The 100 Recap – Ice Nation War: Season 3 Episode 3 “Ye Who Enter Here”

The 100 Recap - Ice Nation War: Season 3 Episode 3 "Ye Who Enter Here"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday February 4, season 3 episode 3 called “Ye Who Enter Here.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) wrestles with a decision; and Bellamy (Bob Morley) learns that something is not what it seems.

On the last episode, Bellamy and Kane risked their lives to save Clarke. Meanwhile, Abby debated opening Mount Weather as a medical facility; and Murphy plotted to betray his former chancellor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke (Eliza Taylor) wrestles with a decision. Bellamy (Bob Morley) learns that something isn’t what it seems. Meanwhile, Murphy (Richard Harmon) plots to betray his former Chancellor (Isaiah Washington). Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusack, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Chris Larkin and Ricky Whittle also star.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 episode 3 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#The100 starts with Lexa coming to talk to Clarke. She tells Clarke that she’s hosting a summit with the Sky People to return her. Clarke says she could have used saving when she ditched her at Mount Weather.

Lexa says she knows she hates her instead of hating herself. Clarke says she can hate them both. Lexa asks if she would have chosen differently and Clarke says she doesn’t betray friends and Lexa reminds her some people in Mount Weather were her friends too.

Lexa admits she wants the Sky People to become her people and become the 13th Clan. She says it would keep them safe, but Clarke says she’s done. Lexa says she can’t run from herself and says bow to me and the Skaikru are safe.

Clarke says she made her look weak at Mount Weather, so the Ice Nation is after her. Clarke says kill me and take the power of Wanheda or piss off since she won’t bow to her. Lexa meets with some of her people. All bow but one – the Ice Nation representative.

He says he doesn’t bow to anyone. Titus gets in his face, but Lexa calls him back. Lexa insists he uses Sky language for tonight in honor of the guests. He asks why Wanheda is alive and says Azgeda can take over.

Indra tells him that their Army is too close, and Titus says it’s a threat from the Ice Queen. Lexa invites him and says she has a message for Queen Nia. They step out onto the balcony, and she kicks him over after he says he’ll deliver it.

Lexa asks if anyone else has questions. They all sit silent, duly intimidated. Kane and crew are at Polis city limits and says Lexa’s people will come to escort them to the summit. Kane wonders why Hill is carrying a Mount Weather med kit and say she can’t bring it to Polis.

Abby says this is on her, and Kane says this puts them all at risk. He says opening a hospital is one thing, and she says it’s just an exploratory group. Kane says now it’s a distraction from the summit.

He mentions Clarke then apologizes for implying she’s a bargaining chip. Kane promises they won’t leave without her. Another vehicle unloads with Gina, Octavia, Bellamy and Raven. Bellamy wishes he was at the summit.

They’re at Mount Weather and find Pike’s people are at home. Sinclair yells at Raven to get working on electrical. Roan finds Clarke and says he’s a prisoner too. He says Lexa promised to lift his banishment if he brought her there.

He says Lexa reneged, so he’s willing to make a deal with her. He says he knows going home is not what she wants – she wants revenge. Clarke looks away then asks if he wants to kill Lexa. Clarke says go ahead.

He says he can’t get close enough then says the Ice Queen will be a grateful ally and says he left a knife under her bed. She says she heard his queen is worse, and he says that’s what you get from listening to Lexa.

Octavia perches above the door outside Mount Weather and Bellamy comes out and asks if she’s okay. He joins her up there. Octavia says the Grounders will never accept this, and he say they’re not the Mountain Men and will make them see it.

She reminds him Lincoln still has a kill order on his head. She tells him she just doesn’t fit in there. He says if she needs to leave, he gets it but says she always fits with him. They see people coming, and Bellamy tells the guards dragging a girl that Echo is an ally.

Octavia cuts her loose, and she says the Summit is a trap, and an assassin is already there to kill the Sky People. She says they will be killed at sundown. Sure enough, we see a glimpse of the guy.

Echo tells Pike and the others about the plot to kill them. Bellamy insists she can be trusted. Pike wants to be ready to respond, and Sinclair says they can’t use the missiles. Sinclair says they don’t have the launch codes, but Raven is confident she can hack it.

Gina kisses Bellamy and tells him to be careful. They embrace and then he goes. The assassin lights a candle and makes his preparations. He slices his hand and drips blood into a small metal box. In Polis, Kane and the others check out the high rise where Lexa keeps her HQ.

There’s a thriving city within the walls. They walk through a market and look around at the Grounders engaged in life and trade. Abby tells Marcus that people are staring then a young girl grabs Abby’s hand and pulls her to a food stall.

The woman offers some and Abby declines, but Kane tries it and says it’s delicious. He pulls off a patch and says it’s a symbol of their home and she hesitates then takes it. Abby says he’s suited for this, and he says it’s amazing.

He says when he dreamt of the ground, it was empty. She says it’s not now and says as Chancellor he asked her to set an example. She says he has more of a vision for this. She hands him the pin, and he says not like this.

She suggests they hold an election when they get back to Arkadia. Indra comes out and greets Kane warmly, and Indra says the commander ensured Clarke’s safety when Abby thanks her. Indra says she’ll see Clarke tonight.

Lexa spars with Aden while Titus watches. Titus tells her they’re there. He tells the other Nightbloods to pair up and spar. Lexa tells Titus that Aden is ready. She asks if he still thinks the summit is a bad move.

He says the focus should be on Nia, but she offers Skaikru a seat at the table instead. He asks why she doesn’t just do the treaty instead of making them part of the clans. She says they’ll accept it when Wanheda bows to her.

Lexa says Clarke is special, but Titus says Lexa is special and says no one has done what she has. He say they are so close and says kill her and take the power of Wanheda. Lexa stares as if she’s considering it.

At Mount Weather, Raven works on the missile issue with Sinclair. She says it’s a 12 digit code so there are millions of possibilities. Gina says she bet the President wrote the code down, and Raven says it’s like setting the code to all zeroes.

Gina goes to search the President’s office. Bellamy pulls up to the vehicle Kane, and Abby came in and look around. They don’t see the guards. Echo came with them so did Pike. Bellamy says protocol is to leave guards.

Octavia spots the dead guards in the vehicle, and she pulls her sword. Pike rants at Echo and says her people did this. Octavia says she warned them. A sign warns to bring no weapons into Polis, but Echo knows a secret way through the tunnels.

Lexa comes to Clarke at her request. Clarke puts the knife to her throat and then stares into Lexa’s eyes. Lexa says – I’m sorry, and Clarke starts crying and lowers the weapon. She throws it down. Lexa says she never meant to turn her into this.

She tells Clarke she’s free to go and says her mother is there, and she’ll have her escorted there. Clarke says she has a better idea. Abby wonders where’s Lexa as she and Kane watch the sun go down. They hear men speaking the other language.

Clarke comes into the room, and Abby hugs her. Clarke pushes her back and says they don’t have much time. Kane tells Abby to listen. Clarke says the Ice Nation has caused problems and wanted Lexa dead to take over the Coalition.

Abby doesn’t care, but Kane gets why it’s important. Clarke says they must become the 13th Clan. Abby asks what that means and if they follow Lexa. Clarke says yes and says this is their Unity Day. She says you can be the 13th station or 13th Clan.

Kane agrees with Clarke. He says they can’t take on the Ice Nation army. Abby says they become the 13th Clan then what. She asks what will stop the Ice Nation. Clarke says Wanheda. Clarke is done up in her war gear and approaches Lexa.

Bellamy and crew are in the tunnels. A woman sings in Trig to start the summit. Bellamy hears a noise of clanking. They see two guards who raise the lift. They have to climb up so they have to take out the guards.

The assassin prepares to kill and die – he says he does this for his mother, brother, father and kin. Clarke kneels before Lexa. Bellamy and the others take out the guards but worry they won’t make it there in time to stop the assassin.

The rest of the Skaikru kneel also. Octavia is annoyed that Bellamy killed the guards, but he says he has to. They look up the shaft and Echo says they have to climb all the way. Lexa greets the clans and tells them to rise. Clarke rises too.

Lexa says they welcome Skaikru and Wanheda mountain slayer. She says Skaikru will join the coalition. Talk breaks out. Lexa says the leader of Skaikru must bear their mark. Abby tells Kane the honor should be his.

He steps forward, and they tell him to present his arm. He bares it, and he’s branded. He groans. Bellamy and Pike break into the room, and Bellamy says it’s a trap. Lexa says she doesn’t know, but Bellamy says it’s the Ice Nation.

Pike says they need to go now. They look around, but Echo isn’t there. The watch beeps and the assassin clicks it off and puts up his hood. He heads towards an air shaft. Looks like he’s at Mount Weather, not the summit.

Sinclair and Raven mess with the missile system some more and Raven says she’s useless at this and gives up. She says they’re too late since it’s dark. Sinclair says the Raven he knows doesn’t give up. He asks if she talked to Abby about her leg.

He says if that machine was broken and she knew how to fix it, she’d do it even if it was hard. He wants to know why she won’t do it for her body and thinks she deserves this pain for Finn or her mom. Sinclair says Abby can fix it for her.

He says let her. Raven asks what if she can’t. She says maybe she’s just broken. Sinclair says he took a chance on a mechanic with a heart defect – he says take a chance on her too. Raven sniffles and then Gina radios and says she found nothing.

She says their look is holding. The assassin sneaks up and grabs her then stabs her repeatedly. Raven radios her. The assassin cuts open the desk and the launch code panel opens. He punches in a code for a self-destruct that will go off in one minute.

Gina is barely alive. She gets the radio and says a Grounder set off the self-destructs. She says he has the codes on his arm – get him. She has 45 seconds. Raven chases him down with Sinclair. The guy pounces on Sinclair, and they grapple.

Raven shoots him in the back just before he stabs Sinclair. Raven has the codes, but Gina is dead already. Mount Weather explodes. Only Raven and Sinclair are safe. Octavia and Bellamy are confused. Kane tells them to stand down.

They take off their weapons. Raven calls on Bellamy’s radio. She says the Grounders attacked Mount Weather. She says it’s all gone and the people in there. She says she and Sinclair are the only survivors. She says sorry and starts crying.

Indra and the others look shocked. The Ice Nation representative says they did what Lexa was too scared to die. Lexa orders the Ice Nation delegates arrested including Roan. Indra and the others move off to protect Arkadia.

Lexa says Clarke will stay as a 13th Clan representative, and Clarke tells her mother she agrees, and they should go. Titus tells Lexa they must convene a war council. Abby, Kane and the rest of Skaikru leave after Bellamy says Lexa will always put her people first.

Clarke says she’s sorry, and he stalks away. Later, Lexa asks for a scout report as soon as possible. Titus says he hopes she knows what she’s doing. Lexa and Clarke are alone. Clarke asks how the Grounders would know about the self-destruct at Mount Weather.

Lexa says they will find out. Clarke threatens her if she betrays her again but Lexa says she won’t. Lexa kneels before Clarke and says she swears fealty to her and treats her needs as her own and Clarke’s people as her own.

Clarke offers her hand, and she stands. Echo come to Queen Nia and says she got the war she wanted. She reports that Clarke is beside Lexa and Roan is a prisoner. Nia says not for long.