him tight as he cries. Kim says it’s hard and she worries about him.

Final scenes

She says don’t get too caught up in just helping Cate and he needs taken care of too. Kim says she’s there for him. Simon watches Farrah put on a pound of makeup. Ryan hangs with his parents. Taylor puts Jayde down for a nap.

Maci and Taylor hang out and eat dinner with Bentley. Nova crawls under the table and perches. Tyler looks seriously stressed out.