The 100 Finale Recap – Clarke Saves the World – Doom in 6 Months: Season 3 Episode 16 “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two”

The 100 Finale Recap - Clarke Saves the World - Doom in 6 Months: Season 3 Episode 16 "Perverse Instantiation: Part Two"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Thursday May 19, season 3 finale called “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two.” On tonight’s episode, in the conclusion of the third-season finale, everyone faces the reality of their tragic situation as they prepare for a final showdown.

On the last episode Clarke (Eliza Taylor) found hope in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile, Alie’s (guest star Erica Cerra) master plan came together. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds hope in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile, Alie’s (guest star Erica Cerra) master plan comes together.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 finale of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live!  Make sure to let us know in the comments what you thought of the third season!

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#The100 starts with Clarke trying to bring back her mother from the City of Light. Clarke begs her to come back and then Abby’s eyes open and she cries and tells Clarke she’s sorry. Clarke says it wasn’t her but Abby is horrified at what she’s done.

Clarke says she needs her help. Bellamy comes in ready to shoot her but Clarke says she used the EMP on her. Clarke tells Murphy that Ontari is brain dead and not an option for the flame. Pike says the floor is secure and Clarke says it’s time for an Ascension

Clarke says they’re putting the flame in my head. Clarke says they’ll connect her to a Night Blood and then do it. Clarke says Abby can do it but her mom doesn’t want to. Octavia says do whatever you’re doing fast and says they’re climbing. They see the Grounders scaling the tower.

Clarke tells her mom she has to do it and Abby agrees to help. The other look down at Kane leading the charge to scale the tower. Jasper punches Harper and threatens Raven and Monty. Monty says keep him talking. Jasper speaks for ALIE and says she has less than a 2% chance of success.

Jasper asks if Raven will let Harper die for a 2% chance. Monty creeps around and shoots him in the leg and Raven says good thing there’s no pain in the City of Light. Abby hooks Clarke up to Ontari as the others work to secure the area from the climbers.

Bellamy tells Octavia to be careful. Abby says it’s ready. Abby has lines run between Clarke and Ontari. The black blood flows into Clarke’s arms. They are in a loop. Clarke tells her mom it will work. Murphy says if it doesn’t work, she dies. If it doesn’t work, they all die.

Clarke tells her mom to give him the flame and says Murphy knows what to do. She leans forwards as told and he speaks the activation word and the glame grabs onto her and sinks in. Clarke screams then conks out. Abby says her heart is racing and says take it out.

Murphy shakes his head no and Clarke says no not yet and comes to. Clarke says she’s okay and knows how to stop ALIE. She says she has to take a chip and go into the City of Light and find the kill switch. Murphy says great idea. Abby tries to caution her.

She says if she takes the chip, ALIE will be able to access the flame and will kill her. Clarke says the flame will protect her. Bellamy hands her a key and says he believes her. Abby asks if she knows what she’s looking for. Clarke says she’ll know when she sees it.

Clarke is in the city of light and heads into the city up the main road. At first she sees no one. She stares at the skyscrapers that look shiny and new. She begins to see people and picks up her walking pace. Suddenly there are people all around.

The guy she thought was chasing her was greeting someone else. Clarke sees Jasper eating ice cream as he walks by. He walks past as if he doesn’t see her. Clarke sees him sit on a bench and he ignores her. Clarke hears someone whisper her name and sees the infinity symbol on a crosswalk sign.

Then a hand goes up and she stops. A woman walks by with the symbol braided into her hair and Clarke follows her. Grounds are scaling the walls by the dozens. Ocatavia sharpens her sword as Bryan takes Miller t Abby for medical treatment.

Pike says they need to stand together and she scoffs. They see people getting close to them and Pike warns Octavia. He says we let them in, take them down then tie them up. Octavia knocks down Pike and lets the Grounders swarm him.

Bellamy is upset when he realizes Octavia is alone with Pike. He rushes in and has to shoot some to help Pike who was badly beaten and he says Octavia cut him. They have to give up the room. Kane makes it to the top. Bellamy shuts the doors.

Pike says Octavia needs to get herself under control if they are to survive this. Bellamy tries to get his sister to see reason. Kane and his men beat at the door. Octavia goes to get more supplies for the barricade. Pike ties a tourniquet on his leg and defends his actions. Bellamy says he doesn’t know what to believe anymore but has to live with what he’s done.

Clarke walks along then trips and notices her nose is bleeding. Raven says Clarke is in the City of Light but ALIE already knows. Some of the people now look at Clarke and she runs off. Ontari begins to have a seizure and is crashing. Abby says Clarke isn’t getting enough Night Blood.

She says her body is rejecting the flame. Abby tells Murphy to help push blood from Ontari into Clarke. She says if the blood stops flowing, Clarke’s brain will liquefy. Raven says ALIE is running a routine to flush her out like a virus.

Clarke is grabbed and Monty asks Raven if Clarke put the flame in her head. Clarke is beaten. Jasper says Clarke going in has updated her code. Raven says ALIE can delete the kill switch. Harper says find the damn switch.

Lexa is there and defends Clarke with swords out. She takes down the attackers and saves Clarke. Lexa takes her hand and helps her up. Clarke hugs her. It’s madness in the City of Light. More are coming. Lexa tells her their fight is not over and helps her get away.

Clarke says something is wrong and Lexa looks at her and she says her spirit chose wisely. The sky turns dark and Lexa says ALIE is uploading things from the flame. Clarke has a seizure and Abby says it’s not working as blood runs out of Clarke’s nose.

Abby tells Murphy to open Ontari’s shirt and says they have to restart her heart. Abby cuts open Ontari’s chest and Murphy says move faster. Abby spreads her ribs and begins massaging Ontari’s heart and the Black Blood starts flowing again.

She calls Murphy over to pump her heart and he’s icked out but does it. He does it and she shows him how. He says he’s got it. Abby tells Clarke to fight. In the City of Light, Lexa tells her to come back. Abby says she’s stabilizing.

Clarke opens her eyes and is better. Clarke kisses Lexa and Lexa says ALIE’s people can see them and they have to be careful. She says they need to move. Clarke gets up and she sees her father’s watch is working and is counting down.

She says they have 10 minutes to find the kill switch. A little girl rides by on a pink bike with the infinity symbol on her. They run after her. Kane and the others try to beat down the door. Bellamy says we have to make our stand here.

Pike says he has something better than guns – a surprise. They beat down the door and it opens. Kane and the Grounders break through. Octavia tells Kane she gives up and will take the chip. He says good. Then he says Indra is alive and suffering on the cross.

Octavia says now and they hit the water with electric batons and shock them all into unconsciousness. Clarke and Lexa chase the girl then come to a fence. It’s a firewall. Jasper says you’ll never get to the kill switch. Lexa sees him and pulls swords.

Clarke tells Lexa it’s okay and gestures her back. Clarke asks why he’s there and he says she can’t stop them. Clarke tells Jasper this is ALIE not him. She says humans have free will but he says humans act against their own self-interest.

He says ALIE protects us from ourselves. Jasper blocks them and then Jaha is there with a crowd and says it’s over. Clarke considers pulling out the AI then something appears on the wall. Raven says trust me and Jasper tries to block it.

Clarke runs to it and the others run too. Lexa tells Clarke to go and she says she loves Lexa. Lexa goes to fight them and Clarke goes through the door. Raven says she’s in. Monty says it’s up to Clarke now. Clarke seems to be on the ark and Becca says I’m glad you made it.

Becca looks just like ALIE. Becca says ALIE 2.0 merged with her mind so she’s the only one that can operate the kill switch. Becca shows it to her. ALIE is there and says if you pull that, you will kill everyone. ALIE shows her the nuclear power plants are melting down.

She says her drones detected them four months ago and there are seven burning and 12 around the world. She says global radiation is rising and 96% of the earth will be uninhabitable. ALIE says the City of Light is the only thing that can save you.

Bellamy and the others are making their last stand in the throne room to protect Clarke. The barricade is being beaten down. Murphy keeps massaging Ontari’s heart. ALIE tells Clarke all about this and Becca says she’s stalling to buy time to delete the kill switch.

Hand to hand combat breaks out in the throne room. ALIE insists it’s the truth. Clarke says why torture people to get them to take the chip. ALIE says Becca locked her away when she tried to solve the problem. Becca says ALIE killed 6.5 billion people to cure overpopulation.

Becca tells ALIE she’s sorry she didn’t teach her out. Becca tells Clarke now or never. ALIE says she won’t have to make decisions like this in the City of Light and will have no pain. Abby guards Clarke’s body as the melee gets closer.

ALIE says no pain for the lives you took and you will be at peace and will live forever. Clarke says running from pain don’t work. ALIE keeps working on Clarke’s psyche. Pike save Octavia. Clarke tells ALIE to give them back their pain and memories and I won’t trigger the kill.

Becca says ALIE can’t do that and Becca says 20 seconds and it will be gone. ALIE says the human race will be wiped out in six months. Clarke says they’ll figure something out. ALIE says there’s no way. Becca says 10 seconds.

Clarke says you overcome pain, you don’t ease it and says they will. She activates the kill switch. The combat stops and Jaha and the others collapse. Kane stops horrified at what he’s been doing. Bellamy was almost killed and chokes back to life.

Clarke comes to and Abby is there. She tells her she did it. Murphy says he needs help and Clarke says take the flame out and she speaks the activation word and it comes out of her neck. Abby grabs it. Clarke thanks Murphy and he says it’s another day on the ground.

Emori comes to John and hugs him. Kane starts sobbing. Clarke tells her mom she’s okay and to go to him. Abby goes to Kane and touches his shoulder. She kneels down by him and takes him in her arms. He cries as she hugs him.

Jasper starts crying as Monty asks how do we know if she did it. He tells Monty she did it. He says he was finally happy. Monty unties him. Jasper is crying. Monty says this world may suck but at least it’s real. He promises Jasper they’ll be happy.

Jasper says sorry I stabbed you and Monty says sorry I shot you. They hug it out. Jasper says he needs a drink and says this round is on him. Harper and Monty hug. Raven is content. Jasper limps into the garage of Arkadia and stands alone. He smiles a little.

Bellamy helps Clarke as everyone helps one another. Clarke says ALIE is gone. Bellamy says she just saved the world but Clarke says they didn’t and says not yet. Pike approaches Octavia who stabs him fatally in the gut. He goes down hard and dies. She walks out of the room.