The Bachelor 2016 Recap 2/29/16: Season 20 Episode 9

The Bachelor 2016 Recap 2/29/16: Season 20 Episode 9

The Bachelor 2016 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday February 29 season 20 episode 9 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ben and the final three bachelorettes arrive in Jamaica for their overnight dates. Ben takes one lady on a romantic river raft ride, helps another rescue baby turtles and explores a waterfall with a third.

On the last episode, the stakes were high as Ben crisscrosses the country on an exciting, emotionally charged journey to visit the final four women’s hometowns.  Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the ABC synopsis, “Romantic adventures await Ben and the final three bachelorettes – Caila, Jo Jo and Lauren B. – as they travel to beautiful Jamaica. From a rafting trip down a jungle river to a romantic dinner on a beach, from rescuing a nest of endangered baby sea turtles to a dip at a magical waterfall deep in the jungle, the dates are filled with passion and excitement, as Ben continues to explore what his future might be like with each of these potential mates.

At the end of the evening, Ben will present each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in the “fantasy suite,” with the hope that she will accept. But will she? More torn than ever, Ben acknowledges that he is in love with two incredible women, and he has professed his love to both. How will that affect his final decision?”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of the The Bachelor 2016 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights and tears. So come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelor?

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor kicks off with Ben Higgins arriving in Jamaica for the next round of dates – the highly anticipated Fantasy Suite date. The final three women remaining in the competition are Lauren Bushnell, Jojo Fletcher, and Caila Quinn. Ben provides Bachelor fans with a quick recap of his relationships with the final three women so far on Season 20. Meanwhile, the girls are getting settled in to their hotel rooms in Jamaica.

Ben’s first date in Jamaica is with Caila Quinn – they meet up and The Bachelor surprises her with a calm raft ride down the river. Things get awkward when Caila doesn’t talk, Ben tries more than once to get Caila to carry a conversation with him – but she is definitely not being herself. They arrive at a Jamaican restaurant and have some authentic jerk food. While they are eating, Ben tries to get to the bottom of why Caila isn’t really talking to him. Caila admits to Ben that she has been over-thinking a lot today, she is worried about the other two girls, and where she stands with The Bachelor.

After their awkward day together – Ben isn’t feeling great about his relationship with Caila. Later that night Ben surprises Caila with a romantic fire, she opens up to him about her insecurities about the other girls on the show. Caila reassures Ben that she wants to be with there with him, and she announces that she is in love with The Bachelor. Ben doesn’t say anything back – but he does kiss her, Caila is sure that ben is in love with her too. After their passionate kiss, Ben invites Caila to spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite, and Caila eagerly accepts his invitation.

Ben and Caila wake the next morning in the Fantasy Suite, and they have breakfast in bed together. Caila raves about how much fun they had together the night before, and she tells The Bachelor that she loves him again. Of course, Ben doesn’t respond, he just smiles – Caila isn’t upset though, she knows that Ben can’t tell her he loves her while he is still dating two other women.

Now, it’s time for Ben Higgins’ next Jamaica date – with Lauren Bushnell. Lauren and Ben meet up, and they board a boat and head out on the ocean, they arrive at an island where an animal conservationist named Mel is waiting for them. He explains to Lauren and Ben that he works to save sea turtles from extinction and today they will be releasing baby sea turtles that just hatched in to the ocean. The turtles are tiny and adorable – Lauren more in to them than she is Ben, we wouldn’t be surprised if she stashed one in her pocket to take home with her.

Later that night Ben and Lauren sit down for a romantic dinner after singing and dancing with some local Jamaicans on the beach. Over dinner Ben gushes about how much fun he had with Lauren during their time with the sea turtles. Lauren confirms that she is thrilled to see Ben again – she hated being apart from him for a week after the hometown dates.

Ben invites Lauren to spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite, and she happily accepts. They have a few drinks together and Lauren opens up and tells Ben that she is “completely in love with him and he is the man of her dreams.” Shockingly, Ben doesn’t just smile like he did when Caila professed her love to him, he informs Lauren that he has “been in love with her for a while.” Lauren is obviously thrilled, and giggles like a school girl and keeps telling Ben over and over that she loves him – and he keeps saying it back. We have a sneaking suspicious that Caila Quinn is not going to be a happy camper when she sees this episode.

Ben and Lauren have breakfast in bed together – and make out over their eggs and coffee. Ben is over the moon with where his relationship is with Lauren after spending the night together. Lauren promises that moving forward she will be more open with Ben about her feelings and not bottle them in anymore, they tell each other how much they love each other a few more time, while they sit outside and have coffee together.

Ben has to get ready for his date with Jojo, he is feeling a little guilty about going out with another girl – after just telling Lauren how in love he is with her (and he should!). Ben takes Jojo on a helicopter ride and then they spend the afternoon splashing in some waterfalls together. They have a heart to heart – and Jojo confesses to Ben that she is in love with him. She has obviously seen the show before and doesn’t expect Ben to say it back, so when he does inform Jojo that he loves her too – she starts sobbing tears of joy. Jojo clearly thinks that since Ben just broke all of the rules and told her he loved her, that she’s getting an engagement ring. Little does she know – Ben just spent all of last night telling Lauren B. the exact same thing.

Ben and Jojo have an awkward conversation about her hometown dates and his arguments with her brothers – who are creepily over protective of her. Ben is concerned that they could be a problem later on if he does get engaged to Jojo. She reassures Ben that they don’t have a problem with him, they just don’t want her to get her feelings hurt again. After their chat, ad Ben and Jojo tell each other they love each other a few more times, Ben invites Jojo to spend the night with him in the Fantasy Suite Date. Of course, she accepts and they head to the hotel room, and make out together in the hot tub.

Now that Ben’s three overnight dates are over – he spends some time on the beach lone pondering his next move. He has an emotional rose ceremony coming up and he is going to have to say goodbye to one of the final three women. Ben knows that he is going to have to say goodbye to one of them – and its an easy decision, he has to send Caila home seeing as how she is the only one he isn’t in love with.

Meanwhile, Caila is head over heels in love with Ben. Since she had the first overnight date, she hasn’t seen him in a few days. Caila decides to surprise Ben at his hotel because she misses him so much. Caila finds Ben sitting outside on the patio and he is obviously shocked to see her. Ben takes Caila for a walk – and he tells her that he is glad that she showed up, because they need to talk. And, now he can avoid the awkward rose ceremony.

Ben confesses that he has had a crazy week and it has been full of “ups and downs.” Caila still is completely clueless, she thinks that she and Ben are in love, and that her relationship with The Bachelor is solid. Ben tells Caila that he is in love with two women on the show – and she is not one of them, that is why he couldn’t say it back to her.

Caila gets emotional, and cries as she thanks Ben for such an amazing experience. She also interrupts him when he says that he is going to miss her – and politely tells Ben that is “just a line.” Ben walks Caila to her car and says goodbye to her. She cries that she really did love him, and then hops in the car and leaves. Caila is about to leave – then she hops back out of the car. She isn’t ready to leave just yet, she wants answers, she feels blindsided. Ben tells Caila that he had no idea who he was going to choose until all three girls said they loved him, and he didn’t have the heart to say it back to her.

Ben and Caila say goodbye again, on a semi better note. He promises Caila that he will miss her – and they hug it out and she gets in the car and leaves for good this time.