The 100 Recap – Lexa’s Fight is Over: Season 3 Episode 7 “Thirteen”

The 100 Recap - Lexa's Fight is Over: Season 3 Episode 7 "Thirteen"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday March 3, season 3 episode 7 called “Thirteen.” On tonight’s episode, Lexa attempts to maintain peace and order within the clans; and Clarke uncovers a game-changing truth.

On the last episode, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) was torn between vengeance and mercy. Meanwhile, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) worked together to avert a disaster, and Abby (Paige Turco) continued to worry about Raven (Lindsey Morgan). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam-Carey, “Fear the Walking Dead”) tries to maintain peace and order within the clans, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) uncovers a strange and game-changing truth. Meanwhile, a flashback takes us into the darker chapter of humanity’s past.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 3 episode 7 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#The100 starts with Murphy underneath Polaris still held prisoner by Titus. He’s battered and beaten. Titus asks again about the infinity tablet. Murphy says it’s a corporate logo, but Titus insists it’s the sacred symbol of the commander.

Murphy says Jaha told him it was the key to the city of light. Murphy says you see a woman when you have it. Titus asks about the program that ended the world. Murphy says on the Ark they told them it was politics, but they lied.

97 years earlier, we see Becca working on the AI module. She says the neural interface is the key to everything. Chris pages Becca and says Alie got out and is on the grid. He says she got into the facility, and Becca says kill Alie, send the poison pill virus.

Chris says he did it but she’s blocking him. A guy reports to Becca that 27 missiles launched at the US from China. They open the window. They are in space and look down on the earth. They see missiles and the commander, Cole, talks to his wife, Emily.

The bombs explode, and Cole speaks to his daughter Sarah, but then the call goes to static. They watch the world burn to the ground, and Becca asks – what have I done? They are on board a research station with the logo “Polaris” on it.

It’s Ascension Day, and Lexa says they honor the commanders that came before her. A man interrupts and they see Octavia is tied up and with Semet from Trikru. Titus says Skaikru attacked their village. Semet begs Lexa to avenge them.

Octavia spots Indra nearby in a cloak. Once in private, Titus tells Lexa that she brought this on them and says blood must not have blood has failed. Lexa speaks to Clarke and Titus says her opinion is biased. Clarke agrees that Titus is right and says not all of Skaikru agree with Pike.

Lexa tells the armies of the 12 clans to march on Arkadia and not attack but contain them. She says they will blockade them while they take out their leaders.

Lexa says they will be welcomed back if and when they overthrow their leaders. Titus says send riders and set up a five-mile buffer zone. Lexa says any Skaikru that crosses the line will have a kill order. Semet says this is not revenge, and Lexa says it’s justice.

Semet comes at Lexa and Titus takes him out then tells Lexa blood must have blood. Murphy struggles to get loose and gets out of his restraints but then finds the door locked. He sees the letters on the side of the module in the room and sees it’s not Polis but Polaris on it.

Way back when, we see Becca injected herself with something up at Polaris in the sky. She loaded the injector into a briefcase and locked it. The infinity logo is there. The commander comes to Becca and wants her to stop her research.

He says he found out she designed the AI that ended the world, and she’s still working on it. He says the arks are all docking soon to ride out the nightmare she created. He says he will not give a genocidal AI access to what’s left of the human race.

Becca says Alie 2 understands humanity and will interface with them on a biological level. She asks if him he thinks there is enough air and food on the stations to keep them alive for two centuries. She says they need Alie 2.

She says the code is in that crystal matrix. He grabs for it but she gets it first. She says that will save them. The commander says they’re going to float it all. Becca screams at her assistant to get out – she was the one who told the commander.

Becca locks her and the commander out of the lab and seals it with security protocols they can’t override. Clarke has Octavia into her room, and she admires the nice digs. Clarke asks if she’s okay and Octavia asks why Indra wasn’t with Lexa.

Clarke says Indra isn’t doing great at the moment. Clarke tells her that Lexa is actually trying to save them and Octavia scoffs and says she’s defending Lexa. Octavia plans to take off as soon as Clarke leaves. Clarke asks Lexa how she can be this calm after Semet tried to kill her. Titus tells Clarke she can ride to the other side of the blockage before it’s official at dawn.

Lexa wants her to stay with them, and Titus asks to talk to her alone. Titus says, please remember what I taught you and says love is weakness. He says her feelings for Clarke are putting them both in danger and says the commander must be alone.

He says don’t let her pay the price for your mistakes as Costia did. Lexa says she let the Ice Nation into the alliance after they cut off Costia’s head and delivered it to her bed. Lexa tells Titus she knows he means well and calls him teacher.

Lexa says it’s up to Clarke if she stays or goes. Octavia is in the market at Polis and finds Indra. She tells Octavia to go away and calls her Sky Girl. Octavia says she’s going to fight Skaikru. Indra says she should have died on the battlefield and is weak. Octavia says come with me and get your revenge.

Titus finds Murphy out of his chair, and Murphy attacks him. Titus is able to reverse it and gets him down. Murphy says he knows more about the chip and can show him. Titus stops short of killing him. Murphy shows him the missing letters.

Titus says he’s trying not to die. Murphy says that was the 13th ark. Murphy shows him the paintings on the wall of the end of the world. He says Polaris wouldn’t join Skaikru, so they blew it up. Murphy says that person got out and points out the woman.

Murphy says that was the first woman that fell from the sky like them. Titus says nothing like you and hits him in the head with something hard. Back in Polaris, the commander tries to talk to Becca but she has a scalpel, and we see blood. She cut herself for some reason.

He tells her that if they don’t want to die, they have to stop this and says the other arks are threatening them. She refuses and says she’s saving the human race. Her assistant tries to reason with her. Becca says she has a lot to make up for.

They hear that there are 20 seconds before they are fired on then 10 seconds. Becca shuts the briefcase – inside is the metal case of all the neural links. She gets into an escape pod and takes off just before the other arks blow Polaris out of the sky.

She’s in a spacesuit jettisoning towards the burned earth. Octavia asks Clarke if she’s staying. Octavia says Pike won’t obey the blockade and will get them killed. Clarke wonders if she can do more for them by staying but Octavia says they need her with them.

Octavia tells her to say her goodbyes and come with her. Octavia says if she doesn’t come, she’s not who she thought she was. Clarke goes looking for Lexa in her quarters. Lexa asks when she’s leaving and Clarke says now.

Clarke goes closer and says sorry. Lexa says she knows she needs to go back to her people. Clarke says maybe someday neither of them will owe so much to their people. They clasp arms and Lexa says – may we meet again. Clarke steps in for a kiss.

It heats up and Clarke starts undressing her. Clarke pushes her back onto the bed. Later, they cuddle after fooling around, and Clarke says she has to go to get behind the blockade. Clarke looks at a tattoo on her back from her Ascension. Lexa doesn’t want to talk about it and they get sexy again.

Clarke finds Murphy tied up in her room. Titus tells her that he’s alive. She asks what he did to him and Titus says Murphy was caught stealing. Titus has a gun in his hand and says he’s sorry it had to come to this. She tells him she’s leaving.

Titus says Lexa won’t execute her duty. He plans to kill her and blame Murphy. He fires at her, but Clarke runs and then Lexa comes in. Titus shoots her accidentally. She tells Titus to get her to the bed, and Clarke says get me something to stop the bleeding.

Clarke tries to save her and Lexa pants as blood courses out of her. Clarke tries desperately to save her life. Titus gets out some instruments and she asks what the hell is that and what he’s doing. Clarke says stay with me and tells Titus to stay away from her.

Titus says forgive me and Lexa says never again harm Clarke and makes him swear it. He does. She says then do your job and says serve the next as you have served me and calls him Flamekeeper. Clarke says she won’t let her die and Lexa says she can’t stop it.

Lexa says the new commander will protect her but Clarke says she just wants her. Lexa tells him to do his duty and tells Clarke her fight is over. Titus paints her blood on his head. Lexa says Clarke was right and life is about more than just surviving.

Clarke says in peace may you leave the shore, in love may you find the next, safe passage on your travels until you final journey on the ground and we meet again. Murphy watches this all go down. Clarke kisses her and Lexa is gone.

Clarke cries and Titus comforts her for a moment then says he has to make sure the Commander’s spirit passes on and says let me do my part. He says her fight is over and the commander’s fight goes on. They see the sacred symbol on the back of her neck and a scar there.

Murphy points it out to Clarke. We see Becca get out on the ground and her pod alerts her that there was a suit breach. The radiation level is critical. Becca pulls off her helmet. She’s at Lexa’s HQ tower. There are people that walk out.

Becca’s suit says Commander on it. Becca calls out that she’s there to help. There’s a scar on the back of her neck as well – like the one on Lexa. Titus cuts into the back of Lexa’s neck and blood pours out. Murphy says what they hell?

A little chip comes out of her and the neurons untangle from her. Clarke asks what it is and Murphy says it’s an AI. Titus says it’s the spirit of the commander. He puts it into the little metal box that we saw Becca putting into her case 97 years ago.

Titus says the Commander is dead, let the conclave begin. He says let her spirit choose wisely. Murphy isn’t happy that he and Clarke are locked in the room and can’t get out now. Octavia and Indra leave Polis together. They go to fight her people.

To sum up, Becca was the first Commander, she embedded Alie 2 into her neck, and every commander since has had Alie 2 implanted in them. Now Alie 1 is looking for her and doesn’t know she’s so close.