The Bachelor 2016 Finale Breaks Jojo Fletcher’s Heart: Ben Higgins and Winner Lauren Bushnell Party and Laugh

The Bachelor 2016 Finale Breaks Jojo Fletcher's Heart: Ben Higgins and Winner Lauren Bushnell Party and Laugh

Jojo Fletcher was set up by Ben Higgins and The Bachelor 2016 producers to be crushed with a broken heart while Lauren Bushnell laughed and partied. The Bachelor 2016 spoilers tease that the Season 20 finale episode and Ben Higgins’ last rose ceremony will air on ABC on March 14.

Of course, when Ben Higgins picks Lauren Bushnell as his Season 20 winner – it will look like the moment came straight out of a fairytale, roses everywhere, and a romantic proposal that would rival Shakespeare. But, according to this week’s Life & Style Magazine, looks can be very deceiving, and behind the scenes, The Bachelor finale was much less magical and romantic – as a matter of fact it was borderline miserable to film.

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers tease that the final rose ceremony will take place in Rio Chico – which may look like a dream resort, when you are watching from home on your couch, but that is only because you can’t feel the scorching temperatures that definitely put a damper on Ben Higgins and his final two women, especially loser Jojo Fletcher.

Life & Style Magazine reveals, “Though the landscaped grounds of Rio Chico looked like paradise, being there was miserable. “He proposed in extreme heat,” reveals another source. “Nov. 18 was the hottest day of the whole week — about 90 degrees. Just stepping outside would make you sweat. It was really uncomfortable for everyone.”

Of course the muggy and extreme temperatures were only the beginning of the awkwardness. Everyone on set knew that Ben Higgins had proposed to both of his final two girls – Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. And, they also knew that both Lauren and Jojo thought they were getting the final rose and the other woman was going home. Awkward!

The Bachelor 2016 spoilers from Life & Style Magazine reveal that Ben Higgins was an emotional mess in the hours leading up to the final rose ceremony – and he even “broke in to tears” because he had no idea who he was going to choose until the last minute. Of course, Reality Steve revealed weeks ago that Ben Higgins’ chose Lauren Bushnell – and dumped Jojo Fletcher and sent her home.

But, Jojo didn’t go home. You would think after you get your heart broken, you would want to get the hell out of dodge. Instead Jojo rushed back to her hotel room at Rio Chico, and refused to come out – according to Live & Style Magazine, she sat in the hotel room with one of the producers all night while Chris Harrison, Ben Higgins, and Lauren Bushnell partied the night away at the hotel and had a ridiculously loud wrap party right outside of her room.

So Bachelor fans, are you ready for this season to be over? Do you think Ben chose the right woman? If you were Jojo, would you have been able to sit in the hotel room all night and listen to Ben and Lauren celebrate their engagement? Share your thoughts in the comments below and return to CDL for your Bachelor news and gossip!

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