Teresa Giudice Proud Of Joe Giudice’s Yoga Practice & Weight Loss In Prison: Couple Treats Jail Time As Luxurious Spa Vacation?

Teresa Giudice Proud Of Joe Giudice's Yoga Practice & Weight Loss In Prison: Couple Treats Jail Time As Luxurious Spa Vacation?

Teresa Giudice says that her husband Joe Giudice is not only doing hard time in prison but also losing plenty of weight in the process, too. The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star claims that Joe has lost over 35 pounds since he was ordered behind bars back in March.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s marriage has definitely taken a hit since the reality television couple was charged with multiple counts of fraud back in 2014. The couple was charged with conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud, while also making false statements on loan applications, in a 39-count indictment.

Because the judge in their case didn’t want to make the couple’s four daughters live without both of their parents at the same time, Teresa served her one-year sentence last year while Joe is currently putting his time in for his 41-month sentence now.

While seeing one parent serve time behind bars would most definitely tear apart many families, it’s been business as usual for Teresa Giudice. In fact, she even boasted that her husband has lost weight while in jail, as apparently he’s been working out more, doing yoga, and taking better care of his health.

Teresa told E! News, “He’s lost over 35 lbs. He’s doing the same thing I did: reading a lot of books, exercising, keeping his head focused on doing what he has to do. He said he’s done Yoga a few times. And he’s said he can’t wait to come home and do Yoga with me! It’s good for him to be healthy. He did have high blood pressure before he left because he was stressing so much…For him to get healthy and lose weight will be a good thing.”

In other words, it almost sounds as if Teresa Giudice is treating both of their prison stints as relaxing spa vacations away from home. Of course, she doesn’t realize that both her and Joe’s actions have impacted their family in a way that will be difficult for their four daughters to handle later on in the future.

Knowing that both your mother and father spent time in jail for their crimes is going to catch up with them sooner or later. Yet, for Teresa Giudice, she’s making it sound like her husband’s jail experience is similar to a luxury spa getaway. He gets to relax, read books, lose weight, and do yoga for the first time. Joe Giudice might be doing hard time, but for Teresa Giudice, she makes it sound more like a blessing than a punishment.

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